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Really amazing! You explain us some difficult strategies in a very simple and effective way. Thanks a lot, Adam.


very useful advices


    advice – without “s” because it’s uncountable
    dvice, some advice – советы, некоторые советы

    tips – советы countable


Thank you very much Adam!!
There are many important aspects students must pay attention to in a writing activity, as you very well explained.




this lesson is a real masterpiece made by the IELTS teacher


    where are you from ?


you are fast in speaking ,that makes the topic difficult to understand well but in general, it is very useful and important ,


    can we talk on social networks to better our English?
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    you can turn on the subtitles under the vid.


The quiz was horrible.
OMG.. so difficult but wakes the sense of challenge
Thank you for being a great teacher


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First I want to thank this very useful site and perfect teachers,and then plz help me with memorizing vocabulary.I mean in English a lot of words have several different meanings.For ex “advance” has several meanings just as a noun,so how can I learn them.Thx a zillion.

Zahra mansouri

    Hi Zahra,

    The best way to learn vocab is to read a lot. That way you will see these words in their different uses and remember them better. Also, if you see a word you know but not sure how it’s being used in a sentence, look it up in the dictionary and find its other meanings. Other than that, it’s just time and practice.


Great job Adam


Really its very useful lesson..Thank you

Jabir Sharif


Thank YOU Mr Adam!


it was really very helpful to me. because i believe that writing poetry and poems need the same guideline. thank you Sir. Adam

Taqveem Ul Haq

Oh, my god! I made lots of errors in this quiz. It was a hard lesson! But It’s great and very important for English learners. Many thanks, Adam. :)


Hello Adam,I have visited at your website.It is showing under process,and it is not getting opening when will it be open.

Wajahath Ali khan

    Hi Wajahath. It’s running now :)


Fortunately we don’t have to pass none of these exams in my country, though our kids start to learn writing essays pretty early; even at gymnasium. Yet, some of us, adults, still have problems with “good waffling”.


    Nothing teaches better than constructive self-criticism – what a beautiful double negation :) (possibly the exaggerated make-up blunted my sight) .


This is my worst quiz grade, but I ‘ve realized that my English has to improve if I want to speak it fluently.


    me too…


      for me 56


    i took 56 too


    56 here as well :(


This is really helpful! Thank you Adam. Your lessons are always so great.Althrough I don’t have to take these exams, I also learned a lot!


It’s amazing,I just go to 5 correct out of nine,I should Think of it carefully.question three,I prefer the last one,I like this way,say something 1234,finally get conclusion.


Hello Adam ,
Not easy but I got just one mistake and I congratulate myself . If you want to do it , don’t hesitate . Ahah !!
It seems that in the first quiz question paragraph the sentence “exposure to and ability to acquire” has a mistake . It should be “exposure to an ability to acquire”
Am I right ?
Thank you to wake our brains up .


    Hi Tsamp,

    There is no need for the ‘an’ before ability because exposure and ability both serve as objects to the possessive “students'”.

    That being said, the ‘to’ after exposure could have been omitted. :)


OMG!! 3 Correct out of 9 :(

Baki Duman

Thanks for great tips about writing. The lesson was easy to understand but the quiz wasn’t. I got the worst score ever ;(. I need to take it one more after wahtcing the lesson again.


this was very hard for me. ı need to help.


    Keep practicing Soulman. It will come :)


Thank you


Question #10. Let’s pick a random native English speaker. What is the chance they can pass the IELTS or TOEFL, assuming it is Adam who marks it?


    Lol. You’d be surprised how many native speakers wouldn’t do well on these tests ;)


Adam, my congratulations with your hockey-team victory
in the world championship!


    Thank you! Congratulations on your bronze medal!

    engVid Moderator

    Thanks Katrin :)

    We do love our hockey here.


    Excuse me , Can we practice English together ?

    Moo Elnagar

Thank you very much! It was useful a lot for improving my writing skills.
Adam, could I ask you about checking my essays by you?

Anna Zaytseva

    Hi Anna,

    Check out my site: writetotop.com

    There is a lot of useful stuff there about writing.


Thank you Adam, great lessons.
I just made a little donation to all teachers.
Again, thank you all.


    Thank you Ilfabri :)


thank you adam,


    Thank you very much!

    engVid Moderator

    Thanks for the support Alexander :)


Thanks Adam for these highly valuable instructions to write a better essay!

These points seem universal, because probably they can fit to other languages too!

