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I’m believed the first one or early bird to comment .TIPs is required by law even the service is very poor?

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I got 7 correct out of 10. I also think No.8 question’s answer is incorrect. Your worm waiter is cute :)
Thank you, James.

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I solved 10 Question correct .give me 8 only correct !!

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#8 the answer is wrong, isn´t food to homeless, is like a pack

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I got 8. Not bad for a beginner.

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    come on !

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That was a great class, James! Your classes are always fun. I had so much trouble with tips in the U.S! I never knew the proper way of paying them… leaving them on the table? Paying them to the cashier? I was giggling here when you talked about leaving coins. A friend of mine told me that it was rude. I didn’t know.

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Would you like have some appetizer, Mr.James? That draw of waiter looks so funny, XD

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Prix Fixe : a free meal for homeless people????!!!
Fix that please, teacher James!!! Your lesson is so helpful!! I really enjoyed learning about useful vocabulary for restaurants!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!

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Very good lesson thank dear sir JAMES!

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Hello sir,Actually you didn’t do only a lesson;other than that,you made our hungry.Thank you for your lesson.Good luck!

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I really like this kind of your lessons.
Basic Vocabulary for Shopping for example, I have spent 2 weeks to watch it since its released day. Hopefully James teacher will submit more videos like these.

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excellent …..

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“What does is mean to “substitute” something in a meal?” This Q Can i use “does is” together? i ain’t clear about this. Thanks

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you are just amazing
u r great guys :)

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This time I got 9 correct out of 10. I improved! Ya~y :D
Thank you, James and Mr. E(cute name).

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    I got 8 correct out of 10

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really funny teacher,,and you drew the waiter looks like a snake LOL

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Thank you for lesson , really useful words and sentences. Can I say ‘idioms’ in this context ? Have a good day !

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Yeah, it must be a programming error with prix fixe.

Now, I know that as a sophisticated english man that you are, you would not end your meal with dessert and coffee, but with a table of cheeses and some brandy instead. I’ve been a waiter in central London time ago and I also know about tipping habits. Brits are not the worst, germans spanish, italians ……. not tipping culture.
Nice lesson mate, well done.

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    what??? i dont know what kind of spanish you are talking about but in Andalucia everybody gives tips!!!well maybe not 20% but anyways we tip!!!!

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Thanks Jame for teaching.I got 8 correct out of 10.I think you made mistake about No.8 questaion’s answer.prix fixe is appetizer(starter),main course,dessert all together for one price.

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The question №8 is incorrect…
Thank you,the lesson is really interesting and useful!

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Hello James, thanks for your time to teach us English. For me, you talk a little bit fast. thanks again

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Hi cuong ta! I agree about 8th question . However it’s a great lesson! James is always so much fun! :)

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Hi James, I am an American ELS teacher currently working in China. Loved this lesson (and several others!As teachers we sometimes struggle with fresh and creative ways to present material or breath life into tired lessons. Thanks for waking up my inner artist and providing a fresh perspective!

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    hi,where at you staying ?

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What does is mean to “substitute” something in a meal?
*** Hello Engvid there’s a typo mistake in this question. It’s not “is”, should be “it”.

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    Thanks! Fixed.

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Hi guys,
I got 9 out of 10, but I’m sure that the answer for the question below is wrong. The answer should be ” A special where you get your appetizer, main course, and dessert all included for one price.”, and not ” A free meal given to homeless people.”
What is “prix fixe”?

* French food with special prix sauce.
* A special where you get your appetizer, main course, and dessert all included for one price.
* A free meal given to homeless people.

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    Hi lisa28,

    I also got 9 out of 10,becouse of this Question.
    so,it is becouse of mistake in their database.

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    Sorry, fixed now.

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You’re cute, James and I love Mr.E.

