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You have no idea how much you are helping us to keep going. Love your accent, and I’m always willing to watch a new video from you!

Johann Cardenas

    Excellent tips Jade for independent language learning. As you well-noted, the key to succeed in learning a foreign language is not just perseverance, but also getting actively involved during the whole process.

    There are a number of strategies we can use to reinforce our independent learning such as taking notes, re-watching the videos, even talking to ourselves works wonders, to name just few.

    However, if we do not set a realistic goal for each twenty-minute session, we will be wasting our time.

    Thanks for sharing your valuable experience as a teacher with us Jade. Superb video-lesson!!!

    Bye for now.


Yeah, I really like your lesson, Jade <3 . I think it's very useful and suitable for those people lazy like me ????. Thanks a lot for you video! Hope your new lessons!


    hey guy! i am vietnamese too. nice to meet you.

    Nguyen Van Hau

      new student


        Welcome !


        :v i can see many vietnameses on this site

        April Vietlish

          I’m a Vietnamese also. :)


    I think you watch anime and me too . If you want we speak each other about anime :)


I wish I could speak English same as ur accent


    me too :(


You asked us if we liked this lesson, the answer is YEEEESSSS


…and I’ll make any effort to dedicate 20 minutes each day to your language, it’s a promise.


Thank you very much Jade for your advice!!!
By the way, what do you think about passive listening??Do you think it is a good way to improve the English language???Thank youuuu ;)


    You can be better to understand what people say in Englih with passive listening. I know it by myself. But when it comes to the speaking, you are like a person who dont know English.


Thank you very much for your advice !


Thanks dear Jade for this great advice


Thank you Jade, you are awesome


you’re an amazing speaker! thanks for this advice

Waseem F

its very good way to learn English every day


Quite informative and useful. Thanks a lot.


I love Jade’s lessons !!


Thanks, it’s really useful advice. When you learn or do something every single day step by step we become better! If you want to get success you must do something for it everyday!


Nice place to learn!


Hello Jade! Your lessons are really great and I like it, but I want ask you – if it is possible speak slowly, please. Thank you!


thank you very much


hi jade. thank you very much for this lesson. Im really like this ‘learning English quitter’but i took this advice to achieve my aims with this goood website engvid. before when i entered to this website i want to finished all of those lessons and i dont want to leaved engvid until i got tired. but now i will try this way to reconstruct my strategy.
thank you so much

mht fadil

it is interesting, i’d like to try it :)


Thank you! I liked this lesson :)


Great post Jade, I think that is the key.


I donot know how to thank you …


Hi Jade … your lesson was awesome .. I think it will be a good technic ,so I will try it


Thanks for your great advice.Tomorrow I’ll study English twenty minutes everyday.I’ll watch engvid videos everday.Thanks everything…


thank you Jade! this lesson is very helpful. and this way of teaching is great.


Thank you, Jade! Your advice is really good!
And yes – it was helpful for me:)


yay! i perfect your quiz, thanks a lot for the advice jade :) God Bless i really love your accent hehe


Thank you, Jade! You are a really good teacher!I’ll follow this method.


My cousin is very boring, I prefer a falafel ;-)


Hi.Thanks Jade

Muad Abdiaziz

Hello Jade,,,its a very very useful lesson. I liked this lesson. Can you suggest how to improve the writing skills.


Thank you, Jade!


Thanks, Jade!Keep doing such lessons.


Thank you for your videos


Hi! Good idea: Study every day! But I think that 20 minutes isn’t enough time for those people want learn English quickly. In my case, I have studying one hour every day. And even so, isn’t enough.


    I believe the same.


      Hye!myself Rohit m from India.Are you free anytime??Actually i want to practise in english with you…My skype name is rohit7207..

      Rohit Das

Thank you for shooting this kind of video.


after watching this video i begin to believe that i can do this :)


    eylem ingilizce pratik yapabiliriz


Thank you Jade You are right daily English discipline

Now, I trying to learn English more than 20 minutes

but my English is not progress and also I am serious about my learning

I have a question to ask you that why don’t I able to speak English even if I have learnt more excesses do the quiz , read, listening but my english is not good. I have never taking note when I study English

Thank you Jade


Thank you, Jade, for the advice. I had been studying English in such way for a month or so, about a year ago, till I developed a habit. And since then, I’ve never studied. Because now learning English is more like a hobby for me, and I have a real fun doing it. Not to mention, that I do it regularly without any difficulties.
So yep, developing a habit is a big deal, and it really helps. I confirm :)


Great advice for learning anything, Jade. I need to apply this to learning French, but it can be difficult depending on how many commitments you have. For example, if you work until 5 every day, get home at 6, and then have to eat, spend time with family, bathe the kids, clean up, etc. By the time you’re done, it’s sometimes 9:30pm or later and you’re absolutely dead! Still, there should be time somewhere in the day to fit 20 minutes. For me, I know I could be doing this with French when I’m on the bus in the morning and afternoon.


    Wake up 20 minutes before!!!! hehehe


    good idea.


    The essence of the method is to aquire constant habit. Habit of learning in tihs case. I’ve read an advice for those who can’t start with this methodology. Start with 5 minutes. You have to achieve such state that you feel missed something if you omit one lesson. Then increase timebox gradually.


Awesome advice , thank you :)


I liked this lesson! Thank you, Jade! :)

Nanny Melo

thanks a lot Jade! Great advice.


Great advice! I’ll do it today!


Thank you Jade for your advise

Aws Kamil

Thank you Jade, for the advice. Now i trying to learn English more than 20 minutes. I will can do.

Thanks again Jade. See you latter.


