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Thank you for the lesson, Jade!
How about”Whom am I speaking to?” Is it correct?

Profile photo of engread engread

    no You have to put “to” at the begining

    Profile photo of Briklend Handersson Briklend Handersson

      ”Whom am I speaking to?” is correct. “To whom am I speaking?”is more formal.

      Profile photo of byte byte

        No when You use whom you must put to at the begining. Formal=correct

        Profile photo of Briklend Handersson Briklend Handersson

          An open mind instead of looking for what is wrong in a new information, actively looks for what is right:))

          Profile photo of byte byte

          You must open your mind and colse your bocca. Handersson MD, Ph.D

          Profile photo of Briklend Handersson Briklend Handersson

          Gent.le Prof.
          Era solo un gioco. Io ho studiato inglese ad Oxford e mi hanno insegnato che quello che Lei ritiene corretto è corretto ma suona ugly un po’ come quando usano Who ( scorretto) e per tale motivo quasi mai usato. Ma preferibile usare il To davanti o in modo confidenziale Who. Lavorando negli USA l’ipotesi di whom e to alla fine non vincente neanche menzionata. Mi complimento con il Suo inglese e grazie per le correzione. Con deferente ossequio Briklend Handersson

          Profile photo of Briklend Handersson Briklend Handersson

          Ad una persona che saluta con “deferente ossequio”, perdono tutto. Ringrazio inoltre per la spiegazione e mi complimento per il Suo inglese:)

          Profile photo of byte byte

          Sono onorata che mi dia della Prof!

          Profile photo of byte byte

      It’d be interesting to make a video-lesson on transitive-intransitive verbs to contrast one with the other. This may help us to understand a bit more how these verbs work.

      Prepositions, to tell the truth, always give me a splitting headache.

      Many thanks for this lesson Jade.

      Profile photo of Regino Regino

        Yes, it’s impossible to catch the rule! Although I had 9/10. Thaks Jade!

        Profile photo of BetoArg BetoArg

    Yep. It’s correct but it’s not common like who

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    jmay i get ur email id?

    Profile photo of jaman0191 jaman0191

10 out of 10
thank you ☺

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    Woow it is so great

    Profile photo of bill 1997 bill 1997

    Awesome by the way u so breaty god bless you!!!

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      Awesome by the way u so pretty god bless you!!!

      Profile photo of hesham10 hesham10

      thanks a lot … God bless you too

      Profile photo of reemabousaid reemabousaid

Thank you Milady,
I got 100 out of 100

Profile photo of Briklend Handersson Briklend Handersson

    its 10 out of 10

    Profile photo of hola 45362727730979920829290090 hola 45362727730979920829290090

I’m so Happy…another one that I learned!!!

Profile photo of Tarcísio Tarcísio

10/10 :D
Thank you

Profile photo of dr.nariman dr.nariman

Thank you)

Profile photo of BECbeaver BECbeaver

Thank you jade

Profile photo of Dr.solaiman Dr.solaiman


Profile photo of moosa33 moosa33

Thank you Jade for your good explanation.I love English language to speak fluently,but it is very hard to speak very well, even though it needs more time.thank you so long.

Profile photo of Enkutatash Enkutatash

This is the first time I see one of your many videos, and of course your lesson was very useful.
I really don’t know But I just felt a very little stress in your voice or using too much “Um, Err, ah”.
But thanks for the lesson anyway, you were great.

Profile photo of shadow shadow

    she speaks to naturally, it’s more like a conversation with us, she connected with a crown

    Profile photo of daniy daniy

    loosen up mate
    she is british you should be excited rather than complaining about small details

    Profile photo of ahjij abdelhafid ahjij abdelhafid

Poor Jade, I got 5 of 10 in your class?? what is happening?? The problem is with you or with me??

Profile photo of CREBIO CREBIO

    What did you do wrong?

    Profile photo of Eva0104 Eva0104

thanks Jade! Your british accent is lovely :)

Profile photo of carlos 2138 carlos 2138

I got 7 correct out of 10. Interesting! Thank you, Jade :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

Thank you!

Profile photo of abdel@ abdel@

many thanks jade ! ! ! for you build my mind and brain ! thanks again !

