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1st Comment, yay
Also 100 pt
I love this lesson


Hi, James
I could not drink hard liquor even if only a drop of it. Today, I’ve learnt a lot of new drinking vocabulary. Many thanks for this helpful lesson, James :)


    Hi Chloe, a few drops (a sip) of hard liquid won’t do any harm to you, I bet. But a bullet of Vodka -for instance- will make you think it twice, that’s for sure.

    So you are a teetotaler, aren’t you? Me? I’m a social drinker. Alcohol sometimes helps you to break the ice and feel more at home at social meetings.

    That’s it for me! Have a great day!


      Hi, Regino
      Long time no see. How are you? Thank you for inspiring me.

      For now, It’s easier to just say no “the first time” to avoid drinking too much in the future.I’ve always remembered a quote by Raymond Chandler, as: “Alcohol is like love. The first kiss is magic. The second is intimate. The third is routine….”.
      How do you think about that quote, Regino? :)

      You are so nice. Hihi… but, don’t abet me in drinking alcohol. (I don’t want to play with fire, Keke…).

      Now, let’s drink a toast to our friends. :)
      Thanks for your comment. Take care, Regino. :)


You forgot the word drunken!


What happened?


Hi, James! Teatotaler say thank for the lesson =)


thank you.


Thank you very much! You are my favorite teacher!


    Thank you for your lesson and i got a question if i may:what kind of drinker are you?


I was a social drinker. Now I’m a teetotaler. Thank you, James. Interesting!


    Are you come from japan ? And you learn english. :D nice to meet you :D


I am a social drinker. When I was younger I used to bet with my friends who would slug the beer back faster, I always won, ’til Michael (a friend of mine) defeated me. You’re a very good teacher.


Hi James! To be honest, many times i cannot stand watching a video with much time but this one was faster and i enjoyed a lot! I have acquired new vocabulary and phrases. I am a social drinker even though I do not know how to drink, i mean, I get drunk easier, that is why I choose soft drink.

Thanks for your assistance.
Be well!
Greetings from Venezuela.


Cin Cin from Italy. The best place where you can drink the best wine of the world:)


    I´m sorry, but the best wines come from Spain.
    However, I must say that your cars are by far much better than Spanish cars XD


      Each to his own!?
      I love your Romeo and Juliet;


      Hi guys are you drunk ?? the best wine comes from France. If you are lucky with a bottle of “chateau Margot”, believe me you have no choice you must sip it. We have goog hard liquors we can’t slug, just take one shot because two will get you down ?



        engVid Moderator

Thanks James!!
Today we learnt a lot of new and interesting vocabulary.
And nice shirt by the way ;)


whisky please!)


Hi James.
It was an interesting lesson because I love drinking, so I learned a lot from you about drinking. I used to be a social drinker, going drinking with friends was so fun! but spending too much money for drinks isn’t very nice. I don’t have good memory of drinking hard liquor. After I took a shot of tequila or 2, it was disastrous lol.
Anyway, it’s summer and a great season to drink beer!! Drinking under the blue sky as watching baseball is one of national pastime! Woo, I’m getting thirsty!
Thank you and See you later!


10/10 THX!


    Yay, way to go Anek!


Thank you , ,James! It was fun lesson! I love it!!!!


Hi, James. It was a very useful lesson. I am glad because I got 100. Thank you so much. Bye!

Júlio César L Sousa

Thanks James, very useful lesson and pretty long. I like your style of teaching.:)


James, it was a very impressive lesson man, an it helped me so much. Thank you teacher!


It was a very interesting lesson. Thank you teacher!


Great lesson! I´ll swig my coffee and then I´ll come back to study a little more. Thanks, James.


Thank you so much teacher James!!!


James hi I like the way you teaches.
kind of comic..

Haytham Adil Aldai

Thank you so much for the useful lesson,
is here anyone who is interested in enhancing his/her english level like me if yes we can help each other through chatting using FB or whatsp 00212634507815 have a happy week folks :)


Very good lesson, thank you James, the more I watch your videos the more I improve my English, I really have learned very useful words to me, since in my job when I have a happy hour with my colleagues it usually very dificult to talk about drinks. Thank you!


Hi James,

Please let me know that on which accent should I focus more American or British while giving IELTS?


Very good and really interesting

Manik Seth

Many thanks!


Hi! James Thank u so much to this video. You help me alot :) :):)


Thank you, I learned new words, it helps!


Very usefull this lesson…I just love the James’s class!!! He is the funniest teacher that I’ve ever met… I learn a lot from him!!! Thanks a lot!!!


i like it
thanks a lot


Thanks for making all these things clear.

Dawasang Rumba

I got 100
it was very useful lesson
thank u so much


its really helpful.


Thank these advices and your speech that grate


Thanks. It was very interesting and clear


Thanks, These words are really usefull. I’ll sip my expensive milk hahaha…

Fernando Moreira

I´m not sure how often i´m going to use this new vocabulary, specially slug because a can´t found out the meainig in spanish. Anaway, Thanks you for these new words


Thank for your lesson !!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️??????☕️???????

Jessica Duong

thank very much teacher.nice to meet everybody…


Thanks for expanding my vocabulary :) would be great if you tell us more about topics for discussion in pubs and bars (phrases and slang words). And by the way you are in a good shape ;) even if you drink alcohol.

Lana Green

Thank you James , your lesson is very interesting .


julio.ortigoza2 my skype!


Ontario beers are great. Thanks James, you pretty often makes me laugh when I watch your teaching videos.


why is the volumn so low?


but I find it really funny, cool, and it makes me laugh lots


Interesting lesson, thanks a lot!


