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Hi Adam !
Glad to see you again.
The French word for savor or savour is “saveur”. Close, but a bit different ;)
Have a very nice day :)


    Thanks Annie :) I stand corrected.

    Have a great day as well.


Thank you so much Adam!!!It´s always a pleasure to watch your videos to learn new vocabulary ;)


I wonder if French people use English phrases?

Valery teacher

    I’m sure they do, Valery. I’ve heard English “absorbed” into many languages.


    Hi Valery,
    Phrases, I’m nt sur, except some “happy birthday to you. We mostly use words.
    We leave our cars in “parkings”. We assist to “meetings”. We have a “boss”. We eat “steaks”. We go “camping”. We do “brainstorming”. We use more and more “team” to call a group of people. We do “afterworks”, read “bestsellerse”, say “bye bye”, listen to a “crooner”, use a”cutter”, do “crowdfunding”, read “fantasy”. There are hundreds of examples :)
    Browny, crubble, cupcake : many sweets stay in their original language ;)
    Bon appetit ;)


      Nice examples Annie :)


Thanks a lot Adam


Hi, I may have CAE exam how can l improve myself to pass it?


    Hi Sahar,

    Take a few practice tests to know what to expect. Then, build up your vocab and read a lot.

    Good luck.


Thank you Adam. ‘Le menu du jour’ was perfect.


    Thanks Beernaard :)


Thank you Adam. I enjoy watching your videos.


I savoir the menu du jour!?

Vincent V

I would mean : I savour the menu du jour but my french phone has corrected my sentence.

Vincent V

    lol. It happens. Your phone knows French better than I do, I’m sure.


thank you Adam. I savor your lessons.


Thanks Adam. Very interesting lesson. A smile:)




Thanks Adam
It’s a very interesting topic and you explained it very well. You have a nice smile :-D


    As do you Oropezajo :)


Hi Adam.This is a very useful lesson for all of us.
But I wanna ask you a question about “all or whole”.
Could you tell me which of these sentences are correct?:
I wish success to everybody for all year.
I wish success to everybody for the whole year.
I think that the second sentence sounds much more correct than the first one.But there is an uncertainty that disturbs me very much.
Am I right?If not could you explain it to me?
Thanks a lot!!!
P.C. I want to become an English teacher.And as it’s clear to everybody a teacher must be well-educated to be able to teach students.Note that if I’ve done any mistakes please correct them.

Asmer Pashayeva

    Hi Asmer,

    I wish success to everybody for the whole year. is better.
    However, if ever you are unsure, you can change the sentence:
    I wish everybody a successful year.

    Whole suggests a complete period. All means more of throughout.

    I wish everybody is successful all year. This is also correct.

    Does this help?


      Thank you very much:))

      Asmer Pashayeva

Hi Adam
Would you tell me which one is correct to say,’I will wait you’ or ‘I will wait for you’


    Hi Hossein.

    You need the ‘for’ in this case.
    Or, you can say I will await you., but this is a little too formal.

    Hope this helps.


What a great lesson. Thank you so much, Adam. The piece de resistance of the whole class is its lucid explanation and usefulness. I really savor your video.


hello everybody


Hi Adam, could you please clarify one little question?
I can say “There is a pencil, it’s made of wood.”
Can I say “There are pencils, THEY are made of wood”?
Can I say “they” with inanimate objects?

Sergei Tishkov

    Yes you can!

    engVid Moderator

      Thank you! Despite having English lessons for more than a year, I got the answer for this little question just right now.

      Sergei Tishkov

    Yes, Tishkov. They is the plural of he, she, or it.

    Cars are expensive because they cost a lot to produce.

    Hope this helps.


Thanks for improwing my knowledges


    I’m glad if I can help, Nikolla.


Happy new year Adam!Thanks for this french reference it’s always a pleasure to hear your videos


    Thank you SaxoAudrey :) Happy New Year to you as well.


Hello everybody!


Hi Adam.
Why don’t you answer to my question?I’ve been waiting for it for 12 days, but haven’t received yet.I feel bad.(((
Hope you will write anything(just a word is enough)

Asmer Pashayeva

    I usually answer all the questions at once, so wait a couple of weeks. It’s up there now :)



      Asmer Pashayeva

Thanks everyone :)

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