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88% . Oops … It’s driving me crazy! :) ;). Thanks Jade, you are loveable ! <3

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Interesting lesson. Full wtih the ideas to think about. A lot of psychology. And a lot of English too.

Profile photo of adrijana adrijana

It’s really good to improve my English knowledge.

Thanks to Mr.James.


Thank you, Jade!
It’s a pleasure to find here some principles of Nonviolent Communication. I discovered Marshall Rosenberg’s works for a few years and it brings peace and joy to my life.

Profile photo of Sakenussem Sakenussem

88% . Thanks Jade :).

Profile photo of Annie Annie

Thanks a lot, Jade! I’ve got 100%. Your pronunciation is brilliant!

Profile photo of AZ89 AZ89

really good and amazing video, thanks a lot

Profile photo of Zaki46 Zaki46

What a class.
Not only English, but behavioral important topics for all society, including a parent like me.
Thank your for that opening-eyes class.

Profile photo of balonsobraga balonsobraga

Thanks Jade!Interesting lesson ;)

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Sure, Jade, emasculation is the act of making somebody/ something less powerful or less effective; but the actual meaning of that word is the removal of both the penis and the testicles​

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It´s a very interesting lesson, thanks a lot.

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I got 100% awesome, Jade thank you so much for your lovely lesson

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Yahooo i did it….Thank u God

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Thx Jades, it is helpful! :D
Do more video about “ENGLISH”! XD

Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

Thank you, very much. Excellent lesson.

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

Thank you for the lesson) it’s very interesting))

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Hello Jade, It’s a great lesson. It lets me know how to behave with the others to make them happy, the dos and the don’ts.Thank you and good weekend. Best regards. Marie-Claude

Profile photo of mclaude mclaude

    You are really good.I also want to improve how to behave any person to make happy. What is best way to remain cool method and manner.

    Profile photo of Md. Arman Hossain Md. Arman Hossain

Wow! I get 8 out 8..Thanks a lot for useful lesson.You are the best one! :)

Profile photo of Sahra biologist Sahra biologist

I loved the lesson! Thanks Jade!

Profile photo of John B John B

I love the lesson but I get 75

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Profile photo of zorro007 zorro007

Only have a problem of long writings
and listening comprehension.

Profile photo of Shilongo Veino Shilongo Veino

I got 75 . Not bad 😂

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You’re good in acting jade

Profile photo of îkrãm chãllãl îkrãm chãllãl

Good lesson, good teacher and good teaching

Profile photo of Ratanakiri Cambodia Ratanakiri Cambodia

Thank you!
Great teacher!

Profile photo of krllom krllom

Thanks Jade! It’s Very useful lesson.

Profile photo of withkj5 withkj5

There is no point IN eating.
Am i right?

Profile photo of Siberian Boy Siberian Boy

    Thank you Jade !

    Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

    Both are right “no point in eating” & ” no point eating”

    Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

      With respect Your Grace, it was just a question.
      I didn’t mean to be rude

      Profile photo of Siberian Boy Siberian Boy

        So did I, “Your Grace”. It was just an answer…

        Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

very nice lesson and interesting examples. jade you are amazing.

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it is a very useful lesson in English,psychology and behavior . thanks Jade , by the way i got a hundred percent ( 8 out of 8)

Profile photo of yasser Daoud yasser Daoud

I got 100%. I like your accent, Jade. I’ll often watch your lesson from now. Thanks~

Profile photo of jeffkim jeffkim

Oh, i know someone who does guilt-tripping! 😂😂😂Thanks!

Profile photo of Cadelle Cadelle

hi Jade. I Sam Geng from China. could you contact with me by we want you to teach some courses for Chinese students.

Profile photo of sam geng sam geng

Great lesson , thanks Jade.
By the way, you’re not shy anymore :)

Profile photo of lemarvillois lemarvillois

what a lesson, thank you so much jade

Profile photo of patrickplays patrickplays

Thanks, Jade. Great Lesson. You might have heard this before. (obviously), but your eyes are really beautiful, they combined really well with the color marker you used on the board(hehe). Anyway, Despite the fact, your videos are long, in only one session you can learn a lot watching them.

Kind regards.

Profile photo of Albeiro Ruiz Albeiro Ruiz

Thank you! Teacher Jade… I learned a lot from this video……

Profile photo of Emerald Gold Emerald Gold

Thanks Jane. I am surprised. While I am trying to learn english, I learned very important information about behavior. These explanation is very helpful in both ways. Thank you so much.

Profile photo of Miguel1971 Miguel1971

Great class Jade! Congrats for your job.

Profile photo of eidercsnunes eidercsnunes

This teacher is clever enough to teach me interesting things in english. I’m really thankful!

Profile photo of Freddy Navas Freddy Navas

Hello, Jade. You are great in unveiling some kind of boring but useful things in book to interesting lesson. It helps many more ppl given for those seldom read books.

Profile photo of victor victor

Thanks Jade
don’t worry
your clothes are very nice

Profile photo of raedazouz raedazouz

I’m a psychology student so I’ve heard about Rosenberg. I need more of lessons like this.

Profile photo of Astri Astri

Thank you Mrs. Jade.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Thanks Jade !

Profile photo of Bexter Bexter

Thanks a lot, very important lesson can make us deliver health communication.

Profile photo of Manhalhakr Manhalhakr

Why do you used the toxic language yourself Jade?! Right at the end you said ‘you should go and watch the passive agressive video now’. :))

Profile photo of rn5351 rn5351

This lesson was great. Not only for a lot of new words but also because of letting us to know that how we can hurt others unknowingly. Thank you so much and I wish you nothing just the best👌👌👌🌹

Profile photo of Zohreh Moradi Zohreh Moradi

very good lesson, all it is new for me in this level of English, thanks Jade, beautiful eyes.

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