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Hi, I’m Stacy. I am a huge fan of you, teacher Alex;) Whenever I take your lessons, I learn a lot from you. Not only English but also many useful western cultures which I’m really interested in. Today’s lesson was also enjoyable. I am as a non native english speaking retailer in Australia, I’ve been having a little hard time to communicate fluently in English with customers. The vocabularies you taught me today, however, would be very helpful for me to explain details and sell more clothings to my customers. Thanks!

Profile photo of Sieun Stacy Sieun Stacy

    I agree with you Slieun. Apart from teaching English, Alex often touches upon cultural aspects on his video lessons.

    So, not only do we learn grammar and vocabulary here, but also important facts about the tarjet culture,English.

    It’s good to know that you have a chance to put into practice right away what you have learned here on EngVid. That really makes a difference!

    Good for you! and Good Luck Stacy!

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

Thanks Alex, it is so easy to learn ENGLISH with you.

Profile photo of roshavbg roshavbg

    YES SIR!

    Profile photo of Raymond1954 Raymond1954

100/100 :D I didn’t know ‘fix/pop the collar’ and ‘cuffs’.
Useful! Thank you, Alex :) BTW my sleeves are short, now.

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

Thank You Alex for this lesson. I need more short lectures (like this) about different topics. It would be spread our vocabulary. You must to talk with Your spider about it. Last similarly lesson was about car vocabulary. There is many part of everyday life, which which could be discussed.

Profile photo of eurokolchoznik eurokolchoznik

Lipstick on your collar ave away your secrets

Profile photo of Jassejas Jassejas

Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Cristian Gutiérrez Cristian Gutiérrez

It’s useful. Thanks Alex

Profile photo of luckstar578 luckstar578

I am very happy after meeting Steve the spider once again in this lesson.I must say that you look like a ”COOL DUDE”with popped collars,Alex ;-)
I enjoyed this vocabulary.Many thanks for that.

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Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

I have learnt many useful things from your lesson. Thank you so much Alex :)

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Profile photo of yenyu yenyu

    Congratulation, yenyu :D

    Profile photo of igoralencar94 igoralencar94

Thank You Alex and your assistant for your lesson.

Profile photo of GFranza GFranza

Great, 10/10. Thanks Mr Alex.

Profile photo of nguyen84tuyen nguyen84tuyen

The men in black!)

Profile photo of karik44 karik44

Alex has a very clearly english, simple and objective lesson! Many thanks to EngVid team.

Profile photo of ViviPorto ViviPorto

    Hello ViviPorto,
    I want to make friend with you. And you?
    Reply me, Please!

    Profile photo of JoseMourinho JoseMourinho

thx a lot

Profile photo of dimalino dimalino

Hello Alex!
Thank you for this video.
I just have one quick question..How do you manage to be so happy and cheerful? What’s the secret?
I look forward to your reply :)

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Profile photo of Mukhabbat Mukhabbat

Thanks Alex!!

Profile photo of OzzyJ OzzyJ

Great Lesson!!!
Now I have to roll up my sleeves and learn more English :)

Profile photo of locke locke

A lot of thanks, Alex!
Learn english with you is very easy, and this video is very useful.
I got 10/10 on the quiz :D.

Profile photo of Ayshel Ayshel

Thanks Alex, you are a very smart teacher. I like following all your lessons.

Profile photo of Mubaraki Mubaraki

very useful lesson, thanks a lot, Alex

Profile photo of Oleg1983 Oleg1983

Thank you for your lesson. It was really cognitively.

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Profile photo of mazinsq mazinsq

Thanks Alex, I always learn a little bit more with the engvid team!! nice teacher!!!

Profile photo of anderson-weider anderson-weider

Very useful! Thanks Alex!

Profile photo of Alexey Goncharenko Alexey Goncharenko

Thanks Alex!
Could you do more lesson with more clothes, please!

Profile photo of betcheva23 betcheva23

thank you Alex, interesting video

Profile photo of rouak rouak

Great 10/10. Sir Alex, I was wondering if I might ask you a qustion about two words. let me explain presently: anyone; any one; everyone; every one, everybody; every body.
thank you kindly . h

Profile photo of Briklend Handersson Briklend Handersson

Got 10/10 but the problem is comes up when speaking or making conversation with someone else because it’s difficult to use these words quickly.

Profile photo of Mubaraki Mubaraki

The class very important!

Profile photo of Darlene Canani Darlene Canani

9/10, it caused by my fault. i did an inadvertent error in putting my answer.