I got a 90
Im drunkie bud a goodie lol

well its no so good when you have to work, Hey I remember de game Metal Slug, did u play it? I uderstad better the meaning of the game, thank you,

see a later alligator,


You was reading Alpha Male Book, wasn’t you? Haha


You are the funniest teacher I’ve ever seen,really!


Very good lesson and performance, James!

I’m a social drinker. I appreciate the taste of the wines from Chile. They are not very expensive and have perceptible and distinguishable flavors.

If one day you come here, you can have a swig of my caipirinha :)

Fabio Cicerre

Hello James!

Thank you for the lesson. Well, I confess that I am a teetotaler, and I am very proud of that. Beer, wine and hard liquors can do no good for any person. They are all a fantasy. They destroy the health, the family and the society. In fact, I don’t consume even soft drinks. They are too sweet and acid.

I would rather drink a lot of water and natural juices. These are the best drinks on earth!

See you in the next video!

Eduardo França

thanks. I’m watching engvid’s videos often, but I don’t know how I can mark that I watched videos.


Thank you so much buddy,mr james ! good explanation and keep it up brother ! 10/10


Thanks James your way of teaching so funny and easy way to remember to memorize vocabulary because you look like artiest. However it is difficult for me because I do not use to such of alcohol.

Muhammad Abbas

bery good explanation. Thanks!


This was my first quiz and I got 100!!!


wow i got a perfect score! it only means you are very good teacher. thanks for teaching us.

actually, im a teetotaler now since i got married by choice but before im a social drinker.


no friend no life hi all !!!


Well, very good luck, I have guessed the answers of the questions, the Spanish polo shirt maybe a clue to guess all the meaning, but it’s been a good explanation, good performance and we can enjoy our drink from now on. Thank you very much and regards.


Thanks James,
I enjoy your lessons and I really learn more on that.


I really like the way teacher James teaches, he makes English so easy to learn! I enjoy every lesson.Regards from Dominican Republic.

Mssz Jam

Thank you for the lesson and fun )))


James, u are have done this lesson in style,freestyle as usual! its amazing.
maybe the word “tipsy” should be added? or how do they say when one is pleasantly drunk, relaxed for a drink? in russian we say the word funnily drunk. of course u can imagine evil russians who always drink the hardest liquors only :o)


James, you are the best teacher ever. I always have fun with your lessons.


Very funny and helpful lesson at the same time) as all of James’s lessons

Mikhail Nedel

You are good teacher. Thank you lesson. I request slow down a little, please. I can not catch your speed.


Thanks James, it’s a good lesson!


Hello James
Thank you for your instructives lessons.
However i can’t really catch the difference between a drunkard and an alcoholic i know that the last one is a medical condition but someone who drinks a lot even if he is able to work or do thing, he is an alcoholic in the people opinion.


10/10 yey!

Maria lyn Miranda

Thank you for such a funny and great lesson!


It was really comprehensive lesson about drinking. Thank you James!


Thanks for the drinking lesson. Just an aside for the word or concept of abstaining. I am not a teetotaler because I am a recovering alcoholic. So in the US I would say I have been clean and sober for (fill in the length of time). In the US, for many recovering alcoholics, being clean and sober is a bigger deal than abstention. Telling someone you are clean and sober for X amount of time means you have not consumed any alcohol for what ever time you stated. Abstention simply means I am not currently drinking. I’m not sure if this meaning holds true outside of the US.


Great lesson Thanks for teaching


Thank you for your teaching.

Sonny Hsu

Thank you for the great insights! Isn’t “guzzle” and “slug” kind of the same thing?


Love this lesson thanks James

Erica render

Great lesson James! thank you so much


Thank you so much!!!!


Hallo James, I think you have a mistake in one Word! My Translater says teetotaler is writting with double l so teetotaller. I find your clip are very fresh and nice made.

Best wish



    This is a difference between North American and UK English – a single “l” is acceptable in NA English. E. g. traveler vs. traveller.

    engVid Moderator

I got it all thanks


My first 10/10 correct answers I am happy ;) Thank you James ;)


I got 100 :) Thanks a lot!


WOW! i’ve got 10 of 10! Cool :)

Anna Boo

Thanks a lot james.




James, you are the Great teacher!


I am a social drinker! Corona with lemon is always my favourite beer.
I love this topic!


Thank you James


You got 10 correct out of 10.

thank you so much.

M kartal

Thanks James! Cheers!


superb lesson ?


Hi there, this really good for me to learn the English vocabulary it’s really helpful for me. I got 10-10.


thank you i got 100 and one thing i want make clear you are great teacher and i love your teaching style.


I’m from Russia, but I hate vodka. I like to drink Scotch whiskey.


Hey James

I don’t know what kind of drinker I am. Maybe a social drinker or maybe a teetotaler. I haven’t tasted any beer or wine or hard liquor but I like to have a sip on those drinks. I like to take a shot in a bar. I don’t want to swig other’s drink rather I like to buy my own drink and like to sip it. IF I slug my drink because It would be a choke for me. Thanks, James for such a nice lesson. I would like to use these tips if I have a chance to go on a bar.




I’m a sommelier and I’d like to learn more vocabulary about wines and ways to recommend it to my clients in a top restaurant in Spain. Thank you!




10/10 Chuuuch! it means: God bless everything we do! By Snoop Dogg.
Maybe a good topic to talk to will be idioms for understand real talk on the streets an the meaning of the songs.
Thank you James God bless you!

Flavio Rodriguez

Thank you sir for this wonderful lesson.

Vishal Kumar Trigo

    I got 10/10 for just listen carefully

    Vishal Kumar Trigo

I’m grateful for your stunning lesson dear James as usual well explained and very funny… Greetings from Surco my home town

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