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Easy test teacher. If I hadn´t watched this video, I wouldn´t have gotten ten out of ten in the test. Good lesson. Regards!


    nice :)


      Interesting lesson. I have a doubt about this example you used: if Mary had a little lamb, we would have had a farm. According to the rule, the first part of the sentence, we should use past perfect. Shouldn’t we? Thank you for your help Benjamin


    If I hadn’t been to engvid I couldn’t have known you


If had smiled more, I would have got laid..
This sentence make good sense to me..
Very nice..I regret though :-/


    if you had smiled more,you would have gotten laid.


    If you had been more concentrated you would have written this sentence correctly


If I hadn’t missed lots of lessons in this site, I wouldn’t poor English like now.

Ratanakiri Cambodia

    if you handnot missed lots of lessons in this site ,you wouldnot have gotten poor english like now


      Thank you for ur correcting ma mistake.

      Ratanakiri Cambodia

I marked the wrong option to number 7 and 9. That’s always was my big trouble during the tests. I do need to learn more about “would have”…


☺ 10 out of 10. Thank you Benjamin for this useful lesson !


Thank you for this lesson. If I had studied English regularly, my English proficiency would’ve been much higher than it’s now


8/10, thank you!


If I hadn’t liked engvid.com I wouldn’t have watched this video.


    Well done! Have a cat gif. :)

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      So cute!



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      Please, dear engVid Moderator, where do you find these cat gifs?


          Thanks a lot. :)


thanks MrBenjamin for this lesson, it’s good.
in the exemple (befor the last one) you’ve said :
“if Mary had a little lamb, we would have had a frirm”
i guess you mean :
“if Mary had had a little lamb, we would have had a frirm” , it should be past participle instead of the past simpt. thanks again


    You’re right !


Hallo Benjamin,

There is a sentence :
If Marry had a litte lamb, we would have had a farm.

Is this correct ?

If Marry had had a litte lamb, we would have had a farm.


    if bieleve you are right.


    Yeah, you are probably right. If + past participle (had) equals past simple, and we have to have past perfect so it is :If+had+ past participle (had).
    Thats why “If Mary had had ..” is right. (but I could be wrong :) )


      I have looked it up in many different sources, and right form of this sentence should be:
      If M had had a little lamb, we would have had a farm. In this way I learned the third conditional properly. I am preparing me for FCE as well. Good luck ChrisOldo.


guys could ou help me about conjugation, first read this pargraph :
“Woods university had a big problem, and the problem had to do with the budget,Because the university had not been given a big enough bugdet to operat in the way that it was used to operationg for the coming year”
my problem is in the latest statment “it was used to operationg for the coming year”
how does an “ing” verb come after “to” , i guess this statment lacks the verb “to be”,so it should be like:
“it was used to be operationg for the coming year”,all of you are welcom to clarify this point.


    “be used to” is a phrase. So, “to” in that sentence doesnt necessitate a verb.
    “be used to + something”


struggleforEng .I might be wrong,but what i think is here: “used to” use as a preposition.


    why not it could be,thanks, i’ll search more about it


High Benjamin: if Mary had a little lamb: pas simple not past perfect


    Good observation Takayashu.I noticed as well. Is it not had had? Or can we use the simple past as well?


Thank You

Hamada Badawy

Can we say that the rule for the 3rd conditional is:
If + Past Perfect + Would||Could + Present Perfect ?
Thanks a lot Benjamin


    No, this is not correct.
    Rule for Present Perfect is:
    I/you/we/you/they + have + past participle
    he/she/it + has + past participle

    But 3rd conditional requires for all persons to use HAVE. So when she/he/it is used it is required to use HAVE also.

    If she had studied hard, she would HAVE passed the exam. (correct)

    But in your case of present perfect, then it should be:
    If she had studied hard, she would HAS passed the exam. (wrong)

    From above it is clearly we should not write the rule as “Present Perfect” but:
    If + Past Perfect + Would/Could/Should +
    would + HAVE + Past Participle.


Thanks Benjamin, this lesson was great..I got 10/10..If I hadn’t studied this lesson, I wouldn’t have learned this.. :)

marcos alexandre

Thank you for your great lesson, Benjamin.


