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Thanks a lot , i got 100%
No confusion after i listen to this easy explination

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    So this quiz was a piece of cake for you Hassouna.

    Good for you! Congratulations.

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      Interesting lesson on confusing words Jade.

      What I liked most about this lesson was the tips for checking out the correct use of the object/personal pronoun.

      Just one question Jade . . .

      It’s I or It’s me? As far as I know, both of them are correct, why?

      Many thanks for sharing this information with us Jade.


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        To say ‘It’s I’ is very old like the language of the time of Shakespeare.

        Profile photo of Jade Jade

      Many thanks Regino,

      Profile photo of hassouna hassouna

        Don´t mention it.

        Have a great weekend!!!

        Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Me too.

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    Viva Algérie 🇩🇿❤️

    Profile photo of hassouna hassouna

Jade you are so beautiful.I love all your videos but when I watch your videos I feel myself like I don’t know anything in english language otherwise when I watch your lessons in I feel myself clever and learning english better day by day. Anyway this is your teaching system.You have cool accent I always try to make speech as you taught before

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    That’s nice to know. I wish you success!

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

8/10 thumb up

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10/10 :-) yes!

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    Me too. Thanks Jade!

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well done… 100%

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Thanks Jade you’re so sweet 10/10 :D

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It’s a nice discussion overall !
Thanks a lot !

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100% thank you for this great lesson!

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Dear Jade, thank you for your lessons! What do you think about an expression “Me too”? Is it correct to say like that in the day-to-day communication? Tnx in advance.

Profile photo of ChrisZ ChrisZ

    Yeah you can say that no problem.

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

    I think that “So do I” would be maybe better than “Me too”. Do you agree with me Jade? In which case we use the first and in which case we use the second!? Thank you in advance.

    Profile photo of brunochemali brunochemali

Thank you so much Miss Jade :)!

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The method of How To Check is fantastic!

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    Profile photo of ゞ(≧▽≦*)o ゞ(≧▽≦*)o

Thanks a lot .

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I got 8 correct out of 10. But I understand the mistakes :) Your explanation was easy to understand. Thank you very much, Jade :D

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lesson learned jade. thank you.

Profile photo of bobbyyusuf bobbyyusuf

Thank you Jade!
Excuse me, I have two questions in regards to the spelling!
Apologise or Apologize?
Mum or Mom?

Profile photo of verin verin

    Mum / apologise are English spellings and I use them because I am English.

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

Jade, i like the way how to check? remove the other name…it’s really useful…many thanks

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but I will keep working on that.
thanks for your class

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    tanks ,,,,,natalia

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Thank you to let me understand what you teaching.

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i don’t see any explanation for “myself” usuage

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thanks mam

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diction teacher -poor!

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    send me ur f.b f.b id plz

    Profile photo of izhar uddin izhar uddin

    What do you mean by that? Kristina!

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Not bad for my first quiz :D

Thank you Jade for this useful lesson

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hi my name is naveen i would like to know . what is the best English grammar books for home school ESL students.

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which one is correct?
Tom and I went for shopping? OR
Tom and I went shopping?

Pls do answer ma’am.

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    i got 100%

    Profile photo of kr.jamesbond15 kr.jamesbond15

    I think “Tom and I went shopping” is correct.

    Profile photo of ploypan ploypan

    No ‘for’.

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

Hi, i was very bad with the vocabulary because its so boring to remember words and their meaning but when i found ,i found the solution of all my memory related issue. This site is so helpful.

Profile photo of ankurmahajan88 ankurmahajan88

    Thanks for sharing this information with us.

    I’ll will check it out Ankur. Hope I can find here some solutions TO vocabulary problems.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Thanks again.

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      Hi Regino. You seem dominate ! mostly the picture that you have choosen causes this ! It’s good. Best regarda: soei

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I got 100%. Nice lesson and thanks Jade.

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Although I got 10 correct out of 10 in this quiz, but I still don’t think I know it well.

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100 % – great lesson. Thank you!

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I don´t understand the example nº 8

8. He told me that me and you are on the list.

I think is correct because following your explanations the second “me” goes after the verb.

By the way, You need a blackbord eraser…:)

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ahhh, I understand now. There are two verbs, so we have to use “I” as a subject for the second sentence which the main verb is to be.. Is that OK?

