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Well, I got 8 out of 10. Not bad. Thank so much James!It was a great class!

Profile photo of Rafael Muniz Rafael Muniz

Well I got 9 nice

Profile photo of Saad@er90 Saad@er90

8/10. Thanks a lot James!

Profile photo of Annie Annie

Thanks, you are wonderful teacher.

Profile photo of Priboy69 Priboy69

9/10 not bad Thanks a lot bro.

Profile photo of ahmed titchou ahmed titchou

Happy easter everyone ;)

Profile photo of marcin95 marcin95

Nice Exercises and the great class too, thanks James!

Profile photo of Neguin Neguin

Thank you, teacher…!!!

Profile photo of Jakub Alvarez Jakub Alvarez

The question of 4. Why does the answer is drop in. Is the drop in meas unexpected?

Profile photo of Grace lin Grace lin

    it means more like join actually, thats why the answer is drop in.

    Profile photo of fettahk fettahk

James, you explain everything so great! Thanks a billion!!!
I’m looking forward your new videos 🤗

Profile photo of Aksanaguzman Aksanaguzman

90 wow i don’t expected that..thanks mr. james

Profile photo of dhans dhans

Thanks teacher

Profile photo of Justin repho Justin repho

great, it helps me to increase my knowledge.. thanks

Profile photo of lvillalba lvillalba

I have 9/10, i was wrong at number 9 and I don’t understand why the number 9 is a rain cheque, becasue take a rain cheque meant can not do that and will do it later, in this stuation i think a rain cheque is not match, please explain for me more detail, thanks

Profile photo of nguyen van long nguyen van long

    hey nguyen as i understood the question said that your friend asked you over and you wanna go but you can not. so you would say that you promise to come to another party next time.
    i hope it would be helpful for you

    Profile photo of alireza hamidi alireza hamidi

Made 8 of 10 Thanks a lot james

Profile photo of Zana1 Zana1

Hi, James! I think this lesson is very useful. Now for me is everything clear. You are cool as always! Thanks

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You have a good lessons, thank you very much! BUT! You speak clearly BUT! VERY VERY fast… :(

Profile photo of d3dx d3dx

    We try to slow him down, but he is just a very fast talker!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator


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    Try to use subtitles for some moments, don’t read subtitles always, but if you can’t understand, better use it in start. And also to practice listening you can watch some easy cartoons on english, it was really helpful to me.

    Profile photo of JadeHarley JadeHarley

Nice class !

Profile photo of johannSebastian johannSebastian

Wow.. I got 9 out of 10…

Profile photo of Raymond Min Raymond Min

9/10 Thanks for this wonderful lesson mr.James! I laughed during class =D

Profile photo of Alesia Alesia

Wow 8 points.

thanks for useful lesson.

Profile photo of basa.13 basa.13

7/10 not bed.. Thanks James!

Profile photo of MartinhoFranco MartinhoFranco

    not BAD.. sorry.. rs

    Profile photo of MartinhoFranco MartinhoFranco

Thanks a Lot

Profile photo of Renzzo Renzzo

10/10… I am on fire.

Profile photo of pepe nava pepe nava

9/10 , Great Class!!

Profile photo of nirdiasjr nirdiasjr

Such an amazing class!

Profile photo of Danielfcv Danielfcv

I got 7

Profile photo of belemsid belemsid

Missed one, on account of careless reading. Focus is always the key.

Profile photo of Bill Bill

I got 7 without watched the video,,,I think not bad. Thx for it

Profile photo of Ibrahim Adnan 89 Ibrahim Adnan 89

8/10 not bad

Profile photo of abdiwahab013 abdiwahab013

Very interesting

Profile photo of DDDilshad DDDilshad

Hi James,

Maybe Jel should ask Josh on a date instead, since she knows he likes her.


Profile photo of JL JL

I got 90 points. Really thank to your great video :D

Profile photo of Trang0412 Trang0412

Hi James! Thank you for the lesson.

Profile photo of Sabohat Sabohat

Bob was walking when suddenly he met up Linda and enjoyed that moment to ask over her if wanted go out at night . Lukier! She said yes! Then Bob picked Linda up at eight hours in his house. They went to the central park in the city where they talked and ate popcorn. After pass sometime together, Bob dropped Linda off in his house and went away.
Thank you James

Profile photo of Roberto Roberto

Thank you very much, James! You really help us a lot!.