Fabio Cicerre

… fit other languages too …

Fabio Cicerre

Useful advices! .. Great lesson! .. Thanks!


hi, I have a question.. you told several times ‘he’ talking about a child. I read that it’s not correct to call a child just ‘she’ or ‘he’ and it is recommended to use ‘they’, ‘he or she’, ‘child’s’ etc.. It is important to know for students who are going to do a TOEFL test, because there might be questions about children. what do you think, is it correct to use also ‘he’ in this case? thanks


    Hi Sofia,

    Good question. It’s ok to choose one pronoun (he or she) as long as you stay consistent. Many writers choose to go with the plural to avoid the gender issues in writing, but that’s a personal choice. On the TOEFL you won’t be penalized for choosing one gender.


Hi, Im Haridan from thailand. I love you so much


***Sorry I meant your Video.


    Thanks Haridan :)


Thank you for clear lesson!


Thank you! Very useful, I will use these tips for writing SAT essay…


    Hello Can we talk? because I want check my english.


      Sure! Do you have instagram? we can talk on there…


        i’ve facebook account


          i dont have facebook. what about twitter or skype?


          Adeelkhan.khamisani is my skype name..


          Excuse me ,Can I join your conversation ?

          Moo Elnagar

          my level is upper woul you like to talk with me

          Farrukh Nematov


        if it’s o.k with you, please contact me on Instegram on : Falsteenoo


    hi would you like to speak with me because i think it will us to improve our english

    shahriyar agamammadov

    They apply just as well there Horsekanna. Just keep in mind that for the SAT they do want to see more “big” words ;)


    hai have you ever taken sat?


      Are you asking me, Isa?

      I have taught this test many times :)


All your advices are being useful for my Test. Thanks.


thank you dear teacher adam


Hi Adam! Fantastic class! Thanks!


Could you make a video explaining the meaning and how to use “shall”? Thanks!


    I shall definitely work on it Audry :)




Hello Adam!
I need your help. How can I improve my speaking english without practicing with native speakers


    Hi Finnar,

    You can find online talks (like ted.com) that have transcripts. Listen and follow along with the transcripts, then record yourself as you repeat the talk. Compare your intonation to the native speaker and pay attention to when they stress or destress things, when they speed up or slow down, accent, etc.

    This is a good way to practice.


Adam! I need more time to get better understanding.


    Take all the time you need Pavanut :)


thank you teacher


The more I know about IELTS/TOEFL exams, the more they are extremely subjective to me.
Anyway, thank you Adam for good lesson.


    Quite right Dragon :) To a limit. The writing and speaking is more open to being subjective, but there are two graders, so they do have to follow some standards.


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    ur number is not showing any wats app contact??

    siva chaitanya

I love this teacher. He’s awesome. :-)

Albuquerque Junior

Hello Adam, I want ask you for passive sentence with “go to”

I go to college
Some people say it can be translated in passive As
“The action of going to college is done by me.”
Is it right sentence or, not?
I’m waiting for your reply.


    Hi Adeel,

    Technically, the sentence is correct, but you will almost never see this sentence used. Anyway, that’s a passive of do, not go. Go is not used in a passive form.


Hello Adam. I have a doubt about the question number 3. The setence given as correct was ” International students are thus able to kill two birds with one stone; they gain mastery over a new language, while at the same time building a network of like-minded people with whom they can collaborate in the future”. The question is: isn’t redundant to say “while at the same time”? Aren’t those expressions synonymous?


    Good point Danddan. You could remove the “at the same time” but leaving it in emphasises that they achieve both results by the one action , not as separate actions (they build a network by taking to people, which allows them to practice speaking and improve their language skills).

    If I left only the ‘while’ then they are doing the two things separately, which doesn’t support the use of the idiom.


      Thank you very much for your great explantion, teacher!


Adam, please help me again with present perfect.
There’s a letter:

Dear Lisa,
a lot of things have happend since you went to London.
We have bought a new car.
My brother………a new job.
My parents……..on holiday last week.
My sister……….how to ride a bike.
Our Pussy cat……..part in a cat show.
It ……….two days ago.
She………..a prize.
I …….already………two leters to you.
But I…………from you yet. Write to me
Best wishes,

You can use verbs:

Adam if you please, explain me why did you use past simple or present perfect. Thank you.


    Of course – it was two days ago, I have already written two letters to you.
    I would say ” My brother has got a new job” but I heard resantly that HAVE GOT is not present perfect.