Profile photo of alvaro03 alvaro03

Excellent !!!

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thanks a lot jade. got 10 out of 10. see you.

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Could i know the right form for quiz number 7?

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I like your teaching .Very simple to understand .I got 10 out of ten.Thank you so much.

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please tell me, question 6 second part is incourect (so me and Anne will go.) that’s right??
Q 8- He told me that me and you are on the list????
Thank you

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Thank you . I got 100%.

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80%, thanks Jade for this lesson, it was not easy but i tried ))

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I like you Jade
you are a good teacher

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No confusion at all now.. I can use these words very confidently and thank you Jade for such a wonderful lessons/videos.

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    and so to say.. I scored 100%

    Profile photo of kishore85 kishore85

It was perfect,no confusion at all now! :)

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Very nice lesson !

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ohh I already watched this lesson, I got 10/10. I recognized I had some doubt beforo, I haven´t now. Thank teacher

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Thank you so much jade, excellent teaching.

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thanks jane you removed the confusing from my mind

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    It’s jade

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10/10…It’s easy when you can check this with removing name!

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10/10, Jade and I, we do a great team, she as a English teacher and me, as her pupil.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

    You are a good pupil. :)

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

Thanks a lot! This is pretty simple after listening to the lesson.

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thank you, now i am understand

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I got 10/10, great lesson!:)

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Hello! I enjoyed the lesson and also it helped me a lot. I got 60/100 on this test :( and I was thinking that it would be useful if we can see the explanation of the correct answer when we got wrong, to understand better. Thanks.

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The video was taking a lot of time to play on my mobile,so I gave the test directly and got 100%.I just wanted to know whether I know it or not but thank you very much for the test.

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Oh!! i have to learn English more.

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9/10, great tutorial. :)

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Thanks Jane. Very clear explanation. I got 9 out of ten.

Profile photo of SarahWu SarahWu

I don’t understand question no.7, when use you and I as subject in passive tense , is it doesn’t mean you and I are the object?

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i like this lesson

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Thanks Jade, got 80%.

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verry good lesson. Thanks.

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I got 100%, Thank you teacher !

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Thank you, very cognitively.

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Compliments! You have a pretty nail polish color!

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Happy Learning :)
Got 90 %

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7/10 -__-

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OK , I did it . 10/10

Profile photo of anor2 anor2

Professor Jade,
good presenation; clear natural speach – pretty dress which suits you well; PRACTICAL AND USFUL LESSON. Thanks.

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100% correct

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thanks for your contribution.

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My english isn’t strong and I have difficulties to unterstand your lessons. For me, you speak very fast.

Profile photo of Rozenn Rozenn

    Try subtitles in that case…

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

emmmmmmm, before watching Video I got this Message :

You got 6 correct out of 10
wooooooooow It means 60%…

Profile photo of dearabi dearabi

10/10. Thank you, Jade. You are a very good teacher.

Profile photo of nilton rocha nilton rocha

Thanks Ms Jade.
I achieved 8/10, but was mi first quiz.
I really apreciate your lesson.

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Very good lesson ,thank ou.

Profile photo of nenon nenon

80% Thanks =)

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thanks jade

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Thank you. I got 100 point.

Profile photo of Chaloemwut Chaloemwut

Well, at this rate I also want to share with my score after a single attempt “You got 10 correct out of 10”.

Gramercy Ms Joddle,
You are posh.

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I love your voice very much <3

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Thank you, but it’s so little about -MYSELF-.

Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

    You don’t really need to use it. That is what I tell you.

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

      Thank you.

      Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

Thanks Jade, I like this lesson!

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Excellent lesson, Jade!

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just say awesome, lots of confusion clear. Thanks a lot.

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I’m a Teacher if anyone needs any help contact me on skype :

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I’ve got 100. Thanks Jade.

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80 out of 100..

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Very easy after lestning this lesson I got 9/10 thank you

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This lesson is very useful. We got 9/10.
Why do you look so sad?
Bye C1

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I’m enjoying your English lessons :)))
ps:…I got 10/10

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I got 10/10! I am still a little confuse about the “myself”. Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Josimara Josimara

Sometimes, I’ve been confused with this. Thanks :)


Hello Jade,

I love your accent, you’re british innit? wich part of Great Britain you from?


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thank you i get full mark

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Nice lesson Jade!

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learning day by day!