I will try and tell you :-D


great video,Jade,cheers.i think i focused on your words more without board. it’s good for listening. btw,what a lovely english accent.


Do you want to see that is the right time I really learn english?


Hello Miss Jade thank you for this lesson
it’s so helpful


Thanks you very much for a helpfull lesson.


Wow! You are talking about me. Really I am like this. And hopefully, you give me the solution. Thank you very much.


I thing it’s a good idea but should to improve. For instance; because ‘learning English quitter’ has a short time to study, it must to find a specific lessons. So I ask to make a part a the site for this group of people


Thanks dear Jade for this great advice :) … waiting for your next video


I liked this lesson very much, Jade. I believe that’s an effective way to study everyday and get the habit of studying.


    Hello friend. I´m brazilian too! \o/


Thanks for your tips! I’m thinking about apply your tips right now :) I’d like to find a partner to practice my english, if someone want to practice with me, you can send me an email to: :)


Hello I want to learn English Conversation

yakout ahmed

Jade how old are you ?;)))


Excelent class, and you have rigth.


It’s really true, because I study english every single day 40 minutes, and I Have outdone myself.

I am completely agree with you!

thank You


Great lesson for learning English or anything else.
Thank you Jade!


Thanks again for give us advise about how and be committed doing this, even it´s difficult and painful due our daily routine as you have mentioned. I´m do trying to follow this kind of rules since 2011, when I started my regular course here in Brazil. Thanks again for your video and all these greats teachers from this helpfull site.

Carlos Martinho

    Dear Carlos,
    Greetings from the central part of Brazil! First of all, I agree with you! And you write very well in English, in my opinion.
    About advise and advice, I would like to remind that the first one is a verb, and the second is a noun. See you!


      Hi dude
      Unfortunately I didn’t realize that I’ve made this mistake. Im trying to do my best, nonetheless Im still doing these mistakes, anyway thanks to reply!

      Carlos Martinho

Thanks for advice, Jade. Now I’m excite to study English again. Great video. Congrats! ;)

Angelica Martins

Thanks, Jade, for this lesson and hints!

I’ll be writing in EngVid almost every day to ensure that I’m studying english 20 minutes a day.

Fabio Cicerre

very nice


Thanks dear Jade!

Solange Carvalho

Thanks, it was a good lesson.


Thanks you Jade! Your lesson is very useful!


It’s a good idea, thank you!

Júlio César L Sousa

Hello, Jade. I love this Video so much, it is very good for me to understand how to learn English correctly. Now, I am working for Google in Malaysia, I must communicate in English everyday, I believe it is a one of good ways to improve my English skills. Thank you for all of your videos and for help me to gain more understanding in English.


Thank you Jade, start my lesson.


thank you so much for your advices i am going to take them into account, i could realize thah i did understood everything you just mentioned it!!!

i feel so happy for this achivement!!


    hello ninixxa that was an illuminating video isn’t it. I agree with jade and this 20 minute method i consider myself an advanced student which makes things easier to understand. greetings

    Gustavo Nice Guy

I have got 89 points in this lesson. It was very helpfull for me. The Jade’s english is bealtiful, I like the british englesh.Thanks Jade


british english ###sorry


Hello, I am also English Learner,This lesson is very helpful for me. But I have another question: can you explain more deeply of learning English?


If I spent 20 minutes every I’ll be perfect.

Haytham Adil Aldai

Thanks for the advise Jade. Great lesson!


Thank so much!I think this video is very useful!I’m a person who give up everything easily, a quitter!But now, i’ll try, more and more. I study in an active way right now!I love learning English!


Best place to learn , Thanks a lot Jade :)


This is very cool, thanks so much Jade

Cristian Gutiérrez

Thanks.It’s a great idea.


Thanks so much

Florent Gasy

Ma’am, I don’t understand why English speakers say “I am afraid”, when They actually aren’t.


Hi Jane,
I liked this video very much because it was helpful, direct and gives a great way to someone who doesn’t know how to study without a teacher or tutor.
When you lost your way of studying English you probably will be lazy. Finding your way is also Knowing you!
Thiago from Brazil
It is important to know if you are visual, auditory or Kinesthetic learners.


Hi guys
There are 3 different type of students such as visual, auditory or Kinesthetic learners. Who are you?????

Auditory Learners: Hear Auditory learners would rather listen to things being explained than read about them. Reciting information out loud and having music in the background may be a common study method. Other noises may become a distraction resulting in a need for a relatively quiet place.

Visual Learners: See Visual learners learn best by looking at graphics, watching a demonstration, or reading. For them, it’s easy to look at charts and graphs, but they may have difficulty focusing while listening to an explanation. Kinesthetic Learners:

Touch Kinesthetic learners process information best through a “hands-on” experience. Actually doing an activity can be the easiest way for them to learn. Sitting still while studying may be difficult, but writing things down makes it easier to understand. –


Hi I would like to get something from you guys so who will chat with me in English

Rizwan Superior

thank you very much for these successful advises
now I really feel better about learning English
thank you again Ms Jade


that’s great advice i will starting with you i wish you help me , from today till i will to be prefect


Hi Jade I am really like your session because the person you was talking about is me hahahaha I always study bit and quit and study again and quit and I still not good in english writing. hahahaha

Thank you so much for the advice


Exactly Mrs Jade what you said that I do everyday not only a 20 minutes whole day I do it everyday I’ve been keep doing not a single day last 2 months it could be since I started that that was you said in this videos exactly.. We should not leave anyway whatever we have especially I that I pushed it and I do it letter.. . no more important things to me to do than than the learning English..


JADE , first thanks for this useful lesson , second really i like your accent wonderful .
It is my first lesson for you .


