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Mr. James

Could you explain in one of your next lessons the differences between English and American accent? You are a good actor so it wouldn’t be so difficult for you to do so. I actually mean pronunciation of letters “r” and “t”.

Thanks in advance.

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    Dear Mr.Qbazz,
    I `m just want to say it the letters ,but the difference in how to say it ?.It is also normal for all language , it is up to the person or the property that is responsible for humans learning .
    Thank you & Best Regards.


    I’d like 2 follow all ur lessons mr/James

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This what i was need


    thanks jems…….

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Hello James!!!How are you ?I hope you are quite great.It is quite a very nice lesson.Tell me please if Would is the past form of will.Thank you very much in advance.Your lessons have been very useful.Thanks again.—CARLOS


    an example:
    I thought she would walk to school with me (past tense)

    I think she will walk to school with me (present tense)


      Dear Mr.Sammy ,
      Is that an example for the present and the past .If so , i think there is a big different between each others as the second one may express the un possibility ,isn`t it?
      Thanks & Best Regards .


I love engvid

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i want to learn, understand and speak in English well in a short time.Today I learned more important things about this language again… Thanks James.. But u speak very quickly for me :-(

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    for me also , although i have graduated from faculty of Education ,English Art and Literary Dep.I feel i can`t understand the American or British .This is not for all their speech ,it is only for some words .so must i listen to too many CD S .
    Thanks & Best Regards .


    hi i am hilal khan i hope you will be right your pic is so nice if you want to speak english for me on skype or yahoo please send me your id
    i want to speak you online so your englih and my english speak day by day strong ok bye

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    ok,but u want to study english well .u must try to listening teacher from thess video on this site .listening of parts is the most difficult of english .u should listen everyday .u make becom a habit

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    mis fakhranda can u be my friend actually this is my polite request if u dont mind just rely me fast and add me on facebook on ca.manishsharma026@gmail.com

    manish sharma

    Hey guys back up:))) this isn’t stupid Facebook =)) Just learn the lesson and stop being a sneaky dude! Jesus Christ!!!!! :O BTW,Hey James :D rock on\m/ nice job as usual

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Thank you James, your lessons always help for me.

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Hi James,
Your lessons help me alot. I have a question regarding this lesson. If non english doctor is talking to any english tourist how can he ask about his problem? what should he use? `will´or `would´/`can´or `could´? For Example: Can/Will u blink your eyes or Could/Would you blink your eyes?
Pls reply soon


    Hi Reema, Ans is:- Would you blink your eyes, please.


Hi James,
This lesson is very helpful to me. I have been confused between “will” and “would”. Now, I think I understand clearly. I have one more question. Would you like to show me the difference between “Could” & “Would”?? Which is more polite? Ex: Could/Would you show me….
I’m waiting for you answer. Thanks

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    ok,i will answer for u between would and could :

    common verbs are not used to if in conditional sentences, but there are exceptions.
    • If you will / would: If ….. please. Often used in polite requests. Would polite than will.
    If you will / would wait for a moment, I will go and see if Mr. Conner is here.
    • If + Subject + Will / Would: If ….. be. To express voluntarily.
    If he will listen to me, I can help him.
    Will also be used in this verse form to express the perverse: If ….. certain, if …..

    If you will turn on the music loudly late the night, no wonder why your neighbors Complain.

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Hi everybody…I’m learning english now….All of teachers is very good..Thanks to everyone

From Azerbaijan….ZamaN


thank u 4 a wonderful free lesson.


thanks!! thank you teacher James! this lesson was quite useful!! From Brazil here!!

bye Jesus loves you all>>>>


Thaaaaanks a lot Mr. James for the useful lesson, really it’s verey clear.

Mariam – Dubai

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James, thanks for your lessons, are very interesting! Could you make a lesson explain What is the difference between OTHER and ANOTHER?
I can’t understand the difference still. Thank you very much!


Thank you James. A lot.:-)

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Whold you want to examing us?

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thank you! i always get confused with would and will, thanks for clarifying it for me. you are great teacher!!


Thank you our teacher for that good lesson it will improve me in understanding english language!

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cool I will try again!!


thank for helping me Mr. James.you are better than my Private teacher(hahaha).can you do some videos about how to write a summary?
thank for helping.

IGCSE nerd

I am so happy about lessons, thank you very much


Can we please have a video on the use of ‘like’ as an adjective and as a verb… maybe as an extension to this… I would like… I like… I am like… etc?

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Hi Jame

I put up with your teaching. I think people prefer Alex’s teaching.

Ton That Hoa

thank you james. I heard more times about word ‘would’. But when I want writing with use word ‘would’, that’s start makes me feel hesitate.

style boy

Would please accept my regards? becouse u’v been so helpful

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praise the lord.i had lot problems with my english.your teaching helpd me to improve.thank u.


