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Ihanks for a very good lesson, I have learned a lot :)

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Hello Benjamin .
Got 100 .
Am I the first to leave a comment ?
This is what you gain if you are not a couch potato , follow the engvid videos , and dangle a good mark as a carrot . To celebrate this I am going banana tonight . Maybe i will meet a peach and provided that I won’t bump into a bad apple .

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Lost . I haven’t been the first one

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    It’s not important to be the first one to leave a comment, but to be the first one to learn!

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      so true!

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I like your lesson alot.I always have energy when study with you.

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Thanks Mr Benjamin!! Your lessons are so fun!!!
Carry on teaching this way please, I couldn´t stop laughing XD

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Good lesson. Thank you. Your way of teaching is amazing.

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Very good lesson, guy!!

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Hi, Benjamin. Your teaching was great! You teach as if you were full of beans.

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“That’s my f***ing cart, that is!” Amazing self-censoring, Benjamin. Haha. Now I want to travel to Fulham one of these days just to hear the accent.

An enjoyable lesson!

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    hi alex im going to improve my english quickly.could you help me in this??how can i talk& chat with you?i want to enter your private

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      Hello Elnaz!
      My Telegram is: @rayandejavu
      Come to practice the English language with me.

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Thanks for the lesson, Benjamin. Youre a great teacher.
I got one question. A bad apple is just a person that you don’t want around you, maybe an annoying and/or disgusting person, or is it an evil person?

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    Hi camila. It’s a bad person in general.

    “Don’t hang out with Jason. He’s a bad apple and will have a bad influence on you.” Imagine a parent talking to a child in these sentences. :)

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      Ok, I got it now.
      Thanks, Alex. :)

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Very helpful your lesson your are the best teacher for me thanks a lot

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Thank you, very good lesson.

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thank you mr Benjamin

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really nice!!!
Thank you so much!

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interesting lesson. Really useful. Thank you.

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I’m realy suprised

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Thank you

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

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Very interesting :) THX :)

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Thanks a lot. Interesting !

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You never brush your hair :))))))))))))

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Thanks a lot, Benjamin
great lesson !

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After taking the test I went bananas. Thanks teacher Benjamin for this useful lesson.

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    We can help each other… bye

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That’s amazing!
Just heard yesterday “full of beans” and was wondering what does it means. Amazing accent Benjamin!

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Thank teacher

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thank you

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Thank you Benjamin

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So happy with engVid lessons !

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Except couch potato all other idioms are new to me. its really useful for me. thank u very much


I like your stunning accent indeed , Thankful I’m
…My Skype account name for practicing is:Anwar.aimefrance

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nice video,cute man

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That was fun! Thanks a lot!!!

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finally we’ve got a new video from you, and i have a question 2:57 you say “offer a reward” but write it without article, is this correct? thanks in advance.

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    The article should be used in this case. Offer a reward.

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      So he made a mistake when wrote without article, didn’t he?

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        He did, we all make mistakes, that’s natural.

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          too weird mistake for native speaker

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          If they are native English speakers, does it mean they are unerring? No. Human brain works on that way. This mistake you spotted is not one and only made by teachers here, I’ve spotted many others myself, and I’m quite aware of the fact they overlooked them accidentally. Like I said, it’s natural.

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Hi Benjamin! Learning idioms is something a like a lot. Nice lesson, thanks!

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It was a great combination – a lot of fun plus I have got some knowledge.
Thanks! :)

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Thank you! Very refreshing lesson!

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thanks, Benjamin for a great artistic, true fun lesson!

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Very funny these ‘fruits and vegetable’ idioms :)

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Thanks. Excellent lesson.

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Thanks Benjamin, let’s be cool as a cucumber to go bananas !!!

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Thanks for such an interesting lesson Benjamin! I’m impressed with the way of presenting Idioms.Looking forward for the next lesson.

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Thanks teacher Benjamin for this useful lesson.

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Fantastic lesson! You’re amazing, full of energy and it’s so sexy, hihi :) I really like it :)

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Got 10 out of 10. Hooray!!! I’m delighted right now. This was truly a great lesson as the rest of the other lesson here on Engvig. & All thanks go to Mr. Benjamine. God bless you.:)

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Thank you . that is really good class .

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ya it is very useful…hurrahh..i got 100..

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I feel full of beans, after watching your videos.
Thanks a lot!

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thanks. i like learning idioms,,,
when will we learn about “SLANG”
american slang, maybe!!

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Thanks for the lesson.

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Funny lesson… thanks..

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Thanks, Benjamin, for this fruit and veggie idiom lesson!

I don’t need to cherry pick lessons in EngVid, all of them seems very useful and didactic. However, I need to practice more the listening of the British accent or I’ll be in a pickle to understand all the speech of your f***cking lessons :-)

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thanks for the lesson, keep on

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Very easy test

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very useful lesson, thank you Mr Benjamin!

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I like your style! Thank you for your joyful lesson.

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100 ))) Thanks

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I like your lessons

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Nice, thanks a lot Mr Benjamin

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thanks very much !!! very interesting !!!!

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Benjamin, isn’t, ” spill the beans” an idiom also?

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Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for this lesson.

I was chating with an american and I used the expression “full of beans” but he couldn´t understood ecxatly what I was saying. He thought I was saying I was full of sh…* :S

Could you explain that to me? This is usefull only in UK?

Thank you.

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Thank you! I feel full of beans, after watching your videos!

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Thanks. I feel full of beans. Thumbs up!

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I always watch your videos because you teach in a fun way. Thank you!

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thank you very much

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10/10. Thanks to Benjamin

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why cant you be my school teacher?

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you’re the apple of my eye hahaha

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I pass the quizz easily, so I am satisfied. Thank you Benjamin.

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Once again, I’ve got 10/10. Thanks so much. Hope you stay heathy.

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8/10 – ^_^
I’ll watch this lesson again!
Thank you!

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Great lesson

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Yummy frooty idioms go bananas

Sir please advice me from where to begin I am new to this site in a effective way thank you sir

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9/10 thanks Benjamin

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Thank you for the lesson!

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Benjamin, you are my favourite teacher!

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Benjamin, you are my favourite teacher!
So funny, Always making several facial expressions, moving his arms. Everyone can understand him, even if they don’t speak fluently yet.

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why I can not solve the quiz?! in all lessons the next question does not come and I checked my net, it is well and I want to test my knowledge! I hope to help me thanks >

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I got 10/10!! Wonderful! Great lesson!! Thanks Benjamin!

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Very good lesson.
Thank you very much!

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THANKS a lot Ben. I got 9/10.
Well it was great lesson.

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You are so full of beans…

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Very interesting lesson.
You aren’t couch potato, you’re cherry pick every lessons.

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Thanks for this lesson!

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You are the apple of my eye

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Thank you Benjamin

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Thanks a million .

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