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What a great and nice new teacher! :) Welcome to the EngVid team, dear Jade! I wish you a lot of success here!

Profile photo of Janilza Janilza

    really Janilza, she is a nice teacher.
    let’s wish her a very happy and fruitful new year 2014! and also welcome her to our Engvid club!

    of course i wish a very happy new year to you also!

    but on the other hand i’m worried also if she takes place of our lovely teacher Emma .
    well, i hope she won’t.

    and ………… have a good day Janilza!

    Profile photo of sonu sonu

      Thanks, sonu… Have a good day too! :)

      Profile photo of Janilza Janilza

        Don´t worry Sonu. If you want my opinion, I think we need to get to know Jade a little bit more.

        Until then, we can give our opinions about her video lessons.


        Profile photo of Regino Regino

          Being aware of your learning style -which is closely related to your personality traits -helps a great deal when it comes to language learning,no doubt about it.

          Do you know of any reliable websites that deal with these issues at length? I’d really appreciate it Jade.

          Very interesting topic for this video lesson!

          Welcome to EngVid language teaching staff!!!

          Profile photo of Regino Regino

      You guys I’m going to tell you off here… It’s not a competition. You can like all the EngVid teachers!!!

      Profile photo of Jade Jade

        Hello, Ma’am.
        I want to ask you that why your voice is little different than other teachers on Engvid?




        Profile photo of sonu sonu

          Hi Sonu, Jade has a different accent because she is British(her English is from England) for us, that usually listen the American or Canadian accent, it sounds a little beat more difficult to understand, but it is very good for our listening, don’t you think?

          Profile photo of Sirlei Barbosa Sirlei Barbosa

          yes, that is true but i usually used to listen other lecturers but she is totally different from others we have to learn different accents, really i am addicted with her voice i can’t give up listening of her accent so much nice accent.

          Profile photo of Alimna Alimna






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        There is a “leave a comment” button, but it doesn’t work for me. Anyway, I love this website, and I believe you’re a wonderful English teacher. Congratulations!!!

        Profile photo of kikonieves kikonieves

        Hello Jade! Thank you for you great videos first. Then I want to speak to you on one personal topic. How could I get in touch with you? Would you mind giving your email to me? So that I’ll write to you…

        Profile photo of Banum Banum

        You’re right teacher jade, I love to learn watch the other teachers to like Ronny, James, Vallene and others. I like you all as my teachers I just don’t stake on one of you. Just to be fair…

        Profile photo of saaduddin saaduddin

      you are right sonu,Emma is lovely teacher but we have to give chance to other teacher indeed.
      if you ask me ,I would say Jade is excellent too.

      Profile photo of Hamid Reza Hamid Reza

        Of course dear.


        Profile photo of sonu sonu

      Being aware of your learning style -which is closely related to your personality traits -helps a great deal when it comes to language learning,no doubt about it.

      Do you know of any websites that deal with these issues at length? I’d really appreciate it Jade.

      Very interesting topic for this video lesson!

      Welcome to EngVid language teaching staff!!!

      Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Don´t worry Sonu. If you want my opinion, I think we need to get to know Jade a little bit more.
      Until then, we can give our opinions about her video lessons.


      Profile photo of Regino Regino

    I want to improve my English with you…:) my skype account is ana.ana2079

    Profile photo of Ana Ana Ana Ana

      Hi, Ana Ana…Nice to meet you! Unfortunately I don’t have skype account… :(
      All the best!

      Profile photo of Janilza Janilza

      Me 2 i wanna improve my english can i talk with u ?

      Profile photo of rahaf11 rahaf11

      hey Ana my skype “baqlan”
      If u wanna

      Profile photo of Basem Basem

      Hey Ana “baqlan” that’s my skype if u wanna to learn each others

      Profile photo of Basem Basem

      Oooops!!!! I’ve just read your message Anna, sorry for keeping you waiting.

      I used the Skype software on several occasions, but I’m not an expert on it.

      By the way, where are you from Anna?

      All the best to you.

      See ya around!!!

      Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Hello Anna how are you I would like to chat with you by skype my id is elias1723skype. Thank you

      Profile photo of 2Lopez 2Lopez

    Hello! It is really good to have a teacher like you. I think I am an introvert. I think I am a kind of uncertainty. I wanted to be certain about things.

    Profile photo of study@engvid study@engvid

    Great lesson Jade! Welcome you to the Engvid. Nice way of teaching.

    Profile photo of karthickkumar karthickkumar

    Damn this commenting tool is bugged, at least for me!
    I had to use this replying way to comment that I loved that lesson and just realized i’m a freaking introverted one trying to become an extroverted… lol
    That’s awesome!

    Profile photo of Lauro T. Lauro T.

    Thanks for your kind and supportive welcome. :))

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

    Thanks for your kind and supportive welcome. :D

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

I’m an engtrovert.

Profile photo of engVid engVid

    what is this word Mr engVid!

    Profile photo of O.Khan O.Khan

      I think it comes from english Video

      Profile photo of orbert orbert

    He he that is the cleverst comment I have ever seen!

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

I entirely agree with Janilza!! Thanks, Jade, for a fantastic lesson! It’s really that psychology is 80% of success. Your lesson is one more argument for this. Jade, I wish you a great luck here and there :) too!

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    Profile photo of Janilza Janilza

More teachers, more fun !

Profile photo of Mehran Sky Mehran Sky

    Hi jade whatever i like it your lessons was awesome and great,good luck keep going. Thanks

    Profile photo of jamaldada jamaldada

Hello Jade

Profile photo of mieto1969 mieto1969

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what a great teacher from my favourite place in this world ……..that’s fab….I love British accent. Good luck all of teachers in EngVid.

Profile photo of Abdel Said Abdel Said

Great! I like the way you speaking. Welcome to EngVid Community!

Profile photo of sergiofromlviv sergiofromlviv

welcome Jade , you have a wonderful accent that i wish to have by learning accent issues from you , welcome in EngVid

Profile photo of Twister Twister

Welcome, Jade! I already follow your other channel on Youtube, as I’m very interested in accent issues :p It’s nice to have a british teacher in the team! :)

Profile photo of anandafg anandafg

    Thanks for following me all over the inter-web!

