Hey! It’s 03:15 am and I’m loving this website! Each time I find something interesting that keeps me from signing out! Ok, my questions to you guys: do you have methodology lessons? What are the best ways to keep ourselves (students) focused in class? and finally, how to strengthen memory? I hope you have answers for my questions!
Thank you immensely for such a website!

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I find that I am beginner level of English James. But I understand you’re video even not understand all what you says.

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    How you got this red hart with your picture???

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      Being a supporter!!


This is a really good way to teach related words, James. I am going to use it in my own classes!

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I work in a hotel and always I am fraid of contracting some sickniss from the sheets.

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    Hi Marina,

    I’m also English student and looking to improve my conversation skill,.


    I work hotel as well. which department are u working?

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this is t time that i come here ?


Hi! I’m from Sweden and I like your video a lot.


hi james
the way you teach is very attractive and when you use vocabulary(out of the lesson) you explain the meaning as well. thanks keep up your hummer


I am contracting 7/24hs classroom-ing…you never lost traction on it.
Keep on it.
Muchas Gracias


why james never ask nothing about aur comments? :(

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I liked the lesson…it was both interesting and useful…Thanks


Hi, these lessons are pretty good, thank you for giving us this kind of english information… but i Have a request; could you please teach us how to use the dictionary simbols for pronouncing the words correctly? I hope your answer…


COOOOOL!!! Thank you a lot)))))))

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there was a writing error with your spelling at 3:19. You spelled ‘from’ as ‘frow’. Overall i liked your videos!


very nice…

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you do work like this very well.


Hi. I’ see all of your vid. from Thailand.

It’s great than i learn from school. THX.


Hello james, thanks for this lesson I watched this lesson several times and now I thing that I extracted new vocabulary that will help me to improve my english

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Still the best teacher I’ve seen)

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Dude I liked it but I have a question, cause I’m in the UK is it the same as in US?


Hi James,it seems to me that you explanation of “attract” is wrong.It comes from the latin ad-trahere,i.e. from the “ad” preposition :
ad= near or towards something,not away from =ab.

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    I agree with you.

    Prefixes often match with my mother tongue.
    So I also look them up in french.
    (How to improve two languages at the same time…)

    “Abstract” can be translated into “abstrait”.
    There is no etymological equivalent for the verb “attract”,
    however “attractive” is valuable for both english and french.

    Prefix “ad” seems sometimes to become an “at”.
    Even in latin “AD-tractivus” got the variant form “AT-tractivus” (cf. Wikipedia).

    Good eye miss_piggyM976 !

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Great class! James is a excellent teacher and funny at the same time.

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What a lesson!
very good!! I’ve just got a guestion for you
um~ Are u actually Canadian? I’m just curious
Do u speak any other language or something?

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Another master piece…from a master of english…
Really great one, i love it & really very funny..

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great! I like your teaching method.

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you are very good thank you

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Nice teacher! Guys I’m new to this website; I need more Classes like this . I am realy like it.


hey, James! Want you to tell us how to use properly GET, pleeeeease )i am really confused. its easy to translate (1.The teacher got chicken pox from the students. 2. Moscow gets awfully cold in winter. 3. The Opera Guild got the governor to serve as honorary chairman.), but difficult to put this verb into speech (

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    hi! olgita I’m also learning English like you, my way of improving it, is to have a conversation w/ foreigners , thus I would like to conversate w/ you through facebook so that we could chat there; if you do have facebook, just kindly add me up, here’s my e-mail add something_Stupids@yahoo.com thanks…


Can you concentrate on (B2 not necessarily), C1, C2 difficulty level?


Hey man, your videos are awesome! this is definetely the best and funniest way to learn english.!
could u please make a video of pronunciation explaining the difference between the letters S, C and Z. in spanish they have the same sound…at least in argentina…So Im very confused…

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Hey James, I teach ESL in Mexico, and I really find your lessons very useful, to the point that I’m starting using them in class.



U R The Best!!! I am in love with this lessons.
Very usefull and I can memorise words ones and forever. Pretty cool.
Thank u very very ….very much.


thanks, sir it’s usefull vocab….


I just wanted to say
that I love your teaching style very much!!! :)
Best wishes,


James, your lessons are so attractive. You extract several English issues and turn them out easier of being subtracted for English learnings. I’ve been contracted byr your style so that, I’ll keep the traction on your lessons. Thanks.


great job you are………..