After my work I do learning English for 2 hours. But for weekends I skip it…


I totally agree with you, Jade! Everyday learning is the key to success. I’m trying to do it! By the way, the lesson was great! You aways give us good tips on how to learn English the best way. Thanks a lot, and you’re very cute!

Valderí Andrade

Thank.This is the best advice i heared for learning english since i have studied english from 2005.


Motivational speech. Thank u Jade.


A very useful lesson, not only for studing english. Thank you very much.


Thanks alot jade, i love u … :)


You’re absolutely right. The important thing is that you should form a habit but you said one thing and I just couldn’t find it reasonable. You said “you should stop after twenty minutes.” But If I really want to continue and if I’m really in the good mood for learning English, why should I stop?” or do you say it in order to form a habit at the beginnings? Because I don’t think I can have a full command of English with just twenty minutes a day. Language is so ungrateful. If you’re in touch with English all the time (you know, media, social media etc.) you’re right, but otherwise it’s just not enough.


Thanks a lot. I like that vid ! :) You are cute :)


Thanks Jade!! good advice, Now I am motivate to study english all the days !!


I think you gave us a really good advise.


Great! thanks Jade.


Great advice, Jade. I will change the method I learn English. I’ve observed that I’m a learning English quitter. Thank you.


thank you jade. I like the lesson cause it is nontraditional.


Thanks, Jade! Very helpful lesson.


Hi Jade, it was very nice. Because you did that in a different place. I have thought, that you would do the same lesson as the others, but you didn’t. I was surprised and with that I have learn more. Thanks!


Hi Jade you are a very good teacher.


Thank you, Jade. Your advice was useful for me.


Hi Jade. Thank you very much for all your tips. I really enjoyed to watch your video.

Coolio :)


Ms. Jade, Thank you very much for your advice.


The best advice, Jade! thx a lot


A very good lesson,
I think this method will really work on me.
Thank you Jade..


thank you so much for your lessons , but i have a request we need some geography lessons about the united states some lessons it will be very helpful … thank you .


Amazing lesson I really likes ur accent.
keep going teacher u are doing great.


Thank you jade.It is a very good way to learn English everyday. Also, I like this type of lesson without board.


Jade you ‘re really great !! It is absolutely true that if somebody is not devoted and well disciplined he cannot manage tο achieve his goals. Good advice, I think I’m gonna follow it !!!

Kosta Pap

Good advice, Jade. Your video is very useful for me. I’ve got an idea for my teaching. Thanks!

Love your accent tho :)


I loved this video…I was a Learning English quitter until yesterday! I hope that I can change myself right now!


Hi there. Grammar issue:
“Hey dude, great to see you. Just hang on a couple of minutes until I’ve finished this”

Couldn’t it be “Hey dude, great to see you. Just hang on a couple of minutes until I’ll have finished this”?


Hi Jade, I love your accent and sometimes I have a little difficulty to understand you, but I enjoy this that practice my listen. Thanks.


All you said is very very true and I’m really happy now. I learn Enhlish on the internet and this method will help me a lot, thanks.

Esdras Marques

Hello Jade… you’re completely right.
The same thing has happened to me two or three times since I started to learn english in a more serious way. I think that one of the keys for learning anything in life, not only a language, is to persevere. The 20 minutes method you say on your video is a very effective way despite of the fact that 20 minutes a day is a very little time to learn a language. But at the same time you’re working on making a good habit.
Undoubtedly everyone must spend more than 20 minutes a day studying english in order to master the language.


ok! now the thing start to be serious… it’s time to learn for real!!!

Leandro Mrtns

I felt pain in a ear! (This is Japanese expression that expresses your feeling when someone advises you something in a strict way.) Thanks anyway.


Hello Jade!
Thank you so much for your precious advice.
I have already learnt English 3 month for 1 hour per day without breaks ;)
Certainly, I watch EngVid videos. As you said I watch them without subtitles. Subtitles distract.
Thank you dear teacher! :)


Thank you Jade. I going to study 20 minutes per day. Good advice!!


Like her accent, it male me smile.LOL


Hello Jade
Thank you so much for your useful lesson.i ill try learning any thing like that.i’m happy i watch this video .Thank you


This is a great method for every kind of study, not only English language but also others subject in my study life. Thank you very much for give me a serious motivating quote “if you can’t find the time for it, you’re not serious for it”, it’s a very powerful quote for me.


Hi Jade, your help is really, really useful to our learning, thanks


Thanks, very useful


thanks jade miss for ur consultation.this is really helpfull


Excellent lesson,i really liked it, keep up the good work!, i also like to add that thanks to all of you my english have improved. ;D


Thank for your unusual lesson, which I liked by the way. As I am a lazy person I think this is the best way for me to learn English language. See ya!


like the lesson! took the pen and notebook) thank you


Thanks Jade , i’m quitter 20 year. You gave me a hope , that finally i can learn english :)


Hi jade !

This is my first video on engVid, and it’s awesome. Here, there is a big life lesson, thanks for the motivation and the advices. ( :


YOU are my mentor miss.Jade , thank you very much


You look awesome Jade. I like you. anyway thanks for helping us.


Thank you Jade. This session is inspiring. This tip is not only applying to English learning but anything that you want to do better. ????

Mini Me

sounds great thank you , it really works


Inspiring video. Congratulations! I just joined engVid and I am going to start the 20-minute method today :)

Tomas Cabarcos

Hi, it was an amazing lecture thank u for ur advice i will try my best not to be a learing english quitter


Very nice video. Thanks a lot, Jade.


hi, I love you lessons, and I will try my best to do 20′ every day. thanks.

