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thanks its a good method to learn English


it’s really hard to explain these but you did it great, congratulations!!!! But what is the difference between Ph.D and M.D.
I gratuated from Medical University. few years later I defense thesis an now I am Ph.D , but am I a M.D.yet??

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    I agree with protanya…
    Jon is great… he made it very simple for learners.

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    Hi there,
    Spaeking of degrees,u were M.D. n u passed it b4 coming 2 PH.D, now u r(have)PH.D
    U know,it relates 2 the time,(past n preset),u had but u have.
    Hope u got,
    Have a good 1!

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It was great!Thank you,jon.


thanl u alot


Thanks, so easy

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You forgot the M.Sc. degree (Master of Science)


I agree with protanya…
Jon is great… he made it very simple for learners.

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B sure!We enjoyed it!!

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I did’nt understanded


I did not understand the diference between undergraduate and graduate??

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grduate equal to PhD and master degree.
Undergraduate diploma is the bachelor degree.

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Hi Jon ,
What does LL stand for In these abbreviations LL.B.,LL.M.,LL.D.?


    It just stands 4 ” law “,nothing else!(LLM:master of laws)…

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really interesting

Vandeir Ribeiro

It’s difficult lesson

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Hi there!
Most Russian after graduation get so-called “Specialist” degree. It’s higher than bachelor (because lasts at least 5 years) but lower than PhD (Russian PhD is also differ – its name “Candidate of science”).

So what kind of short form for science “specialist” is appropriate?


It was great!Thank you,jon.

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thanks a lot

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thank you very much for your teaching me by mail.


hi thank


Very interesting. Thank you

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we appreciate that my teacher John

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Thanks for the lesson.

Adi Tyogunawan

thank yoooooooooooooou its brilliant

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Thank you, very useful!


thanks a lot ..




I’ll be a BS in 3 years.

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Thanks. What is the appropriate name for after Ph.D.?

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    i’m not sure but i think that there is no degree After PHD In Asia. That’s why im not sure about north america.


I don’t get it. betweenPh.D and M.D; I think that M.D is high than Ph.d;right? please;someone explain me?

Sontra Hay

good information thanks a lot my teacher jon more power to you


i am an industrial engineer. İsn’t there any short term for my job.

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thank you teacher, i have question:) give me short term of electrical engineering please :)

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Thank u very much
Really fabulous teacher
I’ve a small question, from 5:20 to 5:23 Did U say’ I misses that’??!

We’ve also M Ed ( master of Education) & EDD.


Its Very Very Good Way To Teach English !!
Thanks For Your Efforts


This lesson enhances my understanding


You didn’t say about MS


thank you so much teacher Jon :)


This is a good lesson. Thanks!


One mistake!

Jaweed Amini

thank you so much for your explanation but i want to ask you for PhD (DOCTOR of PHILOSOPHY OR FOR ALL SPECIALISTS;we can used: others domain than philosophy i’m confused here because here in morocco we use it for doctorat(PhD)en general not especially just for philosophy ;
and thank you in advance.


Oh!! 7 out of 8

Igor Brazil

Sorry jon, but you didn’t explain what meant LLB, you said law. And in the quiz the right answer is the latim name. Also in the quiz appears in the last question the last answer something you haven’t mentioned.
To me it wasn’t clear if the bachelar was a degree you do AFTER college or it is college itself?
A sugestion, why don’t you right eerything in the board before start the class, so you don’t make that awfull noise and odn’t waist time? Other teacher do that and it seems to work . But i think you are a great teacher. Thanks.

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7 correct..
What does LL.B. stand for?

Legal Language Bachelor
Legum Baccalaureus (Latin)
Legumes, Lentils, and Broccoli
Laws, Laws, and Blahs
Lower Lawyer Bachelor

You need to explain it more, please…..

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    Good I also want to know about that question.

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    The Bachelor of Laws (Latin: Legum Baccalaureus) or LL.B. is an undergraduate, or bachelor, degree in law (or a first professional degree in law, depending on jurisdiction) originating in England and offered in most common law Jurisdictions. [1] In English-speaking Canada it is sometimes referred to as a post-graduate degree because previous university education is usually required for admission. The “LL.” of the abbreviation for the degree is from the genitive plural legum (of lex, law). Creating an abbreviation for a plural, especially from Latin, is often done by doubling the first letter (e.g. “pp” for “pages”), thus “LL.B.” stands for Legum Baccalaureus in Latin. It is sometimes erroneously called “Bachelor of Legal Letters” to account for the double “L”.

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good job

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Thank you so much Jon. It was a very interesting lesson.


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Thank you

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Thanks a lot Jon! Good lesson!

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i got 8.8/10 thanks alot

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Thanks I got 88%. Kindly explain about LL B

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So much important lesson… pretty thanks for you Jon

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7/8 Legum Baccalaureus (Latin)(((((

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It’s important,thank you.

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Hi Jonh! I liked it the lesson!! Great! Thanks! :)

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Good class, thanks

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I got 75 %. Thanks. I am confuse,and sure have a question. How about someone has finished 4 years in University but not Master or PHD and Bachelor is just 3 years in his country, how could we call it, DEGREE,GRADUATE DEGREE,University Diploma ..?

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interesting lesson!

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your lession so grate, it is so helpfull, thank you!

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Thanks Jon. I got 6 out of 8

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Really nice lesson!

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A quick way of learing english

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Many thanks for your attractive lessons.

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Thank you Jon! great lesson!
Let me ask you .. When did you come to Brazil

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hi there burger here

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Hello. There is the question in your quiz about ‘Bachelor’ and the answer is ‘a first-level degree that usually TAKE 3 or 4 years to complete’. Is the word’s form correct?
Thak you for your lessons.

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I was enthusiastic about it.

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Hi Jon! Very amusing lesson and questions, thank you very much.

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Thank you Teacher Jon!!…Great lesson, greetings!

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