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

Great lesson, good start! :)
Loved your accent. I’m already in love with you hahahahahahaha. Welcome!

Profile photo of phelipecastro phelipecastro

    We don’t allow love in this house!

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

      Why not engVid? We all just love her aleady.

      Profile photo of phelipecastro phelipecastro

good lesson :D !!!
I’m in london at this moment :3. poeple here talk very fast!! I find it hard to undestrand londonien poeple.however your lessons will be very helpful for me :D .
Thank you engvid’s ‘stuff’ to welcome such a good teacher :p.

Profile photo of zakaryae zakaryae

    They don’t talk fast really.. It just seems that way because you’re not used to the accent yet.

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

Welcome to the “EngVid” family. I am very glad to see you here, and I think that your accent will help us understand more people. Good luck :-) I got 8/10 and I’m Introvert person

Profile photo of Shahriyar Shahriyar

I wish you all the best! Thanks for join us!

Profile photo of Fulep Fulep

I immediately subscribed to you youtube channel. And by the way I’m 100% example of an introvert person.

Profile photo of ptaurus ptaurus

welcome to you as a Teacher in engVid. now you are part of engVid family.

Profile photo of basem3090 basem3090

Glad to see new face at :) I think I am between extrovert and introvert

Profile photo of ゞ(≧▽≦*)o ゞ(≧▽≦*)o

Welcome to engvid team. Thank you very much for lesson was awsome. I had little problem with your accent. I live in Ireland and people who live here have diffrent accent. Somebody live in Ireland?

Profile photo of Mary Mary

Hi Jade. Great class!! Welcome in this side. I hope you got a lot of time us. I’m from Brazil e and I’m living in Belo Horizonte. It’s nice city. Thank to improve my English.

Profile photo of Costa Costa

Welcooooooooooooooooooome, I love your personal channel and I got so happy for seeing you here, as well. Be more than welcome and I am sure I will love your lessons here. XOXO from Brazil.

Profile photo of RoSena RoSena

    Hi angelsroses, I m here to improve my communication skills. join me at skype. my skype id is sandeep.bhatt11. so we can help to each other.

    Profile photo of sandy sandy

Jade, welcome to engvid team!! Nice lesson!!! Thank you!! :)

Profile photo of dianaengvid dianaengvid

Welcome jade

Profile photo of abdelle abdelle

Hi Jade, welcome to Hope your presence gives more brightness to our lovely teachers group.
Thanks for the lesson.

Profile photo of haiderhabeeb haiderhabeeb

love british accent! great lesson!!

Profile photo of lean lean

Hi, Jade! Nice to meet you!
Your accent is so beautiful as you.
Thanks for this lesson.
I am looking forward to the next class.
Have a nice day.

Profile photo of Andre.AirForce Andre.AirForce

Welcome Jade
Cool teacher, Great lesson and Beautiful face :)

Profile photo of Yassiro Yassiro

Hello Jade, welcome :)

Profile photo of syedzulfhadlie syedzulfhadlie

Hi! I’m also an introvert and this is so right about us. I still don’t have good speaking skill just because of no practice :(

Profile photo of vmalykh vmalykh

I knew I knew you

Profile photo of chilecore chilecore

Hello Jade and Welcome on engvid
and nice to meet you
unlike they said but I didn’t understand as well
that because your accent I’M SORRY TO SAY THAT
BTW maybe if I listen to you more I’ll be able to understand
BTW thx alot for this a wonderful lesson

Profile photo of Abdulrahman Adel Abdulrahman Adel

    Try watching again with the captions turned on. Maybe that will help with Jade’s London accent. There is a button to turn captions on in the lower right corner of the video.

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

    The first accent in the world is British accent
    I like it and it is not wrong
    The British is the source of English and you must know that accent.

    Profile photo of O.Khan O.Khan

A really nice teacher!

Profile photo of Moliv Moliv

good good

Profile photo of KoreanK KoreanK

Thank you very much.

Profile photo of mauricio69 mauricio69

Great teacher, Great video. Nice and happy to see your video. Your voice is so good and clear.
I have a small suggest to EngVid. Maybe you can teach some news or funny articles in future lessons, if so we can not only learning English and meanwhile can know about English countries culture,custom and geography etc.

Profile photo of RJ RJ

I am an introvert. Welcome teacher!!. Beautiful accent

Profile photo of omargut omargut

A new beautiful teacher. :)

Profile photo of minhtandtu minhtandtu

Nice accent!

Profile photo of CassiaRibeiro CassiaRibeiro

    Yes indeed, because she comes from the heart of English language countries ;)

    Profile photo of Farzin Farzin

Hellooo, Jade! Nice to meet you!
Your accent is so beautiful as you.

Profile photo of mayin mayin

Hey Jade this was the first class that I’ve watched from you and it was really nice! Tank’s a lot!!!

Profile photo of Chnick Chnick

wellcome dear teacher JADE happy life with us

Profile photo of preemy preemy

    hay Preemy u have nice activities and u know more than two language you are so good keep going

    Profile photo of splinter splinter

Hello Jade! Welcome! Great lesso but is very difficult to understand you…^^
I’ve liked of your accent.

Profile photo of emerson.costa emerson.costa


Profile photo of emerson.costa emerson.costa

Hello Jade,
Your accent is very complicate for me, but I think that is the best Way to understand the english language.
Thank you,

Profile photo of clalonu clalonu

Hello Jade . welcome in EngVid . I hope you have a best time with us .

Profile photo of islames islames

So an introvert I am ! It is why I am so unsatified when talking to people. Never say things like I would like to say them. So many frustration ;) I will try the talk to myself stuff ! Thanks a lot for these enlightenments Jade.

Profile photo of annie974 annie974

Hello ! Welcome to EngVid Jade. It’s a really interesting topic. I love British accent, but for me is complicated to understand. See you soon !

Profile photo of isramex9 isramex9

Good lesson.