Blair PENG

Jade: you’re a brilliant teacher and I need to say that you`re a beautiful woman… S2

Anderson Proficio

    You just had to say it right. jaja 100% agree

    Gustavo Nice Guy

      She´s a good teacher mate and if I weren´t married I would invite her for a dinner :) :)

      Anderson Proficio

        marry ,hey! slow down cowboy I hope your wife is not watching this’d be in serious trouble jaja take care man

        Gustavo Nice Guy

Great. I got 7 of 9

Mohammed Hashem

Dear Jade,

you cannot believe me, but your suggestions are exactly the way I use since a few years ago, and I improved quite a lot. Nobody told me to do so. I decided on my own.

Thank you a lot for your free really professional work.

Have a wonderfull Life

Marcello Sicily Italy


Thank you. I like your videos


thank you. you’re the best
I like the new way


Thank you Jade, you are awesome


Thank you. Great lesson.


I really like this video and I think that we could study a little more than 20 minutes, maybe 30 but not more because our brain starts to get tired and it becomes to be hard to understand more and more.
Thank you Jade.

John B

I can speak English but not very well
so what should I do?


    Ms. Yasnaa! hope you are doing well. I think we are from the same country. Do study English for 20 minutes on daily basis, so that your English get better. have a good time.

    Jamshaid Hasrat Safi

Thank you Teacher


Great lesson, thanks Jade, every time I here you I consider myself in London as I walking through the city! It sounds good we here British accent here




I’m so happie with this web site, because here we can lear a lot of things about english without to be tired on the grammar foccus.

Jonatas Silva Lima

It seams eassy to take 20 minutes to learning english but It is very difficult to keep on every day. hix


Thank you!


hii thanks for this video .. i am a english quiter .i always learn every thing quickly by which i meshup and confused what to learn and what to please help me where to start learning


Thank you very much Jade for your advice from now on I’ll make sure to have 20mins a day to study English :). BTW I’m new to this website and I’m happy that I found this :) really helpful to us that want to improve our English.

(I got perfect score on the quiz 9/9 haha)


Thanks for this particular way to study english you are a great coach!


thank you very much i got what i really wanted


It was wonderful, I really enjoyed, I will go on for other lessons. thanks

Jamshaid Hasrat Safi

I enjoyed very much the lesson. It’s a different lesson and I like it, also the video help me a lot to managed my way for studied english.
thank you;)!

Oana Dorina

hi for all, my name is jihad and i hope to improve my english skills


Thank you very much :)


so nice tips, but in my opinion 20 minute not enough even 1 hour


Thank you very much :)


what you are doing is really intresting and helpfful so i just wana to thank you for that

tasneem salah

Wow! It’s very good. This video made me to feel bad, but made me to think about what methods i was using for sduding.
Now I have the line to learn more.
I really thank you.


This is the first time I do the entire list of quiz perfect, also if i dont’ know very well English and probably I make several mistakes in this comment. Thank you Jade!!!


Only one thing, probably I don’t understand completely the lesson but… it is possible to have subtitles in video lesson? It’s not clear for me


Thank you jade, really awesome advice☺


Great advice, Jade I WILL KEEP IN MIND.

Yilmer Caicedo

5 years just for MAKING PLAN to catch Toeic certificate… Making plan n times… Worked very hard for… 2 days or 3 days n times and then… do nothing n times :< so that… have nothing until now :)
Woa, I was really a "learning English quitter" ^^
Really thankful for your inspiring video Jade.

What a beautiful girl with beautiful actions!
Thank you so much.


Thanks Jade for your advice!!!


thank you


Thank you very much Jade!


I am a quitter before. Now is time to begin a serious big change. I must do because i want to deep in my favorite video game. Seriously. Thank for your video.




Thanks jade, I like your lessons


thanks Jade,very nice


Thank You! Jade for a nice discipline for study English.


Thanks a lot.

Abu Fadel

thank you


I hope this method will help me. Thanks Jade :)



julio cesar1970

Thanks Jade wonderful lesson


thank you jade. but i learn grammar or vocabulary first


The right method.


Thanks Jade!!


thank you :)


This is my first engvid lesson and I really enjoyed it.
Thank you so much. I will study 20 minutes every single day.

Carmen C

thank you!
It’s helpful,
but I have difficulty in listen what teacher Jade says
I’ll improve my listening skill.


Thank you so much Jade for your help and recommending us, its my first time today to watch your video and I really excited and I will continue insha Allah (if Allah accept).
I hope that will makes me sense and Motivation, my English is not good right now, but I hope to become like a native.


Today is my first day studying english with your help and your advices! Thanks ! I hope improve my lenguage skills


Thank you. Love it. I will now have to discipline myself to study English 20 minutes a day.

Diamond Titanum

just another helpful video from engvid. i love your accent.

Qusay Hussein

ohhh jade , you are one of tne best teacher in my opinion you always give me motivation to learn english . in addition i realy realy love your accent . i will work your advice . keep going jade and i will always follow your english lessons .


Thanks Jade.


Thanks Jade !
I’ll try this method :-)


you are the best teacher here ;)

abduallah coodi



well what can i say? i’m good speaking english but, i’m not a master because i’ve been practiced on my own, there’s no teacher, there’s, no friends, there’s anybody who talks often english with me, the only thing i got is british videos and, subtitles, books and of course talking to masyelf. i think this is a good way to study english, be constant and obviously repeat all the time, in this case i need to improve my gramma and my hearing and lot of vocabulary. i hope this work out, if don’t, well, i’ll be very sad. thanks.


Thank you so much you emboldened me to study regulary !