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Good lesson.What makes Engvid is, they teach uptodate english.I am done with eating out now and so is everyone else.Appetizer or stater is new to make so is party of.Catch of the day is not exceptional.Thanks James.We should eat out while you have time,James and the bills is on me

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    correction.(stater is new to me) and also(what makes Engvid special is)

    Profile photo of Waligaa wax baro Waligaa wax baro

thank you so much :)

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Hi, Mr. James, I like your way of teaching and thanks alot for these valuable information, by the way I’m from Saudi Arabia and we would like you to visit us one day to have our special dessert in the middle of the desert. :)

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cool, Thanks James

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Thanks James

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If you go to Mac Donald,and order a combo#3 and you tell the sale person,you want to order #3 prix fixe and I think they understand what you are talking about.

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Hi, James. I got 100 points!, after that I read the comments of my classmates about the eight question, then I write a 100 on my record!. Hahahaha A funny class with a fun teacher!.

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Dear James. Thanks a lot for this video.
I went with my wife to a Chinese restaurant in Jakarta. After we asked for the bill, we checked the bill. I saw all the food we ate and to my surprise I saw one of the food described as ‘kitchen food’. (I made a photo of it).
So could you maybe tell me what is kitchen food? Otherwise, I am very curious where the other food we ate had been prepared…

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    I’m not sure, but maybe it’s a kind of normal, but good, food, made with everyday products which are used on the everyday cook.

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good lesson..thank you

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it is very nice keep it

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Question 8 is mistake, but this lesson was excelent.

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Hi James. Very useful lesson. It would be interesting that “prix fixe” be “a free meal for homeless people”! LOL.
You’re a great teacher, and maybe you already know what I’m gonna write, I guess it’ll help you remind: phonetically, “prix fixe” in French sounds “/pRi/ /fiks/. When “fixe” is an adjective, it sounds “/fiks/”, and when it is the past participle of the verb “fixer”, it sounds “/fikse/”. Thank you et bonne continuation :)

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great points about an useful knowledge!
Thank you

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Hey it was great lesson. thank you
i like your way in teaching. keep it up man.

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Nice James! You’re wonderful.

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Thanks James.but I think NO.8 is wrong.

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That class was wonderful.

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Thank you James, I got 8/10!!!

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Yes, I think there is an error in the #8 answer, but I agree, it is a a great lesson.

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thanks alot

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Hi James. I hope you are happy and healthy.
Really you are good teacher with an awesome taste in teaching process, and you did a good role as a waiter in a restaurant that is funny.

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Thank you very much

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I got 10 correct out of 10, I liked it..

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Love it. Many thanks….

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Thank you James, good lesson! I got 10 correct out of 10 :P

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Thank you teacher ..

That was a useful lesson :)

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thank you teacher
i have 8/10 in quiz
that was useful and Explanation it was easy

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thank you teacher

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Excellent and useful lesson,James! Thank you and congratulations for this great performance of yours…

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thanks you sir

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nice lesson

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JAMES! thanks for the lesson :D

Could you or another teacher explain the difference between “may” and “might”? please :D

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Thanks to my teacher james and i,m very happy that i have got correct ten out of ten

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Wow, I’m quite good as a bigginer:)

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James, and your snake with tie

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Perfect teacher, perfect lesson and very helpful information.

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Nice one, thanks!

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10/10 I am very hungry……

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Thank you for lesson , really useful

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i got appetizer 10/10, let’s start directly with the main course. :)

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Thanks……Enjoyed …..

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how is really called “a free meal for homeless people?

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I got 10 correct out of 10.

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Thanks always!

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Thank you James

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Thanks a lot . I got 10 . Nice lesson.

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Thanks for this lesson , I got 10/10

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Mr.James, thanks a lot. I got 9 out of 10. Its nice

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THANKS JAMES. that will be help full. :D

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thank you so much :)

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Thanks you , I got 9/10

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Thanks for your excellent explanation but a bit fast for young learners. I got 6 of 10. Let try more…

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Thanks to you.Ii have got 10. I’ll repeat this lesson again .

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thanks a lot. i got 9

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my peace upon to you my great teacher James
thnx for lesson

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I got 9 correct out of 10.

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I got 10 correct out of 10.

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Hi James,

thank you for your lesson.

How many percent of the bill must be added if tax is not included?