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100 %
i can understand easily !!!

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thanks a lot.I got 100%.I learnt that the difference each other of them whereby this lesson.

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I really like your accent. It’s beautiful. Thanks for lessons.

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thank you Jade. 8/10 No.6&8 are 2 sentences question. my bad…

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thank you Jade! I had little difficulties to understand your accent for a few minutes! but it’s almost good now! great lesson for french people!

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Great lesson, Thanks!

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10/10 In spite of the fact that I couldn’t understand all the listening,I did the excercise well.

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100%. Very good lesson.

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10 out 10! not bad at all! :D

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Very good:)

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Good score but not excellent due to I have missed one of them.

I would like to thanks teacher due to using very useful method for those who want to learn English.

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Thanks this is very helpful.

Profile photo of joannamarie.miranda joannamarie.miranda

i am still a little confuse about the “my self” thanks alot jade

Profile photo of meryem uzerli meryem uzerli

i am too confuse in pronouncation please help me and others

Profile photo of meryem uzerli meryem uzerli

    no problem,,,meryem

    Profile photo of sagor.eu20 sagor.eu20

8/10 :) not bad

Profile photo of leeerra leeerra

Have you asked Mr Jones whether Max and I are needed to help out on Tuesday?

I don’t understand why it’s correct ?

Profile photo of ahmet zeki ahmet zeki

Hello Jade,

I have a doubt in the usage of –
“she is taller than I(am)” or “She is taller than me”

Which one is correct?

Profile photo of Sriram P V Sriram P V

Thanks a lot…

Profile photo of Dhofari Dhofari

you are a good teacher =D

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Thank you Jade. Now i am not confusing for that.

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100 points :)
Very easy to understande th lesson thank you !!

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1o points
Was easy to understand

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9/10. I will do my best in the next lesson.
Thank of for your lesson!

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Yeah!!!! I got 100%.
That’s a good explanation! Thank you so much!

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beautiful 10/10

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Thank you. :) 8/10 ㅜ_ㅜ

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thank you teacher

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9/10! :) not bad.. thanks jade! :)

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Yes!!! I got 100% marks :-D

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Thank You Teacher!!

Profile photo of Kavinda Wijayabandara Kavinda Wijayabandara

I really love your lessons Jade. You’re so great!

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Thank you so much Jade! I got 100% after the first viewing of your video.
Your lessons are very important for me. I need more knowledge for examination. How I can contact with you?

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thanks a lot for this :D

Profile photo of demiana demiana

thank you, Jade )) 100%, love you :)

Profile photo of mandrykden mandrykden

leo and myself are going on holiday.
isn’t correct?

Profile photo of RachelA RachelA

    Hello RachelA!Jade said only “You don’t really need to use it. “

    Profile photo of vasil vasil

Hey Jane, thanks for making english much easier for us. From this momment I’ll never use “Myself” in such sentces.

Profile photo of Anouar Anouar

i got 90 percent mark tnks jade

Profile photo of sagor.eu20 sagor.eu20

I got 9 but I’m happy. I did good it!! Thank you Jade!!! :)

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    Hey dear! I want talk about IELTS !!will u help me plz?

    here is my skype id- maxboyjahid

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      Thanx Jade for the lesson!!!!

      Profile photo of Jahidul islam Jahidul islam

Such a good website full of useful and well understandable lessons for everyone of us, no matter what country we’re all from. Thanks!

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Jade I love your lesson. You always teach so clear. Truts me!!!

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Hello Jade…
Firstly, I’d like to thank you for sharing that video with all of us…
It has been a very simple and clear at the same your explanation…
Honestly, when I write, I make many mistakes but now, I know this simple rule so I hope to improve my writing skills and also teach better to my future students… thanks and greetings from Mexico :)

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hi jade.
thank you very much this english lesson.
this is very difficult for me.
this quize i have got a 6 collecuto so i will do this again soon.
i am very happy to find your lesson

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Great lesson :) Thanks

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thank you.:D

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Thanks a lot teacher

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God bless you Madam

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Thanks alot

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Hello Jade, can you say why I have a mistake to the 8th question ? I had answered “Correct” and it is incorrect.

He told me that me and you are on the list

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hey jade i am new here please let you explain me step by step ….

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9/10 thanks alot. i can improve my english language right now.

