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These questions without a reference character is hard to do.


    Thanks Alex


    Thank you, great teacher


    exactly so hard i really don’t got it.

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    Mr/Alex told us that if we study hard we succeed

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Alex said me, ups, I mean, Alex told me that I shouldn’t say said me, nor told that. Thanks Alex for a very nice explanation on that topic :)


    haha… :) yeah… good explanation…

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Tk you teacher Alex but I’m confused yet. I need ti exercice more and more. Lily Diaz from Brazil


i am happy with this website , i am learning english and this is wonderful. thank you a lot.


thank u teacher Alex. Im improving my English with you =D


nice quiz I got 9 of 10


Alex told us with this lesson ‘no more mistakes between say n’ tell’ in reported speech. is that right? so long n’ good bye teacher.

Efrain Dominguez

thank you teacher Alex you really helped me i have a quiz tomorrow wish me luck ;)


Very good lesson. Many mistakes are done for foreigners.


Hi,I want to tell you I like you So much and I can understand every thing you said .all love and respect to you my teacher


This lesson was great, as always…

Ana Paula

I don’t agree with the answer of the 8th question of the quiz. ” Rosaline said she would be right back”. Wouldn’t it be ‘ Rasaline said THAT she wolud be right back”


    You’d be right, but it’s okay to leave out the “that”.

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I need to practice a little more !
Thank you , teacher.
Excellent lesson and nice video. :)


Hi Alex,
I have a question
Could I say the reported speech in the present?
For example:
Maria: It’s hot
Maria said to me that it’s hot

or in the future

Maria: I’m going to Mexico tomorrow
Maria said to me that she’s going to Mexico tomorrow.


    Hi Samantha,

    The tense in reported speech is one tense back in time from the tense in Quoted speech.
    Maria: it is hot.
    Reported: Maria said to me that it was hot.

    Maria: I am going to Mexico tomorrow.
    Reported: Maria said to me that she was going to Mexico tomorrow.

    However, often if the speaker is reporting something soon after it has been said, there is no change in the verb tense. This is also true if the reported statement is a general truth.
    Quoted: “The capital of Canada is Ottawa.”

    Reported: Alex said that the capital of Canada is Ottawa.

    Skype: mursaleen_1

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      yes it is, we have to move back one tense. how ever, we have to convert:” tomorrow” to ” the next/following day” also when we use reported speech. in conclusion, all the adverb of time need to be chaged to the write form. see ya!

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hi everyone, I love your lesson, Alex. By the way, I am looking for someone to practise english through ” skype and yahoo”. If everyone have time, please feel free to add me as your friend, then we would have some conversations. my skype and yahoo id: turtle_cub2000. Please leave a message!. thanks

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Thanks Alex.
Is this correct?
He said that it was cold.

Skype: mursaleen_1

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Hi Alex.

When we use reporting verb ‘ask’?

Skype: mursaleen_1

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Thanks Alex.

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Hi Alex.
My name is Erhan,from Turkey
Thanks for lesson.I like your lesson and syle of teaching.

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seems to be easy… but some mistakes in quiz… a kind of complex

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Hey Alex,

Can you describe the difference between: say, tell, talk and speak?


Thanks Alex!

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Now I understood the difference between tell and say.

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your way of presntation is pety simple i realy admire it it was a eal hlp to us

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I always said wrong way but this very important 4 me thanks ALEX


thak you alex your lesson is very nice and ı can understand your conversation and ı tested 9 out of 10 ı request some lesson about conjuctıons pleasee and more exampla on the board,,,

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Hello,Alex.”Jack told everybody that if they couldn’t be together,they were going to die”,and not “Jack said…?
Thanks .

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Hi Alex,

As usual, your lesson was great and helpful.
I really appreciate your effort. You probably need to think about the lessons and prepare it. It’s not so simple. It takes time…



Hi Alex,
I really like your site. It helps me a lot to learn english.
Thank you all for a good job!