There is just one rule – regularly. Thanks, Jade!


Thank you very much!
Very good advice.
Bye Jade


Thank you Janda. How do you speak my case exactly!


Thanks dear Jade for advice …can you show my please the way to speaking english like you (british accent)any mobile app. or website I will be grateful to you.


How did you know about falafel, Jade ? :D


This is really useful ,,, Thanks !!

Hossam El-Sayegh

I will do it starting from now.. thank you for this video


Excellent lesson


Thanks for your good advice.
Exactly the same like with hare and turtle.
Do you recommend some plan to learn English?
what next after eg lesson one ?
which category I should use to improve my English?(grammar, speaking, pronunciation)


I’ve been studying English since I was 13 years old,I mean I’ve studied English 13 years. But my English still bad. Cause I just like you said, I’m a English “quiter”, hope I can consistently after watch your video.

Denny Zeng

I take your advice it’s perfect, Learning English I’m on my way!


It was an excellent video, thanks a lot, :)


thanks for you advice!
I like you:)


Now take some video from Engvid. first watching takes us 10-15 minutes, 2-nd – 15-20 min, 3-rd – 15-20 min. and quiz for 3-5 min. Does it mean that we study 1 lesson for 3 days? So sad… Therefore we should study it more then once.


hahaha, actually all is about me i am sure this is useful for us and for everyone who wants to learn english, i remember some times i used to decide to learn english deeply and even memorize more than hundred words per day then after days i feel like to be Lazy and i can’t learn english but certain time of every day is really useful for the english quitters like me. thanks for your time and efforts to help us we appreciate you.


I got 9 correct out of 9, incredible tips that will change the way we wanna learn english or even other languages i am sure if we follow these instructions will help us, the first time i set my eyes on the name english learning quitter i laughed too much because i though that as i was being talked about.
thank you very much


I like to kiss you Jade :)




Great video, I liked how active you are, and what you advised is truly useful.


That’s such special tips about how to learn English,thanks Jade.


Thank you for your advice, Jade. I’ll try your method. I hope It will give significant influence to me as soon as possible.


Nice tip, Jade! See ya!


Thank very much Jade! I already more time the lesson but I still can’t listen all the word in lesson. What do I have to?


thanks. i love your video, and of course you are very beautiful

Nguyen Van Hau

Hi Jade:
You have been a revelation to me.
My english is no very good but I promise to follow your method and I´m sure I´m going to improve very much following everything you say.
Thank you for your job. I think you really do it very well.
Nice to have met you.


The essence of this lesson is a happy mixture of:
– psychology test results
– brain patterns
– lessons learnt
– …and other
Stellar idea!


Thanks! It is interesting but it takes so long time to learn English with your method. Sorry!


Great lesson, thanks!


Thank you


thank you Jade
it’s really valuable advice


Hi Jade,
I will start the lessons from today. I feel grateful with your help in this web-site and I am sure will be a good course.


Dear Jade
Thank you so much for your advices. It’s amazing the way you motivated us. Your words were what I needed to take serious my English every single day. It doesn’t sound difficult, and it’s a good way to keep the habit of practicing English.
Thank you again :)

Gaby Beristain

Thanks. 7/9


Thank for the advise. I really Need


Xie Xie 8/9.


Thank you Jade. 9/9


Hey Jade…
Thank you very much for the video, this is absolutely incrediable. I always thought that how much you study more you learn english. You have showed me a another way to learn English!!!

Ps.. Your accent is so hard!!! I like it.


I agree Jade. The most important thing in learning a new language is to create a habit and practice what you learn


Hey dude, great to see you. Just hang on a couple of minutes until I’ve finished this :)
Thank you for daily English discipline. It means I’m serious.


So, in some way, this is the first day of my life.
Thank you so much!


Thanks Jade, your tips are so very helpful to be a really serious English learner, see you!

Angel Ricardo San

The problem is that I am a CHRONIC english quitter…


I am beginner at English so you say some word that I can’t understand what can I do


    hi I know arabic a little if you want we speak each other


“eat a falafel”



I like very much this video, because I have so many energy to learn for many hours in a week, or two, but then I give up for months and do it again. This is crazy. I never really learn english. In this last semester 2015 I had a experience to enter in a english course and go there every monday for two hours. I went every week and I not missed any class. It was great! I will try this method 20 minutes.I feel I have a great desire to learn and explosion , but are not continuous . I am a runner of 50 meters, 100 meters, but I want to learn to be a marathon runner. I am extremely anxious. And that does not match at all with learning.Thanks for the video and the quiz! I did great!


Thank you Jude, It is a very good video. I will try.God bless you

Marta Lopez

Thank you your tip is very nice i can understand the most.


Thanks for the tips :)


Hi jade I have enjoyed your video and I will try your 20 min method thanks for help you are good :)


thanks teacher

chi long

I don’t how to off the subtitle :( pls help me

Joe Marvin

    Click the “CC” in the lower right corner of the Youtube video; that turns the subtitles on and off.

    engVid Moderator

this is a great lesson! LOve u sm!


you are very beautiful :)

Nguyen Van Hau

Thank you pretty girl


thank you jade


Jade Mam
you are really giving good tips for new beginner. 20 mint very crucial for learning English….
Thank you very much for grate tips….

Narjeet Singh

thanks a lot. useful points.


Thank for the lesson is very important to me


thank you Jade :)

fatma kosar

Great lesson, thank you. I have enjoyed the video and I am trying the 20 minutes method.


thank you Jade.


I liked your lesson it is grateful and
very useful. I like to know every thing about the new information that
you talk about. I really also like to give you a kiss for your teaching
style. Jade,I ? you really from my heart.