    Dear Lisa,
    a lot of things have happened since you went to London.
    We bought a new car.
    My brother found a new job.
    My parents went on holiday “last week”.
    My sister learned/has learned how to ride a bike.(this can be both because she might still be learning as it takes time)
    Our Pussy cat took part in a cat show.
    It was two days ago.
    She won a prize.
    I have already written two letters to you.
    But I haven’t heard from you yet. Write to me
    Best wishes,

    Technically, all the “events” should be simple past because they are randomly listed as happening in that time period (since you left until today). The letters show two actions in that period, so they are perfect tenses since they happened over two unknown times, and still waiting to hear from you, so the action continues.


      Adam, thank you. I begin to understand this topic better. I will write you again.(about P.P and P.S)


7/9 :)


It was really hepfull Adan, These are what I need to improve my writting. I have to practice inded to be good on it,I always try to put “big words” as you told before; It does not work very well. You are a great teacher, keep on this way. God bless You.

Carlos Martinho

Hello, I understood the lesson despite I´m beginner, but my test was very bad because I think it was very long.


very good


Adam are those idioms commonly used(often)?
1 don’t put words in my mouth
2 a deal’s a deal


    or should I just say “don’t lie” in first case?
    Thank you.


    Yes, they are quite common. The first is often used about the media whose reporters conduct interviews and then claim the interviewee said something that they didn’t. (the reporters “interpreted” it that way.)– it’s not necessarily a lie, but not the whole truth either ;)
    The second means you can’t changed your mind about an agreement that’s been made.


      But, Adam if I in a speach will say you “don’t put words in my mouth” will it be not weird? If I will be doing it often?


        It’s not something that’s said often. You can say it when you think someone is trying to twist your words to make it seem like you are saying something you’re not saying. You probably won’t speak to that person very often or for very long, so it’s not that common ;)


Uhh… 5/9 i have to work on this. thank you for this lesson.


Thank you m.r Adam


I hope you will upload more video about IELTS because you taught very easy to understand. Thank you for your reading my comment.


thanks a lot this lesson is very useful


Hi Adam, I did the quize and I got 4 correct out of 9. I’m confused with the quize.
Thank you very much.


    It’s not an easy quiz Bellatimor. Try again :)


thank you very much, Adam!


Adam, could you make a lesson, please, about using “there is and there are” because it is so confusing sometimes.
Some grammar textbooks say you must use “there is”
when you make a list. For istance:
– there is a desk, a chair, a blackboard in the classroom. There is a wolf and seven little goats in the house. I use “there are” in those cases.
Thank you.


    I’ll get on it Katrin ;)


      Thank you!


Adam, is the next correct:

– Forget him!
– How can I? Wherever I go, everywhere is his name.


    I would write:

    – How can I? Wherever I go, I see his name.
    – How can I? Wherever I go, his name is there.

    Though technically, you don’t see a name. Wherever I go, I hear his name.


      wherever I go, his name comes up.


        Thank you Adam, I just wanted to know, could I put the subject after BE-verb.


          I’d need to see an example to be sure what you’re asking, but in an inverted structure, yes, you can:

          Not only IS HE clever, but HE IS rich too.


This lesson is very interesting. Thank you Adam!


Very hard quiz
You are a great teacher
Thank you Adam!!!


I would my message finds you well.
I would be glad if you could tell me a little about the language psychology at teaching
also give me a hand by expressing some english teaching methods,how a teacher/constructor could properly motivate students to talk
by the way this is mehdi form iran-tehran
thanks indeed


    Hi Mehdi,

    That’s a good question, but I’m afraid too long to answer here. I will try to make a video about it ;)


      Thanks Adam


Hello Adam,
Can I contact you through email?

Amna Shqair

    Hi Amna,

    you can email engvid and they will forward the mail to me.


Thanks everyone :)


Hi Adam, I will try again for sure. Thank you for replying.


Hi, Adam! That is a nice lesson again! I acknowledge that I make some mistakes you have mentioned, like using complex expressions, even in my mother tongue. I will try to apply your advice the next time I write a composition. Thanks and see you in another lesson!

Eduardo França

Hi Adam
I am going to appear for IELTS exam on 25th June. I was wondering if you can check my essay for grammatical and structural mistakes and provide your professional feedback.
Thank you!