Przesyłam pozdrowienia z polski ;-)

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It was really good. Every single thing you teach is really usefull!


thanks a bunch MR Alex but i want ask about the difference between say and tell ,here when we use said to equal to told in meaning cause here we direct the information to somebody is this right?


I’m the champion in this game :)


I got 8 from 10 correct answers. Not so bad #eh :D

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Hello Alex!

Great class. Now i thing never will forget!

See ou soon¹

joão batista

Hello Alex!
You have a great class.Now i want to learn more english from your classes.


I made just one stupid mistake but i am doing well !!! i have to take a TOEFL test in the next months and i wish that these lessons will help me improve my skills ! thank you very much Pr. Alex !

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thank u very much…


Thank you. I wish I didn’t forget this class!

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Thanks a lot for a v good lesson.


You scored 10 out of 10.

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Very enlightening class !
I´ve never paid attention on that.
Thanks, Alex.

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Alex, I’ve been learning a lot with you. Your website its one of the best that I’m using to learn English. Congratulations.
Sidnei from Brazi

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    I did wrong, my country is Brazil.

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      me too.

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thank u so mach


My thank goes to our dearest teachers, I say thank you for your help,Thank for everything you do us, now I start to learn some mistakes in my grammar tenses because my grammar is poor and terrible but I desire to enhance it, also I have a big problem in vocabulary so I want to increase my vocabularies


Please would you teach us the animals sounds (mew,etc) objects sounds, onomatopeas. I didn’t see explanations in engvid. Thank you very much. Kind regards

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what does mean give me and give to me


Thanks teacher alex!… This lesson nice.. :)

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Why “Jack told everybody that if they couldn’t live together, they were going to die alone.” is correct when Jack said it many people?


some thing about noun


I’m from Sri Lanka. Thanks a lot Alex. These English lessons are great for me. I’d also like to ask you a question.
When we ask a question to know, what somebody is doing. Like schooling, doing a job etc. In this type of question, what’s the tense, we should use ? Present simple or Present progressive. As a eg- 1. What do you do? 2. What are you doing?

kasun dharmasena

I want to say that is it a grat lesson! :)


    *great :)


Hai, thank you Alex for the lesson. If you don’t mind I have a question. Sometimes in a text i heard phrase “Mind you, ….” what does it exactly mean? I look forward to hearing the answer from you soon. Thanks! :D

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you’re fantastic. i’ve got learned so much with you. Really thanks.

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nice explanation ,thank you

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Hi Alex,
Your classes are great!!!


Thank you Alex


This is very useful for my students. Thanks a lot

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this lesson help me understand easily


i love tis leson thx teacher alex u are famose.<3 :0


hi iam zizi from jordan i want to be agoood speaker of english i want t say to u that this lesson is very amasing leson thx teacher alex :) <3 :)


I’m from Afghanistn, tnx MR. Alex from your useful lessons,I would like to say you’re an excellent teacher.thanks alot.

Ghulam Hazrat Sohail

It’s the first time that I catch the difference between to say and to tell. Thanks a lot, Alex!

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    I wanna chat with U “Annadema” for improving English , R u interested to speak English with me.

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I had two mistakes, well I hope to improve. Thank you Alex.

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Thank you for your lesson.
I’ve realized I made some mistake how to use talk and say.

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it’s a very understandable lesson , wow
i thanx for alex it;s a great lesson , coz i never heard differance between told and said. so he told me to watch the engvid, they said to people watch the engvid. am i correct sir thanx

Ambrose Suresh

Thank you !! now I know how to use correctly told and said…. very helpful.

Charlie Montes

Thank you very much Alex, I can say that you’re a good teacher and the exercise was very helpful as well.Take Care


It was well explained


nice, thanks for this lesson

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very gud …thank you for the lesson


Rosalinde: “I’ll be right back.”
Rosalinde said she would be right back.
why she said??? if she talk to me directly

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    Hi Leo,
    If Rosalinde had talked to you directly, the third answer would have to be: “Rosalinde told ME she would be right back.”
    So, the first option is the only one that is correct.

