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I feel under the weather means:

Where did passengers or sailors go when they felt seasick?

Shelter is a place you go:

Passengers are people who:

What does nauseous mean?

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Thursday, August 9th 2012

thanks a lot for this lesson. it’s very easy for understand. a quiz is easy too. 5 of 5 :)

Thursday, August 9th 2012

The best site to teach the English language. Thank you

Thursday, August 9th 2012

Really usefull, thanks and congratulations.

Thursday, August 9th 2012

Thank you. I feel palpitated for my new life!

Thursday, August 9th 2012

Shelter is a place you go?
A) to protect yourself against a girlfriend.


Thursday, August 9th 2012

Passengers are people who, FART.

Today’s questions and anwers were very funnyyy. thanks Jon for making me laugh.

Thursday, August 9th 2012

Hey Jon I love your classes. But now I have this doubt about a word that is said in a TV serie really famous in USA and it`s used to ask for something(I mean that they want something)For example there is a last bottle of beer in the fridge and someone says this word and has the right to take it. I don`t know if you get it I hope so And hope an answer thank you

Thursday, August 9th 2012

    The word you’re looking for is “dibs”, from How I Met Your Mother. You can also say “I call dibs”.

    (Around here, when it’s the reverse situation — say, nobody wants to wash the dishes — you silently put your finger on the end of your nose. Other people will notice and also touch their noses. The last person to do it would have to wash the dishes. It’s called noes goes.)

    Monday, August 13th 2012

I have a question
in this sentence says “are in vehicles, but not the drivers”
i wonder if it’s right to say “are in vehicles, but are not the drivers”

Thursday, August 9th 2012

    you are repeating the word “Are” in a sentence.

    Monday, April 27th 2015

Thanks for much teacher!
What an amazing lesson!
I’m looking forward to having more lessons from you. They’re really useful.
Keep up the good work and take care.

Thursday, August 9th 2012


Thursday, August 9th 2012

llll out of lllll !

Friday, August 10th 2012

Awesome dude

Friday, August 10th 2012

How nice and clever presentation!!! Thank you:)

Friday, August 10th 2012


Friday, August 10th 2012

thank u! Today I understand meaning of ” under the sea “

Friday, August 10th 2012

It’s good ideal to learn english from IT. It is usefulness. I will follow your lession to develop my english lession.Thank you for your kindness.

Friday, August 10th 2012


Friday, August 10th 2012

What a great lesson! Thanks for making this video!

Friday, August 10th 2012

A very good sense of humor! making learn fun!!! Thanks.

Friday, August 10th 2012

jon i thank for this video it’s really a gd video

Friday, August 10th 2012


Friday, August 10th 2012

hello, I would like to know, under what license is your content released?

Friday, August 10th 2012

hi, Jon. this lesson is really important. i must confess that i didn’t know this idiom under the weather, but now i know. and i have to tell you that, today, i’m not feeling under the weather. i’m pretty fine, thanks God. i enjoyed this lesson a lot. thanks.

Friday, August 10th 2012

Great lesson! And yeah, sometimes I have to protect myself in a shelter against people as well.

Friday, August 10th 2012

Hi Jon! You were so persuasive that now I myself feel seasick!!! :/

Good lesson, I enjoyed it! :)

Friday, August 10th 2012

Going Great :)

Friday, August 10th 2012

Thank you so much for everything you’re doing for us. I wish you the best of luck and success.

Friday, August 10th 2012

thanks so much sir for this lesson i really like it and i learn some new words from it.thank you again

Friday, August 10th 2012

thanks a lot i liked your Pronouncing..it’s easy for me as a beginner

Friday, August 10th 2012

You’re an amazing professor and I am enjoying the classes immensely.


Friday, August 10th 2012

it is really amaizing thak

Friday, August 10th 2012

This is very nice. New way to me learn new word “under the weather”.I well use this technique to improve my communication skill.

Saturday, August 11th 2012

thank you my friend keep it up may god help to share whats helpful for peaple

Saturday, August 11th 2012

Hi there,
I wanna know what’s the meaning by the sentence bellow?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
….Put ur hand where ur mouth is!….

Saturday, August 11th 2012

Thanks a lot, this is a great way to learn idiom. I hope you’ll do it regularly, no just you John, but all team of EngVid. Thank you again.

Saturday, August 11th 2012

I’m Thai ! I try to learn English .
I love your lesson , it’s cool ! .
thank you so much :))

Sunday, August 12th 2012

i am very happy to find this site which make me learn more and i would like to tank good teacher and their kind and friendly manner
best regards

Sunday, August 12th 2012

good teachers

Sunday, August 12th 2012

Why I can´t see the videos? I would like to see them, but I can´t. Please, help me. I registered today but I don´t know what is happening. Thanks.