Appropriate tip should be 10-20 % of the bill before tax of after?

British people don´t give tips only in North America of also in Britain? :-)

Thank you


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This is useful ,,, thank you tech.

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Hey James you are really funny to teach .I love you.

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good video,very useful for begginner to go to a restaurant.

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Yesssssss. I got 10/10 ,, thanks

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Hop, 100%

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Thank i got 8/10 i happy

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wow nice

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what is the difference between after doing something and after having done something

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Thank you for this lesson.
I’m sure it’d be very helpful in the restaurant but I also want to know how to answer or speak in the position of a guest!
Please add a new video about this with Mr.E :)

Thank you very much in advance!! hahaha

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:( I got 6…so sad

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Good class James!! TKS.

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Hello James, I’m new in the engvid and I liked very much your class
I went to USA one year ago and in the beggining that I was there I had some difficulties at the restaurants…

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thanks so much . i got 10/10

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Hi James I am learning a lot .

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    Hi. It’s very good that you learn a lot! Best regards.

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But u never ans to my question why???????????

Profile photo of amarpreet amarpreet

Infact nobody ans why is this so ????? Because I am from India I guess. U give more prefrence to other country students…………

Profile photo of amarpreet amarpreet

I got 8 correct :) Not bad :), this is first time i do online course

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you should speak just a little bit slower while you’re explainin some expressions or giving examples,,Thanks

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All correct! pretty good.

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hey James:
first of — your style is amazing!! just love it.
Even after few years in Canada now, I still find this site very, very useful — kudos to the whole team!

Now, to my question — it’s rather about site design, but I’d appreciate if you can answer — is there a way to track the lessons which one took? I find it rather inconvenient to scan through the whole list of video, and filter out the titles that I’ve already seen.

Search feature is great, but it doesn’t tell you whether you reviewed this video before or not.

Appreciate your comments.
Thanks so much for all you guys do!!!

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    It’s one of the features we’d love to have when it’s time for a new site redesign!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

    Hi engvidion!. I was thinking the same thing…. I’m watching all the videos in order to learn as much as possible. But as you said, it’s a bit difficult to scan the lessons every time. So I give myself a “rule”, I chose the first teacher (Adam) on the list and I started watching all his beginners videos, then I continued with the following teacher and so on. Now I’m watching James’s beginners videos. The next is Jon. By the way , I hope to finish all beginners videos by the end of January…. I took my FCE last 2nd December. If I had started earlier by watching Engvid , I guess I could have a better mark. However I’ll get my mark in a few days. Right now I’m preparing my CAE wich I hope to take in a year….

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      *I gave…
      *by watching all his…
      correcting myself….

      Profile photo of Perlamar Perlamar

thank you

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i got 10 out of 10!

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Thanks James! I loved your class!

Profile photo of Tvantinha Tvantinha

Oh, I forgot to ask a question in the comment above. What is ” entree”? Is it the same of “starter” Thank you!

Profile photo of Tvantinha Tvantinha

    An entree is a main dish! Entrees have more food and are more expensive than starters.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator


      Profile photo of Tvantinha Tvantinha

tks u very much

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I solved only 6 of 10 >> so sad

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I got 8 out of 10

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Thank you so much.

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Cool love it! 100% great teacher

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great teacher.. hope to learn more from you… although he speaks fast but not too fast, maybe i’m just too slow… hehehhe Thanks!

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great teacher.. hope to learn more from you… although he speaks fast but not too fast, maybe i’m just too slow… hehehhe Thanks! by the way i got 10.

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good video for beginner.. :)

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Nice video
Excellent teacher
On my first fist to USA ,I don’t know that they are need the Tips
The Barber was doing excellent work for me during hair cut and shaving,after he has finished with me I site down waiting for my friend that I have put him in BIG trouble be cues I don’t pay the tips.the Barber was very rude to my friend.the Good thing he knows the Tips rule and paid even he was not served Good

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thankx for the lesson.

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Nice Video! I got 9/10 :)

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It’s was really funny. Thanks, always something new to learn.