    I hope I could help !!!

    Best wishes!


Mr. alex said to us how to use said or told in speaking.
Is it right?
I think it is so easy after this lesson.

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Thank you Alex, it’s really very important

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Thank you Alex for this useful explanation!

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Alex told me that stop to say “said me” if anyone give you instruction directly .

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i am little bit confuse between “said me that” and “said that”,similarly “told me that” and “told that” ?

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hell sir i’m want inprove my english.


how i speak english and how tell to another person.


Thank you so much!

Jason Bourne

thanks Alex for your kind explanation,


Dear Alex, Your lesson on how to use words say , tell , told, said is 80% of new information for me . Thank you. I did quiz test , I scored 7 out of 10.. Thank you for your great lesson. Tashi Delek.. Topgyal

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how i can start tolk anybudy


one day my teacher in my class and she said to me what you help me complet my work.I said that why not.Next day she came and aske me you see my sim card.No. you wil find my sim so reaturn me it’s not me.Next day teacher gave a report some time after i went twoward teacher for chek my work.My teacher mobile sim fall between my foots.I pick it and gave her.


some word miss in my note (1st is came ,will,after some time)


thanks alot (:


7 out of 10 some room for improvement ;-)

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Hi Alex, I want like to ask why use ‘to’ after can use ‘ing’, for example: ‘is restricted to being mere. what kind of grammer in use and what is the condition for this. thank you

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teacher please upload again more leassons.. i am still confuse about english language.. please teach to me about the words bellow :
slow – slowlly
carefull – carefully
and more..
what is deferent about it..

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    Hi Obby, what I know about those adjectives is that we add (LY) to the adjectives to describe how a person did, does or is doing something (an action) for example: I always do my homework carefully and that is why I always get good grades. (In this example I am using the Manner adverb to describe how I do something, like the way I do something)

    I love being a careful person.( in this 2nd example I am describing the person I am with an adjective)

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i scored 7 out of 10 i have to study harder… thanks a lot Alex!

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It was very useful.
Thank you!


i got 8 out of 10 not bad………..:)

dia choudry

U r rocking Sir, I got to know the different after b/t tell and say watching this video….

After “Tell” can we “To”?

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I just did one mistake out of ten……
once again bundle of Thanks sir….

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Hai alex, All the lessons are great!
I cant understand the difference between “due to “&”owing to “.I get really confused and do not know when to use which one.
please help me out.

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Great lesson. As always I love Alex’s lessons. Keep It Simple.

Linda J

Hi teacher Alex! got 9 out 10…something is wrong with my laptop.
I’m sure I answered all ten items
but somehow the prompt message showed
item 10 wasn’t answered..gd day n
take care

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Thank you Mr. Alex

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great, i have been able to understand all. thanks


how can we use had

garvit arora

Great ,great
thanks Alex


Hi Alex, thanks for the lesson! I wanted to ask if there is a difference in meaning between “I like the way you speak” and “I like the way you talk”, and if they both are correct. I know that “to speak” is used when one person is speaking and the others are listening, and “to talk” is used when there is a conversation taking place between two people or more.

Another confusing thing is that I always thought it is correct to say to speak WITH and to talk TO, but very often I hear people say, “May I speak to…” or “talk with”. So which one is correct or what does it depend on if these prepositions are interchangeable? Please, help me understand! Thanks!

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i undersland thnks



A. Haşim


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Thanks james 10/10


8 out of 10 not bad but perfect score could make satisfaction.

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Greetings from Poland !

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thanx Mr Alex

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thanks!!! Alex! very helpful lecture^^

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hi teacher alex how are you.. i will like to know the mean of even when can i use because i been hearing people use this word but i dont know exactly how use it.. tnks a lot.. by the way youre a good teacher..

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wawww… I’m always impressed by ur lessons, thanks Alex


i have got 5/10 i am very thankful for these kind of quiz,,,,,,,,,,,


“Mam told me I may fly to grandma on the holiday.

