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The way to learning English that I really like.


    ıt is wonderfull


      That’s very good and easy way to learning English together but I forget it the tense a little bit we want that to begin them agin in this new lesson


Very Good Lesson Benjamin! Thanks :)


Taking a quiz is beneficial especially for this lesson. I think I have more confidence using tag questions when I took the quiz quickly and correctly. In Korean, there’s a popular proverb saying “Seeing once is better than reading 100 times”. I think this is similar to learning English. Speaking once is better than just reading many times.

Insoo Yeo

    Seeing once is better than reading 100 times. Isn’t it?

    Perfect idiom! Tsk Insoo.


      I wrote the idiom wrongly. I correct it as “Seeing once is better than listening 100 times”. In Korean, it is “백문이 불여일견” and it is originally from the Chinese phrase “百聞不如一見”. Anyways, you utilize tag questions so well!. :)

      Insoo Yeo

        Thank you,Insoo! You also utilize tag questions very good!


Thanks so much for this lesson Benjamin!

Henrique Alves

Thank you Benjamin


very useful, tnks!




Thanks, by lesson Ben!


Hi Benjamin,

thank you for your lesson.

Please (if it is possible) could you explain why this tags do exist in English. I can not understand, if somebody say : “We´ve been cleaning our house, haven´t we ?”, why they are asking themseves if they have been doing it. In my landguage this phrase doesn´t exsist in affirmative sentece.

Thank you very much for your answer.

Nice day,



    Adriana, you are from Slovakia. Aren’t you? (this is answer for your question)


    Hi Adriana, in Slovak, we use the question word “však?” instead :-)


Hello Benjamin
You have made the lesson of “tag question” and verb tenses in English very clear.
It is always good to review the theory and then practice repeating what you say in your lesson.
Thank you for your work.




you have commented useful sentences, haven´t you?


Thank you so much dear Benjamin for this lesson.


Thanks for this lesson, Really help me so much.,


10 out of 10! thanks!:)

Gayane Harutyunyan

THANK YOU very much!!!


Thank you


I am from Iraq and I am in my last year of high school, tag questions are like nothing for us, I came here to see whether we learn it in a simplified form and no, we are advanced english speakers… damn!

San Saman

I have got 10 out of 10. That’s really amazing.


thank you


Thank you Mr.Benjamin. I am really sure that i have already understood your explanation. I hope you will give more videos about English lesson.

Diman sahata

How have i got 10 out of 10?

Md. Moniruzzaman

Thank you, Benjamin! It is a very helpful lesson.


Hi,I am new member here the quiz was easy and enjoyable I took 10/10 thank you

Nimo nimo

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