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good lesson i leant a lot

Saturday, July 23rd 2011

    Good lesson I learnt a lot.

    Saturday, September 10th 2011


      Tuesday, July 3rd 2012

        Learnt; is British and learned is American… it’s like the verb Dream, both are correct

        Tuesday, August 21st 2012

    Mr/James Is the best

    Tuesday, March 28th 2017

your lesson is so good. I like it.

Saturday, July 23rd 2011

    i am intrested this lesson

    Thursday, July 28th 2011

    very interested thanks james

    Sunday, January 22nd 2012

Good job MR. James.

Saturday, July 23rd 2011

Hi James and everybody! James, thank you for another great lession! None of my teachers have mentioned any trigger word while explaining grammar rules. Next week :), I’ll try to revise all the tenses, following your scheme :).

Saturday, July 23rd 2011

I like your teaching method.
All teachers of “EngVid” doing good job.
Love you All umaa……..

Saturday, July 23rd 2011

James you are really wonderful teacher.
it would be very useful if you can make video about how the tenses are shifting.
I mean that, to use different tenses in one sentence.


Saturday, July 23rd 2011

Also using if condition will be fine.
thanks again.

Saturday, July 23rd 2011

Hello James I love the way that you explan the lesson. I shall keep watching all the lesson.
one big embrace.
From Brazil !!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 23rd 2011

i have a guestion please iwant learning english write and speak how can you help me

Saturday, July 23rd 2011

hi, i would like to ask what book were you reading before you start the lesson here in the video? thanks a lot

Saturday, July 23rd 2011

thanks mrs alex i m hafiz zia from pakistan.your teaching style is very much attractive.

Sunday, July 24th 2011

Who here can help me with this test
5. I like _____ to the theatre.

to going

6. What time ________ work?

does he start
he start
he starts
does he starts
11. He ______ swim very well.

can’t to
not can
don’t can

12. Where _________ yesterday?

were you
you were
was you
you was

19. What did you _____ him?

tell to
said to
25. If I _____ shopping today, I’ll buy some apple juice for you.

will go
would go
28. If I ____ a lot of money, I would buy a house in the country.

would have
would had

29. When I woke up, everybody else _________.

had already left
would left
already left
already had left

30. They asked me if I ______ the dinner party.

was enjoying
would enjoy
would enjoyed
am enjoy
38. The children like doing things ________.

on their own
with themselves
on themselves
at their own

Sunday, July 24th 2011

    hi im happy to help you with your questions. Answer (5) I like going. 6 What time does he start work? 11 He can:t swim well,12 Where were you yesterday?.19 What did you tell him?25 If I go shopping.28 If I had a lot of money.29 When I woke up everybody had had already left. 30 They asked me if I was enjoying the dinner party. 38 The children enjoy doing things on theie own. Good luck hope this helps you,

    Friday, September 16th 2011

      the first answer just “go” because it’s a present tense.hope done..

      Saturday, October 29th 2011

        Dear Jumat, the answer for the first (5) question is “going”. After like, you can not use go in that form. It must be going or to go. I hope that I could help.

        Monday, November 28th 2011

thank you teacher for this lesson is very useful .
teacher please, you can tell me wath’s the deifference between (I can’t take it and I can’t stand it )

Sunday, July 24th 2011

    can’t take it
    معناها لا يمكن ان احصل علية
    I can’t stand it
    لا يمكن الوقوف علية (مع الحشمة)وشكرا

    Wednesday, July 27th 2011

I think i can help here are the right answers
2)does he start
4)were you
8)had already left
9)was enjoying
10)by themselves
For the last one i think it is more appropriate to say by themselves
.Did you really not know how to solve them?

Sunday, July 24th 2011

Can anybody tell me what we call the sound produced when we ease our joints.

Sunday, July 24th 2011

Excellent leson ;cups you tech us a leson in past perrfect with the same method?

Sunday, July 24th 2011

Hi james nice lesson thanks for make english easier for us see us!!

Monday, July 25th 2011

Nice lesson indeed ,please do the same thing with other tenses it will be very hellpful ;)

Monday, July 25th 2011

Thank you abbas, where you from?