Thanks Benjamin!!
As many students wrote above, I think there´s a mistake in the example of the farm. That´s not the 3rd conditional.


Thanks for the lesson.I have a question about the sixth quiz: the past participle is been, not worried,isn’t it?
Thank you for your answer

Gilbert Emaha Pente

If I had not this comment,
You wouldn’t have seen it.
Thanks for the useful moment,
with that I had a meet.


Well, I think that the Third Conditional is the last one to learn an Upper-Intermediate Level but when you use Mixed Conditional Forms then you are studying for an Advanced Level, this is my case, I had studying this forms before but it’s a good idea to review them to remember and practice again. Thanks a lot teacher Benjamin or Ben, a good performance and explanation in British English. Regards.


    I have to fix a mistake in a verb tense of my last post, it was “I had been studying…”, so I think it’s the right form. Thanks.


I didn’t catch anything, but I’ve got 8/10.
Benjamin, thanks a bunch (so funny phrase :)))


if i hadn’t spent time following your video, i coudn’t have understood the lesson. is this correct ?because there is not a regret here, thank for your lesson.


Thanks for this lesson. It is not easy to remember these structure, mainly on third conditional.

Fernando Moreira

thank you!love your lessons


Thanks so much teacher Benjamin.
This lesson was Great!
Also interesting lesson
Really it’s not forgotten and important to learnt the third conditional such had/would/hadn’t/wouldn’t

Muad Abdiaziz

Great lesson , Benjamín. I love your body language, and your accent is wonderful.I wonder if you have videos to practice pronunciation with you !,


Hi Benjamin.
First of all thank you for your always very lively lessons. In the example “If Mary Had a lamb…” doesn’t it should be “If Mary had had a lamb” ?
Many thanks.


If I had not watched this lesson 3 times I would not have passed the quiz. so I did ten of ten.

Thank very much! Benjamin

Br Kairat


I’m glad for this lesson even though you made a mistake. In the example: If Mary had a little lamb, we would have had a farm, as you can see there’s something missing right there, It should be like this: If Mary had “had” a little lamb, we would have had a farm. when we use the past perfect it comes with the past participle. Let me know if I’m wrong or not, Thanks :)


    I feel the same. There is the missed word “had”. Help us, plz))


thanks a lot

Rodrigo Ribeiro

Yupiiiiii 10/10


I got 10/10. I am going to write more articles about anything interest me.


If I had not done the test I wouldn’t have knew the results.


Thank you Benjamin. I learnt a word “gotten”. I didn’t know it’s possible to say “got” or “gotten”. I’ve got 9 out of 10 but I made a careless mistake, so I am happy in spite of everything. Good week end and best regards. Marie-Claude


If I had not taken this Quiz, I would have missed the chance of knowing that I’m good at english


    good job


9 out of 10
If I had’t watched your video, I wouldn’t have umderstood the third condition.
Right !


hi everyone


Thanks, lesson very interesting !


Dear sir very Nice and interesting lesson


Thank you so much.
It’s very useful grammar.


think you mr benjamin for this lesson I follow you carfully for indersting.
hello for all students


9/10 thank you , the video was helpful .


if i hadnt so lazy typing on the keyboard i woundnt got 9 out of 10 in the quiz.


Thank you so much for your teachings


Thank you. It is very easy to understand. If I hadn’t watched this video, I wouldn’t understood this topic.


If you hadn’t taught the 3rd conditional detailedy, I couldn’t have gotten the perfect


“If I´d had a teacher like Benjamin I would have speaked english since long time ago”

thanks Benjamin, thanks EngVid


Very good, Benjamin. Thanks a lot!

Júlio César L Sousa

If i had studied more hardly, i would have passed the exam.


Thank you for great lesson


great lesson! thank you very much indeed . Already waiting for your next lessons)


Grammar the 3rd conditional I got a 100%
Thank you Ben


If I had not taken the test I would not have learned about the 3rd conditional


i got 100% soo i am an english’s master now :p :p :p


thnx for your help i got 90 i just start and i hope i get better one agin thank you so much


If I hadn’t watched this english class I would have probably taken zero.

Thanks for explanation, teacher!


