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2 tell u the truth asking questions was one of my problems during the time I’ve learnt English,but bit by bit I can feel my improvement.
Good point was ur topic.

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    hi i wana be friend with u RAMTIN



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Hi there, me again. this short lesson was enjoyable, at the end of the lesson I was smiling so hard. thanks Jon 4 made my day dude.


i´m learning too.


Thanks teacher. The lesson was interesting because i try to make all those question to you , I felt like if i were in a real conversation. Now i think i need more questions.

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Thanks for you time! Nice class!!!



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Yes, thank you for the lesson. :)


Hi john
Once again you are the master.
Samir Montréal


Thanks a lot :) please teach us more about asking questions , it’s really a very important topic !! We need mooore i always listen to your lessons ,you are such a great teacher ,the best one


yup actual was awesome lesson.. ı got it. keep it up my man. all the best..

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THnaks..very nice lesson indeed!
I killed the test!

Shing Mang Tun

Shing Mang Tun

hi jon,
this lesson was very good.i really liked your way to teach.great job
jon can you tell me about the use of word “back” in english for instance give back, at the back , back off etc. these and many other expression are quiet confusing


Merci beaucoup


Thanks, Jon. I really loved this lesson. I was about to suggest Engvid to make a video about it because this is my favorite exercise to practise English. The other day I asked an American friend to do exactly the same exercise with me: he gave me some answers and I had to elaborate the proper questions to his answers. It was a little bit difficult, but very productive because asking questions force us to think in English. Thanks again. Please keep on using your great creativity! ;-)

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Hi I would like to know if ielts test is required for forein students to study English (biginners English)in a UK college, I mean is it required in order to get visa.




from pakistan


thanks lot. ur jumping style is nice and the lesson also.

Osman Ghani

Tthaks,but I am a suprise at 2nd question.
many thanks hemn


Thank you for the good job. How can i get exams to test for beginners writing.

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hey thanks 4 lesson sir !…can i give a suggestion?….
pls make a part 2 of this lesson which covers little more advanced questions which helps in keep conversation going.

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    Yeah. I support the comment above: please make “What’s the Question – Part. 2”! :-)

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Thank you for your efforts!!

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I liked!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

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Thank you for the lesson ;-)

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Nice. Keep them coming



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Tks Jon about this lesson.My quiz isn’t 100% but I tried. God blesses. Lily from Brazil

Lily Diaz

hi Mr, John

I like your way of teaching I would like to know if you could teach us how to read a Map direction

I would let you know some of us never bee to school early
thats why it help to touch lot of topic.

thank you



i like it so much .. .


thank you very much i enjoyed listen to you.


Thanks so much (:

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Very good! thanks a lot!

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Thanks its really helpful.



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Very nice, thank you Jon.

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I was very confident that i will get 4 score… hahahaha! just realized i was not reading the question properly particularly no.2! hehheheheheh

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okaayy…thanksa alot teacher.:]

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thanks, jon ,you are very good , i am learning a lot , this is my first class.

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thanks, realy helpful. This is just first. I liked.


wow!!!! very good,,, you made my mind works. thanks Jon,,,,

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    yes good idea but please change your photo………

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It’s really interesting.


hi;thanx alot but iwant to learn how to speak english fluantly


thank you so much for very nice way to teaching, I really like the all of “engvid” group way of the teachers and I’m very very glad with your nice style and go a hed don’t give up and God plase yours.

Khamis Bodah

Hi , it was very help ful lesson thanks Jon ,I wish the best fur you in your marriage :)

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waw johan great lesson did you teach us but i need about the special place for using the word being and been i have alot problem with these two words even i cant slang with my friend becz the use of these two word are realy important



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There is something new in the way you presented your lesson.
You make the viewers THINK in English,which is ignored by most of the teachers.
In fact, engVid teachers are good at making us THINK in English.Keep it up improving more and more effectively.
I would like to have your comments on THINKING ENGLISH.

With Best Wishes,

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very good, thank u

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I only understand a little English. I’m from Brazil. The Portuguese’s song are very different. I study in mu home, alone. I think that I’m writing totaly wrong. Someone understand me?

Jefferson Reis

great job. thanks again.

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thank u it was very interesting and really helpful and I also tried to make those questions and I’d like to do it again but with other questions and thanks again.


