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I got 8/10, some sentences I don’t really understand, but anyway thank Jade

Profile photo of nguyen van long nguyen van long

Sometimes it’s hard to say no but it’s necessary to learn how to be defensive and not to agree all time, specially when we don’t want to.

Profile photo of Josema65 Josema65

    so true

    Profile photo of Faihaa Faihaa

I got 10/10, thank you so so much :) U the best!

Profile photo of yigitersann yigitersann

very nice..

Profile photo of hsroque hsroque

Oh my god I had my worse result 5/10))) Thank Jade for lesson

Profile photo of Beka Beka

    Well,that isn’t too bad. I got 4/10 because I din’t watch the lesson. I think it’s quite good because I didn’t watch the lesson.

    Profile photo of Jojo Ng Jojo Ng

Why is “go away” incorrect for no. 1? I thought it’s said when someone has asked for more than once and it makes me sick.

Profile photo of Astri Astri

    Hi Astri,

    your answer isn´t incorrent.

    Jade has given this explanation :

    All these answers are potentially correct. However, “How many times do I have to say ‘no'” is the most fitting because the drunk woman has asked more than once to get the telephone number.

    Nice day,

    Profile photo of adrijana adrijana

I think this video is a little glitchy at times. But otherwise, it’s an amazing lecture!

Profile photo of DNGiac DNGiac

    Oh, thanks! Glitchy is exactly the word I was looking for.

    Profile photo of Fernnanndo Fernnanndo

Ok , it is not good. I will do the best on next time

Profile photo of Mbuta51 Mbuta51

Thanks Jade!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Thanks Jade!

Profile photo of Evandro Prado Evandro Prado

thanks, Jade, it was an amazing lesson

Profile photo of ghadeer-70 ghadeer-70

Thank you, Jade.

Profile photo of adrijana adrijana

Great! Thank you!!!

Profile photo of Tala3000 Tala3000

I scored 100. I was amazed by my performance and thanks to Jade for being a responsible English teacher.

Profile photo of Chissy Chissy

Thanks for this video. It was interesting.

Profile photo of Guilhem13 Guilhem13

my Is Hassan i am a new student

Profile photo of Hassang15 Hassang15

8/10 Thank you, Jade! I like this lesson very much.

Profile photo of viacheslavkr viacheslavkr

Jade, you’re a good actress. Good explanation. Thank you a lot for your time. Keep this up. The best wishes.

Profile photo of SengVid SengVid

I got 50 is a not good score. Thanks for the video.

Profile photo of OMbye3 OMbye3

It’s really difficult to say ‘no’. I did it only 70% times.

Profile photo of urs68 urs68

I really love this class very impressive and educative I got 8/10

Profile photo of Standard01 Standard01

oh, I have got a 100! thank you so much

Profile photo of rmaroli rmaroli

Sorry Jade, but in NR 3 nobody knew the young sister hes ruined the dress before…so I’d not say that. Jade your is clearly a mistake. Bye. Willis

Profile photo of al willis al willis

90,I didn’t understand the boss slang

Profile photo of Maurizio Y Maurizio Y

I got ten correct out of ten. As always, thanks for improving my ‘feel’ of English.

Profile photo of Insoo Yeo Insoo Yeo

Jade! I’m feeling more confident than previously where I was. However, your accent makes me listen carefully. I even love to hear you. Thank you very much for your kind support in making English learners reach their destination.

Profile photo of Shreepepe Shreepepe

thank you, nice lesson, I got 100

Profile photo of jpgwada jpgwada

Thank you :)

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