Tuesday, July 26th 2011

thanks!but I coudn’t undestand because u are teaching very fast and my english is not so good and your voice is not so clear so please teach me in a clear voice

Tuesday, July 26th 2011

For learning english grammar there are many sources,we can learn through books & can learn through internet also.for making grammar perfect there is a need to be strong in fields like adjective,noun,preposition,adverb,pronoun,verb.

Tuesday, July 26th 2011

impressive doing good job keep it up. . .

Tuesday, July 26th 2011

Hello James,

I would like to know what is the differences between can and may, could and might, into and onto and finally between and among. I will appreciate if you can help me. Thanks a lot.


Tuesday, July 26th 2011

Tremendous lesson. I like to get rest of all same way

Tuesday, July 26th 2011

hello james . I’m ayman from Saudi Arabia u r goood in teching keep up .

Tuesday, July 26th 2011

James, your lessons are interesing. but you move so quickly and it prevents from concentrating on lesson. I feel giddy………. :\\\\\

Wednesday, July 27th 2011

thanks james, i like style your teaching, and it is so interesting. I hope engVID can teach us more about english, still a lot to us study in english, and thank you again i say to you.

Wednesday, July 27th 2011

James, every your lesson helps me prepare for the TOEFL test. i can understand everything perfectly. thanks a lot! and i am also very grateful to the other teachers! Keep it up! =)

All the best from Belarus =)

Wednesday, July 27th 2011

    ok then u must help me ok please help me

    Thursday, January 16th 2014


Wednesday, July 27th 2011

mercii beaucoup pour la leçon =)

Thursday, July 28th 2011

Hello James! I’m Florina from Romania. I’m interested in learning English and I started about two years ago, trying to learn alone. I can say it’s very hard to learn alone, so I see myself obliged to ask help. Now, I’m trying to undertand the deferences between present perfect simple and present perfect continuous with for and since. For exemple : ” I’ve been leaving in this town for many years/since I was a child”- and : “I’ve lived here for two years/since 2000”.
It’ true that we use simple present perfect with verbs that show a situation like: live, be, stay,k know ?
I’ll be grateful for your answer,

Thursday, July 28th 2011

    Florina nu intaleg intrebarea ta . ,,lived ” nu e prezetnt e trecut .. ce ai vrut sa intrebi?

    Wednesday, October 23rd 2013

Your videos are so great, i am learning very quick with them. Can you please do a video on prepositions. I always get confused with those. Such as do i say “In the bus” or “on the bus?” i wish i had you as my english teacher, even if its only for one year.

Thursday, July 28th 2011

It’s really good , but still here a little of Complications , i just should listen to the lesson more then one time

Friday, July 29th 2011

I have a problem this day… the video stoop when you start teaching! I would to learn this lesson.. I will try again.. thanks

Friday, July 29th 2011

its good and way of the teaching method also excellence.keep it up always.

Sunday, July 31st 2011

Hi, beautiful lesson James. please can you give me a trigger to teach the present perfect and the conditional, very hard stuff for foreign students. thank you, connie.

Tuesday, August 2nd 2011

hi. im beginner to learn english pls if u can learn me to speaking english and thanks iam from egypt.

Tuesday, August 2nd 2011

you totaly good at teaching

Tuesday, August 2nd 2011

excusme teacher James could you tell me where are you from? oh thanks good lesson

Tuesday, August 2nd 2011

you are so amazing teacher i like to be your student

Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

I don’t get it.

Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

I’ve been observing your previous lessons and they are all flipping nuts! This one is particularly awesome, but I’m wondering what words would you use in the trigger and definition parts for a past perfect progressive and future perfect tense. It would be great if you can reply my comment!
James I suggest that you prepare a lesson on CONDITIONALS, please make an overview including mix and exceptions. THNX

Thursday, August 4th 2011

I love your way of teaching. Would you please make presentations of how to teach other tenses? I’m looking forward to, bye :)

Saturday, August 6th 2011

I understand the tense you trying to teach. what about the comparison between present,past and future tense with the same situation.