Thanks a lot! it was great!

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thanks ….it’s nice

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I want to improve spoken english by speaking, if anyone comes to help me pls add my skype id najajh in ur list.tnx

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ididn’t get my answer from you Ronnie.

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nice very nice..good job


thanx alot from iraq


Hello, Jon! It’s a very nice lesson. But definitely not for beginners! It takes a lot of effort to understand all that you say. I even tried to switch on Google-subtitles but the machine couldn’t recognise some of your words. It’s a pity. I feel frusrated … Anyway, thank you!


hello. i want do pratic. do it want speak with me ? but i want messanger


    hello all,
    l want to inprove my english, it is the first time l open this site, can you suggere any thing for me,


hi how are you all freinds it,s frist time to open this webside i think it.s good for me to continue i,m so hapy realy to get teacher so that thank you


this is my first time.Very good sight.You are great people to share the knowledge.Thanks so much.


thanks for lesson Mr.jon

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ahmad K.S.A.

Hi jon! Thanks for this lesson.
In the last question I told: Do you have any son? …but I think the right answer was No/Yes I do… Is it correct? I know there is a lesson on this topic …I will search for it… Happy Easter to everyone! Stefano!

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this one is very boring lesson from you i didn’t like it and it difficult to understand :-/


Dear sir,
somebody asking me .
mr.john is there ?
what i give a answer to him.

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i’m working in a construction office.
i’m studying in telugu medium school.

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i need some office communication videos. pls send to me my e mail

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exellent lesson and good teacher!
Thanks a lot





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Thanks allot, Mr,Jon. i am very satisfy the way of your teaching.i suggest you pleas to teach us teacher interview,what is the type of questions and how we give the answer.


I think the second question in the test is wrong.
It is not “Are you happy?”


i really loved this lesson
thank you very much :)

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yes i clear all questions………….

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thank u this is one of my Problems




i want to speak english………:( but howwww???


    you can

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      and you speaking

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4/4 without seeing your video yet …thanks you’re a great help for us.


Hi Teacher,Jon, I agree to your reason. It’s not easy to make a question. You make a great advice. My listening is quite bad, so what I do first is I must try to understand what you are saying if I understand when listening. To me, your pronunciation is very helpful like Rebecca’s. Many thanks for your great advice.

Samrid Komkhum

Hi Jon! What’s your favorite book?

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Thanks for today’s lesson. I am glad you like Haruki Murakami.

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good job jon
take care

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thnx jon but i want to ask one question nd question is my ansr of 2nd question did not ri8 y ?


Thanks a lot please after your lesson write you web or acces point on the slate


Which question does not fit with the answer: No, I haven’t.

a) Have you ever been to Italy?
b) Have you ever ridden a horse?
c) Have you found your shoe yet?
d) Are you happy?

please give me the answer for above question. Because I feel (a) is the right answer. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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    Hint: what’s the question that doesn’t have the verb “have” in it?

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thanks jon.


thanks jon,I’m so happy to whrite to y.thank y so much


i understand this lesson very well so thanks Jon


thank u very much

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Thank you


Hi Teacher,Jon, I agree to your reason. It’s not easy to make a question. You make a great advice. My listening is quite bad, so what I do first is I must try to understand what you are saying if I understand when listening. To me, your pronunciation is very helpful like Rebecca’s. Many thanks for your great advice.

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Which question does not fit with the answer: No, I haven’t.
Have you ever been to Italy?
Have you ever ridden a horse?
Have you found your shoe yet?
Are you happy?

I am not clear why answer is 4th not 3rd. Please explain.



I have reread question again.
All clear. I thought fit instead of not fit. All good.



Question keeps the conversation alive.


Thanks a lot!

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I was unaware of the tricky number two question so I failed it. But honestly, its a very interesting lesson. I enjoyed it! Besides, something has been bordering me GREAT JON…you look ugly in your picture profile so change it because you are a handsome man.

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    dkwg4j, you are absolutely right in your last sentence

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Thanks for the video,it’s a beneficial one!
I took the quiz and my 2nd answer is wrong because I read the question carelessly:)

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thank you


I really enjoy when I watch your lessons. Thanks.