I am so introverted, I am trying to change.

Wellcome and succes in your new challenge

Profile photo of matusai matusai

This is quite an interesting viewpoint of learning/teacher English.

Profile photo of YuriAoi YuriAoi

Hi jade nice to see you.

Profile photo of yasser1969 yasser1969

Hello. Nice to meet you. Thank you for teaching us. Have a nice day.

Profile photo of Hla Min Hla Min

Thanks for the lesson

Profile photo of talafim talafim

Welcome new educator. Thanks for lesson, I got 70%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

Hi Jade.
Nice to meet, a new teacher.

Profile photo of eurokolchoznik eurokolchoznik

Hi Jade, welcome to the engvid team. I wish you good luck and a very happy new year.

Profile photo of pafsilipoclub pafsilipoclub

I like her way of teaching also she is beautiful haha :)

Profile photo of Katsuma Katsuma

I have already subscribed in your own channel on youtube and I am very happy to see you here again.
I am an introvort person , for thet my english is not improving quickly, but I am enjoying when I have studyng english.

Profile photo of wafa mohammad wafa mohammad

Nice, Thank you Jade. I’m a newcomer aswell and this is my third comment if I recall right, and I find engVid very useful and helpful.

Profile photo of Sbonelo Sbonelo

Welcome teacher…thanks for the lesson.

Profile photo of pintuk pintuk


Profile photo of kazusumi kazusumi

Welcome Jade

Profile photo of Ahmed Alqaisi Ahmed Alqaisi

Hi Jade! Nice to see you on Engvid. :)
Your lesson was very interesting and I was surprised to find that I have both the characteristics of introverts and extroverts. I take every opportunity to practice by talking and at the same time I love spending time alone and learning from books.
Anyways,thanks a lot for this useful lesson!

Profile photo of Satya Satya

Actually British accent is not understandable

Profile photo of Aliawladthani Aliawladthani

It’s great houner to see you in this fantastic site and I hope you interesting time. your presence will enrich the site with British accent.

Profile photo of majideng majideng

This is me Ali Ibrahim. You both are lucky since you both are great.
It an important point to talk about, introvert Vs. extrovert.
Many thanks, Jade and Engvid and best luck.

Profile photo of Ali Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim

Glad to see you, Jade. Actually, I might be introvert when I speak English haha (^_^;). But I like this website, teachers and community. Thank you very much. See you next lesson, Jade :D

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

Hello Jade.. How are you? I hope you are fine
and welcome to Engvid.Thank you for your great lesson I understood it 100%

Profile photo of momen22 momen22

Hi Jade. I like your way of speaking.
If you have time, could you tell me from which area of UK you come from.
Happy new year.
All the best.

Profile photo of jpfromparis jpfromparis

Oups, sorry to have disturbed you. Obviously you come from London as you told us at the very beginning of your speech.

Profile photo of jpfromparis jpfromparis

Great lesson! I am a introvert. :)

Profile photo of xmlu xmlu

Hi Jade! Thanks for your lesson. But you speak quite fast and a little strange. I understood only 50%. In any case it was very interested to listen you.

Profile photo of Vladimir Vladimir

You are so great and pretty teacher and especially awesome guide for a better pronounciation. I appreciate all staff at Engvid to bring you :))

Profile photo of kursatulas kursatulas

Hello Jade,

It is interesting!
Nice to see one from London. I like England accent so much.

Thanks EngVid.


Profile photo of O.Khan O.Khan

Wow!! new teacher, welcome to EngVid, Jade. not to be mean, but you really got big eyes!! LoL it’s a compliment don’t get it wrong.. wish you all the best, and i’ll always be glad and excited to watch your classes.

Profile photo of Yazeed Alsahafi Yazeed Alsahafi

jade u spesk so fast :(

Profile photo of najibul najibul

that was helpfull
but, I think your languae is hard to understand from the first time……….at laest for me.

Profile photo of zeewaay zeewaay

Welcome to EngVid Jade. Thank you for your lessons!!!

Profile photo of ilfabri1966 ilfabri1966

I totally agree with Jade on her definition of an interovert personality. I am an Introvert person and this definition perfectly applies to me.

Profile photo of vishnu6887 vishnu6887

welcome mam ,i’m also introvert person and i want to change myself into extrovert person but i;m not been able to do.I hope you w’ll make videos which will cover how to overcome the introvert personalities .I hope you’ll make the video on this soon ,this is my big problem and i want to get rid of this

Profile photo of rajpal90 rajpal90

    I don’t think you need to change your personality. It will make you feel stressed and tired to behave like an extrovert.

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

      I think you say right Jade… you can not change all your character but a little.. you can :)good luck to you..

      Profile photo of Toan Hune Toan Hune

Thank you so much jade teacher :D your clip so useful I LIKE IT :)

Profile photo of snwtong snwtong

If u don,t know ask
To error, is to learn
No sweet withot sweat
Live & learn

Profile photo of hassan-88 hassan-88

We need more videos from you!!!It’s cool

Profile photo of GEVCosta GEVCosta

Jade, you’re a win for Engvid and vice versa

Profile photo of amrbaseet amrbaseet

Hello Jade from Avignon, France, situated on the South of London. If teachers’ fishing appears among activities, they made there a brilliant catch in harmony with all the other excellent teachers. In addition you’re bringing your delicious British accent I like so much even if my ancestor, Admiral de Villeneuve, lost his fight against Admiral Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar. Also, as a member of the MeetUp Expat Group in Avignon, I need to familiarize (…rise for you) myself with some members and friends’ british accent. So thank you to be here.

Profile photo of patple13 patple13

    That’s an interesting slice of history to hear. Cool!

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

Being aware of your learning style -which is closely related to your personality traits -helps a great deal when it comes to language learning,no doubt about it.
Do you know of any websites that deal with these issues at length? I’d really appreciate it Jade.
Very interesting topic for this video lesson!
Welcome to EngVid language teaching staff!!!

Profile photo of Regino Regino

    On my Jade Joddle YouTube channel I talk about personality and learning from time to time.