Hi James,
What is your second name? You reel it off so quickly at the beginning of each lesson that I really can’t get it right.



First of all, I would like to thank you for your lectures. Actually I always watch your lectures and my english is improving..



Thanks again, James.


Thanks . Mr James

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hi James..
would you mind if I say thank you very much??
you are the best i like your way..

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Thanks for the good lessons, if you can record sound more loudly. Sorry for the mistakes I’m from Russia:)


thanks alot


My english is not that good…
And i lack confidence when i speak…
Actually i don’t know where to use the proper tense, so can you please teach us the tenses in a simple way?



thak you very much your way is easy


hey james how are
lhas like of the lesson in
thanks alot guys …mister pi in ..


T love your teaching .Thank you very much.

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Sorry James!
But you speak so fast we can not understand, Can you make your speech little bit slowly?

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I greatly enjoyed your dilligent explanation of the proper usage of “will/would”, Thanks…


thank you for your hepl

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its first time i watch your lessons and i like them very much.Its really easy to understand also for beginners.Thanks a lot.


i WOULD like to say that your lessons are very usefull please keep doing this kind of videos for us (the people who want to learn english).


viva nicargua!! just want to say thank you for this videos they really helped me!!!


Dear Sir,

I am ramu it’s a good lesson and i like the way your teacheing and i am learning lot from you, thank you sir.

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James I need you help me how to write a progress essay, I do not how many sentences should have each step in it. thanks


I forget tell you that it is my second language and I do not write correctly English, I hope you help me. thank you.


Thanks for your effort,you are a great teacher!


Thank you. I think I will (concrete) follow your next lessons!


Thank you a lot engvid <3


thank you mr ( our techer .
I’m new english student .

I come from saudi arabia .


    × englishes student < that's wright?


Thanks a lot for all of you in EngVid. You all are doing a really really great job. Please keep up. God bless you.


Very useful lesson as usual.
Thanks, James.

By the way, do you have a lesson on syllable division? It’s very difficult.

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thank you very much
i have been confused between them but now i am not ^_^

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I’m trying to do a quiz and I can’t. I’m sent to the comment. If enyone can help mi in this?

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hi james thank you your a nice teacher and i learn a lot a lot from your lesson


Hi James,
I have a question about this sentence,”Sanchez is accused of kicking Stow several times in the head.” My question is why they use the verb is instead was.. what is difference between was accused and is accused… the word accused is past tense, so why they didn’t use the verb was??


thanks thanks thanks for all

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Would you be so kind to make the quizz more difficult?
thx for your great lessons!

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thank you james…

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I would like to share my thoughts on engvid.com, that it is a great website to learn and master english. I will sure read more lessons.


Great lesson

I got a lot of lessons from you. Thank you :).

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hello,james, i like lessons.

thank you very much


I like these lessons. You are good Teachers. Thanks a lot.

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You are the best men,keep walking!

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would you mind if i send a friend request in facebook????


Thakns James :)


thanks alot james.. it’s soo fabulous

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Thanks for the lesson. It is very much useful.Can you please arrange more lessons on the application of the “would”


Thank you for your great work.It’s a real pleasure to listen to you


hello james you are a good teacher.i like your lesson.i learned a lot of new and useful thing from your lesson.i recommended to my colleagues about your class.thank you very much


Many thanks Mr James maybe BOND !!lol! why not ! it suits you nice, so your explanation is very clear but might you speak less quickly please !!! for the next courses…

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thanks man for teaching to us ,one of the best teacher in ENGVID’s family :)))

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I would like to say thanks for your kind english teachings.You are really very nice teacher^^


It’s very useful
Thanks a lot engvid

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dear James, could u help me? make the lesson about pronunciation spasibo

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Hai,James I will catch you later.Now may I listen rebecca and ronni’s lessons.Actually I’m a beginer.I believe thatyour expression is top but I can’t follow it.You are so speed about me.You supply innovative items.One day Iwill appreciate your whole lessons.THANKS A LOT


thanks man


You’re actually the best teacher ive seen so far. Thank you. All your videos helps me out alot.

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Thank you Mr James for this lesson. it is helpful to me.

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Simple but WISE explanation.

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sir sometime people use would have ? why we use have with would? please explain it.

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I am very glad to join this web and looking forward the register and pay, because i need improve my English speaking.
can you please show me the directive how to go through?
Hakim Kamula


I struggle on this for a long time and searched everywhere on their differences now i understand!!! thanks! you are the best esl teacher ever!!


thanks for this lesson mr jeams,it is helping all pepole.


I’m good at making crêpes… Would you like one?

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    Oh yes.