    Hi Adeel,

    Sorry I missed your message till now. I hope the test went well for you.


uh… 6/9… it means that I have to learn a lot. Thank you Mr.Adam.


very helpful points. thanks

corazon asuncion

Thank u so much ,It’s very useful.

Olia Xu

very useful, even the chosen paragraphs are rich in terms of vocabulary . thanks


Hello, Adam. Thanks a lot for this video. It’s very helpful.


It very hard for me but thank you mr adam I will keep hard studies

Yuliana agnesia

Hello, Adam. Greetings from Ukraine. Could you recommend some links or books that might help to learn english punctuation, please. Something useful and easy for understanding. Thank you very much.


heyy Adam :)
first of all thank you and your colleagues for this great site you made , lots of useful lessons .
im preparing myself for Ielts and totally im doing good but there are some small details in English that bothers (its funny but even sometimes the difference between who and whom :) makes me confuse ) and i dont know how I know nothing about them or commonly i did many mistakes and no one told me or correct me .
well i hope to learn from you my highly regarded teachers and Thank you .


    Good luck Cyrus.

    Check out my site, writetotop.com. Maybe it can help a bit :)


Thanks,Adam.My test result was 8/9. I still need to study more.God bless and more power!


thanks~very useful


Hey adam, when I hear someone speak in english, or watching english movie without subtitle I can understand. But when I want to write some sentence I got confused.


    Writing is a very different skill Saptanta. It’s active, whereas listening and reading are passive. It’s just a matter of practice.


Hi, Adam,must I use a VPN to watch your vedio in China? because the screen just give me a broken picture.


    As far as I know, Zhangke, YouTube doesn’t work in China. I will try to find out more about this for you.


thank you very much,,,,….Adam
your lessons are a very good help to me…I would really appreciate if you could look at my writing section for which i received 24 and give comments on where i made mistakes and should improve…thank u so much in advance…looking forward t0 hearing from u soon


    Hi Zuura,

    I’m afraid I can’t assess essays here. I do offer this service though at writetotop.com if you are interested.


Childhood is a period of life between the ages of six to sixteen. In this period, people are approaching to adulthood doing different kinds of things, for instance going to schools, joining clubs, playing with friends, learning skills, exploring the world and etc. More or less these activities might make person’s life happier, better and more memorable. In my following paragraphs i will try to give examples and reasons why I agree that childhood is considered to be the best and happiest time of a person’s life.
First reason of why childhood is the happiest moment of life is when you are a child, you do not worry about earning money, providing family or dealing with some problems which are faced later period of life in almost everyone’s life. It is a period of time when there is no anxiety of what to do and how to act in order not to be judged by society. This is already a big plus of always wanting to stay a child.
Second reason is you always feel you are healthy and young, because the older you get, the sicker you feel. When you are ill, you need to go to hospitals a lot, you cannot jump, play and run as fast as you want. Furthermore, when you are a child, your life is full of colorful moments, joy and happiness as well as entertainment, which lead you to think that this world is like a paradise, Children usually think that there is nothing wrong, that everything is perfect, life is wonderful.
Third reason is when you are a child, you have big dreams, aspirations and goals, which you believe you will get without struggles and obstacles, because in your world everything is easy and everyone loves and supports each other. For me, this is the most important thing to think that childhood is the happiest momet of life.
To sum up, I would like to emphasize that childhood is the best time and say that when you are a child you always want to grow up faster and become adult, so you can make your own decisions and you think that adult life is more fascinating and glamorous. On the other hand, when you are already an adult you want to turn back time and go to your past to relive it, because that was the period when you enjoyed your life more.


Thanks Adam/ Its excellent

Afqan Quliyev

Hi Adam,

Can you please let me know about the writing part of the passage i.e how the starting, body and ending of the passage should , what words to be used and what not,limit for paragraphs. help me in understanding the core of the writing skills to impress the Tutor.


and i am preparing for IELTS


Thanks,teacher.Nice tattoo by-the-way


Good evening Mr Adam my listening is advanced but my speaking is intermediate or upper What shoul I do?
How can I improve my vocabulary stuff. Thank you

Farrukh Nematov

really it’s full of information ,
but i think that my score will not move 1 percent


great job Adam, the best explanation about how to make a good and short idea, I hope you continue with more videos like this one, congratulations and don’t stop improving.


by the way, I scored more than 60% in the test, I think I have to improve, but I know that with videos like these ones will be easier.


    Hey dear I from Nicaragua too, could you tell me where did you do the TOELF?


