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Thank you very much Jade. Very useful lesson for people like me who are looking for a job.
Thanks again ;)


    yeah, i really agree!
    that so userful for all students.


hi Jade, this time not so clear (especially in pronunciation for us not-native students) as you usually are. Anyway thanks. Giuseppe,
date of birth ….


Thank you Jade. Very glad to have your lesson again.


Thanks Jade!

A detailed and very useful lesson to whom is or will be looking for a job in UK, and even in other English speaking countries, I think.

Fabio Cicerre

Jade, All the way, out of the way, go out of (someone) way, (someone) way out of. and other expressions using “way” Thank you

Joseph Anthony

Very useful lesson. Now I’ll improve my writing. And I loved your accent!

Julia Verena

Interesting and very useful.

Jorge Pedroso

I usually do not understand a half of your speaking. Would be very great if you could speak more articulate.

Elen Sheff

    Jade’s speaking is actually very clear and comprehensible. You would hear much “worse” pronunciation in the UK.

    Learners come here to listen to authentic English, not to a fake puppet :) You can always turn on closed captioning (subtitles) on Youtube to catch the words you don’t understand. Practice makes perfect.


      Agree about listening to the natural language, but anyway the pronunciation must be clear. I understand another teachers from EngVid very well.

      Elen Sheff

        Jade is British, the others are largely from Canada. British pronunciation is different, which takes time to get used to. Believe me, I understand every single word Jade utters. I used to experience the same problem when listening to British speakers. I recommend watching awesome British comedy series such as Little Britain or The Catherine Tate Show. :)


          Maybe you are right, David. Thank you. I’ll try to listen to British speakers much more, because now I focus on mainly American English.

          Elen Sheff

Very useful. Thanks, Jade :-)


Great lesson! Thank you, Jade :)


I have the same problem with you Elen Sheff

Mai Anh June

    You know, Mai Anh June, sometimes it seems to me that she swallows her words. Very difficult to understand her.

    Elen Sheff

Thanks Jade


I got some time , if ayone of you want to chat or speak over the WhatsApp application , feel free to send me a message out there . +7 937 190 92 15. Abdel.
any1 is welcomed.


Abdel Said

please, you should open your mouth when you talk. Thank you.


Hi Jade, I’m very grateful for your lessons…☺


Thank you Jade


I love your lessons, Jade! Thanks! I also love the way you finish them. You always do or tell something funny. Thanks again!

Valderí Andrade

thanks a lot!


Many thanks really didn’t know certain things about it. I need to correct a bit mine cv… Very useful


Thank you Jade.


Thank you Jade.

sarya alfares

i love jad teaching


Thanks a Lot Jade


9/9 so good video


thanks so much.

mey samnang

Could anybody advise please if Jade’s pronounciation is Brithish or American? Unfortunately I can’t catch the difference between those two.
As for me – it is difficult to understand her speech, but I talk to Irishmen and their speach…leaves much more to be desired for understanding by people who speak another native languages.


Hi Jade,
You might be a good teacher but your accent is very strong. The problem is that you speak as everyone would be English People, but not you are talking for all the world and you need be conscient about it.


Hi Jade,
What is the standard form of making CV.

Rasshad Ahmed

Thank you so much for these advises

nur ar

Great work Jade, really I love it.
I think that more lessons like this will help to habituate to our ear to different accents


Hello !! every body. Can somebody add me in Sype. I want to practice my English. My ID skype : yusuf_el1


Thank you, Jade!


thank you for the video

Noman khan

Thank you, Jade!


Thank you


thank you for your time for teaching.


please i need someone to drop me a good cv on my gmail address please i need it before the day run out


Thanks so much Jade. Your lesson was very helpful.


Hello,Im from china! every body. Can somebody add me in Sype. I want to practice my English. My ID skype :vic Lee


Teacher, I didn’t understand the third question. What you mean “Sailor Moon”?

Thank you for the lesson.

Gustavo da Costa Morais

    Sailor Moon! A famous comic and TV show, from Japan but enjoyed all over the world.

    engVid Moderator

Jade , thsnk You ♥


OMG … I did not understand much


Thank you Jade! Your lesson is useful! I have a question here:Why shouldn’t I avoid putting a ‘Sailor Moon’ on my CV? Does it have any relationship with my job?


Very nice video Jade!
Thanks a lot.

Enio Marques

good one , if you please more videos for business practice


Good lesson for whom will work in UK.It will be possible for me to work in there without expirience nor education.


I dont understand the lesson!! repeat or what?


Thank you, Cutie Jade.

Jesan Chuang

Thank you, Jade!

Marcio R Santos


I do like your very good lessons! I have since years so much learnt of them.

Trank you so for that. I just love it to watch your von videos.

Winfried Kujawa
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