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I had fun in this class. Thanks so much Alex!

Henrique Alves

    I missed question 13. Could you explain?

    Brenda Carvalho


      “Did Laina come to the party?”
      The correct response is “Not as far as I know.”

      This is similar to saying “To the best of my knowledge, no.” In that regard, it’s not really like saying “I don’t know,” but is closer to saying “Based on my own knowledge and everything I have heard about the situation until this moment…no.”


    My pleasure! I’m glad you enjoyed it. :)


I got 15/20 for the only once listen, if i listen again sometimes maybe the result is better, although that i felt proud of that, I think don’t need remember every the answer means I don’t know, anyway thank Alex, I wait the next lesson of yours

nguyen van long

    Nice job! I always recommend that students try again after a couple of days. I’m glad you enjoyed this video, and I hope you will use some of these phrases in the future.


Hello, EngVid crew! If you enjoyed this lesson and want to get more English language resources, I now have a website: englishalex.com. Check it out! :)


    Nice webpage Alex!!Haven´t seen it yet!!Hope your project becomes very successful!!After a quick glance, I can say that the blog gathers very interesting entries.
    All the best with your private lessons, books, etc. and thank you for teaching us since 2009 ;)


      Thanks a lot! Looking forward to a new journey! :)


Thank you Alex, you are a great teacher! Congrats!


Thank you for your lesson. Its good job for me. I should learn speak English. I hope because of you.


i really enjoy the exercise very much. thank you

musa latjor

Rob, shut up!!We have no idea!!!We only know we love Alex’s lessons!!


Hi Alex,
My nephew has the same name as you.
Very difficult for me to remember all of these sentences, although some I already knew.
Thank for you work.


    It’s a good name! ;)

    It’s definitely tough to remember all of these sentences, but this video will always be here to remind you of them. Good luck with your studies!


My pleasure! Thanks for studying with me, musa!


Hi Alex! I’ve got 18/20. I learned something more from your helpful lesson.


    That’s great to hear! Good luck with all of your studies!


I got 18/20, #11 and #18 were wrong. Thanks Alex

Myriam Patricia

    That’s okay! That’s still really good! :) I hope you found the information useful!



pavan kumar chitikireddi

    Hello! :) I hope you have a great week!


Are you sure Alex is one of the best teachers you have?
I don’t know if he’s the best, but he’s definitely one of the best.
Thanks Alex.


Pretty good expression – “Have you googled it?”
Tsk Alex. I got 18 of 20. “ing” in 7 and 8 questions a little bit confusing me (Don’t asking me and not the best person to asking) .


hello Mr. Alex,

thank you very much for teaching us.

May i ask you for something? i hope that you make a continuous series of lessons about how to pronounce words that combined together like dunno. sometimes it’s difficult to understand these kinds of words in movies.

Aml Mounier

Thanks for the new lesson, Mr. Alex.
That lesson was not difficult, but very positive and useful.
And i’ve got 100 points in quiz ^_^ I have no idea, how i did it.


so much fun


Thanks for your lesson, Mr. Alex! Who is that Rob? I haven’t heard enough about him yet… but I think he has a lot of questions. :)

Alexander Almakaev

thanks for the great lesson Mr. alex i got 19/20 :)
godbless you and take care.


Due to your clear explanation, I got 20/20. Thanks a jillion Alex!


I got 20 correct out of 20. I’m kind of strong when I take a quiz, but I often forget the appropriate expression in reality. I hope I can use at least a few of the expressions I learned in this lesson. For example, “I have no idea.”, “Who knows?” or “Beats me.”

Insoo Yeo

You’re an excellent teacher. Thanks

Martha De Los Santos

Incredibly grace work!
I am enthusiastic about this theme. Don’t ask me why!
Now, I need to raise my skills to make questions grammatically right in speech.
Thanks a lot.


hi alex i would thanks alot and i would to speaking english and writing fluent can you advice me what can i do thanks alot

mohamed sabek

Thank you Alex. I got 20/20.

Sagara Moussa

Alex, hello everyone. Beats me. Is this quiz the longest on engvid? I haven’t seen longer quiz on Engvid. And believe me or not I solved quite a lot of them.
Alex. As far as I know you’re the best English teacher with Polish roots who I know.
It’s a big pleasure to learn with you.
As alwats all the best to everyone. Take care and stay healthy.

Bye :)


Thank you


From all corners of the earth, We love You ALEX..


Hi ALEX))) Thank you VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!


Thank you I love your classes. Im from Argentina

Ignacio Galfione7

My best teacher. thanks


Thank you for this exceptional lesson.However, I think to revise :to the best of my knowledge or to the the best of my (knowledges) which here I get in correct mark but I think there is some mistake here in the automarking system


Very fun




I loved your class, you’re great.Thank you very much ?.

Amjad Altahir

I got 16/20 . Thank you so much for this quiz.


I got 19, I missed the 13th question.
thank you a lot


    hi my brother am mohamed from palestin i wish talk with you to improve my language


I got a lot of these, thanks


I got 20/20 really happy, thank you for your all lessons it’s very helpful


I really learned something thank you very much


thanks i really learned for 20 20


Thanks sir.

Myat Htet Kyaw

95/100 I rock.




thank you Alex
it was amazing lesson !


Thank you Alex useful lesson

chahira abdin @ DAMAS


I was’t attentive with answer “I have no clue” :)

Alex, thanks a lot for this epiosode!!

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