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

I liked this lesson very much. I am an introvert person and now I know why: I spend a lot of time watching engvid, jaja.
Nice lesson and nice teacher. So cute.

Profile photo of Oliverone Oliverone

oh…now I understand that all my problems come from my character’s type – I’m a real introvert… THANK YOU FOR THIS EXPLANATION!!!

Profile photo of Pushinka Pushinka

i m new student of spoken english so anybody have interest throught skype improve english spoken if eachothers talk to skype with english do i hope that we could speak english please dont waste a time

Profile photo of shakir92 shakir92

Hi Jade, I already knew you on youtube. It’s great to see you in engvid where there are other great and funny teacher as you. Have a nice experience!

Profile photo of follettoibleo follettoibleo

No offense, but Brittish accent is killing me! :D

Profile photo of ernas13 ernas13

Hello Jade. I suppose that there’s the possibility someone could be introvert for some aspects and extrovert for other ones, couldn’t it be? I’ve recognized me/myself as an introvert when I’m abroad in English speaking countries, but at the same time I’ve got the attitude to try speaking without having fear for mistakes….

Profile photo of Strikeiron Strikeiron

    Situations that make you feel drained and tired are the ones where you are being an introvert, but are forced into an extroverted situation. Yes, so you are right.

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

Wow, you are a great teacher! Moreover, I love your English accent!

Profile photo of didotrix didotrix

I am glad to see the old acquaintance, prompt please, in what distinction in your phrases: “as to me” vs “as for me”?

Profile photo of al1964ok al1964ok

Jade, I have been waiting for you so long :-) You are for engvid like fifth finger for a hand. More! You are like a thumb for the right hand. Until now the engvid without British accent was a little bit handicappped. Thanks for your first lesson and for a lecture about aliens called ‘introverts’ ;-)

Profile photo of hiubhp hiubhp

    You are the hand of EngVid!

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

A very warm welcome Jade ;)
I really do like your lesson because at last it’s more advanced and your accent is nice;). However, the lesson was a bit messy for me. As far as I am concerned it would be better if you talk first about extrover and then about introver. Not about both at the same time. You are a great teacher and I’m sure you’ll be well considered.

Profile photo of anina anina

thank you for your vedeo

Profile photo of hilasou23 hilasou23

Jade you are so cute :) You make me think about things which I’ve never thought before and you are completely right. When you explained introvert, I had filling that you describe me. All my life I’m looking for the reason: why I am so antisocial,I thought there is something wrong with me. Jade you described extrovert and introvert in such a good way. I watched with interest and passion. Thank you! You are great!

Profile photo of crazyroker crazyroker

Happy to have a new teacher, you`re so good and beautifull.. I like your accent, and It´s a opportunity to know and recognize another way to pronounce differents words.

Profile photo of Leo8355 Leo8355

I am a chinese boy. I learn English myself at home. I want to find some friends learn together. Here is my email address “”. I am waiting for you. My friends.

Profile photo of Steven Sun Steven Sun

wow what an amazing teacher ?

Profile photo of salehDentist salehDentist

thank you very much for this information.


you are so cute teacher

Profile photo of chetgoodguy chetgoodguy

Nice to see u Jade :)

Profile photo of Sheem Sheem

Hi Jade
I loved your accent…

Profile photo of andrebal andrebal

Hi Jade,
It is great.

Profile photo of Adam Hai Adam Hai

Hi there
First my impression is fantastic because you are native english speaker who could help us to understand british accent what I need to do.
Then I hope you will help us to understand the secrets of british english.
From Tashkent Uzbekistan Sadulla

Profile photo of sadulla sadulla


Profile photo of AJ 5 AJ 5

I’m definitely an introvert but I do have some moment of extrovert too.. Now I just realized the reason why I can understand, read and write but I can not even speak. Thanks for your great lesson, I’ll take your advice. I love your accent but I want to get an American accent because I live in America, I understood it a 100%

Profile photo of recv recv

    Cool, now you know what you need to do. My pleasure to help you!

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

What a great new teacher!

Profile photo of jamesma jamesma

Hi Jade !
Thank you for your lesson. How may I give you though a bit of energy ? You deserve everything what ( is ? ) the best.

Profile photo of kroy kroy

    That’s a wonderful comment, thank you.

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

Hi everybody and nice to meet all!
I am Mehdi
I’m from Iran
My language is Persian and I want to enhance my english, would you please help me???
Best wishes for all of students

Profile photo of dm.ramezani dm.ramezani

JADE !!!!

It’s always very nice to meet new professors !! thank you very much for your lesson and WELCOME !!!!
I’m looking forward to attending your next class !!!

Profile photo of xavier0912 xavier0912

I know myself now.

Profile photo of Menghan Menghan

Your lesson is perfect. thanks a lot

Profile photo of rujanka rujanka

Thank U for lesson, now I know how I am

Profile photo of mujerbella mujerbella

Humm… A new teacher,I like newness, I hope they add a new male teacher too.

Profile photo of grazisil13 grazisil13

thx a lot Jade & welcome…

Profile photo of TheTVC TheTVC

Hi Jade,

I must say you’ve done a fantastic lesson to start with. I would say I also agree with all what you have said in this your first entrance in Engvid community. I’ll try to follow some of tips, I’m already doing the others just because I thought they made sense.

Well, that’s it, as the introvert I am. Welcome and you can add another student to your classroom. By the way, lovely accent. I miss London badly.


Profile photo of carlos carlos

    Welcome to my class for introverts. It’s pretty busy in here, but take a seat, relax. We’re going to take things nice and slowly.

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

      you are the best

      Profile photo of Sadaqa Sadaqa

Hello Jade. Nice to meet you. Welcome aboard.WHAT A NICE ACCENT.

Profile photo of britobias britobias

Yes al last!! I love British accent!

Profile photo of Konigxtiger Konigxtiger

Welcome to EngVid family.
oh god i just really really really love British accent :)

Profile photo of ibilal ibilal

i want some more English lesson from jade..