Profile photo of arthit arthit

i got 10/10 first time

Profile photo of Ravi4029 Ravi4029

10/10!!!! but still in doubt about the usage of MYSELF. Is it correct but too formal and archaic? tks.

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thanks alot dear teacher, i got 90

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You are shining brightly. Thank you.

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jUST me , myself and I. jejejeje thanks. :)

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Thank you a lot!! It was definitely insightful!!

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Thank you . I got 80%.

Profile photo of ALI RM ALI RM

D.Thank u.

Profile photo of Lusine1971 Lusine1971

I have got 100% marks ,Yeah!!! Thanks your clearing up
the misuse of ‘ Me & I’ . It does help me to write better english in conversation and writing.

Profile photo of EagerToLearn7284 EagerToLearn7284

    You’d better learn how use capital. English.
    It helps you at least how to write correctly.
    Do you write IN conversation?
    Blah, blah…

    Profile photo of aroibas aroibas

Madam jade can we say, me and cherry came to the party? Thank you in advance

Profile photo of Mintu Mintu

Please do reply madam.

Profile photo of Mintu Mintu

    Didn’t you know that ‘madam’ is a French word?
    On second thoughts, beg her to reply. Without ‘do’.
    It seems to my that she don’t fancy to.

    Profile photo of aroibas aroibas

      Yeah, I’ll try that.

      Profile photo of Mintu Mintu

Thanks for the good tips, Jade.

Profile photo of Luiz Alberto Luiz Alberto

jade let us say dont follow misleading native speaker done! the native often do mistake with I & me ignoring object or subject position.
oh yah I have a question how about when one knocking the door. one often say : it me…
eg. it me anna. it me charlie

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Thank you Jade, you are a great teacher and beautiful too, I like your lessons.

Profile photo of andre12345 andre12345

It’s so easy. Thank you very much.

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that was very very amusing ‘n amazing!
#You ‘n I have a lot of catching up to do! :P
thank you so much :)

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Thanks God I got 100%.
Thanks my teacher Ms Jade for delivering a lesoon.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

Great lesson. Shall we have the lesson about we,us,our?
Thanks !

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I got 100% ! Thanks Jade, this lesson was really interesting and understanding

Profile photo of Anastasia Anastasia

thank for the best lesson I got 100%.

Profile photo of prajaya prajaya

Hi jude i watched the video and it was great

p.s. Nickolas Nembhard

Profile photo of Nickolas Nembhard Nickolas Nembhard

I’ve got 10/10… Thanks for the lesson :)

Profile photo of Flavio90 Flavio90

    :) nice

    Profile photo of nishshanka nishshanka

Hi Emma, could you tell me what kind of accents is yours, I really like it, it sounds like the same accent like those guys in Top Gear UK. XD

Profile photo of

Sorry, Jade.
My bad ^_^.

Profile photo of

Good Morning Miss,
Can one use a reflexive pronoun AS a subject ? I always thought, it had been blatantly wrong and one had use personal subject pronoun.
My mother and I went to disco (right)
My mother and myself went to disco (wrong).
I pay my respect to You. H

Profile photo of Briklend Handersson Briklend Handersson

am i the only one who cant understand about what she tells?

Profile photo of ddimer ddimer

Useful!! Thanks, Jade.

Profile photo of Fabri Fabri

10/10. Thank you!

Profile photo of Ekaterina V Ekaterina V

Thank you ,I understand about them more.

Profile photo of oshintn oshintn

Excellent lesson.

Profile photo of sri sri

Getting better…. I need more practice.

Profile photo of sri sri

It is quite interesting how you explain the difference between object/subject position of pronoun. So clear and understandable! I wonder because in my language (Ukrainian) it does not matter where one puts the subject – before or after the main verb. The only characteristic that tells us if the word is an object – is nominative case of this word.

So, English is a little easier at this point. Thanks for your lesson!

Profile photo of Tymczenko Tymczenko

It was quite interesting when you had trick for using objects and subject.. .
like this sentence:
Example for Object: Tom invited Kate and me..
Anther example for subject: Tom and I went to America for last week to visit our parents..
Really I could understand much much much.. .
this is not I want from you
I want to understand and Should be more more more more more more more more more familiar with your speech while you teaching That Is what I want from you Not only you from all Engvid teachers also..
Even native English speaker also.. .
I always want to be much more comfortable, familiar with you slang JADE.. That’s I want and that’s why I keep keep keep watching more your videos only in this site and I left over the all Engvid teachers lessons these days..
Thanks for wonderful teaching…

Profile photo of Sivakumar Sivakumar

Hallelujah Jade, you saved my life. The last question is very challenging. Thank you very much Jade.

