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Now Adam, I can relate to the Forrest Gump of English. I am learning everyday but the results are slow. Thank you.


i was the retired teacher, but I’m not Yoda
i can related to Charlie Brown,may be
best regards,Adam
greetings from Kazakhstan 14 Dec2o21:)


Charlie Brown and captain Ahab fight in my head when I study English. And I don’t know who will win. :) PS. I cannot to like here. Where did the possibility lose here?


    :) good luck lol

    Liking is YouTube.


    I’m impressed your lesson and quiz.


Hello, Adam!
Congratulation for your useful class!
Learn about fictional character help us to understand native english speakers.
Thank you, so much!!!
Take care!

Miguel Geronimo

    I’m impressed your lesson and quiz.


I think the phrase “Run Forrest Run” is worldwide used.
Nice film and great lesson Adam.
Thanks a lot!!!


Hi Adam, my students see me as a Yoda or Ahab, but they also say that when I play kahoot with them, I become a Darth Vader. Lol!
Thanks for the lesson.


Adam thanks a bunch for this wonderful lesson. I’d like to mention two other characters who perfectly fit in this list from my point of view. First character is a hard-working and kind-hearted girl Cinderella who achieved a great success and luck after years of unfair neglect and poverty. And the second character is well-known entrepreneur Scrooge McDuck. He is a symbol of frugality and greediness but in the same time he represents willpower, enterprise and affection for his family.

Zhanna Maltseva

    Nice additions Zhanna :)


je sais que j suis faible en anglais mais j fait mon efort pour alle plus louand

saad ax

How could I make a 100?! Wasn’t sure of three positions but here we are: 10 out of 10.
Thank you Adam, the lesson is really very helpful. Christmas greetings and best wishes from Russia!


Sorry, Adam, can I take your videos which are uploaded to Youtube to improve Uzbeks’ english skills? I meant to say I will going to translate your videos into another language, if you can allow me.


    Hi NurbekSapayev,

    I think you can add subtitles on YouTube. I’m not sure, but I’ll ask the Engvid team.


Hi guys,i need to friends to improved my English speaking,could we become friends on WhatsApp,

Julinos Rahmat

thank you so much i have never known this lesson before.


I think Tarzan is used worldwide. I remember that my professor in college called one of my graduation project team “Tarzan” because he has done nothing in the project. I didn’t get it till I watch the video now.
Thank you.


Thank you Sir, I am try to step by step to improve my English.

M Seng Seng

I am very happy to meet you .

Kassim Mohammed

    Likewise Kassim :)


Thanks everyone :)


I had 8/10
I confused between Yoda & Charlie Brown. There is thing that I can know the difference?

Double U

    Hi Double U,

    Yoda is much smarter :) and he’s green.


I’m impressed your lesson and quize.


Thanks a lot Mr. Adam.


Hi Adam. Great lesson! Tks!
I’ve heard once that Mickey Mouse can also be used for a person who is very good improvising, fixing things improvising tools, e.g. using double side tape to repair something else. Is that true?


Hello Adam! It’s an interesting lesson. I exercised with autistic children for about 5 years. And I was really good at this work, and I’m always thinking at that time about how this or that action can help a child overcome his disease. My concentration on it was too much and I didn’t think about routine things. That’s why some parents called me “Avatar”. It means I don’t focus on casual things too much and always think in ideal categories, and that’s why I seem perfect.



Adam, thanks a lot for this interesting episode!

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