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Hello Jade ,
How you love to talk !!
I hold on all the lesson but now need a retreat to find my spiritual path and over all the right way to digest all these informations .

Profile photo of tsamp tsamp

Loved some of the funnny choices in this quiz!!!! No mention to “sects” though?

Profile photo of Andrea Pusiol Andrea Pusiol

Excellent lesson, Jade. Thank you very much.

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

Thank you, Jade!
You are the master of long lessons;)
It is necessary sometimes. I needed this tonight:)

Profile photo of Rosemarrry Rosemarrry

You’re great 😍😍😍

Profile photo of Yarasaad Yarasaad

How can I log in to the lessons?

Profile photo of Mohammad Osman Sohail Mohammad Osman Sohail

Impossible to read the video.

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Profile photo of nahidkhan0888 nahidkhan0888

this is strange for me because all information that i’ve receive it’s about awakening thanks you so much for the lesson

Profile photo of natlejandro natlejandro

Hard to teach when it comes to so many abstract ideas but you made it. You have delivered such a fantastic lesson. Hoping you will produce more of this kind in future. Thank you.

Profile photo of victor victor

hi doing,I’m Mohammed Islam .Do you got pdf for advance vocabulary

Profile photo of Mohammed533 Mohammed533

this course is really difficult,it’s hard to remember this words.

Profile photo of kay zhang kay zhang

Great lesson and great job of yours Mrs. Jade! Thank you for a most interesting lecture.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

This video is way too long

Profile photo of Astri Astri

Thank you Jade for making this lesson. It goes in the world change. It fits you well. Serge & Mylène

Profile photo of Serge.T Serge.T

By opening an account on we have automatically initiated to the EngVid cult. :)

Profile photo of rn5351 rn5351

I wish Jade could elaborate more on that sex magic healing modality. Is it the same as orgy party?

Profile photo of rn5351 rn5351

Thank you Jade, but it’s very confusing

Profile photo of Terrysam Terrysam

One lesson very long, but I listen to whole this. The subject is not in my interest. Thanks.

Profile photo of rivascel rivascel

I got zero from ten

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