The reporter said that It was car accident in the night. ”

Alex, thanks a lot. It was a very helpful lesson.

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Alex, thanks for your help

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Sir alex . I really impress to your teaching style and you are my favorite teacher in all . Sir please teach me how i use word “come up with ” in sentences ..I will wait to your answer . Bye


what is the reported speech :Question of the

1. are u living in your old neighborhood?
2. are you still living alone?
3.what are you doing for a living now?
would you like to play tennis with me again, like old times?

plz can you help me with that !!
i really need this now tnx
can’t answer it

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thank you. i have tried to find this slight difference between tell and say. and i found here.


Thanks Alex.
However, I am still not very clear about the usage
For E.g: My answer was Third in below case whereas correct answer was First. Unable to understand:

Rosalinde: “I’ll be right back.”
Rosalinde said she would be right back.
Rosalinde said me she would be right back.
Rosalinde told she would be right back.
Rosalinde told to me that she would be right back.

Mukesh Gusain

Great video Mr.. 10/10 in my case,but i think you should explain beginners thats in reporetd speeches ,sometimes the modal changes can/could , will/ would and others dont change…just that… good luck Mr…


7 out of 10 hehe

I love this site


    I know!!!! Me too!!!

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      Me too! You are the best! Thank you for this opportunity to learn English with so great teachers!

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It clear to me now, the difference between say and tell (said & told)


“They don’t get a cookie”…? I didn’t know this expression! I want a cookie! But I got 9 out 10 at the quiz, do I deserve one all the same?!

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It.s very clear, i really got it.


Hi, thank you very much, I did not know the difference between the words , now I hope i’ll know how to use them corrctly.
thanks again:)

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Hi, thank you very much and I love this site

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I really love your lessons Alex.

thank you


I watched your explain but I feel doubt.
I understand that say is a discurs undirect..e told is direct, but to make the exercicie I don´t get.


thank you for this lesson , but the quiz is a little bit complex and it made me confused …..

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thx…you are very good teacher


I’ve got 9 of 10 (question 10 failed)

Anyway, sentence “Jack told me that if they couldn’t live together, they were going to die alone.” is correct grammatically, I think. Right?

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thanks,alx u r teaching technique is to good….

Profile photo of surendra2671624 surendra2671624

nice but still confused with “said me” and “said to me”….please throw some light on it…..


thanks you are a good teacher


thanks for making us correct such common grammatical mistakes.

lipsa chhotray

Very clear! thanks


very clear, Alex!



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yaaaaaayyy.. i got 10 correct out of 10.


Thanks dear teacher Alex I would like to tell that sometimes I get confused especial when we talk to some body but I am doing very well while doing the exams I mean how to used lit during the conversation not only exercise

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Hi Alex thanks again I got ten out of ten right great teaching


Thanks for all of your support, guys!

For reporting questions we usually use the verb “ask.”

“He asked me who/what/where/when/why/how/which…”

Profile photo of Alex Alex

    sir if the question was not ask with W.H words then how can we say

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great material it really helped me.


Alex, thank a lot. Your lessons useful for me. Please don’t stop and go on.

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Thank you Alex, I think it is a little confuse, but I got 9/10. I can’t understand when I need to use THAT e.g.: “Rosaline said she would be…” or “Rosaline said THAT she would be…”

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he always________ lies. we will use tell or say


Awesome lesson Alex…everything understood….thank you very much

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it’s good but still i am confused :D


Hello Alex.
Friend of mine told me that she liked your hair style
And I told her so did I

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

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perfect thank you very much


It is a little bit complicate but It’s very interesting


thanks :)

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thank u so much alex…helped me so much for my exam


My English will be better in the future.


thank you very much!

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thank Alex. At third question, i think we need to change “is” to ‘was”, right?

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Hi thank you.

Profile photo of pafsilipoclub pafsilipoclub

You got 9 correct out of 10. Thank you so much.

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thanks alex.

