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thank you

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nice video

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Hi, Emma, That’s really interesting. I’ve noticed that English speakers used to don’t pronounce the “r” for example “Peter” sounds like “Pita”. Is that correct?

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Thanks Emma for this lesson!

It’s interessing to know the rules to pronounce “t” in North American English speaking. To me, as a portuguese speaker, it sounds that this “d” is pronounced a little like “r”. Something like “warer”, for example.

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    Yes, I agree.

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    I also agree!

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      I agree.

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    Exactly what I was thinking.

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    I agree too.

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    Yes, I’m a spanish speaker and I have realized that the “d” sounds like “r” too.

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Hi, Emma! It was a very interesting lesson. Thank you! Greetings from Brazil!

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Yeah, Understood , I got it how to pronounce..
Nice lesson Ms.Emma.. Anyway thanks..

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Interesting! Thank you, Emma :)

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Thanks a lot.

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10/10 thank you Emma

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Hello. I want to practice my english so please someone add mee in Skype. My Skype is ronofreb :)

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nice emma

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I think the same, I can also notice a little ‘r’ instead of a ‘d’ sound. But anyway, it was really helpful

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Thank you for your interesting lesson!

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Awnsome tips! Thanks Emma!

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thank you emma

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10/10 excellent Emma

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all right /t/ sounds like /d/ sounds is North America typical…
Thanks Emma ^^

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Thank you, Emma, for your educating video lessons. By watching your videos we find out what shortcomings do we have in our English. And it feels perfect when you discover and correct them. Learning English or a language is like learning math. You need to learn everything step by step, otherwise you will limp.


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    duzdu you are right :)

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Thank you very much Emma ;)
Cheers from Spain

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Austrian accent isn’t my cup of tea.
Thank you Emma :)

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very fantastic for this babareddu

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Thank you very much, I have learnt many things from you! No matter where you are, I always love you.

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Thank you, Emma I got 10 correct out of 10.

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this was a amazing lesson. thanks emma.

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Great lesson, Emma. You are amazing.

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usefull, just for us to take care about our accent as non-native english personn. thanks

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Thank you Emma. Great lesson.

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It is really helpful and very important for our English pronunciation.

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I’m also learning German and I’d be glad if there was anyone who speaks German as first language to help me. Let me know and I’ll give you my whatsapp number.

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thanks Emma.

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Thank you very much for your help! In your opinion, it’d be better to practise only one accent or more than one?

Thanks again!

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its really awesome to learn north american accent and i thank emma

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thanks Emma nice video.

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Much interesting.
Thank you Emma

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yeah, I got full marks in Quiz

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Thank you so much

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    hello fatemh

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i had complaint regarding this lesson..i dont know you u didnt reply..
u had two mistakes.first bristish pronunciation of water..wota..as it contains double vowel…
second regarding tapping t..it depends upon position of the t..not on the stress..you ought to justify f u think u r right..

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Thank you

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Thank you Emma! It was a very interesting lesson. 10/10

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Thank you :))

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9/10 thanks :)

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I love this simple rule

t = D when unstress.I do miscellaneous accent just because that what I’ve heard.
cheers Emma have a good day :)


Thank you very much. This is a great lesson for me to find new way of pronouncing the letter ‘t’ when it’s appeared in the middle of a word.

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Jade, Thanks for your 8 Tips post of 2/23/2015. I’m a singer and actor and visited your sight to improve my British accent. Your comments on the ‘r’ and the difference between ‘ae’ and ‘a’ are very helpful. However, I must take issue with your instruction on “wh”. Just because a specific pronunciation has been adopted by a majority of speakers, we shouldn’t blindly capitulate. I know language is living and ever evolving, but maintaining a standard pronunciation can also be important. “wh” pronounced at “hw” provides clarity in expression. Learning pronunciation also helps one climb the social ladder. I’m an example of that. My Dad was miner with barely an elementary education. Through education and working to erase a parochial accent I was able to rise much higher than my Dad would have imagined.