Profile photo of stha1232 stha1232

I am definitely in the introverts group. Hopefully we have more advantages than disadvantages haha¡ That way of yours of explaining this was awesome.
You really defined comprehensively this topic that could seem so abstract. Very good work. Spot on, no doubt.
Have you ever been told you take after the actress Marion Cotillard?
I will follow your lessons from now on, thanks for the tips.

Profile photo of Tomeu Tomeu

    Yes I once heard that before. But there is only one Jade Joddle! :P

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

First off all you are beautiful Hello welcome to the best program I hope stay with us. With grist team in this program.

Profile photo of khalidse10 khalidse10

Hey Jade welcome to the this club,I love your accent.I wanna improve my speaking and one thing I found myself as introvert.Thanks for the advice.

Profile photo of digant digant

welcome my new teacher I ‘d like to express my feeling you are very cute and please don’t say that you are introvert you are angel
may god bless you and thank you very much for that lesson

Profile photo of fadi2010 fadi2010

I am an introvert, and all you said is correct.I couldn’t learn much English until I bought DVD movies and I have started to translate every word or expression. In this way I have learnt a lot of vocabulary, idioms and some grammar, also having a lot of fun. But in public I barely recall simple words.
Thank you for your lesson! I like your accent!

Profile photo of arinamg arinamg

    Your profile pic looks pretty introverted too!

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

u r welcome :)

Profile photo of teo teo

Excellent lesson!Thanks!I think i’m a bit of an extrovert and an introvert. Like your british accent.

Profile photo of zhenya25 zhenya25

Hi teacher Jade ! i’m very glad to meet you! And you have described my usual condition ! Is like to see myself in a mirror. Therefore is very useful. I understand quite a lot about my personality too.Thank you and see you soon !

Profile photo of oscargutierrez502 oscargutierrez502

    Understanding yourself is the key to developing yourself. That’s great that you can see your own situation in what I spoke about.

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

I have some question unanswered in mind
1) What does language mean to you?
2) How can student articulate their thinking in writing?
3) What is the difference between language and speech?
4) What is PLS or pictological system?
5) I have heard that we have some formula to creat iiregular verbs in English I want know how a verb changes to be an irregular one.
6) what is the defference between the activator and the synonym of a word?
thanks in advance

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10/10 thanks jade ıve learn something new :)

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Welcome Jade, nice to meet you! I like your lesson, it’s very interesting.
I understood to be a little bit introvert…. ok,ok, to be honest I’m REALLY introvert! :))

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You are so pretty and you have nice voice.

I hope you’ll have more interesting video for engvid.


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jade one thing i know for sure this is the place for u welcome home .
can’t wait to see what’s next hope it will be soon .

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You speak so fast! You speak about very interesting things, but so quickly for me.Sorry,my english level is B+, not A+.

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I am introvert and I can say that the situations when you have to speak English(the point of honour) are very useful

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      thanks Miss jade

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Hi Jade!
The lesson was superb and it helped me understand many things which I was confused about.
I’m an introvert person and whatever you said about introverts is absolutely true.

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I loved your video , and the way you teach and believe me it’s a good idea “the topic was interesting because to be successful you have to love what are you doing , by the way i’m an introvert just like you and i’m proud to be too. i wish a good continuation for you really it’s a good start , keep going on we will learn so much from you.

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Hi Jade, It’s a very insightful lesson. Thanks.

Hello everyone, I am new to engvid, joined this site just a couple of minutes ago. Hope will have a great time interacting with others and learning loads of stuff.

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Thank you for this lesson, its really helpful, you have used variety of words so i didn’t catch them all.. i think i am in ordinary life an extrovert but when it is related to speaking English i become shy because i could not find the suitable word quickly to say. i am always afraid of unknown and strange vocabularies …its nice to learn tow new ones (extrovert and introvert) :)

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about the quiz i think its better if it was harder or more complicated… thanks again

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Hey guys, is she a British?

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Unfortunately, I’m half and half extroverted introvert. What can I do to learn English?

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    Well, I guess you have the best of both worlds. Learning English will be super easy for you!

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      Hi there,
      Let me say: Welcome, a warm one!

      Wishing you the Best of Success,

      :) fatiima!

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Good teacher; with the best wishes.

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Welcome teacher Jade to engvid. I got 10 out of 10 that’s mean I’m introvert .By the way I like your British accent

thanx for your lessons :)

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WooW you teach very well!!! And I loved your accent HAHA!!! It’s amazing!!!! Best wishes!! I don’t know what I am… Sometimes I’m extrovert, sometimes I’m introvert HAHA But I love talking and learn about everything I can!!
Anyway, you’re a cool teacher!! I’ll watch all your videos!!

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1. My congratulations Jade! But I don’t agree You are introvert.
2. Also I don’t agree that extroverts have less vocabulary than introverts.
3. I don’t agree that extroverts are able to learn English just chating, without preliminary application to reading.(Any other language but English)
Very big vocabulary.
4. Your speaking very easy for understanding(You’re speaking slow)(It would be much difficult if You were Little Boots)
5. I think You’re charming…good luck

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but thanks for the lesson hoping to see more videos Jade!!!

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I am an extrovert person and also an introvert person, because I have hated the comtemporary social. yeah.

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Like you personality you are so relax ,and I understood your video as well as American accent.
I like your Teaching but you videos are so Few:(,(there are just 3)

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Good lecture!! So,helpful.

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that was very interesting… I am introvert, because of it sometimes I think of giving up… I like talking to people, but I am fearful of mistakes. Reading the comments above I could see that many students feel the same, and it encourages me. Nice to meet a teacher that understands us. I will try to find a friend to practice on skype. Thank you

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Thank you for this lesson!
I am introvert. I hope to improve my English with a friend.
My skype is tichphuong. Nice to meet you guys.

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HI, it is first time i took your clase, excelente coaching!, it le me know and understand how introvert I am, and focus on new objetives!! We never stop learing skills whit your engvid family!!@subject would be fantastic to have words interactive class by internet, I do not how, but would it be good to talk with people and teachesr one time.