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Thank you so much

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I understood the difference between ‘say’ and ‘tell’. But, I am not still clear about the use of ‘that’ in reported speech. Also, about the use of past tense and present tense in reported speech. It would be better if Alex or some other teacher elaborate on this subject. Thanks a lot to engVid.

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Thank you.Finally I undestand this common mistake.

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Great work Alex.

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very interesting theme.. could you tell more information about reported speech.. Thank you

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Hi Teacher Alex,
How have you been?

I’m a big fan of you…absolutely you are a good Teacher.

I would like to confirm with you about these phrases below.

When we have a statement in the present we need to report this in the past, Don’t we?

I know that there is no change if we report something that is truth, however I had this doubt about these sentences because I’m not sure if these are the truth.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”

Socrates said me that the unexamined life is not worth living.
Socrates said to me that the unexamined life is not worth living.
Socrates told me that the unexamined life is not worth living.
Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living.

I guess that is the correct response for this case is:
Socrates said that the unexamined life was not worth living.

Mahatma Ghandi: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

Ghandi said that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
Ghandi told that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
Ghandi told me that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
Ghandi said me that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

I guess that is the correct response for this case is:
Ghandi said that an eye for an eye made the whole world blind.

Thank you in advance to help me out and if I’m wrong, could you please send me the explanation about that just to understand better all possibility of reported speech.

Rogerio Romera.

Profile photo of romeralopes romeralopes

I would like to thank u

Profile photo of bashar077 bashar077

Thanks Alex, now I understand it.your free lessons help me more then some english courses that I had to pay for them.i have one problem with english.i know many difficult words but when I speak I always use the same simple ones.i assume i got this problem because when I speak I still think in my mother language.another think when we speak we have no time to thing long time. Could you pls give me some advice what i suppose to do to be a better speaker.thank you in advance.

Profile photo of Evik Evik

Thanks for your great teaching!
I got an idea how to use correctly using say and tell from now on. Well, it was always confusing, but it would be much easier when I need to say something in reported speech!

Profile photo of jeffreyook jeffreyook

Hi Alex, could you please do a lesson how to talk about looks.

Profile photo of jaysa jaysa

thanks Alex, they told me that you are good and i figure it out myself.
Ali M. Soltan – Egypt

Profile photo of aliengvid aliengvid

Alex, you so cute)

Profile photo of Zhaziko Zhaziko

I got one answer wrong, the sixth one.

Profile photo of Bashayeer Bashayeer

well done thanks from Iraq

Profile photo of salam61 salam61

Thank you Alex for this lesson!
I did 10 correct out of 10

Profile photo of Debby@ Debby@

WOW! I wanna tell you you’re the best one and I’ve got 90 :)

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Thanks a lot, Mr Alex! Good lesson!

Profile photo of Ip Man Lee Ip Man Lee

i got only 50 marks because i was not watching this video seriously and i thought the quiz will be easy.However,i watch this video again and now and i corrected my mistake that i had done in earlier quiz

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Great lesson thanks 10/10!!!

Profile photo of Areliangel Areliangel

Thanks Alex I got 70%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

ehehehe dont want to brag about… i had 70% (whispered) LOL anyway, it was a pleasant lesson and a pleasant character. Thank you very much Alex, you are great! hey! where can i get my COOKIE?! i said that a promise should be a promise not a lie. And i want an expensive one, im not a cheap student nor have a cheap brain :P

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thak you so much alex

Profile photo of Waleed GaMal Waleed GaMal

Thnks alex

Profile photo of Jm.jafari Jm.jafari

I puzzled over a long time to get it clear. Now it’s the way it is. Thank you)

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Good job you Alex

Profile photo of hussainaldowailah hussainaldowailah

7/10 many mistakes

Profile photo of moezbesbes moezbesbes

oh i got 8/10 great :)

Profile photo of khadidja mehdadi khadidja mehdadi

I got 9 of 10, Thanks

Profile photo of saeid saeid

Thanks a lot you have cleared my confusion for those two words thanks again

Profile photo of yvoun yvoun

Thanks a lot i got 9 out of 10 crazy english

Profile photo of balaganesh balaganesh

Thank you!