Profile photo of donostia donostia

Cool!! After 2 atempts I got it right 6 questions.

Profile photo of ANANIAS ANANIAS

Thanks, James! You always make me laugh in your classes

Profile photo of Kenia Torres Kenia Torres

    Hello i hope you are doing well , i love learning languages i wish we could practice to gather if ypu do not mind because i started learning brazilian portugues as well

    Profile photo of ayoublife ayoublife

This class was so helpful as phrasal verbs seem confusing to me always. thanks a lot James..just love the way you teach us.

Profile photo of Sharmin Afrooza Sharmin Afrooza

very interesting lesson,
thank you.

Profile photo of chersam chersam

woooow 10/10 thanks!

Profile photo of Alelly Alelly

thanks for the quiz i got 8/10 .

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Profile photo of Danieleking Danieleking

Hey James spectacular class as usual and now I have some more options to ask my friends over…… Thanks for that dear James. Greeting from Surco…

Profile photo of marc anthony marc anthony

I scored 9…
Not bad for me.

Profile photo of krisshi Patil krisshi Patil

I got 8 of 10 not bad

Profile photo of Eyeru Eyeru

10 thank you so much teacher

Profile photo of ayoublife ayoublife

I got 6/10 but very interesting
thank you James

Profile photo of MOHOMONE MOHOMONE

10! Great class

Profile photo of mshefo mshefo

Thank you James

Profile photo of Rozenn Rozenn

10/10. I’m glad I don’t have any issues with these phrases, but you never know! Even a fluent English speaker can make these errors.

Profile photo of maddiEng maddiEng

Thank you. I scored 9/10. Not bad.
By the way . Yesterday I bought some delicious asparagus in a organic vegetables market. so I ask you over to my home to have a nice dinner today. But if it’s difficult you come to Barcelona I`ll give you a rain check

Profile photo of sofema sofema

Thanks for the video, I got 100.

Profile photo of cooltmore cooltmore

i have 2/10 it’s difficult for me have you a simple new lesson about that? Thanks

Profile photo of nath74130 nath74130

James you are the best teacher ever!

Profile photo of Betamax Betamax

Yey I got 10 :D

Profile photo of Jhon.m.09 Jhon.m.09

Thanks a lot!

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Profile photo of Cesart.Mandlate Cesart.Mandlate

Thank you Mr. James, it’s really really help me to do a conversation with my friend. Amaaaaazzziiiinnngggg class :))))

Profile photo of nahlia nahlia

Thank you, James, this lesson is interesting and really useful for me)

Profile photo of Katy.Turch. Katy.Turch.

Very nice, James!

Profile photo of d0ug d0ug

Muy buena clase James

Profile photo of versprochen versprochen

10/10 😊thanks

Profile photo of Tamari200127 Tamari200127

Thanks, James your lessons are useful. I got 9 out of 10

Profile photo of preko28 preko28

Thanks you are an amazing teacher! The great lesson.. as usual

Profile photo of valentina021 valentina021

Hi James,
I have been up to these wonderful classes of yours, and guess what? 100% on the tests!! So happy, I am learning lots!
Thank you so much for sharing.

Profile photo of rosemarie rosemarie

Actually, speech is fine, I guess problem is volume, I’ve got 100% on headphones and YouTube, it’s might be the problem! But at all, it was incredible lesson, after some of them, I started to understand speech perfectly, only 1-2 words I hafta find in dictionary!

Profile photo of JadeHarley JadeHarley

    Whatevs, it was my fault, volume is fine. I didn’t touched volume in windows tho …

    Profile photo of JadeHarley JadeHarley

Great!!! I got 10/10!!! Thank you!!! It was easy to understand.

Profile photo of Jmoya Jmoya

i can understand now why phrasal verbs are exist :) thanks a lot <3

Profile photo of nur. nur.

9/10. Not so bad!!! Thanks James

Profile photo of antoniorusso75 antoniorusso75

Thanks James

Profile photo of utkarsh@LOL utkarsh@LOL

10/10 yesss thanks James

Profile photo of Punit Thakali Punit Thakali

Yesterday i bumped into with my old friend.We were very surprised and agreed to meet up in the cafe after work to talk.

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