Thank you for a great lesson ?I got 90% because the “take, took, taken” always confuses ? I’m looking forward to seeing the next lesson


If I hadn’t watched a very good lesson on third conditional with Bejamim, I wouldn’t have gotten 10/10! Thank you teacher!!! :-)


This movie is helpfull :)
Thank you guy!


Thank you! I love your classes.


Why should I use “gotten” instead of just “got”? There is not such a word as “gotten” in British English. The 3rd form of “get” is “got”, isn’t it? Do you consider exactly American English?


I got 10/10. Your lesson is very good, easy… If I hadn’t watched this video, I wouldn’t learned about 3rd conditional.


10/10. Thank you^^

Aliya S

Thanks teacher . It was better if the questions were from different kind of conditionals , it this way we think more about the correct item and learn better !


Wow I’ve got 10. If i had learned this lesson before. I would have understood this 3rd form very well. Correct me if I’m wrong teacher.


Very nice buddy, god bless you


I got it 10/10. Thanks for this lesson.


thanks teacher for the explanation


if I had asked people from Engvid to be my friend on Facebook, I would have gotten a lot of friends from all over the world!
hey guys,do you want to be my friends?


    i wanna be a friend
    where are u from??

    shahenda saied

Woow I had managed to answered all the questions without mistake


I will study more,promise!


Sir, I got 10 up to 10 in after first listened
that’s so awesome.


can i chat with u
in English conversation??

shahenda saied

Thank you so much for the the lesson Benjamin. good job.


If I hadn’t watched this video I wouldn’t have understood this issue so well!
I would have had better results on my English test if I had watched this video.
If you hadn’t explain 3th conditional so clearly I wouldn’t have caught the sense of this grammar.
Thanks a lot!


Thanks Benjamin for this lesson! This is a very important subject.

And, I beg you, don’t try to kiss the parrot again — next time, you may lose part of your mouth if it catch you with that strong beak :)

Fabio Cicerre

Thank you Benjamin. I have got full marks. Please involved more complicated sentences.


Very good 100%


HI, Benjamin, could you please explain the #2.
“If I had been more friendly,” means this person was not polite at the conference? So he didn’t meet any friend there? Is that right?
2. I went to a conference last week. If I had been more friendly, I ___________ met more people.


    Correct answer is:
    would’ve = would have


If I haven’t watched your videos on YouTube, I couldn’t gotten 8 out of 10.

Hope this sentence is correct


    If you hadn’t watched this video on you tube, you couldn’t have gotten 8 out of 10


Thank you!!!


Thank you so much, teacher. You were really helpful, now I’ve understood all the Conditionals,. I really appreciate it.


Thanks teacher, this lesson is very useful….!!!

Jakub Alvarez

I like the way you teaching us….


thanks for everybody


Great lesson! Thank you, Benjamin :)


If I had watched all of your videos, I would speak english better.


If i had known the options were easy i would not have attempted this quiz.

btw its cool :)


Thanks for your precious lesson. It´s de first time that I could watch your videos, and I love them. I need to improve my level for my future job and I hope you could help me.


Thank you very much! I understand your lessons!


Millions of thanks Benjamin, you’re the best :D (10/10) !!!

Lucas Avelino

Thank you ?


thanks, if I had seen this video, I would have gotten a great score in English exam.

best wishes for you and engvid team.


*Sir, why ‘been’ has been used in the following sentence, although 3rd conditional structure doesn’t has this format. Please help. Thanks
If Jim had called his wife, she wouldn’t have been __________ about him all night.


thanks “sir” really if had seen this video ,i would have gotten good marks on English test

loma 163

Thank you, Benjamin!!! If I had paid more attention, I wouldn’t have scored 90 but 100!!


OMG! I do love this language!!!!!


Thank you Benjamin


Thank you Benjamin. Maybe someone has already asked that question : shouldn’t it be “If Mary had had a little lamb…”??


spox :)
thx a lot :)


Dear Benjamin,
I thought he example “If Mary had a little lamb …” at the third conditional must be “If Mary had had a little …” or am i wrong.
I enjoy your method of teaching.



    I suppose you’re right. It is just a typo …
    take it easy :)
    Thank you Benjamin ♥♥♥


      I have also thought the same thing.


if ı hadnt meet you .ı would have some trouble about english grammer thamk youuu benjamin !!! . by the way ı am watching you from turkey .


got 10 woooow


Thanks Benjamin!


