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Yaay!I am the first one to comment
Good morning Jade. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I got full 9/9 in your quiz. Now I have known lots of Greek words by your teaching. Once again thank you.

palakshi nautiyal

    The use of affixes is a useful reading technique. By knowing the suffix or affix of a word (root),you can infer or guess its meaning.

    Thanks for this vocab lesson Jade.


    Nice to hear That you improved ,i Want to say that palak we both can improve by talking to each other in english. what you say ?


Whole your lessons are great. Furthermore they’re help me to improve my English.

roger franca

It’s not a chance that sometimes English and Italian have similar words, mainly in science: we all inherited them from Greece, the cradle of western society.


    I got 6 correct out of seven nice collection.

    Muhammad Abbas

thank you :)


thanks lol


thanks jade it is useful lesson


Thanks Jade!!


Eighth question was about history :(


that was actually useful for me and I’m really appreciate you Teacher’s JADE.
we are waiting for your next excellent video.


I was terrible in this quiz.. I’ll study more…

Fernando Moreira

Getting knowledgeable enough about these Greek prefixes and suffixes can come in pretty handy sometimes. This lesson reminded me of some and the “poly” and “tele” parts were so much fun. Bye the way, teleporting would be a blessing to break through the cacophony issue I have to deal with here in Brazil whenever I needed to.

Emanoel Pereira

I’m definitely not familiar with her accent. It’s too hard to understand her.


Thank you Jade. I’m so interested in learning new vocabulary.
I did’nt got 100, because win N°3 question, I chose “Bonerism” because I knew that Arhtritis wasn’t ain inflammation of bones but of joints. Anyway I could thought that “Bonerism” didn’t even exist…It was a tricky question.

Best regards.


I’v got 100. thank you jade….

Thankyou Jade, this was very enthusiastic lesson, every time that I watch your lessons I feel that my English is really improving.


thank you


I am so happy got 9/9 thanks for the quiz


Thank you Ms Jade. Wish I was little more jealous when I was in school. Anyways just wondering what we call a person who is jealous about everything. Thank for the lesson.


I got 9 corrects. Thank you Jade!



Giselle Morais

I got 7 correct out of 9

Nesrine Hammideche

thank you ms.Jade


Thank you Jade. This is important for our everyday life but many times forgotten to learnt.


I´m sorry Jade, the greek prefix “poly” is not related to “strings” but to much, many, more than one, more than usual, excessive.


    Right! Actually I don’t get choice of the theme – it was really boring.. But wonderful Jane’s pronounciation saves this video))


Thank you, it is so useful

Zaynab 20

Thanks Jade. Great information!


    Hi, are you originary of Italy


i’have got 7 correct out of 9 and most of questions was relating to medical.

meena sharma

Good but I want to be good reader and writer I hope you but some lessons to help me thank you


Hi Jade!! Complicated words, but it is important to learn about them, because sooner or later we have to face them.



Sorry I omitted the “e”


i am new
i like to improve my english please help me friends

Asef Sarshar

Jade, thank you very much.
It was very interesting lesson.Afterwards I found many quastions to think about.For example: there is no word ‘thene’ in English language. The word ‘polyethilene’ was contracted to ‘polythene’


Hi Jade and everyone!

Cheers for the nice video! It is rather interesting and useful. You are right. When we know these Greek prefixes and suffixes, we can guess the meaning of other words more easily. This lesson is helpful even for other languages, like Portuguese, for instance.

Keep on making this kind of lesson, and see you in your next video!

Eduardo França

Hi Jade. Great video lesson with very useful information. Thank you so much.

Júlio César L Sousa

I think you are so beautiful, I like you so much~!


great one


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    Mustafa akraa

Hi Jade! Thanks for this polyglot lesson!

In Portuguese we have several words with parts derived from Greek too. The hardest part, then, when we find similar words that we know, is to learn to spell and pronounce these words in English.

For instance: “psiquiatra” versus “psychiatrist”.

Fabio Cicerre

Thank you Jade, useful words, and in Spain we use all of them


Although it is a synthetic resin that is a polymer of styrene, used chiefly as lightweight rigid foams and films, in my humble opinion plastic bags too could be made of Polystyrene LOL :-D


Thank you very much anyway :-) Jade


9/9 Great :)

Tejender Prasad

Thank you Jade.

Metin egrioglu

thank you


micro is also means “one millionth”


ei-ei-eh…not bad for me…with your first lesson . Thanks.I’ll try more and more for next times. See you!

polly poohly

Thank you, Jade. I got 10 don’t you know


salam alaikum everybody ,realy i enjoyed the lesson ,was fantastic and awesome ,i got 9/9 thanks jade for this nice lesson,briefly i’m general surgeon working on MRCS AND IELTS willing to get registration with GMC OR IMC so ill get license to practice surgery in Ireland and anybody interesting as study partner welcome.


Some difficult,


Hi Jade could you explain about usage of rather than and instead of?


Thanks Jade. Good job.
Could you please do a lesson about usage of “be” in English.


It’s difficult for me ! I must practise more .


i got 5


i think you good teacher


Thanks Jade!!!!! i´ve learned complicated words today!!! It´s difficult but practical.


Thanks for your english lesson. i love your teaching method anyway i got 8 out of 9 in your quiz.


thank you jade i want to ask you I want to learn English from where to start


Hello Jade!This lesson was useful and helpful.I watched your video on YouTube. The transcript is written below the video but not the whole text.Could you tell me where I can find the rest? Thank you.


Thanks Jade very informative!


Yay 100% thanks Jade for the lesson is so wonderful.


thank a lot, Jade,hugs (Kazakhstan 27 Nov2021:)


thank you so much!

Fahim 0000
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