Profile photo of saelboon saelboon

Cool, I got 5 out of 10, before I did a lot of mistakes ’bout that. Thnx!

Profile photo of pablovinicius pablovinicius

I got 10 out of 10.

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Thanks, Jade. Very useful lesson.
What about “say”? Is it transitive or not?

Profile photo of APicon APicon

    to say is transitive: Dad says to come and eat dinner right now. ( Papá dice que vengas a cenar ahora mismo.)
    She hardly answer questions.
    Do you know what a dictionary is ? Why don’t you look it up ?

    Profile photo of aroibas aroibas

      Si vas a responder con ironía, ahorrate la molestia. En todo caso, no te preguntaba a vos. Disculpá por hacerte perder tu valiosísimo tiempo.

      Profile photo of APicon APicon

        Hola :)

        Tampoco me gusta contribuyentes irónicos. Lo mejor es ignorarlos.

        The verb “SAY” can be both transitive and intransitive. Some dictionaries such as indicate this piece of information by default, whereas some don’t.

        After “SAY” we do NOT normally use a direct object (that is, to whom we are speaking), as “SAY” is NORMALLY used to inform, “open the mouth and speak so that the other person can hear us”, without mentioning who the person is/was talking to:
        CORRECT: He said (that) it was fine.

        When we have an object, we must use “to”:
        CORRECT: He said to me that I was too young for the job.
        INcorrect: He said me…
        CORRECT: He told me I was too young for the job,
        CORRECT: Say hello ( <- this word is an object here) to Ronnie for me!
        INcorrect: Say Ronnie hello…

        Make sure you also check out here at
        Alex's "SAY & TELL – Reported Speech"
        James's "Speaking English – Say, Tell, Hear, Listen – How to use them correctly"

        All the best and have fun learning English!

        Profile photo of David David

          Say hello to Jade as well ! :)

          Profile photo of David David

          As far as I can see APicon, David is an expert on the English language,apart from writing Spanish well.

          Hi David, I’ve read some of your comments on EngVid and as usuall YOU always hit the nail on the head.

          Thanks a lot for sharing all this with us.

          Have an enjoyable weekend.

          Profile photo of Regino Regino

          Hello Regino,

          Thank you for your kind words. I am delighted to hear it. I am more than happy to help students on these pages :)

          As for my Spanish, I know it should be “no me gustan” :). The problem is that there is no “edit reply” option on these forums – once you post a contribution, you will be unable to edit it :(


          Profile photo of David David

          Hi David. Thanks a lot! Very clear and kind answer. I appreciate that. :)

          Profile photo of APicon APicon

thank you Jade for this great lesson, I have couple questions to you. How do we use the verb send, do we say ” I will send to him…” or ” I will send him …” the same thing to the verb [want].

Profile photo of tarikjnt tarikjnt

What a lesson!!! really cool, I loved it and you’re a great teacher Jade. So, I wonder if you can give me more intransitives verbs, you know, to learn so much…thank you!

Profile photo of daniy daniy

Even i would like to know about “SAY”????
Its fantastic lesson Jade.I used to get confused with this.Its bit tricky for me i think i need to do more practice of it.Thank you for this lesson.

Profile photo of TEJALKK TEJALKK

    Please check my comment above.

    Profile photo of David David

      Hello David,
      I absolutely understood your fantastic explanation.Thanks a lot for your kind cooperation :-)

      Profile photo of TEJALKK TEJALKK

Thank you, Jade.What about ” To speak with”,” To talk with” ? Is there any difference with To speak to and to talk to? Thanks.

Profile photo of Elen Sheff Elen Sheff

Jade, regarding “transitive” and “intransitive” I think you messed things up.

Profile photo of tomek11 tomek11

9/10 incredible! When I began the quiz I thought, here comes a tough quiz (because the subject of today’s lesson it was a tough one), but in the end I got 90% for me it’s a victory, hurray.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

Thank you Jade I got 100 % your quiz.

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

thank you for this’s very useful for me.

Profile photo of hasani124 hasani124

It’s really and still a common mistake if one doesn’t pay attention to Jade’s explanation.


Profile photo of Vuthea Vuthea

I got 100!!!!!I’m so happy. Thank you, Jade

Profile photo of cristina cristina

i got 10 out of 10.Thank you very much ,Jade

Profile photo of noy noy

I answered correct for all questions. Thank you.