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realy it is intresting lesson and i like the way of teaching

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Very interesting, Emma!

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nice one

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10/10.Amazing :D thanks so much.

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Thank you for making this video.
You have really great lessons on Engvid.
And Sorry for this question EMMA,you look so sweet and like a pregnant,is that true or I am just confused ? :)

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That is a great way to learn English, thank you.

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Hey Emma!
Please provide us with lesson of ‘Pronoun and its types’
and don’t forget about its rules.
Yeah I know it might be quite long but we(learners) really nred that . Please make it for us.

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Hey Emma!
Please provide us with lesson of ‘Pronoun and its types’
and don’t forget about its rules.
Yeah I know it might be quite long but we(learners) really nred that . Please make it for us.
I’ve watched your vedios and even subscribed to your channel.
Its kinda request.

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Hello Emma .
Thanks for this lesson . I have two questions : i cannot find a word with a t at the middle of it that is unstressed so that it is pronounced with a d sound in North America. Could you show me a example , you did not in this lesson .
My second question is : you wrote on the white board the short phrase ” when unstress ” . Should we not use the past participle of ” unstress ” rater than the base form .
Thanks for all . Bye

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    Hi tsamp,

    With photo and photographer you’ll get the both.

    According to my dictionnary I’ll put in UPPER CASE the stress-ed- syllable ;-)

    Hope it can help.

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    yeat! good

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Thanks teacher!

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hello emma.thank you for your lessons.
i have always had a big problem in english.i can’t explain that exactly but i can give some examples.i hope you understand me.for example;
1.my bedroom’s door or the door of my bedroom?
2.people convenience or people’s convenience or the convenience of people?
in summary i have a big problem to order the related words.
plz help me.
thank you so much

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Very nice lesson. Thank you.

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Sounds interesting!

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Hi all,

I remember a trainer who taught me that several years before. Nice to brush it up once again with Emma.

When I look up on wikipedia, “flapping” and “tapping” seem to have the same meaning, so don’t they ?
Also both seem to concerns only /t/ (unvoiced) and its obstruent counterpart /d/ (voiced).
But enough theory now… Let’s do as if there were no more obstruents (/f/ vs /v/”, or “/s/ vs /z/” etc.) lol

If I put aside “tapping” and move to silent t”.
As far as I can rely with my “terrible” listening,
I’d say – as soons as a native speaker speeds up, “t” can be “eaten” -.
This applies in BE (as mentioned by Emma), but also in NAE.
Thinking especially to the words in(t)ernet, in(t)erview or wa(t)er…
Is somebody else to agree with it ?

Thanks Emma, your videos rocket our english.

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THANKS Emma. ..! Very good..!

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10/10 thank you, Emma

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wow I understan.
thank you so much for your support.
it is nice video.

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Thanks a lot ! It’s very useful !

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Great thanks for you Ema

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Very good!

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thank you so much, you’re one of my favourite teachers here! I often understand quickly when you explained about english lesson

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Thanks Emma for this lesson thats is gonna help me a lot with American pronunciation

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I love this! Thanks a lot

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Interesting sound

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hellow my dear teachers and my classmates
how are you?

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Your lesson is very usefull. I thank you so much ^^

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Thanks so much!
You are a good teacher.

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I got 100% Marks. Thanks Emma.

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Excellent lesson

You’r awesome teacher

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Hi Emma

Thank you for the lesson!

Could you teach us a lesson about the differences between American and Canadian English?


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i love Ema

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Thank you

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Hi Emma
You are an excellent teacher. It possible to have connection with by Skype.?
I enjoy your classes very much

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Thankyou Emma !
could you please help me to understand the difference between OF ALL and FROM ALL ?
Exemple :__???___ all those applying,Mr. Jamison was the most experienced applicant.

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hi to all

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I thank you, that was extremely helpful

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Very useful lesson, thanks a lot Emma.

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Your lesson is so interesting. Thank you!

