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Got 08. Emma ,In question no 03. Aren’t th ese both statements are correct.
1. Describe a time when you had to make a difficult decision ( in it ,it has the keyword “you”)
2. How would you deal with an angry customer ( in it, it has would you) so ,will the second option be consider as situational ?

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    Firstly, thank you Emma for your teaching, secondly, That’s my question too. I chose the third option, but it is wrong.

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    The answer to question 3 has been fixed. Sorry for this.

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    I though the same thing too.

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    The first option is related to your possible past experience…

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You should be specific i think is the correct one.please i need more improvement in this lesson.

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Annie, the person whose comment is above o maybe below mine. I think you are right the answer for the number 3 question is wrong, maybe they did it on purpose 😏😏😏, because in number one answer they ask you to tell something that already happened in the past. Well that’s what i think 😆…

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Hi Emma. Me too, think about question 03 that the phrase how would you deal.. is a situational question. Am I right?

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I got 9/10 and wrong at number 6. But I think the answer: told my supervise and find out a solution together is the better answer. Thank Emma

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So I got, 8/10, It´s good.Thank Emma.

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Hi emma. Excellent class. However I don’t understand why in question # 3 the right answer is the first option. Can you explain that ?

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90% I wrong n. 3

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Thanks a lot…!!

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Hi madam Emma ,
.I am Sri Lankan .I study in Springfield college in grade 3.I always watch your vidieos every
day.I hope you will reply my questions .

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Nice exercise.

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I would like more example about Foreign Trade area interviews

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Thanks Emma for a interesting lesson. I had a problem with a question no 3. Maybe you will explain it when you have a time. Thank you!!!

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    You were right! The incorrect answer was marked correct, but it’s fixed now.

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Dear Emma! I’m sure it’s not your fault, but the answer to question 3 is wrong. Obviously, the correct answer is ‘How would you deal with an angry customer?’, not the first one, ‘Describe a time when you had to make a difficult decision.’, which the system gives as the correct one. Thank you for your time and effort,

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    The correct answer at the question 8th is grammatically wrong. Would cannot be with the conditional if. I am almost sure about that. Here the second conditional is applied because it is talking about situational questions. In other words unprobable situations.
    Have a look and you will see.

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Oh I got 9/10. Thanks Emma. However I thought an interview question that has a line that says “describe a time when you *had* to make a difficult decision is suggesting you talk about your past experience which I thought it’s a behavioral interview question, because it’s assumed it happened sometime in the past. I don’t know but please kindly shed some light on this. Thanks.

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Emma, could you please comment question number 3?

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It’s good beginning for me, 9/10. Thank you for making this great quiz. Yeay

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Thank you Amma.

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thank you

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I got 10/10. Thank you so much Emma :)

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Thanks Emma!!

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90%. Thanks for the lesson, Emma!

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I find it really surprising to see this lecture without any comment about the nature of such questions.

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I have got 80. Hope that, next time will do better,

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Thanks emma.

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Super:) Thanks a lot

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Thanks Emma

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oh men !! i’m Viet Nam but i got 7/10 !! wow !! that’s so fun! thanks you so much cause you teach very well !! thanks a lot !!

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thank you emma i got 100 porcent, i understood you very well thanks a lot.

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uau… Emma 4 President.

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Thank you Emma, excellent tips

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Perfect Emma, very clear easy and interested.

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thank you Emma.

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I would like to thank you Emma for the hard work you have done so far. Your videos are incredibly amazing. This my first time commenting on a video , because I think you deserved all the love.

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thank you very much Ms. Emma

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All the videos lessons, courses are really helped to imroved my skills. Your online course is absolutely amazing. It helps to non speaking english to study more.

Thank you

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Your lessons are very useful for me, thanks Emma!

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Excellent clases thanks

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Thank you a lot. Its very helpful!

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Thanks Emma. I work with recruitment and selection and I was very happy with this class. I loved your didactics and accent.

Profile photo of sfonseca.roberta sfonseca.roberta

thanks for the lesson, i got 10 out of 10 & i have been improving my english here for almost 2 yrs also i rely on other sources specially in communication now i can easily understand what u are explaining in your content

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I look hard to pass IELTS , I have so afraid about it.
Teacher Emma bush me for that .thanks

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I have not a dog, can I speak with my mother’s cat?

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9/10 I understood very well your explanation about situational interwieww questions , there are england teacher for me are verye dificult to undertand, but i think that i need to hear them.

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Thank you so much teacher Emma for this lesson. It missed me too much to have a lesson like this one.

However I have a doubt at the answer of question 8 and it´s the next one: Is the conditional IF with the modal WOULD? As far as I´m concerned i was not taught like that. So, Should the part of the answer not be in past simple instead? It means: If i were able to get the assignment…..
I wait for an answer to this doubt as soon as possible.
Thank you so much again.
Have a good one

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Hi Emma.
Tanks for ypour class. This class helped me a lot with my interview vocabulary.
Now I just need to pratice to be prepared for any interview !!

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Hi Emma,thanks a lot for this lesson. I got 100% on the quiz. However, I would like to have more resources on this situational interview questions to excel myself. Once again, thanks for this great lesson.

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thanks for this lesson

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Emma, thank you so much for this vídeo, it’s useful and helpful for me that i want to get a better job. I will continue listening and practicing for improve my fluence.

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90%. Great!

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Hi, Emma the question number 3, really confuses me…

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Hi, everyone my score 90% great! that is what I like to see and thanks to Emma how to explain the situation questions for an interview.

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10/10 :)
Very interesting lesson and really important skill. Thanks, Emma!

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Very good video Emma. Thanks for teaching us

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10/10! Firstly, Emma’s tips are useful. Secondly, I need go over these knowledge. Finally, Thanks, Emma!

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Emma, I have smailed a lot when you said the dog example, in other hand, I really appreciate your time, knowledge and experience as english teacher. Thank you for your sound advices. Have a nice weekend. This was a terrific lesson.

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10/10 :D Thank you for the lesson Emma !

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Thanks Emma, i got 10/10 100%

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Thanks for your lesson Emma!

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Thanks a lot, Emma.

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Very interesting lesson. Many thanks, Emma!

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Thanks for good lesson

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