Sunday, August 7th 2011

very interesting, thank you

Monday, August 8th 2011

Hi james nice lesson thanks for make english easier for us see us!!

Tuesday, August 9th 2011

I know you are the one who’s better than all of the teachers teaching English, that’s why I tried to ask you. how can I download full video in a single click? or buy CDs? within Afghanistan it’s very difficult to find internet cafe and if you did, there is no enough bandwidth to download these clips.
I really appreciate your teaching style and your sister on white board.
please answer me one more thing, why there is police horn passing by on every session of this engvid? Sometimes it is exectly when the lession is near to end.
I wish I could be in your English classes live.
I realy like the style and confident you use to teach.
best regards,
Ahmad Wali

Tuesday, August 16th 2011

nice work

Friday, August 19th 2011

a perfect explanation too from teacher jaaamesss :=)))

Saturday, August 20th 2011

your lesson is so helpful thanks a lot

Sunday, August 21st 2011

this is the website were I’ve learned so much

Monday, August 22nd 2011

Thanks a lot.

Wednesday, August 24th 2011

Thanks alot James

Sunday, August 28th 2011

i don’t know how to thank you …. i am speechless

Tuesday, September 6th 2011

thank you for help me

Saturday, September 10th 2011

we like all lessons of this website thank you

Friday, September 16th 2011

hey james,
i live in germany and i would like learn the english grammar.i search in the internet and found on youtube this page.very good job you´ve helped me a lot.

Saturday, September 17th 2011

Thank you very much James :D

Tuesday, September 20th 2011

i got it jamessss , gr8 tips n best trigger ,,, :)

Wednesday, September 21st 2011

good way to learn more english.thanks

Thursday, September 22nd 2011

wonderful! Thanks a lot!

Friday, September 23rd 2011

Thanks a lot for your Great teaching method.

Wednesday, September 28th 2011

marvelous sir

Friday, September 30th 2011

thank you teacher

Monday, October 3rd 2011

    thank you teacher it is perfect.

    Monday, March 23rd 2015

thank you soo much ,
it is really effective …

Friday, October 7th 2011

no comment best ever

Friday, October 7th 2011


Saturday, October 8th 2011

Very nice method

Sunday, October 9th 2011

really awesome thank you :D

Tuesday, October 11th 2011

I can understand nothing wath do you say. I speak to fast. I am just a learner.

Friday, October 14th 2011

It was fantastic!
The exquisite one!!!

Sunday, October 16th 2011

I super like your videos!! Keep it up!

Monday, October 17th 2011

Great lesson James. Congrats!
I’m wondering what would be the best triggers for the other verbal tenses? Could you give us a list to help us remember all of them?
Keep up the good work. You rock man!

Tuesday, October 18th 2011

hello thanks for your lesson teacher, i would like to know what is the page web that you said effectively english or something like that thanks

Wednesday, October 19th 2011

hello ,your lessons are very helpful,I enjoy them all.
by the way, using a trigger for each subject is a great idea,
thank you .

Sunday, October 23rd 2011

nice work

Monday, October 24th 2011

Good Job teacher!! i learned a lot from I understand my prepositions..hehe

Friday, October 28th 2011

u my favorite. and u did it at 8 min 31 sec- u cool lol

Monday, October 31st 2011

definitely, you must understand english very well to take these lessons… but I admit they are very helpful. And the teachers are excellent. Two thumbs up!!!

Monday, October 31st 2011

Thank a lot. Your teaching is very interesting.

Monday, November 7th 2011

Too complicated. Inapplicable for me( Anyway thank you for your job

Friday, November 11th 2011

    hi will u talk wid m in english
    my skype
    id is babul.ray

    Sunday, January 12th 2014

thank you for the lessons, but, would you mind to add an script of what you say? Some parts are really difficult for me to understand.

Wednesday, November 16th 2011

thanks a lot mate…

Wednesday, November 16th 2011

I wish I understood what you were saying..

Thursday, November 17th 2011

Thanks a lot, Gianni.