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I have passed.I have a hundred.Emma is the best!!Grettings from Seville

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It was kinda nice lesson.I hope that you make more lessons of pronunciation. Anyway it was clear and understandable . Thanks Emma.
Elyas Adel

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Thanks for precious lesson emma…

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Thanks a lot Emma! Your pronunciation is clearly and so easy to understand

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thank you .Emma. this is a good video

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thank you, Emma :)

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Mrs. Emma,
How to use the adverbs: fairly, quite, rather, pretty before adjectives?
This room is fairly tidy.
This room is rather untidy.
The new teacher is rather nice. I’m surprised -he didn’t look very friendly.
Explain how to use these adverbs before adjectives.

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I really enjoy the American English pronunciation !Thaks for your good tricks !

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thank you <3

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Congratulation Emma!

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Thank you very much Emma! Your teaching is perfect as usual!

What about words like “thirteen” and “fourteen”?
In these words, the “t” doesn’t turn into “d”, does it?

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Thanks emma, it helps me to understand more about english

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Thak Emma.

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very informative! nice lesson..

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Thank you Emma

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Thank u Emma.Excellent lesson

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Excellent explanation, thank u madam.
If u dont mind, it will be a great help if could explain the differences among Regarding, related to, with respect to & On behalf of..
1. I am calling you regarding your interview.
2. I am calling you related to your interview.
3. I am calling you with respect to your interview.
4. i am calling you on behalf of your interview,
Which one is true from the above 4 examples and why?
I am getting confused of these….

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Got 9/10 not bad….thankyou

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Great Lesson! Thank you so much, I really liked it! :)

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Thank you :)

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thanks emma

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Thank you!

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This lesson is very usefull

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I dit it great!

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thank you emma

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Thank you very much teacher.

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Thank you very much Emma!

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Thank you! It really helps.

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Thank you !! ^^ 감사합니다

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oh really iam happy to have this lesson with u Emma i have learned alot from it. thank you <3

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I got 10 correct out of 10!
Now I know the secret of North American accent.
Thank you Emma!

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Good learn, Thanks

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nice video

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it was an mind blowing experience , love you emma , for your awesome lesson

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thank you emma

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Thanks a million.

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Love you Emma! nice lesson nice girl !!!

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Quite informative and useful!

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10 correct out of 10, Thans, Emma.

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Thank you Emma.
Do you have any examples when the “T” is stressed ?

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Hello Emma I hope you are well thanks so much the lesson it was great! :)

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awww yiss perfect score B)

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Emma is my favourite teacher, regards from Colombia.

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thank you Emma , it was really interesting

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Thank you Emma

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Thanks, Emma I got it. It’s very interesting.

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Thanks for this lesson it is really important for me, because I am a North American.

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Dear Emma! Would you answer my question? Is “tapping” refer only to letters t and d? Or other letters too?

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very helpful video . thank you :)

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thanks you emma!

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I love your lessons Emma, I passed all the day see them

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thank you EMMA its really interesting

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Useful lesson

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Thanks. I like how you simplify things.

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Hi Emma, I really feel great to take your lesson, in spite to my English level I think is beginner ,!

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love Emma’s lessons

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Thank you for letting me know the difference among American, British and Australian.very interesting. I want to know that’s kinda thing more next time.

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Hi Emma thanks for the lesson, I love how you do this. However, I agree with some people here on the comments, the sounds for spanish and portugues native speakers is more like a “r” sound instead of “d” sound.

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hi ,excellent video ,but i have a question ,why i listen that the prononce its sounds like a (r) and not like a (d) ?

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Great !

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very nice, i’ve got 10/10 this time.
thanks EMMA your english is very clear

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Hi Emma,knew send me a video lesson pronunciation

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Thank you

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Thank you, Emma.

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Thank you. It really helped me.

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Thank You,Emma,now i’m understand)

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nice to meet you.
i got 10 out of 10.
but actually, pronunciation is really hard for me.
my tongue keeps going deeper becaese i am english beginner.