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Thank you for your lesson. I finally found out that I was introvert this whole time. After reading some comments, it seems that majority of us here are introverts which confirms your video – we are not good at speaking and prefer taking lessons online in order to get better.
I always understand perfectly but it takes me lot of time to prepare reply and I already practice talking to myself:-))))

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    As I see, we have similar problem ;)

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Very useful. Thank you very much for the lesson. I am an introvert but I still want to become an English teacher when I grow up as good as you are, so thank you again!

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I fall in love with your way of teaching.
Your accent strikes my fancy.
I’m excitedly waiting more lessons from ya :)

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All teachers in engvid are great.
I’m very happy to found a britanic teacher. It’s no easy. I like british accent more than others , and I understand better.
I’d like to know where are the other teachers from.

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Thanks Jade. Unfortunately I found out I am introvert in learning English :/ So I must thinking about myself now. :D I like your way of teaching, speaking and expression.
Do you have any next tips for get rid of fear of speaking?

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The first day, that i saw her . I thought OMG what´s going on here? I was scared.But now i´m learning How to listening her.

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You are really awesome Jade! I like your way of teaching. You are the perfect English teacher i have ever seen in terms of making students understand and bringing all the aspects of grammar to them in a better way by just enlightening them clearly. You honestly deserve to be awarded by engVid.

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i’m introvert;( i have my own exercise book;)

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Awesome !
I’m a extrovert .
I have a lot of trouble in my Listening skill ?
How can I improve it ?
I don’t know how I should do to improve Listening skill for extrovert .
Waiting for your respon !
Thanks for your lesson, it’s so great !

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thanks jade!!! I’m introvert by the way ^_^

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Anyway awesome!
I must be an introvert,definetly. And as you’ve said it before I do have a lot of trouble to express myself when speaking. So what can I do? I’m looking out to your next grammar lessons.
Thanks a lot anyway.

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Hi,i live in turkey but my native lg is persian and i have to learn tr lg for communication with other and now i’m learning tr lg so when i speak en lg i mix some of the en words with tr words,could you help me about this problem.

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The first great lesson about personality that I think all of information is right, because I’m an introvert person and whatever you said (90%) is right about me; such as speaking, learning method and so on.
I really did learn a lot, nice job.

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Awesome lesson.

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thumb up!

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Hello Jade!
You are very welcome not only to EngVid but also to the student’s circle that really appreciate your teachings! Adding everyday facts to the topics is awesome specially to the introverts kind of person! Congrats!

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hello jade
that lesson is really intresting&touching me cauz as a interovert person i face many difficulties in speaking …i wanna really improve my level plz ..i’m asking for more usful instructions

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It’s easier to put the characteristics of an introvert into a box and the extrovert’s into another one… The extrovert versus introvert theme is more complex… By the way, I liked the accent and the vocab. As an English teacher Jade is Great, as a psychologist… Welcome Jade!!

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Thank you for this, Jade. Based on several Meyer-Briggs tests I am an introvert scale 5. However, being an introvert is actually preference. Sometimes I had to lead a group of extrovert people and I had to act like extroverts to effectively communicate with them. It drained my energy a lot at first, but now I can do it pretty well. Even some people thought I am an extrovert.

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Hi Jade,
thanks a lot for your very useful and interesting lesson.
take care

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Thank you for your lesson,Ms Jade.. i like your accent.. but i have just understood 60%.. i hope when i practice with my teacher and watch your video to help me to improve… finally, i like your character.. a little witty and introvert to look like woman Asia.. you are beautiful..

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Thank you so much for such a useful piece of information! Much to my surprise I am kind of introvert. I adore British accent!!!!!!!!!!!!

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thank you and a would like to ask
** I reinvented myself and there were leftover pieces left **
It is correct grammaticaly ??

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Thanks So much , it’s really nice video , i discovered my personality by watching this video ,

i’m Introvert . i will focus more as you advise by reading books , learning by writing is the best for me .

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I like you Jade, it’s very nice video.

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Hi! I like a lot your classes. But what is the meaning of odd one out? or odd out??

Please help to understand that.

Profile photo of cesarvelizdgo cesarvelizdgo

    from the word “odd” — i think it means something that does not belong to the group. It’s like the ODD one is OUT. :)

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Hi, Thank you for do this video because it helps me to know more about myself. But I think I’m a little combination of both introvert and extrovert, so does that mean I can learn in both ways.

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I AM an introvert :D
Good for me…

I’ll talk to myself a lot… thanks for the piece of advice.

Great lesson

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I’m an introvert person.

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That was a great job.
Congratulations :)

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Thank you . I’m an introvert person , and I hate that . I understand almost every thing but I can’t speak correctly .

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The best way to learn English is to have a native speaker partner. It really helps and it is a lot of fun)). What’s more you don’t have to care about your personality.

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great ! (:

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Thanks a lot to all the teacher of engvid! Teacher Jade, it’s really a helpful understanding…now I understand a lot! God bless you more!

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I am just an introvert like you and this lesson will help me very much thank you

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Very useful lesson not only for English learners, but also for teachers I think. I am an introvert too, and it is hard to me to improve my speaking skills(((

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Mis jade can you meet you. Or sky pe

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Hi jade…nice to know the difference between an extrovert and an introvert.hope it ll be useful to many whoever following this site and i am eager to know that u are an EXTROVERT or an INTROVERT?

Profile photo of sachinparthi28 sachinparthi28

Good day T. Jade. Is it possible to be classified somewhere between Extrovert and Introvert. I can’t seem to know where to place myself because I’m both. :) Or probably it is just me saying. I love all your lessons though. :) Hope to see more :)

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Hi Jade It´s great to see you! Nice video and easy to leard!

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Thank’s alot Jade!

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60 %. ohhh it’s my bad…. Ok Thanks Jade. Now I understood my wrong answers.

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Jade, I am very proud to be an introvert now :)

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Jade is the best teacher here. Most of all because of her delightful Londoner accent and her charming low profile way of being.

Hope you’ll be able to do more vids for us all — in the advanced level if possible.

