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Thank you Benjamin, I got through 100. It was amazing lesson. Perfect

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Thank you, Benjamin. The explanation was clear crystal and, I feel more confident to talk about something that I´ve accomplished.

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Hi Benjamin,

thanks for your lesson.

I have a question.

Why is the noun deadline with no article ?

It is a countable noun and in all dictionaries, there is either definite or undefinifte article used.

Even in your spoken explanation you are saying and showing “a” deadline, but on the board is no article taken down. That a little bit confusing.

Thank you for your clarification.


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I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot today. Thank you Sir.

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i never ever have passed a week without study, so i’ve met the deadline of a week without learning english today, and im pleased to say that i havent stopped of see EngVid at least once a weeek!

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I got 9/10 and wrong at number 9, actually I don’t understand all sewn up. I will review this clip. Thank Benjamin

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I did my workt thoroughly but 6 and 10 was my fault. I surely will to put it to bed

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With hard work, I brought the idea to fruition.I got through the whole quiz from start to finish twice. Thank you Ben!

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Dear Benjamin, could you please make a video about legal English?

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i’v got a 70/100 :(

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Thank you very much

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thank you. i got 80/100

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That’s a lovely and helpful lesson, as always.
Thank you very much, indeed, Benjamin.
I didn’t miss anything in the quiz.

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