Mathew Martin

I really like your lesson , thank you


Great advice, Jade!

I’ve been following my own way of learning English by studying hard for a week, or so, then quit for couple of weeks, then come back for another rushed session, and so on.

I’ll start as of today with your way of 20-minutes a day, and will see how it goes!!!


Your videos are always useful for me.. Thank you!!

Sozan Elsaid

amazing tips

Ahmed abdelmageed saad

Thank you, Jade. Every time I watch your videos I feel that I improve my English. I’ve studied English in high school during six year, and I think that English language is very difficult for Spanish speaking persons. Why? English pronunciation is too different. It is not an easy task.


hi jade, reply me..i do not how can i started


Hi Jade!
I really like the manner of your teaching and i find the lesson really helpful)
Thank you very muuuch

Natalya Fleytuta

Thanks for the video Jane.It was very interesting but i don’t agree with you about this method. I think is more useful to leran english if you study more than 20 minutes a day.I think it is not efficent to stop after you learn 20 minutes.but it depends from person to person.I started to learn english and i do that more than 30 minutes every day .


I love ur every single lessson, and for sure ur accent is so charming to me. just lovvvee it!


ОК. I’ll start one month challange that is I do learning english every day for 20 minutes:)


thank you for your good idea, rewatching video from this site, i thought about this 2-4 days ago!


New student


Hi Jade. I’m really happy to spend 20mins everyday for my English. For such a long time, I kept stopping learning English and then feeling regret. But your suggestion is so brilliant! From January I can keep doing this! Always thank you for your amazing lessons.


hi guys. i’m a new student


I Love your accent!
In my opinion , I Think that the 20 minutes day method, is the real good Method for learning English! Thank you


It’s a good way Jade.


Jade, thank you so much, these advises and tips will really make a difference to improve our English. British accent is so charming and appealing.


I agree with you on this point! Thanks for invest your time to give us this advice.


I loved what you said Jade! Thank you. I’m a new student here and I liked so much this site.


thank you for your advice,I think we should still learn english every day constantly to dont forget any thing and make progress in english.


Thanks alot for your video. Im being very difficult( lazy) to take on hand a pen when i listening, and my English skill improve very low, i think i need establish a new habit.


hello , how is for start the lesso , please ?


When you described the Learning English quitter I thought by myself: It’s me!!!I want to follow your advice for the future. Thank you so much


Thank you,jade


Thank you for your advice.


The problem is, that i alwayz hated make notes) even in scool.


Nice Tips Jades, Thanks!!




that’s right!! but 20 mins are too much few .. yes it must be a habit to get, but 20 mins it mean only to be able to watch two videos engvid and time to get some notes and re-watch some point more slowly … and the time is over.
So, I personally have chosen a period of 35 – 40 mins .. and get an easy way to stay relaxed, watch some videos more times if I need, and stop when I need to better understand. Ain’t right!?


Thanks Jade for your tips. As I’m very bad in english, I feel that 20 minutes are too less to improve effectively. Suppose we do 2 videos in a day, with this rate, we can not finish all the content even in 6 months. As Teckne said, could we make it 35-40 depending on your time limit?

Anu Gupta

Thank you


new student………..i like your way of teaching …. i am really enjoying ..

Salman Khurshid

Do you realise Jade, how it’s important for an English teacher to be so beautiful as you? :)
The only way to keep someone watching a lesson! :)


A great lesson, as always. Everyone should study upon your advice. Thank you. I shall do my best to follow recommendations.

Alpaka White

thank you so much about this video!


Hello,Today is firstday .
I want study with you.
Your advice is good.
I m continue day by day.


I’ve had watched most of your videos and they’ve been really helpful in achieving my goal of learning english. I like your accent big time. Thanks for the heads up!! I wish I had an english speaking friend to speak with as a practice task.


Thank you !


OMG, Jade! I love your tips and accent!
Keep it up <3 Thanks a lot :D
(I'm starting my 20-min method TODAY). You and Ronnie make me feel hopeful in learning English lol


Great! I have just got engvid recently, but I really like it.


thank you alot jade, you are amazing

Amid Alsaadi

Hi,Jade and thanks so much for the great tips. I am exactly that kind of person – an English quitter :( And the only way I can learn English is to be more consistent than I am now! Thanks so much!


you kind teacher .. thanks


Thank you, Jade! Inofmative lesson and nice accent you have!


Now I will use this method, but I don’t what kind of video I have to watch and what teacher follow


20 Minutes? That’s not enough to watch a peng teacher like you!


Thanks for advice Jade, I will start to apply in my English study. I really liked it.


8/9 Thank you Jade! That is a good advice to study lesson first time (or more) without subtitles.


I also use this great method to make myself doing things which I don’t want to do, like doing some household chores or doing sport.It seems to be quite a short time during which you can do anything!

English addict

100% answers are correct, very good method and explanation too, thank you very much Jade!


5/9 I need start doing what you say on those video, which mean no excuses, and start repeat new words and start to writing them , Thank you Jade!


I really like the lesson Jane. I also think that studying few minutes every day is better than studying hours just in specific days of the week.


Jade, I love you. I have used your 20 minutes method and I have obtained better results than before. I watched and studied each video during hours and hours and that was very exhausting, and I did not learn much. Thank Youuuu.

jose cordero

7/9. Thank you Jade for the helpful tips.

ann ann

It is very useful tips !
I like this tips when I study my English. I think, it is very helpful to us.
I wrote all new words in special app and I use this app to repead new words.
Thank you a lot for this lesson ! Quiz 8/9 :) … made mistake on last one question

Martin Po

I am new student and l want to be a part of this community


Hi Jade, great video. Tks.