Hi Adam,

your sessions are really informative…thanks a lot…


HI Adam! can I send an essay for a review? Just for me to have a feedback if I am using your instructions well, or the other way around. I hope for your immediate response on this matter. Thanks.


I got 5 of 9 is it good or bad for being first time?


I got 6 of 9 :( but in a question my answer is not wrong but it’s very long … and the another one was in the question 3 and I was insecure because both of them were ddificult xD


Tell me Adam do you teach at a school in Toronto ? If not can you game me a name of school who teach for adult 50 yo and more. Thanks a lot

Pierre Pruneau

I would like to express my feeling to you Mr. Adam thanks for this practice exam, as i am new here i have seen it very helpful , i am very tankful.


Thank you


Adam, thanks for your lesson.
I’m planning to make a sandwiche Ph.D in London. To do this, I have to be approved on the IELTS exam. You tips were very useful to me. Thank you very much.


Thank’s Adam I get 9 points for this quiz … It’s good material for writing practice. You are not just cute native english tutor but you also smart to give a direct method for us as non-native english speaking. It is very useful and I will be happy to watch your videos for another material.


Hey, Adam I wanna know if you can upload a video explaining the prepositions of place, please. I need it


Can I send you my writing?


First of all, thank you so much for very useful tips. I personally feel that how people express their opinion and then provide supported reasons, it is sometimes complex and confusing depending on each culture in particular. For example, as a Thai, I am often sure that I have already given all supported reasons but it seems like it is not enough for a native reader eventually. It appears to me that the way Asian thought and how we support our ideas are a bit different from English native speaker; we normally do not have to provide lots of concrete reasons. However, practice makes perfect undoubtedly, I will try to keep practicing in order to get used to the way native speakers think and create a structure of writing.

Ammy Yourcat

I have a question, do you prepare student to the TOELF in some school in Canada?


Hi Adam,
About #8, isn’t the first sentence of the paragraph the topic sentence?


sir thank you so much for your video

janam mahat

Thank you ! It helps a lot ?????

Aleksandra Laska

Hi, everyone! That was the best lesson ever!!!
Dear learners! I need someone to communicate to better my English. It is serios intension. If anyone answer, I`ll be glad. My skype: Nataly Kostova

Nataly Kostova

    hye Nataly,

    do you have other apps than Skype?


I have a question for you
I write a sentence like this “give example in advance”, but my teacher didn;t get the meaning from my writing.
What is the meaning from my sentence?


It’s very nice,and useful lessons


Dear Adam,I love your video so much. You can explain complex ideas in simple ways, which helps student to understand easily. I’m preparing TOEIC recently. I sincerely hope you can provide more topics about it.

Daniel Huang

Amazing explanation. If I practice this in my writing consequently it will apply in my speech. Thank you Adam for sharing your knowledge.

Phillip S.

It was a very good quiz. I’ve learned everyday something new. Thanks!!!


Thanks for the amazing explanation Adam…..


i do not understand the thesis part please can someone explain i know what a thesis is i just dont get what adam was trying to say when he was talking about the (i think xyz)


thanks a lot


Please provide some tips of speaking question 5 and 6 of TOEFL Test


Love it, Adam

Adam Thai

Thanks for this lesson!

Rodrigo Ribeiro

Really, this is a very good and useful lesson which will help me to get well ban in writing. I got 6 out of 9. Thanks Adam.

Alice Bin

what such an amazing challenge! I should to pay more attention when reading. I scored 33 but I¨ll try again! :-)


This is really helpful! thank you Sir.

wazir ahmed

very helpful, but the quiz was really difficult


Very helpful. But i think i need more exercises to be better in toefl writing. Sometimes, when i get nervous in test. I’ll become more difficult to find an idea with some topics.


Thank you Adam


Really thank you adam for a very simple way to explain a difficult lesson. and I want your advice because I determined to pass an IELTS examts for my institute but I still a beginner. I sorry for language weakness

samah kades shohdy

Hi Adam, Thank you for all your videos.These are very useful to improve on our English skill but I am afraid about my writing skill as I commit alot of Grammar error such as subject-verb agreement. I usually write in my own flow and then blunder happened. Can you please help me on it. Thanks!

Garvita Arora

Hello my teacher Adam I want you to explain for me what should I use before the expression “it means that”I mean the righ ponctuation mark.please answer me.Thanks.