Profile photo of imatrohimat imatrohimat

thanks sir Alex. I love EngVId

Profile photo of imatrohimat imatrohimat

Thank you Alex, you gave me confidence!

Profile photo of W.Y.Jang W.Y.Jang

Thank you.

Profile photo of pavanut2 pavanut2

thank you > it’s nice lesson

Profile photo of AnasAbuGaliha AnasAbuGaliha

Thank you Alex so much for your helping but I can not recognize my wrong answer. Tks.

Profile photo of hoangphuc hoangphuc

Tank you very Much mr Alex i got only 60/10 in the Quiz

Profile photo of arguig arguig

teacher Alex, I have learnt English for years, but I never had known these expressions talking about clothes. This lesson is so useful for us. Thank you very much, my teacher. My best wishes to you.

Profile photo of Chloe.Lee Chloe.Lee

9/10 this lesson is very useful because everyday we need to use these vocabularies.Thank you teacher Alex.

Profile photo of uness555 uness555

Thanks a lot for this lesson Alex ! It’s great !

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Profile photo of nicterry770828 nicterry770828

Thank you so much!!

Profile photo of juniyanti juniyanti

Thanks Alex

Profile photo of hugowu hugowu

Thank q very much Alex for you teaching.


it’s really nice test

Profile photo of kyubi kyubi

thank you

Profile photo of danyllodso danyllodso

thank you so much

Profile photo of nesvetaberry nesvetaberry

Thanks Alex for this wearing lesson!

I think Count Dracula and Lord Voldemort like popped collars the most.

Profile photo of Fabio Cicerre Fabio Cicerre

thanks Alex, it´s cool learning english on engvid, and your lessons are great!

Profile photo of henri henri

Thank a loạt Alex, I want to leanr english, i want to speaking fluently eng,

Profile photo of Nguyen van Thien Nguyen van Thien

thnx, it,s interesting

Profile photo of Gorgeous Awais Gorgeous Awais

No comment for the moment; but I would like to know how to download the videos.

Profile photo of mkaloga mkaloga

thanks teacher the question so hard
I got 80 score

Profile photo of ismailhamrah ismailhamrah

8/10 long live to the T-shirt, down with shirts, sleeves, buttons, cuffs, unfixed collars. Never roll up the sleeves to work, never work, go out, do nothing, it’s time to chill out with your most loved T-shirt, enjoy.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

Thank you teacher Alex! I got 9/10 :)

Profile photo of shiela12 shiela12

Thanks a lot! You explain very well!

Profile photo of Joice Madeiro Joice Madeiro

The spider is Steve! So cute! Thanks a lot! It’s a very interesting lesson!

Profile photo of Suca Suca

Thank You ALEX!

Profile photo of Raymond1954 Raymond1954

Now I can understand about collar, cuffs, roll up, roll down, button up, unbutton, pop…

Profile photo of tozikhoai tozikhoai

I’m a beginner at engVid and enjoyed your lesson, Alex.
Thank you very much.

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Profile photo of ammar abd elrahim ammar abd elrahim

thanks a lot!I am a beginner so sir please tell me some story books and novel that are worth reading.

Profile photo of shivam kumar shivam kumar

thank you, was a easy way to understand clothing vocabulary

Profile photo of dani65el dani65el

Thanks Alex!

Profile photo of adampham adampham

Thanks Alex! I’m new here and I’m learning a lot!

Profile photo of VanessaM VanessaM

Very useful! Thanks Alex!



Profile photo of faridun1 faridun1

Great lesson Alex!

Profile photo of Listark Listark

thnak you this is a really good way to learn vocabulary. Anytime i need to remember a word about clothing i will remember the image of this lesson.That hanging spider rings the bell, please continue to use funny toys:) Thanks a lot again.

Profile photo of suis suis

Thanks it was an amazing class ! Like always but i would like you give a new class about the differences between ¿things and stuff ? Please.

Profile photo of Jijack Jijack

hi, Alex. I want to know why “dress shirt” and not “dressing shirt”. thank you.Wonderful clases.

Profile photo of nachin52 nachin52

Thanks Alex!Really like it!Interesting,easy-learning and impressive!

Profile photo of Gaburious Gaburious

thanks!! super!!

Profile photo of gissele gissele

Thanks Alex

Profile photo of ricardorrn ricardorrn

8/10 that was good for me the test . thanks for you teacher

Profile photo of bans2014 bans2014

thanks techer alex really i like it this is very nice examing i got 100% thanks again

Profile photo of AadamS AadamS

Thank you …. excellent class !

