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I got 10/10, the lesson is interesting and helpful to me while the epedemic Covid-19 spread all over the world, thank Emma very much

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    I think u are really intelligent but everyone are not same.

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Thank you Emma. That is a wonderful lesson! I got 100% of correct answers^^

Profile photo of TQViet TQViet

em chào anh ở trên. Hiếm lắm mới thấy đồng hương VN học tiếng anh qua EngVid!

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Thank you so much, Emma that lesson very useful. I got 100%

Profile photo of Sunantha Atsawakitthada Sunantha Atsawakitthada

    how are you.
    Yes you’re right, Emma is a very very good teacher.

    Profile photo of Hamid Razi Hamid Razi

Thank em i got 100%

Profile photo of TheBestSiteEver TheBestSiteEver

Thank you Emma for the interesting and helpful class.
We should stop postpone things and start do it

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6/8 Not bad. Thanks for this lesson Emma.

Profile photo of Vitao1800 Vitao1800

You should have your insurance certificate with you

Profile photo of AnnaMankova AnnaMankova

every person watches this video should thank Ms. Emma, for her effort so thank you very much

Profile photo of Aml Mounier Aml Mounier

Thanks z Emma.

Profile photo of otello46 otello46

its power useful thanks for this lesson

Profile photo of AshrafAbbas114 AshrafAbbas114

we should waatch engvid’s lesson

Profile photo of Colbie Colbie

Thank you Emma 7/8

Profile photo of Sarak Soth Sarak Soth

I want to learn this video

Profile photo of lizhiwei lizhiwei

Thank you Emma.Very helpful lesson!!!

You should make a break and then you should make more lessons, because you make them very good!!

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Thank you very much for this lesson Emma. It was very helpful.

Profile photo of Henrique Alves Henrique Alves

thank you mrs emma

Profile photo of magdy mahmoud magdy mahmoud

Thank you Emma, That is a excellent lesson.

Profile photo of Maria Andrade Maria Andrade

Thanks Emma. The class is very interesting. I had a good result (8/8 correct).

Profile photo of lynfrt lynfrt

Thank you Emma.

Profile photo of florhigueros florhigueros

You should eat healthy to avoid health problem.
Thank you Emma.

Profile photo of Karla Chavez Karla Chavez

You should carry insurance card with you.

Profile photo of arc4ashu arc4ashu

I’m terrible. I got 6/8

Profile photo of Sunithalatha Sunithalatha

Thank you very much for your lesson, Emma. it is useful for me.

Profile photo of Michelle Fung Michelle Fung

You should ask from information to show you the doctor room.

Profile photo of Hamid Razi Hamid Razi

You should ask from information to show you the doctor’s room.

Profile photo of Hamid Razi Hamid Razi

Thank you a lot

Profile photo of MimiiTox MimiiTox

Hello!I want to know how to write study plan that is a requirement to apply scholarship. If u have a time , please make a video about this

Profile photo of Julia121 Julia121

Thanks a lot

Profile photo of mo50 mo50

in a question 7 there is a funny answer – prepare for the end, but it is true for Ukranian’s hospital – if you get there, you have to prepare yourself to the end…

Profile photo of Volodymyr Volodymyr

8/8! Great! I should learn English with Emma to improve my English level.

Profile photo of Jerry Gu Jerry Gu

Thank Emma a lot for the helpful tips.

Profile photo of YThanh YThanh

Tsk Emma for advices. I should be more careful. Only 7 of 8. I misunderstood in second question in sentence “David should confirm with the doctor that what SHE understands is correct”. David and SHE caught my eye.

Profile photo of DinDim DinDim

you shoud ask the doctor how to use these drugs…

Profile photo of mortezaheydari mortezaheydari

I got 7 out 8, not too bad for my first lesson. Thanks a lot Emma.

Profile photo of jbreitner1974 jbreitner1974

Hello Emma , you are a really great person , thank u

Profile photo of Seyed Ali Seyed Ali

Thank you Ms. Emma. I like false answers in your quiz.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

I should ask for help in a hospital.
Thanks Emma, I learn some good information for my live and to take care in a hospital.

Profile photo of Vinicius Vinicius

Thanks Emma for the class!. I want to speak like you one day

Profile photo of veronica2209 veronica2209

It’s in my first quiz and I’ve spent it 7/8 I’m only missing one, but I made the effort.. Thank you Emma

Profile photo of veronica2209 veronica2209

Anyone who want to practise speaking enaglish through whatsapp please.

Profile photo of Saqib Nawaz Khan Saqib Nawaz Khan

Thank you Emma for your advice………..

Profile photo of airsidesafety airsidesafety

You should go to the hospital if you feel worse.

Profile photo of Angy Angy

I’m learning English and I want to improve my spoken English.I’m learning English and I want to improve my spoken English

Profile photo of Bruce Wang Bruce Wang

Would anyone like to practice with me

Profile photo of Bruce Wang Bruce Wang

    How about i?

    Profile photo of Douying Douying

Thank you:)

Profile photo of OLAR OLAR

I like this video class, thanks for this advice

Profile photo of Mulatoman Mulatoman

Emma you are a great teacher..

Profile photo of Gabriela Oronia Gabriela Oronia

Emma, thanks a lot for this remarkable lesson! And here is my homework :-)
“You should keep learning English so that to be understood in hospital.”

Profile photo of krig krig

thank you

Profile photo of torisan torisan

Mam, is there any difference between comparative/superlative degree and adjective?

Profile photo of Arifnisar Arifnisar

Thanks a lot Emma.

Profile photo of Hasan 77 Haddad Hasan 77 Haddad

Thank you. It’s very important information.

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thanks Emma for this lesson

Profile photo of trabelsi oussama trabelsi oussama

You should provide your medical history to hospital

Profile photo of vubuddy vubuddy

Thank you Emma

Profile photo of Asmaa Nour94 Asmaa Nour94

Thank you madam Emma.

Profile photo of richmondnkrumah062@gmail.com richmondnkrumah062@gmail.com

Emma, thanks a lot for your excellent explanation about giving advice with SHOULD. Your pronunciation is nice.

Profile photo of Rafael Riveros Rafael Riveros

Thank you for the class Emma. It’s a very helpful topic for everyone living abroad.

Profile photo of johnrc johnrc

Thank you very much for helpping us to progress our language

Profile photo of Ichou.Ichou Ichou.Ichou

thank you.it”s wonderfull.iam nurse and work to the haspital.i want speak english with who can speak english.may i help me frind”s??

Profile photo of KAVEH7674 KAVEH7674

Thank you, Emma.

Profile photo of JeyJ JeyJ

You should drink your medicine to recover

Profile photo of Sarayyy Sarayyy

very helpfull lesson.

Profile photo of modysimpara modysimpara

Thank you very much Emma, it’s very good lesson.

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Thank you, Emma!

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