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Hi, let me introduce and summarize, develop each perspective, and conclude like an expert that is my dream (joke). thanks Adam you speak clearly.


Thanks a lot.

wonna htay

Thanks Adam I really appreciate it.
My question is. What should I do you to have a good listening?

Robenson Belzi

    Hi Robenson,

    Listening is all about practice. The more you do, the more your ‘ear’ gets used to the sounds of words. Eventually you can start focusing on particular words.

    Ideally, find transcripts to things you listen to and follow along. It will get easier as you go.

    Hope this helps a little.


Hi….I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone else who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis? My whatsapp number is +8801812788727. Thank you. Rasho.


i got 7/10, I feel the lesson is hard but after rewatch i become understand better, thank Adam so much you’re a great teacher when you foundaded writtetop.com. I think it is very useful for us to train write English. Thank you

nguyen van long

Not interested in taking any test.
Always interested in listening to Adam´s lessons.
Thanks a lot ;)


Hi Adam, I’ve watched your videos which are really helping me in learning English language. You know that in your “sentence variety” video you mentioned about the dependent clause inside dependent clause that works with an independent clause. I wonder if you are going to make a video on embedded clauses as you mentioned in your video, How to add complexity to your writing.


    Hi Vafi,

    I am actually writing a book about clauses. Once that is doen, I will make a video course about it for YouTube. Check writetotop.com for updates. I hope to have it before summer.


      Hi Adam,

      Thanks a lot for the videos. You mentioned something about Eboook. From where can I access your Ebook. Thanks


Thank you for the lesson Adam. How can improve my reading speed?


    Hi MamadoumDiallo,

    Reading speed is about practice. Eventually you will be able to recognize the way a text is organized and this will help you get to ideas more quickly.

    Another point is grammar. Once you can read complex sentences and follow the ideas within it, the overall reading will speed us as well.

    Hope this helps a little.


Thank u ❤


    That is so kind 😊


Thank you


When I took the quiz, I scored 8 out of 10 but you scored me 7 out of 10


    Hi Goodmandesire,

    The scoring is automatic. Maybe it’s a technical issue. I’ll have a look.


I think I found the perfect site that will help me as English Teacher


Adam, thanks a lot!


I would like to take some private English classes with you
please let me know when do you have time.
Thank you


    Hi Nancy,

    Thank you for the vote of confidence, but I’m afraid I don’t do private lessons. I hope you can find someone to help you.


Good really appreciate

Grace Raphael

Thank you very much!it’s really helpful!!


Thank you everyone :)


    Hello, thanks for the video but in my case I have to pass an exam in a very short notice period , what can I do?


good video


8/10! These are good tips for English learning also.

Jerry Gu

Hi Adam. Thank you for your all lessons they are perfect. Can you make a video about the study plan for candidates who are going to get band 9.0 in the IELTS particularly in the writing section at least 8.0, please?


I got 10 out of 10😎


Thank you a million!


Thank you

Dereje Kenea

Hi Adam. Thanks : )

Chris Koch

Hi Adam I try to do more practice, but still I can’t understand a writing what can I do?


Thanks a lot, Adam. You are a great teacher. Your information on this subject helps me improve. I am thinking of taking this exam. But I have to work hard. Best wishes


Thank you, Adam!💜

Aung Naing Thant

I got 9/10. Thank you Adam.


Hello Adam,
This is Umber, I need help to improve my reading and writing skill for TOEFL test. Do you offer classes for TOEFL? Please let me know information about TOEFL prep course or small group or one to one tutoring.


hello Adam,
I am so much satisfied with your explanations. you use the language understandable for the majority of non English speakers. I came across this website all of a sudden while looking for some grammar exercises for my student and I feel I have already become an attached listener to your videos. great thanks from distant Georgia (republic) Adam.


Thanks a million Mr.Adam you are so understoodable and perfect teacher i do really like your explanation.thanks a lot


thank you so much Adam.
I want to pass a IELTS. I think I’ll succeed with your precious lessons.

Anne Marie Lazare

thank you for sharing


your exerted efforts are highly appreciated


How can I take the IELTS course with engvid?


Hi Adam,
I would like to ask if my daughter can ask for some private lessons (online) to successfully pass the IELTS at the 6-6.5 grade level? Also, she would check her English knowledge through the lessons.


Thanks so much Adam. I really enjoyed the session. 7/10 isnt bad but I hope to score higher in the next quiz(smiles).


Thank you Mr. Adam.


Thank you very much for your video!


Very helpful, thank you.


Thank you so much for your tips. it’s really helpful.

Chork Sreng

thank you Adam it is really very valuable. but i need to know, the best way i should prepare in a couple of month for ielts exam, it is really my first time.


Thanks a lot from a core of my heart teacher Adam for your tips and advices. They help me a lot to take a quick decision and start my TOEFL preparation.


Good advice Adem. I’ll try my best as you say.


hi i m glad because mr adam here and help me to achieve what would i need to succecc at Ieltes


Thanks a lot


Thx a lot Adam! Those tips are super useful.


Hi, I got 9/10.
Thanks Adam

Abo rabih

thank you teacher

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