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Good, I learned something new.


    That’s great! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)


John was an outlandish guy. He broke up with his girlfriend named Susan 3 years ago. At the time, Susan began to date another man Bob who was mad as a Hatter. Unfortunately, her relationship did not pan out with him either. One day while Susan was going home, she saw some candles and flowers on the sidewalk in front of her house and realised the door was open. Curiouser and curiouser she began to wonder what was happening inside. When she went into her place, she was shocked because there was a big orchestra and a lot of people there. They all shouted together “Welcome to our party. We are all mad here”. When the orchestra started playing a song with full of energy, and John began to dance with her like all other people. As the song finished, Bob emerged with a chocolate box and a circle of colourful balloons at the door. Susan did not know how to cope with Tweedledee and Tweedledum. She immediately made up an excuse by saying I am late I am late for an important date. Then, she kicked them out.

Thanks Alex!


    You are mad as a Hatter!

    nguyen van long

    Whoa! Nice work! :D I’m glad you enjoyed and benefited from the lesson! This is great!


Here is an awesome class!
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    My pleasure! Thanks so much for checking it out! I hope you found it useful. :)


Nice recommendation!!Thanks a lot for your video, Alex ;)


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you are great teacher, your lessons are curiouser and curiouser and a bit hard, i must to reward sometimes for understand, Thank Alex very much

nguyen van long

    My pleasure! This is why I labeled this one as both intermediate and advanced. It’s definitely a little harder than some of my recent lessons, but I hope you found something useful in it! :)


Thanks Alex for this lesson. I will read this book in english, with audio. I got 9


    Nice job! I hope you enjoy the book too.


Covid 19! Curioser and Curioser. Hmm . I wonder when this pandamic is going to finish. We are all mad here.

Thanks Alex for this nice motivation to read this book.

izabel gurnet

    My pleasure. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Izabel. Have a great weekend!


Excellent as always. Thank you, Alex


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Hello Alex, thank you so much for all your efforts to teach us English…You have our deepest gratitude from Iran. Best Regards

Seyed Ali

    Hello from Canada! Thanks for your support, Seyed.


Thanks Alex.
I’ve learned something new


    That’s great! Thanks for studying with me and with EngVid.


Hi Alex, I want you to clarify me on something, which is correct:” learn to sing “or “learn how to sing”


    Both a correct and used. :)


Iam a new member but it’s really nice

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