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09/10. Thank you Adam. It was such a knowledge boosting lesson.


Superb lesson! Thanks for it! Very interesting and useful to know :)
My congratulations to Canadian people :))
I wish I could be tomorrow in Canada and meet a weedologist haha


Nice work Adam! In Spain we have it decriminalized for years;)


Hello Adam… YOU ARE BACK! Pheww… very sorry but you looked kind of a bit tired in other VDOs before this. Of course you must be so exhausted considering what you have helped us recently. Now we know it is just different kinds of lighting?! Thank you so much for all the wonderful lessons. ;)


A common nickname for cannabis is _________.






Take a hit and also Hit the J’, spliff, blunt Doobie/// There’s a game called “chicago” (US) you and your friends make a circle, prepare a Joint, you must take a pull and hold it while the rest smokes and passes the joint on, when it come back to your hand you’re able to release the smoke, if you can’t hold it until it get back, you lose and have to get out of the circle. In Venezuela is called “Americano” . I learned it from a weedtuber (Silenced Hippie)


    Interesting game Manolo lol. Just keep safe :)


Can’t access the video from either this page or Youtube directly. Did you guys get shut down?


    It was a problem with YouTube! They seem to have fixed it now.

    engVid Moderator

Thank you Adam..9/10 so inspired to get me going. Watching & listening attentively with your videos. God bless 😊😉


Thanks Adam! Very interesting lesson and news.


Computer, mobile phone, social networking sites, apps and now marijuana…FREE for everybody.. The best way to controll new generations’brain!


    That’s one way to look at it, Byte. Or it may just be evolution. History will decide :)


      The price is too high! there could be no history!)


i saw a lesson related to this topic before i think it was by Ronnie , any way you did great in your lesson we appreciate it , by the way i got 9 out of 10

yasser Daoud

Thank you Adam ! If one day I visit Canada, I’ll try something new without danger because I can’t became addict at more than seventy years old.


    Hi Beernaard,

    As far as I understand, cannabis is not addictive. Better take baby steps anyway ;)


      The danger of the marijuana is not in addiction, but in distraction people, young people, from the creative life, from active life. Thay became “happy” and don’t need anything else.


Does anybody wanna chat in Skype?


Hi Adam
Where did you learn the names of these weeds!!?


    Hi Venus,

    It’s part of popular culture. It’s all around if you live in Canada, the US, many other places. Even just by watching movies you can learn about this.


thx adam, makes me know more about the cannabis


Say no to drugs!!
Thanks Adam ;)


My name’s Konstantin and i wanna practice english with you !!!
add me on skype “batl.1” let’s get in touch )


thanks i have learnt new words
ingest= eat
strain= feeling of being worried or nervous
recreational=for fun
inhale= breathe
legitimate = allowed by law
edible = suitable to eat


    Hi Mayar,

    Strain, in the context of plants, means variety or type. Glad you got some new words :)


      thanks dear


Thank, Adam. I would also like to ask a question.

“It can even happen within the same person, who is overweight but lacking in vital nutrients.” I saw this sentence on the news, but I don’t know why after ‘but’ here we need to use ‘lacking’ but not ‘lack’.


    By the way, I also don’t understand when we should put a comma before ‘but’ and when we should not.


      Sorry, one more question to go.
      Something is of no benefit. What kind of role does ‘of’ play here? I don’t understand.


        then can we just say sth has no benefit instead of sth is of no benefit? Do they mean the same thing?


    Hi Sophie,

    After but in the example you can use lacks (who is… but who lacks. lacking is a gerund and suggests: who is overweight but who is lacking …. either way, you need a parallel structure.

    There is no comma in this example because there is only one subject (who).

    is of no benefit: the of is possessive. (A woman of great intellect).

    Does this help?


Cannabis is gift from God. İt makes us to internal flight. I wish human knew it. All my respect to Canada. Salvation is herb. Also thank you so much. Love and Peace! :)


Great lesson, Adam. It makes me know more confident about travel to Canada, despite the fact that I am out of all kind of drugs including marijuana.


Thank you Adam. 10/10


Got a 50. Ugh. But I did the quiz again and got a 90.

A. N. Woof

Got a 50. Ugh. But I did the quiz again, got a 90.

A. N. Woof

Interesting. Thank you Adam.


Excelent. Very clear. Thanks.

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