Hello teacher Adam, thank you for your Videos .
I watch it many times to understand that :)


Please answer me


i’m really not sure with my writing ability since i don’t know much vocabulary to use and how to connect ideas in writings, would you give me some advice Adam?
thanks in advance


please I need your advice

samah kades shohdy

How simple it sounds! And how scary to take the exam :)
Thank you for lessons!



My name is Mohamed.I’m from Egypt and I’m studying for the Academic IELTS test.I will do the test because I want to apply to a British univeristy for a postgraduate Master’s programme.I’m really afraid as I believe that it is hard to get a good score in the academic IELTS.By the way, my sister did the general training IELTS last year and she got 8! She told me that she studied two weeks for the exam.She now lives in Toronto, Canada.


Hi Adam. I have question about 5th mistake. 1)As far as I am concerned,… 2)In my opinion,… 3)It appears to me that… 4)I would argue that… 5)I am inclined to believe that… and so on. It is right or wrong if I use variety of these expressions in the beginning of each paragraph. For example, First paragraph. 1)As far as I am concerned,… Second paragraph. 2)I would argue that… Third paragraph. 3)I am inclined to believe that… and so on until conclusion not in the beginning of conclusion.

Faisal Munir

Hello Adam,
Thank you very much for your videos! They are really helping me with my writing.
I have a question about the use of “may”, “should” etc… I think I tend to use it a lot on a text.
Should I say:
“In my perspective, the friends’ role in building a character MAY be greater then the parents’ role” or “In my perspective, the friends’ role in building a character is greater then the parents’ role”?
When should I make stronger statements (“is greater”) and when should I use a less strong statement (“may/should be greater”)?


My best Lecturers are Adams and Rebecca, i admires their teachings and very quick to understand them.


Hi there ,

Am international student and I want to take TOFEL or ILETS so I want some one who’s native English speaker so I could practice with him on Speaking English skills so I could do well in TOFEL OR ILETS exam so could you help me , please ?




Olivia 2009

Dear Adam I like Used Very Words Complexity Or powerFul Because whereas I can Use Longs And Powerful Words My Sense Like A president But Whereas is used sentences Sample My sense Like A bIg Shit . otherwise I know not necessary Use Any My or me or any My own ..from this means but About Above not Academi


thanked your tutorial . Any my learned. From Yours gifts


thanks Adam this was great I am trying to improve my English and this was helpful thanks again


Hi ! I’m new learner here Adam I have got a question : How to write an essay like native ~ speakers and get high score !!!


7 correct out of 9.
Thank you for the lesson. :)


Hi Adam
Thanks for your video lessons, Actually its very useful.

Ramiz Shubbar

I wish I could donate something for the engVid team. These lectures are priceless. Much appreciated !


One of most clearly dictated lecture of this very important topic. Thanks Adam!


thanks, Adam but I think I need a lot of work to get what I need because it was very hard for me this test I m really need your help


Hello Teacher, My weakness is reading and I always gets lower marks in reading as well as writing easy. Please assist me.

Thank you,

Akbari bilqis

I Adam! Thank so much for making this video.
I took the TOEFL a few months ago, which made me realise what my weaknesses are. I believe that my listening ability is the high level, but it comes to speaking and writing essays I am not very good at it.
I am planning on taking the TOEFL again soon because I really need to apply to college this year to finish my degree here in this country.
My question is, How long it will take me to improve my writing and my speaking skills to be able to pass this test?
Thank you so much and I will keep watching videos and taking notes because they really help.


great Awesome tip you are saying that use high vocabulary if u know otherwise leave it

thank you for it


Thank you for your valuable pieces of advice !
Not that obvious. I got only 7 out of 9 after viewing your video.
Thank you again !


What is the pattern of writing an essay? Can we write more that 270 word?


hi Adam I am a new student here and I appreciate your help very much ……I


mama mia you kill me.


Great lesson- thanks Adam.


Thank You for the lesson!


Thanks Adam!
As usual your lessons are so strong and useful. God bless you!


I passed the test. keep a picture of the result, to laugh later, when you learn English


You are very nice, sir
Kidly tell me that how can I show you my IELTS writing task 2, for cheking.


Again very useful information shared and i learned from them. Apart from this, how to differentiate between essay topic given in exam for one task statement and asked as: 1. Do you agree or disagree ? and 2. What extent do you agree or disagree ? Any information on this will be useful for me and everyone.


