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Hello sir. Sir in question no. 7 if “their heels” is not used in the sentence and I use “man up” will it be correct?

Sidhu verma

7/10.So hard to handle


Fantastic lesson! Could I also add ‘to hash out’ (as in to hash out some technical problem)?


6/10, the lesson is truly hard although i review again sometimes, anyway thank Adam and i will try next time

nguyen van long

Wow!! I can’t belive 8/10😜🤣😂


can you make video on this:-is to be,are to be,were to be,was to be,have to be,has to be,had to be,please


Adam,in video you talk about the meaning of eating too much about ‘dish in’, but İn quiz, you ask the meaning of fighting or never giving up about ‘dig in’ or another idiom: dig in ones heels, or i may have understood wrongly so i couldnt do that quesstion.


Im afraid to rat out that Adam is a good teacher, I try to man up, until i decided to farm out a teacher (joke), but water it down the english is easy to manage. 9/10


Thanks for great lesson!


4/10 .. I understood the meaning but I got confuse in answering the quiz.


9/10. Awesome class.

Felipe Sena

I wrote down all the principal ideas on this vocabulary after that I took the quiz writing down all questions so I’ve got 8 out of 10. Thanks a million!


That’s an interesting and hard lesson. I got 5/10!


Great lesson Adam!!!It´s worth watching it again tomorrow to remember all these new phrasal verbs ;)


Thank u . Phrasel verbs too hard to understand but this time i did it better.

Kalina Ariunbold

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Thank you.


8/10! Good! Adam’s lesson keep on a high level! I need to go over it one more time to remember all phrase verbs.

Jerry Gu

thank you very much Mr. Adam,

waiting for your next lesson

Aml Mounier

Thank you Adam.


This quiz is quite challenging. Got 8 out of 10. There’s always room for improverment as they say.


Hi! “Dig in” in number seven doesn’t seem to be what Adam explained in his video. There’s such a idiomatic expression “dig in one’s heels” which means “resist stubbornly; refuse to give in” and is quite close to the literal meaning of the phrasal verb. Please, correct me if I’m wrong.


Unfortunately, I am dissapointed because of the sentences too strong to success.You are able to give it as simply.And expression telling in your video is unsufficient.


We want to talk to someone in English as basically.Why do you prepare the lessons such as hardest situation.??? It doesn’t need to give hard as a result alot of people hope that in this site would be a like conversation club.


thanks Adam.

maryam azadi79
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