Friday, November 18th 2011


Saturday, November 19th 2011

it would be good, when you make for every lesson a small quiz(7-9 question) thanks

Tuesday, November 22nd 2011

thanks alot

Saturday, November 26th 2011

please I need help , why I can not watch all the lessons ? I mean after few min. the lessons sotp so what I have to do pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssse

Wednesday, November 30th 2011

    Your connection might be too slow. If this is the problem, you can press play, then pause the video for a few minutes to let it load completely. Then press play and watch!

    Wednesday, November 30th 2011

Respected tearchers!
you peoples are doing a wonderful job,i can’t reward you, because i am your student.. i have learnt alot..
bundle of thanks and keep it up

Tuesday, December 6th 2011

very good teaching I’learn a lot

Tuesday, December 13th 2011

Hello. Thank you for your lesson/ It’s useful.
Wat about other tenses? Can you tell for us?

Wednesday, December 14th 2011

I like your way to explain difficult things simply!

Saturday, December 17th 2011

james can u plz explain each n every tense…..where i can join u …..4 regular learning of tenses

Friday, December 30th 2011

James, I do apologize my comments about your teaching method. I think it better to stick on short and sweet subject matter rather than to explain un necessary explanation. you always talking too much out of subject matter, if you explain to the point it will make quite easy to understand and with in the time frame you c

Monday, January 2nd 2012

My sggestion about your teaching method, always come to the fact, to the ponit no need to explain unnecessarly. you always talking out of subject and your examples doesn’t support to understand to the subject matter.It is better to stick on subject matter rather than to explain un necesarly because your long explanation makes quite puzzel to understand the main fact. so, It will better to go short and sweet to the points.
Thank you.

Monday, January 2nd 2012

your lessons are so helpful for me. Thanks a lot. When I’m listening to you I discover english again. It slowly becomes a passion. Thanks again.

Sunday, January 8th 2012


Tuesday, January 24th 2012

Dear teacher James, I am an english student, and i have a question, could you help me please, because this question will be in my examination in february, -Which is the difference between Time and Tense? Greetings from Albania

Thursday, January 26th 2012

that was a very good lesson, I learned allot.

Thursday, February 2nd 2012

Very nice lessons.It is easy to under stand

Sunday, February 12th 2012

hi friends,can u help why we have to add when is used 3rd person please response my question

Tuesday, February 14th 2012

thank you so much it is a very interesting website your videos are well done special thanks to teachers

Tuesday, March 13th 2012

nice job

Monday, April 16th 2012

thanks a lot

Wednesday, April 18th 2012

Thank You

Saturday, April 21st 2012

improve your english plz

Wednesday, May 2nd 2012

i joint my voice to all these to realy thanks you for these lessons and for the time you and your staff take for teaching us.May God bless you all.

Sunday, May 13th 2012

james u are quite good trust me bro

Wednesday, May 16th 2012

hello sir.Great job you are doing.
thank you sooo much.
Bye!!!!!Take Care.

Monday, July 2nd 2012

yea is verri goud i yes lern an a lot theink for yur antention

Tuesday, July 3rd 2012

help me much..awesome..thanks

Thursday, July 5th 2012

Hi james ur teching method is very nc bt i think u wil giv us somthing lik test.

Thursday, July 12th 2012


Thank You very much! You really help me and your lessons are SOOO intersting and funny.
Greetings from Croatia!

Friday, July 13th 2012

exellent.I learn alot fron it…:)

Monday, July 23rd 2012

Hello James.To speak the truth I like the way that you explan this lesson.Thank you

Tuesday, July 31st 2012

very intresting.

Sunday, August 5th 2012

very intersting

Sunday, August 5th 2012

Easy to learn tenses.Thanks so much!

Tuesday, August 7th 2012

You’re great teacher, and enthusiastic, thanx a lot for the lesson

Tuesday, August 14th 2012

thanks :)

Monday, September 3rd 2012

u re a very gud teacher n i heard the word trigger first time not even one english teacher told me like this

Tuesday, September 4th 2012

Hi James ,
Are you a Philosophy professor ?