Profile photo of fravagli fravagli

good lesseon sir, now i rolled up my sleeves to learn good english.

Profile photo of Rakesh000 Rakesh000

Thank you! Very useful!

Profile photo of Paulina Paulina

thanks a lot . we have to roll up our sleeves to learn more and quickly.

Profile photo of juventus champ juventus champ


Profile photo of habibov habibov

thanks :)

Profile photo of xuanhai xuanhai

you gave away all these explanation

Profile photo of bakhtiyar ali bakhtiyar ali

thanks a lot

Profile photo of melissyta melissyta

Alex, thank you very much! your lessons are so perfect!

Profile photo of Kuralay888 Kuralay888

it’s time i rollup my sleeves and get to work because your lesson sir is awesome ^^

Profile photo of hakoO hakoO

ty, 8/10 :D

Profile photo of karen melissa karen melissa

Thank you Mr Alex.

Profile photo of emian emian

thanks my teacher it’s my second lesson thanks for your best lesson

Profile photo of Sahane Sahane

thank you sir ..It’s a good starting

Profile photo of mohcen11 mohcen11

thank you Alex!

Profile photo of turalrahimli turalrahimli

I got 9/10 as i did’t anderstand this question “9. Lipstick on his __________ gave away his secret.”

Profile photo of Eman Samir Eman Samir


Profile photo of chescka111 chescka111

thanks mister Alex

Profile photo of Bessem Archi Bessem Archi

Thanks Alex,
IS that correct sentence?
Do Up your jacket Zipp!

Profile photo of Ramin M Ramin M

10/10 thanks

Profile photo of umyusr umyusr

I met him at ALI in Montreal. He is an excellent teacver; thanks to him I continue improving my English!!!

Profile photo of Jacqueline14 Jacqueline14

I got 8 marks out of 10

Profile photo of ibha ibha

Thank you very much. So useful lesson.

Profile photo of simba87 simba87

I do not have a t-shirt :( But I have a pants ;)

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Profile photo of hectorgastaminza hectorgastaminza

thanks! alex

Profile photo of giahan2015 giahan2015

Thank you very much Alex

Profile photo of AlessandroItaly AlessandroItaly

thank you Alex for this lesson

Profile photo of liamocas liamocas

Thank you sir Alex. This time i got 100 awesome isn’t it? I contemplate to answer all your lessons and videos on the best I can. I agreed what one of my fellow classmates said that English makes easy when you’re lecturing it. You are one of the best mentor.

Profile photo of saaduddin saaduddin

thank Alex

Profile photo of tranducquanueh tranducquanueh

Thanks alex I am really learning from your lessons

Profile photo of Hajer dz Hajer dz

thank you Alex

Profile photo of ismailenglish ismailenglish

Thank you Alex.

Profile photo of EnjoyEnglish EnjoyEnglish

thanks sir Alex i got 90 score

Profile photo of lien2016 lien2016

10\10 thals alot


Finally , i found you

Profile photo of Ughetta Ughetta

thanks! i got 9 in the quiz :)

Profile photo of mhace mhace

thanks alex! 80 /100 damn cuff jajaj

Profile photo of snow007 snow007

Sir, could you please explain the meaning of “SELF-DENIGRATION”? Here is the sentence
“the traditionally British trait of self-denigration”. I will be waiting for your reply eagerly.

Profile photo of Abb Abb

It was really interesting.

Profile photo of Abb Abb

Thank you Alex…….i’m 9/10

Profile photo of misacute misacute

Thank you Teacher.

Profile photo of raadali raadali

it was very interested

Profile photo of challenge41 challenge41

10/10 yaaaaaaaaaa

Profile photo of Aboela Aboela

Thanks Alex you teaching is more easy!!

Profile photo of smart ESL smart ESL

Hey Alex, you’ve left your spider!
Thank you for a simple and useful lesson. I like your lessons very much.

Profile photo of aynur1984 aynur1984

Nice teacher.

Profile photo of Riguio4570 Riguio4570

i get 8 out of 10

Profile photo of tasneemmohsen hamoda tasneemmohsen hamoda

Thank you so much 8/10 :)

Profile photo of SnowkillCz SnowkillCz

10/10. Thanks Alex-sensei. I like your teaching technique, it’s easy to understand and somewhat entertain :)

Profile photo of Irma Lukman Irma Lukman

great lesson tnx

Profile photo of birindar birindar

10/10 – live this lesson, like anyone from Alex.

