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Hi Alex. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I got 19/20. Thanks again and stay safe :)

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    Me too!

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Hello Alex. It was interesting. It seems like I was first today here. :) Very long quiz :) I made only one mistake in question three. That’s why I need small clarification from you, if you don’t mind. My answer was : “How long has it been going?”. According to quiz it’s wrong. Is it so in informal english speech? I mean, was my answer totally (grammatically) wrong or not. I gave such answer because it seemed to me a similar like in the board: How have you been doing?. Anyway, I grateful to the project and to you personally for giving to all of us a possibility to learn foreign languages. I wish you all the best! Take care!

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    Vitaly – Your idea, “How long has it been going?” is reasonable. But it is not a phrase a native English speaker would say to greet someone. If someone said that to me, I would think they are talking about something like a speech or like rain (something that happens over time). If I walk out of my office into the rain, I can ask someone at the door, “How long has it been going?” They would know I am asking how long has it been raining. If I walk into the room, and my husband is watching the governor speak on TV, I can ask “How long has it been going?” and he knows I’m asking how long the governor has been talking. I hope this helps!

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I got 12/20 and make a lot mistakes, i will try better next time. Thank Alex

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I got 18/20

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Dear Alex,
It was excellent; but hard exam. Thank you anyway.

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it’s really usefel content. i have been learning so much with your videos. thanks once again Alex. you are awesome.

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Hello Alex,
thanks for the lesson – helpful as always!
But I have a question about it. What exactly is the difference between “a while” and “awhile”? Perhaps there is a lesson in engVid I can find the answer?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi everyone, hi Alex, what’s up!? Good to see ya again! Thanks for bring up one more useful lesson!
I enjoy the funny, enthusiastic way you teach.
How the expressions must be said, in the right time.
That is such a interesting thing to learn. Thank you! See ya!

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Thank you

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Thanks for interesting lesson. I know already the most part of this phrases, but get from this lesson many of new and useful information. And I’ve got 19 correct answers in a quiz.

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Hey Alex, it’s so great lesson thank you so much,

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Nice, i need more double time to learn more in english

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little bit hard, there is slang in it.

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I finally did it! :D

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Thank you for this wondereful lesson, Alex!!

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Thanks Alex, I learned a lot with this lesson!

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Love the freakin’ funny awkward pause :D :D :D so hilarious!

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Amazing, Alex! How are things? Suppose, everything is ok? By the way “Same old” is a good term. Tsk for this!

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Wow. This site is really great, thks guys

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I got 18/20

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how can i see the video? thanks!

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      Thanks a lot!

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i got 20/20 ezy

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hi alex thanks, I got 19/20.

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Thank you Alex! I thought I knew more but I really need to practice, however thanks to movies and to your class. I got 20/20

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thanks for all you do for us teacher!

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I got 11/20, too bad.

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14/20. Not a great grade but I’m happy because it’s a long class and a hard test. So I guess.

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thanks teacher

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hi Alex , is Grammar checker is real website? plz thanks

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hi Alex , is Grammar checker is real website? plz thanks

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Hai alex thanks for teaching


Even thou im english im not that good at it

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Thanks alex!

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I got 19/20. Thanks Alex for this helpful video. It helps me fell more confident when using English in my life.

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17/20 thanks almost better😆

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it was great, i got 95.thank you so much alex. and one more thing, how can I find a video for the suitable answer for greeting?!

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I got 11/20 😞😞

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Hi Alex! Thanks for bring up one more useful lesson!
I enjoy the way you teach.
Thank you! See ya!

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Well Understood Cool sir you doing great keep it up’

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İ got 20/20. Thank you very much

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