Sunday, September 16th 2012

thanks for this vidio!!! You are a very good teacher.

Tuesday, September 18th 2012

thanks …its really useful ….but can you please tell me ….how can i get more videos

Wednesday, September 19th 2012

Good job!!! What you think about triggers for other Tenses?

Friday, September 21st 2012

What about triggers for other tenses?!
PS wonderful approach!

Friday, September 21st 2012

Hi brothers many thanks for a precious lessons, God pleases you and especial thanks to Prince Alramadi for sharing this site (have a delightful life)

Saturday, September 29th 2012

its not a helpful for me its a big stuff

Monday, October 1st 2012

Excuse me, where can I find the other tense lessons?

Friday, October 5th 2012

I love you engvid. You are good teachers I really like and love because I want to speak English well. Thank you for your lesson.

Saturday, October 6th 2012

nice teaching style

Wednesday, October 17th 2012

Very smart teacher.I loved the triggers!!!
Thanks a lot!!!

Saturday, October 20th 2012

i like your lesson and i have one question for you can you send to me yor lessons by mail because it’s hard for me to learn english by videos thank you

Monday, October 22nd 2012

hello guys i like this website i realy learnd a lot but i still have so writing problemes i need help

Saturday, October 27th 2012

Hello James. My name is Lesya and I am the English instructor at LT English SCHOOL. We practice at school inviting teachers from all over the world to conduct a skype class with the students. I got interested in your way of explaining grammar and I’d like to invite you to join us. Email me if you’re interested. Thamks for the video. It was interesting. Hope to hear from you soon.

Saturday, October 27th 2012

i need to learn more…

Wednesday, October 31st 2012

heyyy sir…u r excellent…..thanx 4 the lesson..

Friday, November 2nd 2012

wow very good like the usual

Tuesday, November 20th 2012

Excellent. thanks you very much !!

Thursday, November 22nd 2012

Great idea – still try to put that way on my subjects

Sunday, November 25th 2012

Thank you very much. I live in Thailand . befor from now I don understand about English language . And now my English it get better.Thanks again.

Tuesday, December 25th 2012

And thank you everybody in this website help me very much and I know This website help everybody who want to lean English.

Tuesday, December 25th 2012

very happy to look this website.

Thursday, January 17th 2013

thank you very match james ,i’m very happy to listen your lesson,i wich to learn english with you tank you again

Friday, January 18th 2013

In fact, your manner is good, but I cannot understand much from you ! Could you talk more slowly please ? :(

Saturday, January 19th 2013

Thank you for your classes.
1 question sir?
Which one is correct?
I skipped rope every morning.
I’ve skipped rope every morning.
I skip rope every mornig.

I’m waiting your answer…….

Thursday, January 24th 2013

Good job. Thanks so much!

Thursday, February 14th 2013

thanks james, you are a good teacher .I understund all lesson please halp me every day to understoude the lesson thanks teacher.hassiba ,algeres

Saturday, February 23rd 2013

it wass very , i apprechiate it but iwould like you to explain me about like present continous, and all continous tense

Friday, March 1st 2013

I don´t understand but …. thanks….

Monday, March 11th 2013

    I play tennis.Today.It’s true.
    Cats like milk. Always.It’s true.
    Once a week, Tom cleans the car. Repeated.It’s true.

    Wednesday, June 12th 2013

mr james when you teach us its like a game with laughing and having fun but from that you really helped us THANK YOU

Tuesday, March 12th 2013

hello teacher I really happy!, when I know your program even though my English have limit but know it really good for me through this program my English will improve. thank

Wednesday, March 13th 2013

Mr. James i wanna ask where is the most correct between kind of hobbies or kinds of hobbies.

Thanks for your response, sir :)

Friday, March 22nd 2013

Your teaching methods helped me to understand more quickly, and listening every word clearly.

Wednesday, April 17th 2013

Hi James thanks for lesson ..Could you explain all tenses ?

Friday, May 17th 2013

You cannot be an engineer because you have spent a lot of times but you are a very good teacher. Many thanks to you!