Great motivation for me Mam, thankyou very much, and i got nine correct out of nine yeeeee :D


i got nine correct out of nine number, that’s the firts sentence i write here :D


Thanks Jade. Keeping yourself motivated is really important when it comes to learning a language. I have already felt overwhelmed, because rather than studying in a progressive way I pushed myself too hard to learn all at once. I did not find it healthy nor productive, thanks again for your tips.

Guilherme Cota

true.. and it’s good to have 20 mints for everything if we have time .. like 20 mints for learning English, 20 mints to do sports, 20 to read about relegen


it is a useful advice,thanks a lot

Abanoub Mahrous

This is the first video I watched and I got 100. Yay!


great ! jade you,re a fantastic teacher

khaled mohammad

new student here guys..

Asnita Samo

Thank you


Hello, Jade.
Thank you for your great lessons.
I got a question. Why don’t you support the extension of your 20-minute lesson even for 10 or 15 min? Does it realy matter? You believe it does. Why?
Thank you, Nastya


please i need plan or program to study


hye jade!m watching your engvid english lesson,so thanqq for upload this videos..

Rohit Das

Thank you Ms.jade

Aram Ameer

I liked very much, good for me, new student. target: 20 min per day.


Thank you very much for your lesson. And it’s useful not only because of your tips, but also because of your clear speech and great accent. I can’t waiting for your lessons.


thanks jade, really you’re amazing and explain is very nice, good work.

i started today to study by tips really i benefited :)

ahmed bakry

Absolutely right! It must be done like our habits


thank you very much ,
i have question,..i am serious about studying english but i have problems with communication because i spend a lot of my time studying medicine but 20 minute is good for me but what about the methods? if it just depend on vedios or there is anything ales


great lesson thanks


Great lesson. I acknowledge I am an English quitter but hope to go by this lesson from now on. Thanks Jade.


She’s very good teacher I have seen


Very motivating video) thanks!


Thanks Jade, lesson was really helpfull and funy. But some of your videos longer than 20 min. What should I do? Bye bye…


…..videos are longer. Sorry


Hi jade
I’m studying English for about two and a half a year and i always spend about four hours a day, i still can’t type a comment for you easily.
i have no idea,how can i learn English with twenty minutes a day.
please tell me more about your lesson, if you don’t mind. I mean you have experience about it.
sorry if i have mistakes i hope you can understand me.

Mohsen Tatoo

    I know I’m not Jade…but I wanted to tell you that your English here is almost exactly like a native speaker’s, and perfectly understandable! :)

    engVid Moderator

Thanks for the lesson.I will re-listen this lesson tomorrow until I can imitate at the same time when you’re saying


thank you teacher Jade, i will flow your advice from now, i will spend 20 minute per day to go engvid site for studying seriously.
Wait for the result of myself after some months
thank you teacher.


Thank you very much

I have good time with you
See you later


so so

thank you


100% Thank you Jade ! <3

Pedro Henrique Vasconcelos de Souza

Thanks for the lesson. You are beautiful- Muy hermosa


Thanks for this tip!


You are so right. Thank you for the lesson. I have trying to learn same away before i watch your video and i was mistaken, sully me.From now on ,will try to follow your instructions and be more active .
Thank you :)


I agree with you. Studying English regularly is import to improve.

Tony Uchida

thanks so much for this perfect lesson




Thank you very much for the video. I’m Italian and I love EngVid! Your tips are very useful. I scored 8/9! See you soon!


Very very useful jade. Thank you ?❤


Very useful Jade, thanks a lot.


thanks for your useful advices
I like you Jade and I like your teaching method, i will watch you in all videos ciao


Thank you so much Jade , you are realy helping us your every video by the way I’ll try your sayig method. Thanks again.


Thanks for the video Jade.




Thank you so much for your advice. It is very helpful.


Thanks Jade, I am a learning quitter. Hope your advice helps me to keep study English and not give up quickly.


thank you for this great lesson


I like it


i got 9 :)) what a tips !!


Thank you so much for your lesson. It’s so useful for me. I have ever been a learning English quitter but not any more. However I have a question that why it is 20 minutes only, what if I’m learning so well but i have to stop because of finishing 20 minutes


thank you so much dear teacher really it was so useful although I study English one hour a day but I think it is so important for use to consider you idea and advice for learning English regularly every day even we are so busy


Yeah, I really like your lesson, Jade <3 . I think it's very useful and suitable for those people lazy like me ????. Thanks a lot for you video

Shams Mahsud

yeah, I am a Learning English quitter.
So I should try it. :)


It’s a very good method that I’ll use to improve other skills and learn French and Italian too.
Thank you for the tips.


Thanks Jade!
I’ll try to do this tips:)


Hi Jade. I don’t know you but I love your lesson ando your accent.
Thank you very much!!!


Thanks for this lesson Jade. It was very important for improve my skills.


Thanks, I try to implement this method ;)


Thank you! This video is very big motivation, and I want learn English and use daily English discipline!


Thank you Jade, I´ll try it.
Sometimes I study a lot, sometimes nothing depend of the day and I have 3 days of english academy per week so I will try this method with my daily english study.


Thank you Jade.This the thing that I never did.So thanks for the encouragment and advices for my first day of english discipline.


I’m really enjoing whach your videos. I’didnt realize that I was a pearning English quiter.


Love your videos.


Really awesome tips


Thanks teacher Jade for the useful lesson. I understood that practicing regularly is the key for the success.