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I really like it


    pls sir I want to joint your students in the online classes,so can you add your lists or enroll



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great job you are………..

Latoya Bridges

You are a great teacher. You make me have fun and learn English at the same time. Keep the good work up!



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James, i find you attactive! ))))

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Hi, James! Your way of english lessons is great and very interesting! Thank you! You reach some difficult things of language in a very simple clear way to good understanding! I would like to have your english pronunciation )))


veryyyyyyyyyyy goooooooooood!


Thanks for your time,well done and nice teaching.

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New entrant. not able to access your video, pl. advise

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    Please use a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox, and update your Flash player. The lessons are normal YouTube videos.

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Tu sei un grande!!!!


so how about sub contract

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tank you for information begin


I am an employee and looking to improve my conversation skill,.


thanks James for the way that you use to explain and the advise you give us.


Thank you very much for this vocabulary which are very important at English…

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thank you a lot to this video it is really useful video


James rules!!!


Hello James! Thanks for the great lesson!!! You`ve used some words in this lesson, such as “under”, “below”, “beneath” and “underneath”. Could do explain the difference between them and the ways to use them (depending on meanings of sentences)? I look forward to have this kind of lesson from you. Best regards. Natalie.

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    Sorry for stupid mistakes I`ve made in previous message. I did not check it before sending. :-)

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its little bad

sara jones

Could you explaim me, please. How do you use the words which, that and what , but not in questions just in Phrases .I don’t understand when them writing something with those words


    I`ll try to help, if you don`t mind Maria.:-)

    You wrote: “Could you explaim me, please. How do you use the words which, that and what…”

    Examples: 1. Take THAT towel, not this one. (in this case you recommend to use some particular thing)
    2. This apple is delicious, but that one (on the table) has terrible taste.

    About WHAT… This verb can be used only in a question.

    Example: “What are you doing?” or “What do you want to know?”.

    I hope it helped. Best regards.

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James class are funny and at the same time is very good having attracting maner


you’ll be more than a good teacher if start to reply to your students’ comments Mr. James……..at least let Mr.E reply!

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This pyramids are insane, I would never figured out those connections without you.
Thank you very much.

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That is a way to learn more vocabularies.
If you have more any other way to easy remember the words, please tell me more about it!

David Chen

Thank you .. this video is useful ,

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I can’t understand


It’s very hard


Thanx a lot James!

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This Vocab Pyramid is re-enforcing on what I thought I already knew. Thanks, James. You are great!

Saak Sen

everything ok.no strings attached .


I feel attracted to you James!!! (I learned!!!)


you are the best please more phrasal verbs it’s very important so thank you


I subtract all the things that detract my attention to this vid and enjoyed it, thanks.


Fantastic .
Thank you .

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I enjoy the video. And I have lerant a lot from it. Thank you so much.


thanks…very helpful


Hi James,
Thank you so much for this lesson. It very useful.

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I can’t catch up any more ! It’s not easy going this lesson.


this is really great. what makes me confusing in learning a foreign language is there are different pronounciations changing from one culture to another…reaslly complicated


the way u teach is great and ı am getting better and better to understand what kind of maistakes ı am going…thks a lot.


According to many songs I’ve heard and a bunch of films I’ve watched there is another word appears (pop).There are so many expressions with this word, so I barely understand it. Actually I can’t get it at all. It would be cool if you make video about it)Goodbye and have a nice day))))


you are attractive. afnan from iraq


James!! Give us more Voca Pyramid!!! They r so good!!!!!!


“James, I find you attractive! And you attract me from learning english…”
Now, seriously, I find your pyramid method very interesting! Thank you for the good lesson.

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hi..thanx man

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I like James lessons, he is a great teacher … a big thank to all teachers engvid.com


Awesome lessons, its make all difence!

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Thanks a lot mr James …. Keep on you are the best :)

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Mr james

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You have a passion for teaching. I appreciate that.

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why some of the quizzes are missing….?
It would be really helpful if you add them to all lessons.

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As always a long explanation about some words built with the particle “tract” which means “pull or draw”, but I have looked for it: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/tract
and there are a lot of meanings to build with this term. Thanks a lot, teacher James, a great explanation.

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