Wednesday, June 12th 2013

Thank you very much James!

Wednesday, July 24th 2013

excellent James.I have kearnrd a lot.

Monday, October 21st 2013

thanks james. i have learned many things today

Monday, November 11th 2013

Thanks James I have learned a lot this morning. I know the difference between a farther and further, make and do, ect…

Monday, November 11th 2013

James, you are very good teacher.

Monday, November 11th 2013

It’s helpful thanks a lot

Tuesday, November 12th 2013

thanx James it very help full for me.

Thursday, November 14th 2013

Thx u very much!

Friday, November 15th 2013

Love you James,you are the best and wonderful teacher in the world :*

Monday, December 16th 2013

thanx it’s so useful lesson I’ll keep watching u

Friday, January 10th 2014

Thanks for this good lesson which is useful

Thursday, January 23rd 2014

Hi James,
thanks a lot. Your teaching style is fantastic

take care

Friday, March 21st 2014

you have the best method for teaching

Thanx james

Saturday, May 24th 2014

Brilliante lesson! Thank you !)

Tuesday, May 27th 2014

Thank you for everything.

Thursday, July 10th 2014

So informative lesson

Wednesday, August 27th 2014

hello james,
i like the way you teach. I have seen many videos related to tenses(on engvid also) but no one has specified with trigger word i would be very thankful if you help me in this.

Sunday, August 31st 2014

could you explain all the tenses in that way because i have so problem how i can distinguish past perfect and past perfect continuous and present perfect and present perfect continuous and the difference between these tenses

with all my respect

Wednesday, September 3rd 2014

outside the box theching awmsome bro

Monday, September 8th 2014

Thanks James … the tenses are the soul of english … your explanation was cool you clarified good method :) we must practice it again and again to get moer strong in language .

Saturday, September 27th 2014

Thank you

Thursday, October 16th 2014

Thank you James u such a good teacher

Friday, October 24th 2014

I got diagrams about simple present in my mind…. thanks

Saturday, November 15th 2014

thank you so much :))

Monday, January 5th 2015

thank you James!!

Friday, January 9th 2015

Thank you so much James for your help! I have been struggling with my english grammar for so many years. and now, I have found a great esl website and an excellent teacher like you!!

Thursday, January 15th 2015

Hello Mr. James this video is outstanding.
I appreciated it if would create this triggerword for every single tense!
Please help us! Thanks man

Monday, January 19th 2015

    Yes it is a great Idea, I support that.

    Monday, December 7th 2015

Teacher James,
I like so much how you explain this topic!
Very ingenious.
Thanks you!

Monday, January 19th 2015

hello james I Want to ask you some questions about since and for so when we have mixed tenses ok and we have sentence with since and for ok either we use present perfect or present p.progrissive it’s correct to use one them or not ??? and the second question is when we have expression of “by the end of this year or week ” or so on in the sentence either we use future perfect or future.p.p is correct yes or no .that’s all and thank you so much james.

Tuesday, January 27th 2015

Thank you sir!

Sunday, February 8th 2015

Thank you for everything.

Thursday, February 12th 2015

this is good thing.

Wednesday, March 25th 2015


Sunday, April 5th 2015

Hi James.
I really like your lesson.It helps me a lot.

Tuesday, April 14th 2015

thank you for your lesson James

Wednesday, September 30th 2015

Gooood lesson

Tuesday, October 6th 2015

Goodness, I’m franky jercy from Brazil, I’m 23 years old and I’m here to practice my English with you guys.

Wednesday, October 7th 2015

Very helpful lesson, thanks

Tuesday, October 27th 2015

Thank you. Very goood! I love u teacher!

Saturday, November 14th 2015

ur way of explaining is very good

Sunday, December 6th 2015

Love u james. :*******. thank you for this lesson. If you travel Panama, let me know. XOXO

Monday, December 7th 2015

dear all! any body can help me in grammar, if you can help me please add my adds;
Skype: ahmadkomail
vibrer/whataapp: 0093782855426

Tuesday, January 19th 2016

Thank !!! You veru cool teacher! I wish u much health!