Gustavo da Costa Morais

Hi Jade, firstly my congratulation at you and every teacher!
I absolutely agree with you, the constant is the best way, like a sports training.




thanks a lot Jade, this lesson was very helpful to me, greetings from Venezuela.


Hi teacher, Thanks for this suggestion. I have a couple of questions. I´m not sure the order of my lessons…grammar first?, then listening? and finally speaking? each day can I combine the differents skills or I work just one? And,
If I follow this advice, how many time I will take to get an advance level? Thanks again!!!


Oh, thank you. That is my new motto: regularity is more important then duration.


What a good teacher!


It’s so wonderful!You have inspired me.To tell the truth,sometimes I study english for 3 or 4 hours.And now you helped me to understand that it isn’t good.I believe you and will continue to learn english with you ^-^


Thank you Jade Thanks alot, your accent is very easy to understand teaching Style is blissfull..


Thank you jade. I am new student and your vdeo is very helpful


thanks jade i m a new student and just watched your video, its too helpful for me


Thank you very much, Jade !!!


Well, after this lesson i realised, that I’am not an “learning English quitter” because usually watching engvid lesson more than one hour a day;) Any ideas who am I? I love this site!!!


Thank you!




I always used to watch videos just with subtitles and after watching this lesson I’ve come to the conclusion that I was wrong!


It’s my first watching you video, you are so impressive and your advice is very practicable.


thank you!


    Hey. If you want to talk somebody. We can help each other.


Thank you Jade. Good advices but i can’t watch the videos without subtitles. I don’t want to wait, i watch with subtitles at the first time.


Thank you Jade. It’s a very good way to keep learning English.


Hi Jade,I would say that yes but it would take more longer time if rely on just twenty minutes. I usually listening 1 hour on regular basis from couple of years. I would say it depends on person to listen more as possible if He/she can. But at least regularity is must even less time like jade advised.I really appreciate you come with more good ideas in order to help us.

Great one! I will amend my learning plan accordingly to be more effective based on your fabulous advice. Thanks so much Jade. I really love your accent so much.

Reda Zaghloul

Thank’s for this method. Starting today, I do it. Have an excellent day.


Hello , I’m a new student here thank’s for what are you doing for us.


hi jade , thanks for this opinion . I will try . I want to improve my english


thanks Jade.i correct made all questions of this quiz
and ill use this method daily by myself,i promise ill not be a eng lang quitter:))

Mushvig Rahimli

This method accustoms to regularity. Thank you!


thank you very much


thank you so much ,I think that you was talking about me in this video ^_^ ,I will do it from to day


I am new student and i want help.


wonderful video. I think I’m one of the quitter. After seeing this video, I encourage myself don’t be a quitter again. Come on, believe I can do it.

cherry liao

Thanks a lot Jade for your help.

Mehmet Ozdere

A very important video for me. Thank you a lot/


Jade, thank you very much. This video is very useful. Sow it many times. ))) It is great. really.


A candle doesn’t lose anything from its light by igniting another candle.
Thank you very much for all your efforts. Take care yourself.


your video awesome and great thanks for your advice


A falafel!, I like it☺


Thanks for this lesson?


Thank you, Jade!

Free Man

That’s one of the best tips you could apply to you English learning journey. Many people are struggling to advance their English level including myself because of this reason “Discipline” .

Keep up the good work. Thank you Jade ;)


I liked the lesson. I’m not a quitter, I’m studying everyday without laziness.


I got 9/9.I’m an outstanding student!


Hi all, do you use other online tools/lessons? Or do you only use only engvid?


omg You open my eyes! Where have you been all this time? I love you!


good method, the most important is consistently


hi guys. I’m umut. Can i talk to someone about something?


Thank you, Jade! I’ve got 9 from 9. You’re a great teacher! You’re awesome!


as usual another helpful lesson,by the way you look very pretty today :)


Thank you very much for good advice

Ahmed Elnour123

Hola Jade. Soy nuevo estudiante de Ingles. Gracias por tus consejos.


This video video help me a lot! Thank so much Jade!


This is awesome ?


thank you teacher.


Thanks a lot Mrs. Jade.


done 100 100

al willis

thank you very much.


Thank you so much I will try this mathod


Thank you so much I will try this method


tank’s,I’ll find my 20 minuts to learn.


thank you,I will find 20 minuts to learn.


hi to study just 20 minutes a day and then stop is something unbelievable, it is a non sense to stop if you have time to continue.

al willis

great advices, 20 minutes could be the beginning for creating a habit of studying every day harder. In my opinion 45 minutes could be better in the beginning. On other hands, Engvid has been the best tool I have had for to improve my English, I have bought courses for my preparation for English exams like Cambridge or TOELF but I feel I this website has been the best for my knowledge,specially for me that I began to study this new language very old, with 28 years old.


Great advice!! Thanks for your recommendation Jade!


Hi, Thank you very much, Jade, for your recommandations.


I got 07/09. Thanks for your advices Jade!


thank you Jade! i will improve my english ( quiz score 44 :D )


Thank u jade, this is my first video with u, i have a 5/9 in quiz , but i love your way ,thanks


thanks, Jade, after watching this video, I felt motivated to learn and not be an english quitter anymore


I’m very exited to begin this course. Thanks Jade for these orientations. What I need is to know with which courses I’ll begin ?


Thanks Jade.


So good thanks


Hello Jade.Surprisingly, your video is especially for me. I am exactly that person. I used to study language every day, but then I got tired and quit. And now I haven’t done anything for three months. And today I decided to return to the lessons again and came across your video. Thank you very much Jade.


Excuse me, but it is the 21st minute, so I am stopping)


I started today, let’s see if I learn now hehehe

Ana Carolina Rodrigues de Araujo
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