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thanks james

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I love your sense of humor! <3 :-)

You're my best teacher!

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The chicken didn’t make it to the other side ..hahahah best Thanks

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    [The chicken didn’t make it to the other side]
    What’s that mean?
    I just don’t understand this joke.Can you tell me?

    Profile photo of steveChou steveChou

      That mean – chicken is dead and now it’s on plate – dinner :-p

      Profile photo of MartaR83 MartaR83

      Full joke sounds:
      — Why did the chicken cross the road?
      — Because it wants to get on the other side.

      Profile photo of AlessGryphon AlessGryphon

      steveChou, the chicken didn’t cross the road.It is dead. It was hit by a car.
      Now, that’s funny.

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thank you. its help me a lot

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Got it!

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Thank you James!
It’s very useful!

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Thanks a lot James

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This vid is really helpful for me. Thanks a lot!!!

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Thank you very much James! (I undestood the chicken joke, haha)

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Am gonna watch all of your videos) thanks a lot

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I dont know how it works but i always understand everything from you james . You are amazing teacher and if you would be my private teacher, i promise you that i would can speak like native speaker only for one year! :) im hard working guy

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Thank you James. I enjoyed the topic.

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Thank you.

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Thank you, James!!!

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Thanks, james. it is very useful for me.
Could you please give me some more exercise about schwa?

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thanks! whaddaya do for the next lesson? :)

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Thank you, for all your lessons.

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Got 90☺ Thanks james.

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I have earned 100/100!

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I got 80 thanks james.i’m so happy about it.

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Thanks Mr. James…..!!

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Thanks James!!!Nice lesson ;)

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I can’t resist to tell a joke about chicken:)

a:Which day of the week do chickens hate most?

Thanks for the lesson:)

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Thank you James for the lesson!

Profile photo of Anna Slukvina Anna Slukvina

Whaddayadoing here, James? I watch your videos of(t)en. I also love your pronunciation of bottle at the start here.

Also, LOL @ “FA-MY-LY?” (fam-lee)

Yep, lots of useful stuff here. Pay attention, students!

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    Nice comment, Alex! I reckon you’re the unique Engvid teacher who leaves comments to videos made by other teachers. I appreciate it because it express comradeship. Moreover, I like your own lessons too, of course. Take care!

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Thank you very much. Great lesson.

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Hello, everyone! My name is Rustam. I’m from Tajikistan, wanna be in touch with the one who wants to practice and to improve our lovely language (English)

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    Hi Rustam, I’m also looking for one to one listens, maybe we can practice together once or twice a week?

    Profile photo of wael.hakam wael.hakam

      Hello people!

      I also love interacting with foreigners to practice English, especially on Skype, where I participate of several groups.

      Have you ever heard about Speakng24? That’s a helpful website to find international partners to speak English. I really recommend it. It’s free and you don’t have to create an account to use it. I will send you the link.


      You can find me there on the weekends.

      Regards from Brazil!

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thank you.. that video helped me a lot :)

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Whaddya mean native?
Oh!Yes, I know!
Thanks, James.

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80 % :-)
Thank you :-)
Thank you James for the lesson!

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Thanks james

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Thanks so much! We love your sense of humour ! So relaxed to watch your videos!

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Tnx for this lecture

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Hi guys,
Could you help me with my convisiation. I want to speake in english very wekl, because it’s neccesary to my job.

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thanks po :)from philippines :)

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My quiz got correctly, thank you.

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thanks James ;)

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Help me
How can I download this lesson

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    Sorry, you can only watch our lessons on YouTube.

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thank you.. that video helped me a lot

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You are the best.

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i enjoyed this lesson so much. thanks a bunch james :)
but i wanna discuss something.if you don’t mind. it was really easy to undestand if I learn it from you. but, as we know some native has a different accent, and sometimes some of them not speak as clearly as yours, sometimes i totally had no idea of what their talking about.. so how we (actually for me) to deal with it?

ps : i’m sorry for all of the grammar mistakes, :’)

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Thanks! Poor Chiken

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thank you you help me

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haha funny teacher. Waddaya want?

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How I can speak English

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thank you

Profile photo of Etienne1997@ Etienne1997@

Thank you Bro

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nice video James :)

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Thanks Jame.How can i continuous this lesson?

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learn and fun

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Thanks James!!!!

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Thanks James!

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Thanks :)

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Hi teacher James ILove this work congratulations

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cool thanks so much from China

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thanks a lot jemas

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really useful, thanks James!

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good lesson. Thank you

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I often see “wyd” on twitter. What does it mean? What does it stand for?

Profile photo of Astri Astri

    It stands for “what [are] you doing?”

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Thanks you James
This video is very usefull

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This lessons are funny :) Thank u James!!!

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i’m uzbek. How to understand Couse and Becouse words into sentence. I can’t

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Great lesson! Thanks. See if you like this joke:
It’s a “knock-knock’ kind of joke,okay?
– ” Knock-knock”
– ” Who’s there?’
-” Nobody”.
– ” Nobody, who?”
– “………. (complete silence). Got it?

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

thank you.

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Thanks James i get 100…

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I got 10/10 in this exam…your lesson helps me a lot…

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Great lesson James! Sorry about the chicken ;)

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The best :D Thanks Sensei :D

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Great lesson

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Thanks I loved your lesson and it was a informative lecture.
I like that chicken joke really that was a cool joke and I will tell this joke to my friends for fun.

Profile photo of Prashant2000 Prashant2000

It’s cool! James, thx))

Profile photo of IraIra94 IraIra94

Thank You! You really have talent to teach. I understand all your lessons.By the way, is Waddya not Waddaya, right!?

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Thx James, Waddya need? Like or Money? XD

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Thanks james

Profile photo of Tika Riskika Tika Riskika

Thanks James

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I got 100% for this test. Hey

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Thanks James. It’s very useful. I want help. Any one from eng vid make a conversation with me daily through social media. So that I feel difference in my learning

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thank you for all th efforts you do to help us
i have learnt alot from you .

Profile photo of fatijar1 fatijar1

Interesting lesson, James. In my opinion, this is a natural process which happens in any language: we try to speak the faster we can, and we “sacrifice” (drop) some letters and syllables.

Due to that, we have so many different languages in the world. The tongues change all the time, endlessly. What a nice liguistic topic!! I love this website!

Until next time!

Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

Thanks a lot for this lesson. We can say “whatcha” instead of “what are you”(a lesson from Ms. Ronnie). Is there any differences between “whatcha” and “whaddya” or we can use both of them in any situations?
whatcha gonna do?
whaddya gonna do?

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Thanks Jemis

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Thanks Jemis. l like you teacher

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Thanks James from South Korea!

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Thanks James👏👏 I got 10/10 ✌

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hey! thank you very much! 10/10) ur classes so funny and interesting! you’re my favorute teacher!

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Very useful lecture, thanks a lot!

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