I just wonder why this site posts videos with some technical or other kinds of mistakes which could be easily corrected. Like in one of the videos, the teacher was reading a newspaper and the camera was already filming him.. Ridiculous. So simple to remove those five or ten seconds at teh beginning.

Also, if there’s a mistake on the board, it would be so simple to correct that and re film that sequence.

This website seems a bit poorly planned or poorly managed in some ways.

Anyway Jade is great. :)

Profile photo of OhNo OhNo

    EngVid works really hard to keep this site running! Don’t say stuff like that! Be more positive! Don’t you learn something? That’s the most important thing about this site! To learn English!

    Profile photo of Jojo Ng Jojo Ng

Dear Jade,
I really really need help of you, How can I prepare my self in just one minute for IELTS speaking section task 2 (cue card)?

Please ask me ASAP.I appreciate your help

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Hi Jade,
i love your accent & thanks for your wonderfull video

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thank u Jade I learned a lot.

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I’m an introvert boy. I do appreciate that Jade transfer to me and all members. Thank you so much!

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Nice lesson. Thank you teacher!

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thank you.i would like to improve my english, i’m lookinf for someone to practice. are there somebody who are interessting?

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Thanks Jade…

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Good video.

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I want to make a friend here to improve my speaking English… Who?

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Hi Jade, Great lesson
Now i confirmed, that i’m an introvert ,and now i know what i need to do to improve my english.
thank you!

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This lesson really usuful for me, its not for only english. I am one of introvert person so..

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This lesson is very useful. It elaborates what obstacles introverts like me encounter when we learn a second language and why.

Thanks to this clip, now I know the hinderance and hence how to adjust my way of learning.

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thanks so much teacher Jade and all Engvid Teachers. U help me alot

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Why so many yankees? They speak english, don’t they?
Oh! “Nowadays we have everything in common with America, except, of course language” ( Oscar Wilde ).
They are the empire, aren’t they? :D

Profile photo of aroibas aroibas

Jade, don’t ever change even a little bit your
teaching methodoly.
Your accent is your charm.

I’m both introvert and extrovert. Can you imagine why? Because my “introvertness” and my
“extroverness” (I think I’ve just invented these words) depends A LOT on the person I’m
talking to. If the person is a “show off”, I just listen, and say “oh”, “really?” ” that’s
great” and let the person go on and sometimes
I don’t even listen to him/her, although my face might show that I’m really interested in the conversation, if you can call that a “conversation.”
So, cutting ( is this right?) up to the chase:
I like to talk to people who have something
to say. That’s the point.

I’ve only been like this. Talkative people
annoy me.

On the other hand, when I’m talking to an introverted person I feel more at ease, more
comfortable, because we can exchange ideas, and
usually I’m the one who “takes the cake”.

So, just be yourself. You are a wonderful teacher.

Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

OhNo, I couldn’t agree with you more.

The teachers are ordinary people, and I think they get a little nervous when they realise they that millions of people with different opinions are watching them.

But I think you made a great point!

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

Thank you very match it was very interesting lesson and very helpful ..
i think i`m Introverted that i like watching videos teaching English than attending courses and feeling My English Skills get better day after day

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Dear jade, i like your voice and understand your lessons very well.
Thank you so much&Reard

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Hi Jade, I liked your lessons very much and have followed and subscribed to you like everywhere (YouTube and Google). Your way of teaching is very effective and its my pleasure i found your lessons online. I am following your lessons and quizzes as much as i can and hoping to get more in the near future.

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I really loved her way of speaking, she explained very well the different learning ways according to the personality.

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Thank you Jade.

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I am an introvert,I like to give like mark on my facebook status by myself.I said happy birthday on my facebook on mny own.I like collecting stamps.people say it feminame hoby but I don’t care. anyway,Jade I have finished all your 23 lesson about three days for them and also all the quiz.

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for engvid administrator I did a lot mistake unintentionally on spelling.please give eraser facility or edit facility on this website.not only that I can only see if there is any respond on engvid chat room in my email.the respond notice should available on this about if I don’t open my email yet! I dont know people give any respond.

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I’m one of the introverts. Your lecture’s really helpful to me!

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Hi Jade, thanks for this wonderful lesson. During the listening I had a “deja vu” feeling. I’ve recognized myself among the introverts as you have described so well. You have prepared a very inspired mix of English and psychological stuff here and I found that your advice about how to learn English was really useful for me.

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I like your site just subscibe npw and I learned that I am introvert person

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8/10 Hi Jade! I am lefthanded introvert as you. I like your lessons. And most of all your pronunciation.

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Thank you Jade! You really helped me to find a better way of learning english. That was a great lesson!

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so beautiful to see a lot of people her from differents country and with different language

take you Jade

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Great video!! Thank you Jade!
My best regards!

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please consider me as one of your students. thank you

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Hi, teacher I don’t know why still I can’t recognize (p,b) in your speach I feel both alphabet are probably same ! it’s a new accent and I’m gonna have ILETS exam soon, I’m afraid I wont unerstand

Profile photo of Emy adel Emy adel

Hi, teacher I don’t know why still I can’t recognize (P and B) in your speach I feel both alphabet are probably same! it’s a new accent and I’m gonna have ILETS exam soon, I’m afraid I wont unerstand the speaking section of the exam if the examiner gonna have same accent :(

Profile photo of Emy adel Emy adel

Ma’am i believe that i am an introvert could you suggest ways through which I can improve my English
Please reply

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Welcome back Jade. I didn’t know your personal channel. Now I subscribed to it.

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Dear Jade, thank you!
No wonder that you have so many fans.

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Thank you Jade! Your lesson really described my weakness points. I tend to be an introvert person, but I got the idea very well.

Profile photo of ganememad ganememad

Thanks Jade for the advice. I think most English learners like myself tend to be introverts specifically when it comes speaking. I can easily communicate my thoughts on front of a paper than having a conversation with someone. I have a question in mind. if you want to become fluent speaker in English do you need to have an extrovert personality? Or can an introvert person achieve proficiency in the language by speaking to oneself? If so how many hours would it take? Sorry for the long questions I am only curious.