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Thank you Emma, That was great video that make me more understanding of NAE’sound..

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Thank you Emma, for the test. Seemingly there is a bug happening on my test. When I clicked on British, in the result report showed that I clicked on North American. But, It doesn’t matter for me. I still like your test.

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Thank you, Emma!!!!!

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got 10 correct out of 10 :)

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thank you

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“You got 10 correct out of 10.

Thanks a lot Emma :)

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thank you that’s a bettr way i have seen in my life

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Thank you Emma,You always make us easy to understand the knowledge of English

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This lesson was sooooo useful for me, thanks a lot Emma.

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Thanks Emma. 100%

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Thank you so much, Emma! <3 I hope you will continue making some useful videos for us!

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Thank you for your lesson Emma.At the first time i talked with American guys i said “butter” in British accent.He didn’t understand at all that what was i say “><"

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thank you Emma! nice video

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what can i say Allah bless you
all the best to you anshallah

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Thank for your effort

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Very good lesson. Thanks.

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Good! Thanks

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this time 10/1o , i feel like a genius now

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I can’t say thank you enough Emma !! Very usefull tip

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thank you .. I really understand the lesson and got 100 % score

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Thank you emma i love your way in explanation you are so nice

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I am indeed learning from u Emma…thank u so much..
i am learning a lot..

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I live in North America,it was very interesting.
I always remember you with gratitude .
Thank you Emma.

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10/10 Thanks

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I got 10 out of 10 I feel like I’m already a natev speaker😆

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I prefer in North American English sound instead of the other counties sound. Did I make sound right, Emma? Thanks :D

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emma u r very nice teacher

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Another fantastic lesson for English students.
I’m an Indo-Australian, a big fan of engVid and Emma’s lessons. I’m wondering if you have some tips on how to speak more like an Australian. I love Aussie accent and trying hard to reduce my Indian Accent as I want to sound more clear to local people.

Please don’t feel obligated to answer this query but your consideration will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Scored 90 Missed One ….My Mistake but it was cool Thanks

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Thank you teacher :D Scored 100!!

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thanks a lot

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I got score 100. Thank you so much Emma

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Thanks, Emma. I got 10/10

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nice lesson emma

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Thanks,Emma its very interesting:)

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I appreciate your lesson. Now I know the meaning of tapping. Thanks.

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That is a good lesson. And now i know what “tapping” means!!

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A useful video, thanks :)

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A great effort

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Emma, your lessons are lovely..!
They are fantastic..!

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Thank you for the valuable information about American English.

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Thanks Emma. Interesting lesson.

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It was really useful ,Tank you Emma:)!

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Pretty woman

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Thanks Emma, your lessons are very good. Regards from Spain.

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Thanks Emma, your lessons are very good. Regards from Spain.

Profile photo of capi007 capi007

Thanks Emma,that helps me a lot

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You got 10 correct out of 10.your lessons are very goodThanks

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Thanks alot emma you’re one of the best teachers in the world you give us awesome lesson i’ll never forget your tips

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Thank you so much, this help me to fix my accent

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Always Awesome … tks Emma ….

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thank you

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Thanks Emma!

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Thank you Emma for this useful lesson!
But I have a question:

The word “internet”, which pronunciation is correct:
a) in_a_net (to drop the t. As like the pop-group “The cainsmokers” in their song “Paris”: “…Posting pictures of yourself on the internet…”
Actually I hear it “soft” like a “a”-sound


b) in_d_a_net with a “d”-sound?

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thank you a lot

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thank you so much.

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Thank you, great class.

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Nine questions are correct.

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Thank you Emma I got 100

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I got D.
Thanks Emma!

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Thanks Mrs. Emma!

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very helpful



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Tanks Emma

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10/10! Thanks, Emma! It’s good for my pronunciation. Others always couldn’t distinguish I said fifteen and fifty.

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that’s exactly what I wanna know

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