Profile photo of tacagero tacagero

    love this lesson, sure

    Profile photo of tacagero tacagero


Profile photo of Sumandeep Sumandeep

Thanks, Alex

Profile photo of Luydmyla Luydmyla

thanks so much

Profile photo of Asmaa Ramzy Asmaa Ramzy

It’s an useful and necessary lesson! Thanks Alex!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

10/10 you are a great teacher! thanks a lot!

Profile photo of cuivre3 cuivre3

90 thank you :)

Profile photo of Stellla Stellla

Thank you so much Alex, I am following your lessons,greetings

Profile photo of Marta Lopez Marta Lopez

thanks. mr Alex

Profile photo of Nguyen Van Hau Nguyen Van Hau

Thanks alex, i got a perfect score again. Your lessosns are very well explained as always. Thanks again i’ve learned a lot again from you. Have a nice day always.

Profile photo of Ryan18 Ryan18

Thanks a lot Alex. Thumbs up :). What is about a dress and a skirt ? We are waiting for it.

Profile photo of Natalyzefir Natalyzefir

thanks a lot sir alex

Profile photo of poyys poyys

I love all of your lessons. Very easy to understand and I am excited because they’re very exciting. Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of namth4 namth4

With Alex, study English gets easier and fun.

Profile photo of Leandro Cleber Leandro Cleber

Thanks teacher Alex. You are so simple and funny. Your classes are awesome! Thank you so much!
I can understand all you say. and this is very important to me =)

Profile photo of Lihfju Lihfju

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Profile photo of PhAya PhAya

I got 10/10.
I am proud of myself.
I’ll keep going.

Profile photo of Young Kyung Lee Young Kyung Lee

10/10. can anyone here make me friend so we can talk in english?

Profile photo of faisal99 faisal99

    Hello faisal99!

    I would like to practice my English with a foreign student too. Do you have Skype or e-mail? If so, let me know it please, and I will answer you.

    See you later!

    Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

Hi Alex!

This lesson, in spite of being straightforward, is quite useful for our everyday life. Thanks!

I hope to watch more videos from you.

Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França


The lesson is useful but need to point out more details about those information carefully,.thanks a lot

Profile photo of sophiacl sophiacl

Hi, Alex, Thanks for this useful lesson….

Profile photo of chreey0314 chreey0314

Thank you .

Profile photo of Taimi Hsieh Taimi Hsieh

Amazing class thank you!!

Profile photo of Mayuyita Mayuyita


Profile photo of iskandar19750 iskandar19750

9/10. Thanks Alex.

Profile photo of souraich souraich

I got 9/10-:) and am very happy

Profile photo of Adwait Shiva Adwait Shiva

Plus, Steve is very cute and is probably strong.I would be happy if your ASSISTANT COMES IN ANOTHER VIDEO

Profile photo of Adwait Shiva Adwait Shiva

Wish you a happy new year Alex!

Profile photo of Adwait Shiva Adwait Shiva

I am your biggest fan! Happy new year to you Alex.

Profile photo of Adwait Shiva Adwait Shiva

Hi Alex!
This lesson, in spite of being straightforward, is quite useful for our everyday life. Thanks!
I hope to watch more videos from you.

Profile photo of Adwait Shiva Adwait Shiva

“Lipstick on his collar gave away his secret.”

Profile photo of Adwait Shiva Adwait Shiva

Thank you this is a really good way to learn vocabulary. Anytime I need to remember a word about clothing I will remember the image of this lesson.That hanging spider rings the bell, please continue to use funny toys:) Thanks a lot again.

Profile photo of Adwait Shiva Adwait Shiva

90 thank you :).

Profile photo of Adwait Shiva Adwait Shiva

I got 9/10. Thanks very much Alex!

Profile photo of robi75 robi75

Thanks Alex !

Profile photo of Danny Wang Danny Wang


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

Thanks a lot for this lesson……

Profile photo of Mundrika Prasad Mundrika Prasad

exciting lesson

Profile photo of haithem-badidou haithem-badidou

thanks so much. It’s easy to learn new word

Profile photo of Pham Hoang Minh Pham Hoang Minh

Thanks Alex. its very useful.

Profile photo of diyar majidiyan diyar majidiyan

Hi Alex ! I wish you a happy New Year! I´m again with you videos. What a nice lesson ! I´ve got 10/10.Thanks a lot!!!!!!!

Profile photo of Martitausa Martitausa

Thanks Alex! Great lesson!

Profile photo of Jonathas Wilhem Jonathas Wilhem

Thank you

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