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thank you very much for this useful lesson.

Profile photo of ealeks-69 ealeks-69

Many thanks to you

Profile photo of sergioopoc sergioopoc

No good. Perf. no bullying

Profile photo of hola 45362727730979920829290090 hola 45362727730979920829290090

Thank you very much Many for your classes…I do appreciate them!! you’re a great teacher!

Profile photo of RichardBridge RichardBridge

Does the verb -tell- need ‘to’ or not?

Profile photo of frecciazzurra frecciazzurra

question number 2 is my unlucky question. (correct answer is ” I would like speak to management.” right?)

Thank you very much for this video!!

your sincerely;

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Profile photo of rajeshecegce rajeshecegce

Thanks Jade, very helpful .

Profile photo of Astric Astric

Thanks a lot for this specific advanced lesson. It was a quite big problem for me. I would like to listen TO that this kind videos more. Regards

Profile photo of keremgolbasi keremgolbasi

thnks :) i got 10 of 10

Profile photo of omar05 omar05

I got 8 out of 10 .. Not bad huh! Thanks alot jade!

Profile photo of Maverick Shun Maverick Shun

thank youuuuu ,I got 10/10.

Profile photo of Khaleed Khaleed

Thanks for your great lessons.
By the way, I have a question about today’s lesson. Ithink a verb which needs ‘to’ after it is called ‘intransitive verb’, and a verb which doesn’t need ‘to’ after it is called ‘transitive verb.’ What do you think of it, Jade?

Profile photo of yoshidajyuku yoshidajyuku

I have got 7 of 10, it is a really good lesson, I enjoyed a lot. I want to humbly ask you to please keep preparing of such important lessons. Hope to see you more with your helpful and productive lessons.
Many thanks and best wishes
Kabul, Afghanistan

Profile photo of Hasib Nasir Hasib Nasir

I have got 10 of 10,thank you Jade.

Profile photo of fatihaeng fatihaeng

awesome Jade, Thanks you very much. It’s useful in writing and communicating correctly.

Profile photo of duongtranvn duongtranvn

The number of your video is not 828, but 830.
I have all Engvid lesson Videos, and they are 830.

Profile photo of satrio93 satrio93

I have to email work.
What does this sentence mean?

Profile photo of gdyes88 gdyes88

    Thanks for asking

    Profile photo of Winsome Winsome

      Thanks for asking Gdyes88. I also have this query. Let’s wait for the answer from Jade. Cheers

      Profile photo of Winsome Winsome

I got 7 from 10

Profile photo of Baslaib123 Baslaib123

9 of 10

Profile photo of Vladlena2015 Vladlena2015

I got 11 out of 10
I’m just kidding :)

Profile photo of moathmaher moathmaher

Thank you so much for useful lesson!

Profile photo of MisterNelsoN MisterNelsoN

im a weak to speaking english :(

Profile photo of tatadz tatadz

Thanks Jade for the Class, was interesting, I got only 70/100, well… I will practice this class. Nice to meet you. Regards from Panama. God Bless You!

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Profile photo of Gabi Gabi

THANKS,I got 9/10.

Profile photo of karkiujjwal karkiujjwal

I got 9/10 thanks jade.

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10/10 yay
thank you so much, it was really useful :)

Profile photo of tanyaidek tanyaidek

Thank you for the lesson, Jade!

Profile photo of Zhannat Zhannat

Is say to also a transative verb?

Profile photo of Eva0104 Eva0104

‘I have to email work.’ Does the word ‘work’ in this sentence means workplace?

Profile photo of beanpole beanpole


se you later aligator

Profile photo of enrique01 enrique01

thank u for the lesson jaddle

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thank u for the lesson jade

Profile photo of canjeelo93 canjeelo93

Thank you !

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Thanks a lot Jade for your exquisite lesson.

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Profile photo of Bill Jin Bill Jin

Thanks Jade!
How can we distinguish between transitive verb and non transitive? Hope you can teach in detail and give more explaination instead of just giving some examples. Thanks!

Profile photo of Winsome Winsome

Bhooyaa ” You got 10 correct out of 10 :D ” !!!

thanks for the awesome lesson Jade!