Profile photo of Showna Showna

Good ı understand

Profile photo of Ceyli-48 Ceyli-48

I love this website. As an ESl teacher i often come here when faced witha question i can’t explain. It’s one thing to speak English… it’s another thing altogether to explain why we say things! Keep up the good work. Alex i like how clear and simple your lessons are. No frilly bits that go over learners heads :)

Profile photo of englishiscrazy englishiscrazy

I got 9 correct out of 10. Thanks Alex.

Profile photo of tony wang tony wang

Thanks teacher :-)

Profile photo of werawan werawan

Thanks Alex.

Profile photo of hoangphuc hoangphuc

I’ve got 10/10
Thank you for your lesson Mr Alex.

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8/10 Thanks for this lesson!

Profile photo of ezsosa ezsosa

That was a great class Alex!! Thanks!!

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very well explained, I do have a question though. when do you use “THAT” after tell???? for example, in the second one, I got it correct “Mathilde told me THAT she was worried about the next day exam,however, I didn’t get correct the 6th “ron told me THAT I should show up early” I chose that one, but it wasn’t correct, the right one was: Ron told me I should show up early”. I hope you can explain that.
congratulations for such a great job you do

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7 out of 10.I’ve to study more. very helpul lesson.Thank you very much.

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Thank you so much Alex. :) ♥

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I’ve listened the lesson twice after some mistakes in the quizz. But now, I think I understood thanks to you.

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10 0f 10! Thank you,Alex!

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i’ll read it again tomorrow, because i was not able to make the test

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rewarding lesson, although I´ve just seen it, I consider I learned something new

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Thank You, Alex !

Profile photo of Ireeesh Ireeesh

so as I Got that is
tell=say to
is it correct?

Profile photo of emanuel.yash emanuel.yash

Thanks a lot Alex=)

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Wow!so great,I got 10/10.Thank Alex for your good explain.

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good lesson
i got 90%

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Dear Alex,thank you for the lesson, it is very usefull! please explain the quiz: Socrates: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”The right answer:Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living. The question is why we don’t change the time to past simple here,I don’t quite understand.Thank you in advance!!

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Another good lesson on reported speech.

Profile photo of Vijay Chawla Vijay Chawla

Thanks Alex it is such a useful video

Profile photo of ozge-s ozge-s

I’ve got 10/10
Thank you for your lesson Mr. Alex.

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Could you tell me please the difference between these two sentences I think both are correct and I couldn´t notice the difference between they both! :D Thanks

10. Lost character, Jack Shepherd: “If we can’t live together, we’re going to die alone.”
***Jack told everybody that if they couldn’t live together, they were going to die alone.
***Jack told me that if they couldn’t live together, they were going to die alone.

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Hi Alex, I surprisingly made 10 correct. And it is surpising, coz sentences 3,4,and 7 have their dependent parts in the present simple. Is it because those sentences are the quotations of the famoous people so the they emhpasize some ideas?

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Thanks Alex

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What cases that we can use both say ang tell ?

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i think i need explanation for these quiz,because i don’t understand how the question incorrect and correct

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I think this program is really helpfully for us

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Thanks Alex … It was very easy and helpful lesson

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It was very helpful!

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thanks teacher

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“The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates

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70/100 very hard

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It was hard to do, 60/100.
Thanks Alex

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I got all 10 answers correct.
Thank you, Alex!

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thank you 100%

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Hello teacher..I don`t understabd the number 10 of the quiz. Can you help me?..PLease.

“Jack told everybody”, instead of “jack SAID”.

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Thanks Alex!! Great lesson, as always! Finally I understood the different meaning between “said” and “told”. Thanks a lot!!

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Thank you Alex . , i love your videos

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Thank you Mr. Alex.

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Hello I couldn’t understand the 10 question. Please,help me! why Jack told everybody? I think Jack said everybody. Jack gave information to everybody not one person? as you said we use “tell/told” direct but Jack said everybody?!

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I loved it!

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