Sir can we include opinion in conclusion paragraph

Kush patel

ı’ve been watching and following your videos for a long time. ı got a queastion. How can ı deliver my essays or practicing paper to you to eveluate them? or do you mind if ı send ’em to you? :)


Thanks for this video! I got 7/9 points in this test. You’re the best teacher, Adam!


Hi there, awesome!!

Amira Abo Amrow

Thank you.


Sir please clarify my doubt
Each and every one of you —-
guilty of some crime or the other. 1.is. 2. Are


Thank you Adam


Thank you.


Adam, it was difficult test. I got 6/9 only. Need to know more about use of idioms or have to skip them at all. Also need to practice on opening sentence and Hi-end words.
Thanks for your great tips!


Thank you, Adam!!!


This helped me a lot with understanding what is expected from an essay, thanks!

I have some feedback too:

I find “All of the above” options on questionnaires to be somewhat unhelpful: they drive the person to pick it as the answer, since it’s usually not present when it isn’t the desired answer; all options then are correct, but no credit is given if some option other than it is selected.

Also, it is possible to continue to next question without picking an answer on current question.


Thank you, Adam.
Very useful.
but a bit of extra explanation is needed for the correction.


Hello Adam! Your lessons are good thank u for teaching us????


I have couple questions may i ask???


Could u share a video about how to write motivation letter???


? 4… Found it so difficult.


Truly appreciate.

Abdul Samad Abro

Hi Adam,
I need to know that what is the difference between “To what extent do you agree or disagree” and “Do you agree or disagree”
Do we need to respond in the same way or there is a slight difference?

Hussain Syed

OMG. 3 out 9. Reading and answering the questions looks easy, but after I see my score, its not even close to a passing level. :( need a help for my TOEFL test.


Thank you for this video, it really helps me.


Not too bad. I got 6 out of 9. But, I really have to improve my reading task.



definitively, you are the best teacher in the world, thaks you so much. I know that I will success in my Toefl test because of you. Your lesson has been quite helpful to my progress in English.


8 of 9 not so bad! it seems like I’m making a progress


thanks Adam I review the lesson to get 9


Thanks Adam I been watching your videos in YouTube and here. I still don’t get it :( I failed in the test. Now, I feel worried about my incoming PRAXIS Test. Do you have more examples of your Reading (passages) and Writing lessons? I wonder if you can make a couple of practice for PRAXIS Test. I’m preparing my teaching certification but this two subjects are my biggest concern.


Thank you ! Very good !


Only I got 4 correct out of 9.
This is the hard quiz I have never met before.


Thanks for your explanations.
I heard it is better to do not use personal example, but by using that, supporting the reason is much easier. What should I do?


Thank you Adam, by listening and taking notes from the lesson you provided I was able to get 8 corrects out of nine! :)
I really appreciate you!


Thank you so much Adam. You explained the mistakes in a good way; also your advices are so loadstars. However, ı have a question that why are the questions so hard to break up our perseverances :)


I have a lot of rooms to improve.

Lum Ang But

Thank you Adam
so we have a main topic , body paragraph and conclusion.

can you provide the websites to practice tests please

ADAM abdoulal

im crying…4/9((( so hard. i shoul watch the video lots of time




Made only two mistakes. in the 3rd and in the last question. Actually, I think not bad, but in any case, I do not think that I relied(lean) on anything(concreate rule) when I answered the third and last question. Thanks for lesson!

Mir Murad

I got 7/9 :(


8 out of 9?


I made one mistake in that I chose the option- 4 in question no. 2. This certainly brought back my confidence.
This video is very helpful for the learners. Thanks.


8/9.Such an amazing topic
Thank you


Adam thanks infinitely, great teacher! Grazie!<3.


Hi Adam,
I need an help to get succeed in speaking and writing.could u please,


hi Adam
your videos are unbelievable awesome and useful.
thank you so much

Zahra maleksabet

67. Oh.. It would be better :(
Thank you, Adam!




7/9! Not bad! This lesson is difficult for me. I can’t fully understand.

Jerry Gu

Thanks a lot Adam.

Hasan Soledad

Thank you very much, Adam! I like all your videos. They are very useful! Can I ask u to be my writing teacher?


Hi Adam! I’m planning to give TOEFL next month, again! And I like your way of teaching a lot!! It’s clearing up my mind!
The second question: isn’t this answer wrong? It should be OF instead of TO?? Also, advantages..? not advantage?
One of the clearest advantages to studying overseas is the experience one acquires.


Thank you Adam.

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