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80 %

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Many thanks James
Your teach was interesting , and like seem that way
I got on 100% for first time in the quiz

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A very useful video. I like it so much. Thanks.

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that was great james…
i really like it because no bill no tax and i don’t give tips in here..LOL

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Thanks James, very useful video, the subtitles are very practical ;)

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120% hard working :D

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Thank you James,I like the way tou teach, I got 10/10.

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By the way ,you can leave the tip if you want ,who see “Reservoir Dogs” is gonne understand what am talking about.

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i got 9

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thanks sir james
I got 9 out of 10

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Got 10 out of 10 for the quiz thanks for the basic english vocabulary video very funny haha! Thanks very much!!! =)

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You are a good teacher Mr.James

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WOoW your way in eaching is so great , I like it. thanks a lot

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Thank you James.

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i realy love yours videos James ,thank you

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Hey James, your lessons are amazing! I’ll to Paris next week and I’m so proud because I got 100% in this quiz! I love your videos! Thank you so much :D

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Thanks James I got 10/10

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thnk u james

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Hey James, I like your lesson. it’s useful for me.

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It Costs Nothing To Say Thank . thank James for de lesson.

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Love You, man ! :))

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Thank you for great lesson, I got 9 out of 10, it was very interesting and useful!

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i got 90, i’m happy but sad for that 10 scores hahahaha thanks mr. James <3

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I got 10 out of 10! isn’t that great for a beginner? awesome job Sir James!

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You lesson is wonderful. I love it.

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thanks mr james

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“you got 10“ Very good lesson! it`s easy to understand!

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i got 10/10 <3

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it was a great lessons, thanks Mr James

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    it’s was a great lesson , good job Mr james

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I got 9, thanks James teacher :)

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useful .thanks

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Hi James i got 8/10 . Is funny …thanks.

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Mr. James, I had some difficulties in restaurants, but now with this lesson it’s so clear! Thanks a lot & keep up the excellent work!

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Mr.James! It’s such a pleasure to watch your videos! Thank you!

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this lesson was very useful.thank you Mr.James

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I Got 10 questions is correct!
James is great!

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Hi Engvid staff, I’d like to know if you’ve received my donation.I made a donation using my Paypal. I see supporters have a little heart beside the icon. I don’t have this little heart. Maybe it takes some time to Paypal o let you know…

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I gave the donation on 16th december 2014

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Thank you James for being a great teacher!

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Thanks James. U are cool.
To everybody, I wanna improve my E, so can u add me? my email is tranglu142@gmail.com . if you can search me on Fb : tranglu142@gmail.com.
thank u very much.

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thanks i got 90

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Ten On Ten Oh Yeeah Thankx A lot James , E , and EngVid :D

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this is great! thankyou james. you’re funny. absolutely funny. i never get bored while watching your videos. thankyou, i learned a lot today.

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10/10 – James you are so funny and a great teacher. Tank you for the lesson :)

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Thank you James. Very good and useful lesson.

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i got correct out 9 of 10. i still confuse with catch of the day.. why that’s meaning fish ? any way i will repeat the engvid.. thanks james

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got it.. catch of the day..fresh fish

Profile photo of ihsan78 ihsan78

I got 10/10 to start!

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Beautiful James,I liked it so much that I wanna see it again and again.Thanks so much.

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good awsome

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i got 9 correct, just forgot whats catch of the day mean

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Nice one i got 100 you know why because i work before in Hardee’s restaurant so most of the words were familiar to me…thanks Sir James

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Thanks dude ! :D

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Thanks James your lecture was very useful and I enjoy your teaching method. John

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Thanks James you are my favorite teacher

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Yay i got 10/10

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Very useful lesson. Thank you, James! Your acting ability is great. You have to become an actor you know. ^_^

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10/10 thanks….

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10/10/ good lesson, thanks!

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thanks your lesson. I’ve got 10/10.

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thank you James. I really enjoy your classes

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I got 9/10

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I got 10 out of 10.I love the way you represnt your material in very funny and lively manner.Your pictures are great.I will show your video my students next time.Best wishes from Ukraine!!!