Could you do a lesson about “for” too..
the difference between to and for.. sometimes I get confused…

– It’s boring for/to me to watch love stories
– The most boring thing for/to me is doing homework

Profile photo of DaZun DaZun

Thank you

Profile photo of Noraddeen Noraddeen

Many thanks

Profile photo of Mahmoud-Syrian Mahmoud-Syrian

“I have to email to work.”
Incorrect? Why?

Profile photo of Radoslav Radoslav

    because of the verb to Mail, does not want TO ( like: phone, call, ask, answer ecc). h

    Profile photo of Briklend Handersson Briklend Handersson

      because * the verb to mail does not want To

      Profile photo of Briklend Handersson Briklend Handersson

Thanks for the quiz jade

Profile photo of Nickolas Nembhard Nickolas Nembhard

Your a pretty good teacher you know

Profile photo of Nickolas Nembhard Nickolas Nembhard

Jade, what about “With whom are you talking?”
Is it wrong?

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    Can you give me your facebook account please we can pracice our English together

    Profile photo of HeshamQaba HeshamQaba

Thanks Jade.

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Thanks for the lesson . could you upload more videos/lessons on grammar and vocabulary plz..

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Good lesson thanks

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thank you for lesson jade

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hello friend im usman khan and i want to improve my english grammar and spoken as well.
here is my skype

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Can anybody have a conversation with me on skype?

Profile photo of DaryaEmeljanova DaryaEmeljanova

    Hi Darya, I’ve heard a lot about this application program (skype),it must be very useful for some of you,but to tell the truth I haven’t had it installed yet.

    I wish I could help you, but not at the moment.

    All the best with your English, regards.

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    yep im from colombia what can i do for you

    Profile photo of franicoll66 franicoll66

Thanks jade, your lesson was very interesting and your accent was better.

Profile photo of Rigomezc Rigomezc

Thank you very much my good teacher

Profile photo of Somtola Somtola

9/10. thank’s to you for that. Is that correct?

Profile photo of rizqi.pratama rizqi.pratama

Thanks :-)

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Good Lesson Thank you very much.

Profile photo of rampek rampek

thanks for the explanation :) i got 10 :D

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It’s nice to learn English from this web side Thanks!

Profile photo of ranjitpanigrahi ranjitpanigrahi

Hello, first I would like to thank all of you” Engvid staff”… you have been really helpful..I just got my IELTS result..I got 6.5 .. I am not surprised because I was expecting this good result thanks to your help & support…I wish you all good luck. :)

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Hi Jade, The Lesson you Taught me to day is very important to speak or to write a letter,bu still it it is not long.

Profile photo of Enkutatash Enkutatash

    Hi could you please help me?

    Profile photo of Active Active

Excuse me, I don’t understand no.2
What is correct, I would like speak to management ?
Thank you very much :D

Profile photo of mintmemories mintmemories

    because we speak with person not with managment

    Profile photo of Zubair Ahmed Zubair Ahmed


Profile photo of nicterry770828 nicterry770828

Thanks Jade for the English class online. You teach so well for the advance level. I would like to learn more about how to put my tense together and learn how to write and read the important key words for understanding.
I really appreciated on everyone’s work. You have an amazing team work.
Will speak to you soon.
Alex :-)

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Great, thank you.

Profile photo of mboush123 mboush123

Its very helpful for me .

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you lesson is good

Profile photo of Rayomayusa Rayomayusa

thanks jade

Profile photo of ramaz20 ramaz20

great job

Profile photo of Zubair Ahmed Zubair Ahmed

thnx jade u r the best

Profile photo of taha19944 taha19944

thanks very much~

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nice job, good lesson, many and many step, that we need to be colloquial with english

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thanks jad

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thank you so much for helping me.

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Thanks Jane ,,

Profile photo of rolya melva rolya melva

Nice video thank you so much! Would you help me with finite and non finite verbs please?

I really love this Web side all of you are GREAT! THANKS

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Thank you, Jade.
I would like to know the difference between no and not

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thank you!

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thank you Jade,
I like your explanation

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I have to email to work incorrect
how to correct this sentence

Profile photo of guray guray

I got 9/10.
I got question 3 wrong.