Profile photo of RafaelJonathan RafaelJonathan

Great ! Jade
Very interesting and no confusion from now on.
However, what about “MYSELF” as indicated in the title of your lesson, comparing with ME and I ?

Bye !


Profile photo of denis1 denis1

Wow! I got 100! This is a difficult topic so the lesson was very helpful. Thank you Jade.

Profile photo of John B John B


    Profile photo of nishshanka nishshanka

I love your teaching methodology-accent: Since I’ve found you on the net, I’ve improved a bunch! * From Intermediate to about Upper Intermediate…I hope I’ll get over it, soon, with your great help and engVid!…Wishing the best of life for you and your kins ! .. . E.G. * My virtual classmates and I are very proud of having an excellent teacher like JADE … * You, dear Jade, has really helped some of my friends and me to conitnue improving our English level… THANKS A LOT ! Greetings from the Caribbean cast of Colombia, South America ! …G’day, my dear virtual teacher, Jade ! SALUDOS!

Profile photo of CaribbeanX CaribbeanX

7/10 :)

Thanks Jade!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

Thank you teacher.

Profile photo of Soei Soei

you’re the best i like you thanks so much
can you made some videos about how to get high score in your IELTS exam especially the reading part it’s so hard for me thanks agian

Profile photo of Sadaqa Sadaqa

Thank you Jade

Profile photo of nishshanka nishshanka

10 out of 10 good lesson thank u so much

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Nice lesson Jade! Ciao

Profile photo of Wellie Wellie

Very well explained.
Thank you very much Jade.

Profile photo of JVOLF JVOLF

I love your accent, you sound so clever and fancy, do you think that a english student sounds silly if try to imite the british accent?

Profile photo of oscar1918 oscar1918

Thanks, very useful lesson, your trick to learn if it is right to use “I” or “me” is fabulous!

Profile photo of cristianpodda cristianpodda

really very useful lesson

Profile photo of dhanju dhanju

Good job, Jade! :-)
So, in the lyrics of “Don’t speak” (NO DOUBT) there’s a mistake right at the beginning!:
“You and me,
We used to be together,
Everyday together always… ”

How was it possible that nobody has it corrected …:-(


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Lovely Presentation. Thoroughly enjoyed Lesson.Thanks a Ton. Regards, Shivanand.

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thanks jade

Profile photo of alisam alisam

Great work :)

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OMG!!! unbelievable… I got 100. So surprised with the punctuation Teacher. Thanks

Profile photo of siby siby

Thank you Jane

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Very easy explanation to a confusing topic.
Good teacher.

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Thanks, Jade!

Profile photo of megi1977 megi1977

Thanks, Jade. Good lesson. I got 100.

Profile photo of nickandr nickandr

Simply fantastic the tip “how to check”: it’s easy to do and to remember. Many thanks, Jade.
Regards from Italy!!!

Profile photo of Excellent Excellent

Thank you Jade

Profile photo of Doni Bungaa Doni Bungaa

He told me that me and you are on the list.
What is the correct form for this ??

Profile photo of Opinder Opinder

Thanks! As a first 50%

Profile photo of helatushar helatushar

Perfectly explained. Thanks!

Profile photo of mramosba mramosba

thank you 10/10

Profile photo of mokhtaro mokhtaro

Wel I feel ok, I got a confused on 2 question

Profile photo of Michael Pereyra Peralta Michael Pereyra Peralta

A very useful lesson.Thank you.

Profile photo of darius1364 darius1364

Thanks Jade and ı have a question. Which is correct?
a) Tom and ı are called by our teacher?
b) Tom and me are called by our teacher?

Profile photo of Halilcan12 Halilcan12

Dear Jade,
That was very useful. Tks.

Profile photo of M.Karbalaei M.Karbalaei

Thanks a lot! 9 of 10

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I loved it! It was super useful and I did the test 100% correct :) I will never get confused again!

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The lesson was titled Me, Myself, and I, but you didn’t discuss Myself

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