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Dear James,
Thanks a lot for motivating me and being my vitamin C in the mornings.
I’d love to visit your lessons if that’s possible. I’m moving to Canada and was wondering if you give some lectures for advanced learners or even for ESL teachers.
Thanks for the greatest opportunity to know such a Teacher who ecame my icon-to-follow.
BTW you and Mr. E are my students’ favourites.

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Thanks teacher.James
I got 8/10 :”)
It is really useful for us who learning English.
That was a great class .
I learn a lots ,Thx again~

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10/10 great

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thank you so much your lesson is very interesting

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I have 9/10, it was very good and excellent lesson


    Many thanks for this, useful and very happy :)

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I got 100 per cent. Thank you, James!

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very very very useful! THANK YOU VERY MUCH TEACHER.

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Mr.James-super teacher! Always in a good mood and funny)))

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I got nine the question of catch of the day is alittle bit confusing for me but it was nice
the mr james

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Before taking the quiz i want to thank you Mr.James for this amazing lesson.We always learn from you.

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This is the first engVid video i watched, and I got 10! Though I have no oppotunity to use English in my daily life in Japan.
Thanks to James, you make it easy to understand :D

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the fish of the day made me lose 1 of 10 ;) any way 9 is not bad =D

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It is really difficult to order the food in McDonald as a native speaker, so could you give us a presentation for fast food?

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I got 10 out of 10. I feel great! Thank you James. you are the best. Have a happy life!!!

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thanks a lot .
saudi arabia not desert . it is heaven :)
I want practice English with people online
like Telegram or whatsApp
any person would theat i waiting reply him .

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Thank you sir. James

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I didn’t understand what does mean sides?

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I’ve got 90! great lesson and very useful.

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I have got 90! Thank you James

Profile photo of predator10 predator10

as good as every other lesson

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

It’s a Great class. Congrats!!

Profile photo of Rinaldopessoa Rinaldopessoa

Thanks Mr James. It’s funny.

Profile photo of Phunghuong Phunghuong

You got 8 correct out of 10.


Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

i got 10, thanks buddy

Profile photo of Yacine BRINIS Yacine BRINIS

I’m a waitress,for the first time l got 10😆😆😆😆,yuppi👍👍👍👍thanks teacher.

Profile photo of Vanleaticia07 Vanleaticia07

Thanks I got 100

Profile photo of Prashant2000 Prashant2000

Got 10/10 …And thanks it was full of information and fun. I enjoyed it, and want to ask is it compulsory to gave 10-20 % of what you eat as TIP.

Profile photo of imranrb imranrb


Profile photo of Belisiario Belisiario

Thanks tearcher teaching!

Profile photo of cindychow1998 cindychow1998

Thanks James, you’re such a funny guy, love your lessons, and easy to understand~

Profile photo of lamjiedong lamjiedong

Thanks! I got 10

Profile photo of kabouch kabouch

Great lesson. Love it. So much fun and a lot of new things. Thank you, James

Profile photo of Bogori Bogori

Oh my gosh…this teacher is awesome…I got 100 points.

Profile photo of ElliottGuardigli ElliottGuardigli

Well, I´ve got 10 of 10. And I am not a very good student. So, I hve to say that the teacher is amazing.

Profile photo of miro323i miro323i

I got 7 out 10 thank you Teacher

Profile photo of Jerry Hardy Jerry Hardy

Yay!!! I got ten out of ten! Thank you, teacher James! That was a very useful lesson!

Profile photo of Marcella2019 Marcella2019

l really love this lesson
It is really useful!!

Profile photo of ruochi171 ruochi171

nice, I got 9/10. thanks, Teacher James! that was a good lesson

Profile photo of Nadiarta wayan Nadiarta wayan

Very nice

Profile photo of Gurunathan Gurunathan

I got 10/10. thanks so much for teaching lessons

Profile photo of dittodavis dittodavis

I got 10/10.
Thanks for your lesson.


I got 8 of 10. No bad for my first time. Thank you.

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