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hi, i am very happy as i got 4 out of 4.i really want to appreciate your method of teaching.


good video every body appreciate this programme the grace of the sky fallen to you




hi, today you can’t see the videos,


please, someone can tell methat this happened


thank you soooooooooo much:D

Linh Nguyen

nice class!!

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Thank you. It was a nice class.

I appreciated your effort.


really enjoyed and very usefull

p v john

How to over come the stage fear ?.

p v john

thank u Jon!i love u lessons

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I really like so much the lessons, and I’d like to have someone native speaker for conversations.

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thanks a lot.

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Dear Jon,
You are great, very good.

Michelle F.

hello teacher, Whay do you answer “no, i haven’t” in the second question? i don’t undertand that part. i thought that “are you happy?” is answered with “no, i am not”. Thankz for your excelent class.



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thank’s jhon,,, i like this lesson.


Great lesson, Thank you very much!!!

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Thanks for this useful video. Asking questions is always hard for my ESL students.


it was so useful for me


Thank you very much!

Mariella Parra

I^ve understood your english accent. I learning this lesson.
thank you.


yeah!! i got 4 out of 4 your lesson always make me happy i’m enjoying to show your video^^

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Thank you ..form south korea


Awesome ! :D

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Thanks for your lesson ,Jon.
From now on , I feel confident to make a good conservation. My family has four people but three of us ,me and my two sons ,like to learn English . Sometimes
We talk in English .The children really admire you .Thanks again .


Hello, Dec.15 2012
My name is Susan, a retired grandmother for long years. Your EngVid program is a great lesson. I am still interested learning and studying English. You gave me a 100 mark on this question. Thank you Jon.
Talk to you soon.
Have a good day!


Thanks Jon…it was a little to easy for me ;-))

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Thanks a lot Jon, it was my first lesson with engVid; I really need to awake and improve my english. Hope to work with you many other times.
from France


Thanks for your lesson


thank u engvid family……….tank u very much



Aravind kumar

Thank you John. I like your videos.


Thanks Jon .. pls I need more qestion skills.

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At the second ex. I chosen the third but answer was wrong. Isn’t it?


Thank you very much




Thank you. :)

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yeahhhh,,, thanks,,,,this lesson make me easy understand,,,,,best greetings jhon,,, ^_^

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Thanks a lot

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i stopped watch after 2 minute because your hand speech more than your mouth … that’s dispersion of attention .. sorry I felt so

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Thank you jon . I like your lassen

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Hi, Jon, great lesson as always!

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Hi.My name is Milad .I am english teacher

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Thanks Jon!

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all of these questions are interesting. your video make me more confident in my grammar

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Thanks got 75%.

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Thanks Jon! I got 75% :)

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    Good Ho, i want learn english together if you don’t mind

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Thank you very much teacher Jon …I would like to get more explanation about the question number 2.as fare as I was taught that the answer must be as same as the tense of the question ..’Are you Happy? No,I am not ..No as you answered ‘No I haven’t

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Hi Jon, thank you very much for your useful lesson,

My friends in engvid, do you want to improve your speaking skills, please add me on skype!


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Hi Mr.Jon. Thanks for lessons. I am from Azerbaijan and I am learning English, When I watch your video

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someone to practice?

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Good lesson!! I thought the last question was about if you have kids =D, thank you

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This lesson is great! I got 100%. Thanks Jon. :)

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I got 4/4 , Thank you M. Jon for the lesson

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hi! sirI have got 7,5 in the quiz idon’t understand the 2sd question you can say:are you happy? and answer with no.ihav n’t i ever saw this answer

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Thank you Jon, thank you very much

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I am confused about the answer of question no two.May be there is a problem in the answer sheet of problem no two.thank you for this essential English topic.

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Thank you. 4/4

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Thanks you so much.

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Thank you Jon.You are a very interesting teacher. All subjects about what you teach are always exciting.

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Thanks a lot! Very useful lesson

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Thanks ,that’s good

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thank you

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wawwwwwwwww um happy so much , thanks

Profile photo of Engy khalil Engy khalil

thank you teacher.

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Thank you Jon

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Thank you Jon

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Thank you jon

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Hi John this subject fits me well and I can’t believe it is…wonderfuI. I want to study with you if you have spare time.

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Thank you Mr. Jon!

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100!!!!I can’t believe it.

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