Sunday, August 12th 2012

Thanks a lot, GOD bless you

Sunday, August 12th 2012

It’s a nice lesson . keep like this

Sunday, August 12th 2012

Hi Jon, Thanks for teaching us. Great presentations. I like the way you teach.

Sunday, August 12th 2012

Thanks for sharing. I don’t feel under the weather

Monday, August 13th 2012


Monday, August 13th 2012

That’s awesome!

Monday, August 13th 2012

I love the way you explained it! it is awesome, keep on going.. thank you

Monday, August 13th 2012

Hey body is great i need listening more english… to learn

Monday, August 13th 2012

I like it this is a good video

Monday, August 13th 2012

i did not understand but i want to learn

Monday, August 13th 2012

Thank you teacher. Awesome! Have nice day. Lily duaz from Brazil

Monday, August 13th 2012

thanks john. just a little bit feeling nauseous.

Monday, August 13th 2012

I love it

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

Thanks! This is good video and useful. I hope you can keep up.

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

Thank you Jon

Thursday, August 16th 2012

Many thanks for your great teaching!!

Thursday, August 16th 2012

a lesson is very fruitful to get to know the real meaning of the word and its not just aesthetic or bookish.thank you teacher!!!!well done….

Friday, August 17th 2012

It’s great :)

Saturday, August 18th 2012

Thank you for the lesson

Saturday, August 18th 2012

Thanks Sir!

Friday, August 24th 2012

really good road for learning … I’m appreciative it Jon

Friday, August 24th 2012

After have seen this lesson, I think that I feel under the weather. ;) Thanks!

Friday, August 24th 2012

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    Tuesday, February 5th 2013

Grateful for this lessons! After have seen some videos of this site, i believe that may learn english more easily!

Friday, August 24th 2012

thank u for your lesson. it’s great

Saturday, August 25th 2012

it was a great lesson …learned the meaning for under the weather …but as sometimes there are also some foreigners who do watch engvid it might be difficult for them to understand clearly …i mean so it could be much better if u do insert subtitles so it could be more easier..thanks waiting for reply

Friday, August 31st 2012

Thank you for the lesson.I like it this is a good video.

Tuesday, September 4th 2012

wanderful, THanx.

Tuesday, September 4th 2012

brilliant website! first time in my life I found something so useful and because I have very good picture memory I remember how to spell/write and know the meaning of the words after the lesson! love you guys:) Keep doing it! you are saving lots of stresfull days of people who trying to find out a easy way to finally remember what you have learned:) Thank you soooooo much!!!

Friday, September 7th 2012

thank you so much for this lesson , good suggestion,good idea and very nice teacher. djaloul=ALGERIA=.

Wednesday, September 12th 2012

great, fantastic video, this lessons are very good for me

Friday, September 14th 2012

thanks sir

Sunday, September 16th 2012

Before discovering engvid I was under the weather every time I had to speak in English. Thanks for the lesson.

Monday, September 17th 2012

really really The best site to teach the English language. Thank you

Monday, September 17th 2012

Excellent ! Thank you for help. This course is verry good !

Wednesday, September 19th 2012

hello Dear Teachers,
you just put me on heaven just by the fact I discover (www.engvid.com)
what kind of advice you can give me to download these video english lessons to have themwith me. very very very interesting and useful both for a student and a teacher too.
thanks a lot.
engvid is the web site I have met in my life as a teacher. long life for you all.

Mbaye thiané DRAMÉ
English teacher

Friday, September 28th 2012

thank u alot mr.jon you are good teacher, may you insert the story in the link under every lesson, i want read it.,,, thank yoooou again

Friday, October 5th 2012

Thans Jon,Your teaching was a wonderful and useful for me.God bless you for your time .have a nice day.

Friday, October 19th 2012

    Sorry …. Thanks Jon .

    Friday, October 19th 2012

Thank you so much,,,

Thursday, October 25th 2012

Thank you for the lesson, teacher. I will use it during my next English lesson. I hope my students will be very happy about it.

Sunday, November 4th 2012

Thank you very much, greetings :D

Tuesday, November 20th 2012

Thank you Jon, Useful lesson

Friday, November 23rd 2012


Tuesday, December 11th 2012

This is the best website ever. Thanks guys.

Tuesday, December 11th 2012

it’s great

Sunday, December 16th 2012

i got 100 marks thank u

Wednesday, December 26th 2012


Thursday, January 10th 2013


very Useful lesson thank you

Saturday, January 19th 2013

thank you very much
i like your pronunciation

Friday, January 25th 2013

5 correct out of 5 – Thomas from Poland thx

Saturday, February 16th 2013

its a good lesson, with the action,good looks

Sunday, February 17th 2013

“to protect yourself against a girlfriend”–>:-)
this is really good lesson.