Profile photo of Frederico Cavalini Frederico Cavalini

thank you

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thanks you Jade. 8/10. There were traps in that one…

Profile photo of Silverback49 Silverback49

I got 7/10 thak you jade

Profile photo of m8youcef m8youcef

Hello jade,I’ve learnt at the course that,I should take ” to” When I say I would like ”to” speak,But you quiz says:It’s wrong ?

Profile photo of AnatoliaUniversity AnatoliaUniversity

i got 100/100 yaaah thanks Jade :D

Profile photo of muhammad sami muhammad sami

You’re perfect,Jade!!

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I want to skill write but I don’t have repair for me .help me !

Profile photo of vinhvu vinhvu

thank you!

Profile photo of Jloreto Jloreto

I don’t watch the video, and i got 100%.
Thank you at all.

Profile photo of abosherif abosherif

I loved this lesson! thanks a lot, you were so clear! These are very common mistakes, but nowadays they are not going to be a problem for me any more. Thanks!!!!

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Very poor

Profile photo of Lazizjon Lazizjon

thanks so much

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hi every one im from indonesia ,,do you guys have fb??

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Thank so much, Jade.

Profile photo of Glop Glop

If the sentence “They replied me” is wrong. What would it be the correct form?

Profile photo of Dtorresz Dtorresz

video can not play.why?

Profile photo of khawaja mohsin khawaja mohsin

    I think it’s because it’s on Youtube, which may be blocked where you are.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

10/10. Thank you Jade.

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

I don’t understand the reason for (replay to me ) and not ( replay me )
It seems right for me to say replay like send me anyway that is the only mistake I made or ( I did ) thanks a lot

Profile photo of preemy preemy

it is a little bit irriitating: you write on a board the words with to and at the same time you are saying not to use those “to”. In the second example. And at the end I couldn’t remember what is wrong or right, because I saw (in my mind) written words on board with “to”, where “to” is not to be used. sorry my english((

Profile photo of KasyA KasyA

    just watch it again…hope you understand it better

    Profile photo of Mudassir161 Mudassir161

that was a good lesson. thank u so much, ı want to use a sentence that learned from this video. ı need to study english harder than before.

Profile photo of Servet34 Servet34

10/10 thank you :)

Profile photo of Yaz Yaz

1.i didn’t get how to say correctly ‘He wrote me” in formal language
2. also please don’t write the sentences with mistakes, it distract

Profile photo of Poltavalya Poltavalya

How come I hear some people say “speak with” instead of “speak to”? Is it right to say it like that, and if so, in what context will I have to say “speak with”?

Profile photo of fdparan fdparan

I like the way you teach. your teaching is like your name “JADE” (the precious Stone). Thank you :)

Profile photo of zack-rey zack-rey

Thanks Jade!
A Very useful lesson

Profile photo of linoreale linoreale

Thanks Jade, Could you please add few videos on CELPIP exam.

Profile photo of Aravind9 Aravind9

Dear Miss Jade,
Thank you so much for ur nice videos, you are really helping me a lot, and I can understand good from your beautiful way.
I’m wondering if you can help me solve some difficult questions from a test I’m going to have soon, I have some examples from the questions, so it will be very nice from u to help me.

The question;
Even as a girl, ––––––– to be her life, and theater audiences were to be her best teacher.
1- it was known that Funny Brice’s performances were
2- audiences knew that Funny Brice’s performances were
3- Funny Brice knew that performing was
4- performance by Funny Brice were

Thank you so much, and I have more questions just let me know if u can help me..


Profile photo of Mohamedelnady Mohamedelnady

very usefull, thx

Profile photo of akramos akramos

Thanks a lot. I got ten, though it is one of the weakest points in my knowledge of the English Language Grammar.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Could somebody explain me why this sentence is not correct I would like to conclude my intervention.

Profile photo of Kumar saurabh Kumar saurabh

Thanks Jade
I aced.
Ten out of ten.
Well not bad.

Profile photo of Ehsan Ehsan

Jade please write the correct answer, if it’s any wrong we can correct it our self. Thank you.

Profile photo of Gayathri20 Gayathri20

10 / 10 Yeah!!!

Profile photo of MukhaOleksandr MukhaOleksandr
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