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Fantastic video, but now if I don’t go back to work my boss will fire me!

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    It’s always a gloomy possibility)))

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    realy nice video

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i got 56.. its very bad.

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    i got 89 :)

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      I got 100

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      I got 100 out 100

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If you (teacher) make a lot of these grammatical rules, we will be excellent English learners.

Thanks teacher ….

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Thank you very much for this great lesson.
I will improve my English if I study everyday.

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Great lesson, i learn a lot…thanks…

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I get 89%….thank you… I need to practice more..

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Hi Benjamin,
you promised 10 questions quiz, but there are only 9 questions.

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…. about quetion number (7) I am ot very sure ..hahahaha that in Engvid will answer all our quetions???'(irony) hhhhhh thank you, otherwise, You did a great job, Mr. Benjamin.. Nice to meet you .

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Thank you for the helpful and great lesson.Sometimes,I confused about this but today,you help me.Thank you.
I’ve got 8/9.I will do better the next time.I like you video alot.

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thank u. It’s a great lesson!

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Thank you Mr Benjamin!

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Hi. Great Lesson. But plz when u decided to give more example in ur lecture, write down on the board the main n new words with its meaning.
My question is: Can we use ‘in case’ instead of ‘if’ in these sentances?

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    ‘In case’ is not the same as ‘if’.
    If: the thing must be done (it is a condition)
    In case: it is not a condition 100%, so the thing (maybe) is no be done.
    Therefor, ‘if’ is stronger than ‘In case’.
    You will know more if you translate both of them.

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Thank you very much Mr Benjamin!!
You should upload lessons more often. Your videos are sooo fun!!

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Hi Benjamin! thanks for this lesson, it was very interesting.

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Hi there, I was wondering that If you could please explain the second and third conditional.

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Thanks a lot with the grammar i will do more questions and suscribe

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I have got 89. It is strange… The first question has been answered with the option 1. But I see it is not correct. Must be 2. Is that really so?

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    It’s really so!

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      Ok, but could you explain why?

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      I’m so sorry! The question describes a positive situation: if clean. Of course must be the option 2. It is necessary to read more attentively. )

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Thank you teacher

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Great job, Benjamin. You are right. If we watch all of your English video lessons, we will improve our English. Thank you so much!

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I will survive,as I know how to love!! nice example ;)

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I can do this for you, but just if you give me a kiss.

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    JAJAJA, He has many things to do with many student and girls, so, do not worry, he will not..

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If I don’t watch your video, I may die!

Thank you so much

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Hi Rebecca, I am having difficult in pronunciation certain English words that brings with P and another consonant

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    He is Benjamin not Rebecca!!

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If I watch this video, I will get high band score in IELTS.
Thank you

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Good vídeo!!! Thanks…

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Thanks for the lesson.

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Thanks Ben your english class are wonderful.

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hi,Ben!Good stuff!My question is what tense should we use if conditional clause takes place in the past.

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Thanks Benjamin!

If I am permitted to say so, I will cheer you for this great new lesson.

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okay then,I will watch all of videos

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Enjoyed it.

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if u are a nice teacher,i will be studying english lesson on this website. :)

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If I see your videos, my English will be improved.

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Thank you. Great lesson

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Dear Benjamin,
Thanks for your engvid lessons, I watched all of them 2 times
I search exquisiteenglish but there is no activity in there…
How can I join, pls help

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not clear

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Thank you so much for the lesson, Benjamin. I did the quiz, I’ve got 9 out of 9.

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Thank you Benjamin, Your lesson is useful and clear. I got 10 correct out of 10 . Is first conditional real or unreal will be happening?

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    They are only 9 questions, not 10.

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I got 9/10. The first conditional is uesed to express a real. Thanks for your lesson Benjamin.

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    They are only 9 questions, not 10.

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thanks benjamin

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Great Benjamin your lesson have been very nice

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I need to study more to improve my grammar

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I get 89 so. Happy

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Thank you. Because you are very full of life :)

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Could u please hlep me tp improve my english
What i have to do to get that?
Thank u

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thank you for a great lesson.!

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Hello Benjamin,

Your videos are awesome, I have learned a lot.
I want to know if you can make a video about “Allowed to”.

Thank you very much.

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I have got 100%. 9 out of 9 are right!
I want more.
Thank you so much!
Have a great day!

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I ve got it. 10 out of ten. If I study every day maybe one day I will speak English.

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Upsss, i wrong. But you class was very fun

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Thank Q, your speaking in dis VDO was easy for following up :)

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If you upload the second and the third conditional, I will master this whole lesson.

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I got 1%….but thank you… my english vocabolary is not enough. I need to practice more..

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89% ^_^ i need to study everyday after work :)
It will help me understand easily what my boss want me to do.

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i got 89 , i missed read number 2 :^(

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thanks a lot

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Could you help me to improve my english..and how to remove my grammatical error..