Wednesday, February 20th 2013

Thank you,teacher Jon for your time

Thursday, February 28th 2013

Oh no, i’ve had 0 correct.

Sunday, March 3rd 2013

great!!! nice lesson!!

Tuesday, March 5th 2013

Again a nice lesson. A suggestion : You could do more lessons like that : Vocabulary then a story. It’s a good concept of lesson.

Wednesday, March 6th 2013

I give u two thumbs up.

Sunday, March 24th 2013

tnx. brilliant

Friday, March 29th 2013

nice thanks my teacher

Sunday, June 9th 2013

Thank you and i wish to all friends have a nice trip.

Thursday, June 13th 2013

    sorry…have a nice voyage

    Thursday, June 13th 2013

Thank u for this lesson teacher

Wednesday, June 19th 2013

Hi Jon. thanks for this great lesson. i liked it:D

Monday, June 24th 2013

thank you jon….

Saturday, August 24th 2013

Useful video, i learn one word is vomit

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Sunday, October 20th 2013


Friday, November 1st 2013

Good lesson.

Monday, November 4th 2013

I like you very much!!!!

Tuesday, November 12th 2013

I love you so much …. Jon …. your teaching skills are great and easy to remember …. Thanks

Monday, December 9th 2013

I got 5 correct out of 5
so glad to find out this site
I love this lesson and I love you teacher <3

Tuesday, December 10th 2013

Firstly, the lesson presented in this topic was very good. I didn’t know that ‘under the weather’ means feel sick. Other words like sway and shelter entered to my vocabulary right now. Good explanation. Congratulations!

Friday, December 20th 2013

    I might go on the Ship as a Passenger because I don’t fear Swaying. And when it begins to rain I’ll cover myself under the Shelter because standing on the Deck might cause me to feel Seasick and Nauseous; and no matter how Rough the seas is which causes Rocking Motion, but I’ll be Aboard for the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup

    Tudo de bom para 2014 copa do mundo!

    Wednesday, January 8th 2014

Thank you Jon!
100%!!! Who’s next??

Wednesday, January 8th 2014


Saturday, January 18th 2014

thank u so much it is really fantastic

Wednesday, January 22nd 2014

I really enjoyed it. Thank U.

Tuesday, January 28th 2014

Thanks I got 100%.

Saturday, February 8th 2014

I’m so happy, I got 100%! :)))

Tuesday, March 4th 2014

I hope it continue.

Friday, March 14th 2014

I loved this site, I’m learning a lot, thanks: D

Monday, March 17th 2014

I really liked this comprehension exercise and the teacher´s methodology is great, he did mimes and explained perfectly.

Thursday, May 1st 2014

I liked… but I need to study more and more.

Sunday, August 3rd 2014

Great! :) I loved the lesson!! very good Jonh! thanks!!! :)

Monday, August 11th 2014

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Friday, August 22nd 2014

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    Monday, March 30th 2015

I’m new on your site… Sincerely thanks for all !

Friday, August 29th 2014

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Wednesday, September 17th 2014

I’m really satisfied with all the lessons given.It is better to add my vocabulary of English so far. thank you very much.

Thursday, October 16th 2014

Before I don’t understand about formal and informal sentence now I quite understand about it.

Thursday, October 16th 2014

thanx alot

Thursday, October 30th 2014

Thanks a million …
really amusing video
and so useful
I have learned well

Saturday, November 15th 2014

It was very helpful :)

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very good

Thursday, December 18th 2014

It’s good lesson but in our exam in college have a lot of meaning we can’t to understand it so what we can do

Friday, December 26th 2014

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Saturday, December 27th 2014

Very good. Thanks Jon for this lesson

Monday, January 12th 2015

Easy comprehesion

Tuesday, February 17th 2015

Thank you so much

Monday, March 16th 2015

Amazing, site, class and everything.
Thanks and God bless you!!

Monday, March 30th 2015

100 5 correct :D \o/

Monday, April 13th 2015

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Thanks Jon for this helpful lesson :)

Tuesday, April 21st 2015

this is the result of the Quiz

Thursday, May 21st 2015

It was amazing that I could understand almost all that the teacher said. (I got 5/5!) Thanks for that lesson. I’ll see a lot of videos in this website.

Wednesday, May 27th 2015

I like so much

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It was very good ‘m learning Much thanks for everything

Thursday, June 18th 2015

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Well done!

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Thank you

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thanks jon the topic is very well

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Very nice.

Thursday, November 12th 2015

My First day and study 12/14/2015 at 13:55 hr

Monday, December 14th 2015

The lesson is like theatrical. It’s very good for people who want to improve me like. Thank you

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Wednesday, January 6th 2016

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Monday, September 11th 2017

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Wednesday, November 29th 2017

I got 5 out of 5.

Excellent explanation and great specific vocabulary.

Thank you, Jon. Good work.

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