Sunday, April 17th 2016

you r the best teacher in whole wrold the way u teach us we ove learning

Wednesday, April 27th 2016

you are amazing:)


Friday, May 6th 2016

Hi james,you are really a good teacher.can I contact on fb only for english

Monday, June 20th 2016

Thanks James. I liked it a lot!Thanks for the hints.

Tuesday, June 21st 2016

i can’t understand what the video spoke

Tuesday, June 28th 2016

fantastic ! please can you do the same lesson, explaining the present-past-future perfect/continuos it’s so confuse for me. These metod seems me really good thanks a lot!

Sunday, July 3rd 2016

You’re the best James !!

Sunday, July 10th 2016

wow!! good lesson for me 😊

Monday, August 8th 2016

wala ko kasabot…

Monday, August 22nd 2016

All I can say is WOW, I’m in love. It’s OK my husband loves you too. In the most platonic way. :)

Sunday, November 13th 2016

Thanks james

Monday, November 28th 2016

Hi James. Great lesson. I am an ESL teacher in the San Francisco bay area. I was wondering, do you have a handout or a list of the ‘trigger’ words for all of the tenses? Or a recommended text that shows this? I like this method your demonstrating and want to use it. I’ll be teaching upper intermediate/advanced grammar this semester. Thanks!! Jane

Thursday, January 12th 2017

An interesting grammar lesson but for my opinion a little quick because it’s difficult to assimilate all the tenses in several situations when you are speaking, that is the reason that we prefer to listen more than speaking in the majority of the chances that we learn in our lives, I believe so. Thanks a lot, teacher James Greer from EngVid, a great and funny lesson.

Tuesday, January 31st 2017

Hi, miss Valen and all my intelligent teachers please tell me about all types of NOUN! please. I am confused because “cow” is a noun. And if name given to that cow suppose “julie” that is also noun or not. Help me with these type of NOUN.

Saturday, February 4th 2017

GuyZ I Have A Question.. I was in school. i used to learn that we have 3 tenses . present past or future. but now adays recently i Have joined a new language center and they taught me that we have 2 tenses not 3 .. present and past is a tense but future is not a tense.. because tenses talks about surity and confirmed time. and future is not decided. we dont know what will happen in future. and future talks about prediction. and if we talk about will . so its also a model verb. and model verbs talks about chances or possibilty thats why future can not be a tense. john,s wood sydney green and oxford edition 8 or some of more books also have mensioned that .. so guyzz im getting confuse in this. plzz guyz remove my this confusion..
because these are the most famous and acceptable books in english grammer

Saturday, February 11th 2017

it really helped me in my exams….thx for teaching..

Tuesday, March 14th 2017

mr jamas you are the good teachar

Saturday, July 29th 2017

mr james can you tell me grammar

Saturday, July 29th 2017

Thank you James

Saturday, August 19th 2017

thanks i need to learn this before my test tomorrow

Thursday, September 28th 2017

Fast and useful! Thanks James!

Sunday, November 5th 2017

I wanna understande all tenses
where I can go

Saturday, November 11th 2017


Monday, November 20th 2017

Dear James, its interesting class but a little advanced, because I don´t understand how to apply to another tense :), can you send us a diagrams to another tenses?. Thanks a lot :)

Friday, December 1st 2017

good lesson but no quiz .

Thursday, December 21st 2017

great lesson ı will not forget thank you james teacher !

Friday, December 22nd 2017

Very interesting lesson, Thank you James, you are so awesome tutor..

Thursday, January 25th 2018

Thank u james ….

Thursday, February 8th 2018

thank you but very mixed and I so so understand

Sunday, March 4th 2018

there isnt quiz why

Sunday, March 4th 2018

no quiz man! what the hell……….

Monday, October 1st 2018

Where is the quiz. Damn :)

Tuesday, December 18th 2018

Thank u jame

Sunday, January 27th 2019

Thank you very much Mr. James.

Tuesday, March 19th 2019

I love this lesson!

Tuesday, April 23rd 2019

Where’s the quiz…..?

Friday, September 6th 2019

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