    I got 10 wow
    Thank you so much:)

    Nazanin Zahra .T

Thank you!


Thank you, Benjamin.
A question about the first example at the end of your video:
If Mary had a little lamb,…
Shouldn’t be:
If Mary “had had” a little lamb,…?


I feel so sad like you! :D


8/10 dun dun DUN


Thanks a lot Benjamin abound this lesson … if I had not watched this lesson I couldn’t leaned more about English language


If I hadn’t skipped my English class a long, long time ago, I would have been able to study abroad.
If I hadn’t mixed around with bad boys, I would have studied harder.
I wish I could return to the past using the time machine.
If only I had studied harder, I would have passed the exam.


1. If I hadn’t watched the video, I would not have scored so well in the quiz.

2. I wouldn’t have passed the exam if I hadn’t worked hard.

3. I wouldn’t have made it up to university, if I hadn’t allowed for college.

4. I would not have been so worried about my cousin’s health if he had not overdosed himself with sleeping pills.


It’s all about conditionals!
Zero conditional:

If it rains, the floor becomes wet.

First conditional:

If it rains, the downtown’s main road will be slippery for a walk.

Second conditional:

If it were rained that night, I could go outside and have a cup of coffee.

Third conditional:

If it had not rained that night, I would have met my uncle at the airport.

Thanks Benjamin for the great videos and helping us learn the structure and construction of conditionals right from Zero to Third level.


If you work hard, you can pass.
If you work smartly, you will get good grades.
If you were a hard worker, you could top the exam.
If you had worked hard, you would have passed.


I don’t know if I’m thinking right but, both second and third conditional are about your regerts , however the second is about your state or how were you , and the third is about actions. For instance :
Second conditional:
If the bus were faster, I wouldn’t be late. ( State then state)
Third conditional:
If the bus had arrived earlier, I wouldn’t have delayed ( action then action ) . If your understanding missed up , just ignore me :)

Ali - kh

If I had tried this test without watching your video I wouldn’t have scored 10/10 … Thx ;)


If I hadn’t found this website, I wouldn’t have made progress! Thank your teacher!


If I hadn’t eaten gyro I wouldn’t have food poisoned


If i hadn’t listened to this session carefully, I wouldn’t have gotten 100 marks.
Thank you Sir! Subscribed too.


Benjamin thank you, immensely grateful!


I got it right 9.


10/10 yes! good lessons


ıf ı had studıed every day ı could have passed my fınal exam


If I had listened to my friend. I would have been at home.


“If Marry had a little lamb…” Beg a pardon, but shouldn’t the past perfect form look like: ” If Marry had had a little lamb…”. Because if it shouldn’t, so what is the difference with the Past Indefinite?)


Thank you!

Paul Melvin

I wouldn’t have been able to work in customer service in Canada if I hadn’t watched engVID back home.

Thanks, Benjamin

Ahmed Al-Khaffaf

I appreciate for your lesson. It’s so gripping.

Kong Huynh

Thank you teacher


100/100 even i haven’t watched the full video but thanks a lot benjamin sir


if i had studied english harder i would have been a registered Nurse now

prema ananthi

If I had had watched this video carefully I wouldn’t made lots of mistakes
Is this correct can anyone answer me please

Waleed jan2341

There is a mistake in sentense “If Marry had a little lamp”. Or i understude something wrong??


If I had seen his msg on time last night , we would’ve talked whole night.


If I would’ve been serious about my first interview, I hadn’t faced rejection.
Guys pls let me know is it correct or not?


thanks a lot


thank you teacher Benjamin for your class
for my level is little complicated but is funny learn more grammar and vocabulary.


THANKS. I got 100.

Amira Abdulaziz

Dear Benjamin,
Though I never learned this at school, I know there’s another form of the 3rd. conditional which is never spoken about (or at least, I have never seen): eg. Had I studied harder, I could have passed my exams.
Can you make a video about this as well? It would be be remarkably interesting.
By the way I love the way you teach. Congratulations! I love watching your videos even on subjects I already know very well… :)


thank you very much for the lesson


thank you for the lesson

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