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Very good job, Mr. Benjamin

You’re an excelent english teacher, I’m always wacthing your videos. As you have said: If we wacth all your videos, we will learn and improve our english.

Thank a lot.

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Good! I will be good at English if I learn English on this website.

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thanks, Benjamin, you are one of the best teachers in the whole world.

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Thank you very much for each of your lessons which you added on your channel/website! Please don’t stop to make a new lessons! :) You are my favourite teacher.;)

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Hi Benjamin
How do you do?
I have two questions about studing English abroad in the England.
Do you know a perfect college or institution in England specially with affordable tuition?
And can I apply from Iran?
I live in Iran already.
I’ll appreciate it.

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thanks a lot , i have learned with you videos .

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Great explanation teacher cheers!

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Thank you. I enjoyed so much

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I got 89

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thank you

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If u teach me more lesson, my English knowledge will be improved shortly. :-)

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Thank you so much Benjamin

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Good video and quiz

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I scored 10 out 0f 10.

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Great lesson I have 8/9, Thanks you.

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100 yeeeep

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if you give more examples, these videos will be better. Thanks, though.

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it is very helpful

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but if you do not explain this lesson in another method ,I am going to forget this lesson .


Thank you very much for this great lesson!

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Thank you!
You are really a nice teacher!! :D

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Good lesson
i got 89%

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If I watch your videos every day
I will improve quickly my English!

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thanks to you

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I really enjoy this class

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thanks 10/10

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I got 89 :) Thank you Benjamin ! :)

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Thank you so much Benjamin !

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Thanks Mr. Benjamin

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I got 100, so I understood. Thank you.

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“If it snows tomorrow, I will meet you at the mall.”
In this situation, what will happen if it snows tomorrow?

My answer was: You will not meet at the mall. lol

I just had thought too much. I thought the question were wrong lol.

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Great lesson. I really enjoy that!

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*if it snows tomorrow, i will ‘meet’ u at the mall.
*if this talk is for a friend, it will contradict with what Ronnie teach me.
oho o i’m still learning

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I Got Ten out of Ten!! Thanks!!

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Nice Lesson,
Thanks Benjamin.

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I love Britich English. Thank you, teacher S2


I loved the way you teach English, Thank you Sir !

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100%. Thank You For this lesson

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Thanks for the class.

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this video helps me to understand. I had 100% in the quiz.Thanks for your teach.

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It seems that I am the only Chinese to watch your video, haha!

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Benjamin you are great

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Thank you Mr Benjamin for this lesson. You make English more easy to understand.
I hope you have a website to teach online.
My regards form Saudi Arabia.

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eventhough you know details in english, it is always helpful to try again.

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It was so helpful. Thank You!

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Great lesson! If you continue making useful videos, I will follow you on YouTube.

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great lesson, i got 100%

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9/9 thank’s i need it again

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100%, by the way…I love you teacher ! Take care!

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Thank you!

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Thank you, Benjamin!! If I see the 600 videos of Envid, I will become a better English speaker!!!

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    Engvid (sorry)

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Thank you Benjamin

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I enjoyed a lot

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Thanks a lot, you’re going to teach my students tomorrow instead of me!

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i’ve got 100 thanks :D

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Very good video dear sir.

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ı got 89 thanks to you .THANK YOU

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Hi Benjamin,

searching in internet I found this sentence:

If it is sunny, we will have brought our raincoats for nothing.

Is this correct? Because use will + PP it’s so strange…

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Hi Benjamin,
You remind me of one of the character of Marvel studio’s X men series and it is Charles Xavier. He is my favorite character. You sound like him and your accent as well.

Lesson was well explained and I understood quite clearly. I know If I exercise more, I may master first conditional in few days. I wish if only I could turn back time, I would do anything to watch your videos but this tough routine leaves us with very little time.
Best regards,

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My short notes and exercise

First conditional

simple present + simple future + base verb

If it rains, I will/shall/may/can stay home ( not at home which is a phrase meaning being comfortable
If you come, I will cook
I will read the book if you buy me that one
You can pass if your work hard
You may passs if you work hard
You shall pass if you work hard
If it is right, I’ll go with you.
If it turns out that you are wrong, I will not go with you.

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nice video thank you

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I will get A in English If I study hard.
Thank you teaher.

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Oh, nice. I’ve got a 9 of 9. Thank you for all your videos!

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Cool, thx !

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It was so easy to understand
Thank you Benjamin!

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100 it was very easy

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100% I can do that.

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    I could do that.

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I got 89. Not bad.

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I got 89. There is a room to improve.

Profile photo of Gembel47 Gembel47

Thanks a lot Mr. Benjamin.

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I got 100 points! Thank you Benjamin!!!!

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If I learn with sir, Sir’ll upload more videos.
Unless I take English serious , I won’t learn a proper English.
Am I correct ?

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Dear Benjamin,
The topic you chose was very useful. Thanks for your help to English learners.

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