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      Dear james,i have a request
      i got a clear idea about could have and should have but i have no idea about would.
      I’m not getting much about ‘would’in unreal situation because there is no more examples given. Eg:’you would say”i would say’
      What happen if would is not use in these sentences
      ‘it would have needed’,’would have been expensive’
      How to use this expression?
      would in past and conditionals are found here in engvid but these doubts are not cleared yet. Awaiting your reply.

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      Dear james,i have a request
      i got a clear idea about could have and should have but i have no idea about would.
      I’m not getting much about ‘would’in unreal situation because there is no more examples given. Eg:’you would say”i would say’
      What happen if would is not use in these sentences
      ‘it would have needed’,’would have been expensive’
      How to use this expression?
      would in past and conditionals are found here in engvid but these doubts are not cleared yet. Awaiting your reply.

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nice lesson,thanks

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please change microphone hahahahaha it sounds so low
Great work, keep it up!
greetings from spain!


Thanks James!

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I would like to see more videos like this…

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Hi James, i have a question, i heard that you said; Would you mind if i SAT in this chair? is it correct?, Why did you use the verb SIT in past?

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thank your for your hel,but i have a big probleme am live in USA since 2 month and i cant speak or understand people please mr JEAMS help me,i need your help,thanks a lot mr

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I do not understand!

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Hi jame
I got 4/4
and since today i would never forget these words.



Thx for this lesson :)
I am very glad to join this web and looking forward the register and pay .


Hi Teacher
thank you very much for you and all the working stuff of Engvid.
i would like to ask a question,please.

Would you mind if i had a sit?
what should i answer if i do not mind him to have a sit..
Yes or NO
becasue if i will answer yes what that means
Yes i mind Or yes i do not mind.
i hope that my question was clear.


hi,sir how r u? sir i have one doubt about where to use “would” because i watched 2 videos. on both videos you both sir were using the different tense one was telling that we have to use would for past and you are saying that we have to use for futre,so please can you explain me actually where to use would past or future tense.Thank you.


thanks, James. I’d like drink a beer Quilmes “The best Argentinian Beer” together, capooo!!!!

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thanks for all things james ;)

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thank uuuuuuuuuuuuu

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hi james,
can u give me your mail id


Thanks James.
You deserve the best!

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I answered correctly the first question but I did not understand why would is the past form of will?. Would you mind explaining me why I am using the past form of will when I am using would? thanks.

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Thanks James:)

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Very good matter, James!
Thank you

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hi plz explain different uses of would in different sentences

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Thank you very much for the useful lession.

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Thank you James,
relly I love your lesson
may Allah bless you

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Hi James. I love Engvids with many many useful lessons given by many many good teachers. But I have to say that those given by you made me so tired. Please, give explainations in a simple way, stop raise your voice, nor swinging your hands in the air, or draw ugly useless shapes on the board. Thanks.

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Thank you Mr James.


Thanks got 100%

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Wow!!! Once again Thanks James… I’m gonna start teaching people who is training to serve tourists in Chiloé so I appreciate a lot your lessons since they give me a clearer view of what I gotta emphasize with my students!

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hi james.
who would win ? vs who will win ?
could u tell me the diff between the two sentences..

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sound is not clear.

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I will obtain 9 band in IELTS :)

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I thank you!

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sure , was easy, 100 %. Thanks a lot.

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thank you, James.

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very useful and productive

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thank you very much Mr.teacher.i like your lessons and spend much time watching,listening and reading in English.BUT UNFORTUNATELY i haven’t got any opportunity to practice it.what to do?

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I was always hoping that I can one day get this lesson. Now I guess my wish come true, but still I have to work for it.

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i got 100%. very interesting lesson,

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Thank you.

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Somebody can tell me why the red worm answer with the word “why” at the beggining of its phrase? It doesn’t fix in the context for me, I just can’t understand why doesn’t just say “yes I would”.

Thanks a lot.

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Thanks for this lesson teacher. I learned a new word that is “politeness”.

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we use would for polite question ? can we use also will in the same question if we assume that the answer is yes. as i learn from your teaches we use would if the answer is no. how about the opposite could we use will for the question ?


good man

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Dear James,

I would like to appreciate your English lessons.

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Thanks a lot!

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hello mr james u r perfect!i have downloaded most of your videoes but i cant download this one it keeps on showing “not found”!

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A short but interesting lesson about “will-would” ambiguity, sure with doubts and possible but not certain respectively. It is a great review in a short period of time of this theme or topic. Thanks a lot, teacher James Greer from EngVid, as always an amusing lesson.

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You got 3 correct out of 3.


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Dear Mr. James

Please do a lesson video about the four conditionals both here at the engvid website and youtube, I find that you are outstanding on explanation especially in the confusing topic like the conditionals, I am your new sub. on youtube and i follow you here. Please, if you dont mind? Thank you.

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