Profile photo of Mangalo Mangalo

jade…. your voice is so clear and i love listening to you… thank u for your support.. i am preparing ibps po preim…i am new learner of english i hope my hard work has been off through your video lessons
thank you so much

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I got 10 correct out of 10. :) Because I’m an introvert. You so beautiful and give only positive emotions. I’ve understood all your jokes about introverts. Also it’s very interesting and useful to watch your personal videos.

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I am definitely introverted, so I have a little bit of difficult when I need to speak, but I’m trying to change. Your help will be welcome, thanks.

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hi! Jade,I really like your you call it cockney.

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Nice Welcome jade Thank You Very Much
I know To You English Language Very Well

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thanks Jade that was very useful , and by the way I,m an introvert

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Hello , Jade
I really got the benefit from your lesson, and i descovered that i am introvert.I will take your advice in consider.
Thanks alot.

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Thank you very much for your video lessons. :)

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i got 80 thanks jade you good teacher

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-wanted to take an english course but hesitate to choose the best one
-seeking an english online teacher(especially british english)
-opened youtube and gladly i found the perfect teacher for me


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I got 10 correct out of 10!
Your accent is awesome! It’s a pleasure to watch your videos and learn English with you!
Thanks Jade!

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you are the best thank you

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Thanks, I enjoyed it(: .

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Jade, thaks a lot for the lesson it is really meaningful. I think you are going to exstravert people step by steps

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what introverted teacher :) ;)
your videos is so useful jade. thank you

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thank you !

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Thank you Jade. I am also an introvert.

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I just had the first video lesson and I have to tell you: I love Jade! She’s such a great teacher!

Profile photo of Jorge Juarez Jorge Juarez

9:43 “strengths and witnesses” in subtitles. I think it should be “weaknesses” there.

It’s my second lesson on engvid and I like it! Thank you, Jade!

Profile photo of yasniy-ponch yasniy-ponch

Great ways learning English. Thank you. Jade. I think most people will like you after watching your videos.

An introvert is who gets their energy from spending time alone.

An extrovert is who gets their energy from being social.

It is not appeal to an introvert that learning in classroom where are forced to speak to a lot of people.



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yeeee 9/10 I am getting better :) every day 20 minutes , and is helps . Thank you ;)

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Hello teacher,hope you are doing good well.I hope to improve my English language with you
Thanks.Good luck for every one

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thanks you so much

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Was little bit difficult for me understand you accent,that means i need pratice more,thanks a lot Jade.

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Thanks mam for the great lesson :D

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Wow! this was sooo insightful. When I started the video I was sure – yeee I am an extrovert, but within watching further and further I was like ‘omg I am actually an introvert’ then everything started to match… so helpfull thank you a lot :)

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Thank you Jade

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Thank you, Jade, for sharing your video lesson of learning English that brush up on my English language a lot.

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Hi, everybody I would like to find someone who is interested in practise English by skype please let me know. Thank you

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Hi, Jade!!
Until today I really don’t know who I am, whether an Extrovert or Introvert. But today at least I now know that there exists a set of words and I’m an Introvert With little Extrovert qualities. And also I would love to follow all your suggestions and pieces of advice to improve my English And also I would like to hear from you more… Thanks a Ton for sharing this video. Regards.

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my result of quiz is 100 so I am introvert

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thank you

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i found the word disposition in the question number 9 is a bite weird for me.
can you give us an example where it comes like character.
9. Which word is the odd one out (does not belong)?

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Hi! I am an introvert person, but I would like to be more comunicative . I’m prett scared when it comes about talk with people..I mean I have recently moved in England and I am at a new shool ..I don t have any friends and I would like to improve my English to speak to my classmates and also be more sociable..Is there a way to achieve this things?

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Hi! I am looking for friends that would like to talk on Skype! My Skype is josejeanlima

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Realization..!! I was extrovert in speaking native language, but introvert in speaking English language. Time for change as u suggested. Thank you teacher.

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Hi, Jade. I loved your class and I’d like to say that I think I’m an introvert person.
I’m also happy to know that’s not bad (at least not so bad, I think).
Anyways, thank you again for this inspiring class.

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Hi, Jade…I like your teaching very much and every day I learn something new about the English language. You have been very helpful. Thanks.

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Thanks Jade!!!!!!

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Thanks Jade I relly apreciated your efforts

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subject selection is very good it is going to help alot… Thanks Jade..

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Yeeei I got 90% I’m an introvert guy And I didn’t know that thank you so much. It was an amazing class thanks for sharing.

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It ‘s the most interesting topic I have learned.
thanks a lot miss jade

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Another very good lesson by an excellent teacher.Very
interesting subject and very useful.Thanks.

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Tanks allot!

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Excuse me Jade is their any lesson on how to write different types of composition…like narrative,descriptive,story writing,argumentative, and story writing..

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Thank you very much indeed…

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I got 100 teacher 😉

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Thanks Jade for good lessons!

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I like your accent and voice :) British accent is my second favorite accent that I like listening. My favorite is Australian accent and it’s already not so far away from BritAccent :) I’ll watch your videos and I’m sure they will be help to improve myself. Thanks Jade :)

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very nice teacher, thank you for this gift, … i like your comment I’m an introvert and proud ;) .. lol

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Hi, Jade! Really nice lesson! I liked very much recognizing in myself some introvert aspects and some extrovert aspects in my way of learning a language! Thank you so much! This lesson really called my attention!

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Thank you dear Teacher Jade.,I’m introvert ;).

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What an amazing method of learning English!

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You are the best.

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Thanks Jade! It’s amazing lecture.

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I’m an Introvert and I’m proud. My English is really good. My speaking is good because I talk to mainly my friends, family and sometimes teachers. I sometimes keep my questions to myself. My writing is quite good.Great video Jade!

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I really want Teacher Jade to do a video like this again. Maybe give us some more tips? Like do a separate video? Like one for Introverts and one for Extroverts? Look forward to see this video!

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