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Hi Alex. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I got 10/10 in this test. Thank you once again and stay safe :)

palakshi nautiyal

    Nice work! Thanks for the kind wishes. I hope you stay safe as well. :)


Thank you Alix
I hope you stay safe


By the way
I got 7/10
It’s easy 😉


    Nice job! I’m glad you enjoyed the lesson! :)


Easy? And what about 12 tenses? In Polish we have only three…


    You don’t really have 3 tenses. You should think about it a bit thoroughly


I got 9/10 and wrong at number two, but I thought the exactly answer is three, because the definite articles in English include: the, an and a so it’s three

nguyen van long

    You’re right! :) But a and an are indefinite articles. The question asked about the number of definite articles, of which there is only one in English.


Got 5/10 😅 I didn’t understand meaning of the words.


Hi Alex. Nice to hear your Polish pronunciation is impeccable. Looking forward to the lesson about the hard aspects. I wonder if it will cover my favourites.


Hi Alex. thank you for this amazing lesson.you are the best teacher I ever have seen.


Hey Alex! Thank you so much for this amazing lesson. I got 10 out of 10. Thank you once more and stay safe!


Hi Alex, this lesson was especially interesting for me, I have been studying English all my live, mostly by my own, for different motivations that have been changing over time. I agree that English isn’t so difficult language, moreover, I think it has pretty straightforward grammar.
I’m bilingual in Spanish and Ukrainian, both mother tongue language, Ukrainian language grammar is much more complex, has seven declinations, no point to compare but they have one thing in common, as opposite to English, both of them they are phonetic.
The biggest problem for me is the fact that English is no phonetical, it has 26 letter, 27 has Spanish, 33 in Ukrainian Cyrillic alphabet, but there are many vowel sounds in English, the other difficult points, at least for me, are the contractions and the reductions. Thanks! until next time.


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Thank you.


Hi Alex! Thanks for the lesson. You explain very well!
Greetings from Argentina.


Thank you Alix
I got 9/10 thankyou you are the best


Armenian: 39 letters


thanks my sir your very easy

abdulaziz mustafa

Great English lesson! I’ve learned a lot with you Alex.

LAS English

Tsk Alex! I got 10 out of 10. 26 letters is a very good deal for beginners!


Good day, Alex! Thanks a lot! I’ve seen lots of your interesting videos & they are really awesome!!!
All topics are extremely clear, funny & unusual. I love to travel & especially I love meet new people. So could I ask you (If it is possible) to make special video with some topics like that: “How to start conversation with English girls” or “How to impress the USA & Canadian Ladies”. I apologize for my begging beforehand, but if this video comes true I will be the happiest man in East Europe! Thanks a lot! All the best!!!

Sunny Voyager

Greetings from Poland. Beautiful “kuchnia” example

kuchnia kuchnie
Dopełniacz (kogo? czego?): kuchni kuchni
Celownik (komu? czemu?): kuchni kuchniom
Biernik (kogo? co?): kuchnię kuchnie
Narzędnik (z kim? z czym?): kuchnią kuchniami
Miejscownik (o kim? o czym?): kuchni kuchniach
Wołacz (hej!): kuchnio kuchnie


Hi Alex,
your lesson give me hope to continuous my English`s studying! Thanks a lot.
Have a nice day!


Fantastic lesson Alex, this rules are very important for us, thanks


hello.I am interested to learn english.


Thank you for cheering us up!!!
Learning a new language is a bit like a rollercoaster. Sometimes you feel very depressed as you think you´re not making progress, although you study hard on a daily basis!!


Hi. Thank you for lesson. I got 10\10.

Loghman Abilzda

Learning a new language is always a challenge, but when we compare the english grammar with other languages grammar, like polish, french and portuguese for example, we see how english is easier to learn. Thanks for the lesson Alex!

Leo Lima

Answer number 10 is awesome! ;)


You are amazing teacher


Hello Alex, I’ve heard your Polish’s speak. Very good, I’m from Poland too.


Hi Alex, you are amazing! I got 9/10




Thank you


Thankyou sir,by the way i am from India,gladful to be with all engvid teachers.


100 jajajaj excellent video..


I got 9/10 and wrong in number 7


Thanks for your job man)


Thanks a lot your Polish is perfect.Stay healthy…


I watched this video twice on April 26, 2021, and took the quiz after watching it once. I got 9 correct out of 10.


Thanks heaps Alex ! Last question was quite hard 😁


Thank you Alex, hugs. (Kazakhstan, 08 october2021)
i’m taking everyday steps towards improving my english

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