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Emma why you cut your hair? You had such a nice long hair

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    I don’t agree, sorry, I think this hair suits better on her.

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      a matter of taste :)

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      me to

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    you better concentrate on lecture, rather than her physical appearance, pal :)
    She has delivered a great lecture. 10/10
    Thanks Emma.


      totaly agree with you Sam, here we are to learn
      thank you Emma

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        better cut hair….waiting for sex lessons teaching :-§))

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      You are correct.

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    HI MY Teacher
    I send you my regard and thank you you,re teaching” i went how can write and how can speak.

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    “There are many children in the world who do not have access to clean water.”

    In this sentence I noticed that Emma didn’t only cut out “there are” but also she cut “who”. because if she left “with”, then it would be a dependent sentence or an incomplete sentence.

    Thank you emma !

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      very funny oops I did that as well.

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Very useful lesson. Oooppsss!!! I used the word “very”.

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    informative session

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    hahaha me too i use it alot :p

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    it’s ok but in academic writting you have to avoid writting very.

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      I agree with you

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Hey Emma !! thanks for the lesson !!

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Very useful lesson. Thanks a lot.

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Important lesson Emma. Thanks for posting. I got 100 out of 100 in quiz. Yahoo!!!

Sriram Giridaran

Emma great lesson. Emma do not write often. Would you please post writing lessons.


what is the different between a few few a little and little , and when we did used ‘very’ with`em


Thanks for your clear and useful lesson


Emma great lesson I am interested your lesson then i am went IT how to get now my setter an my teachers OK


It’s interesting, some TOEFL prep. books recommend to use passive voice.


My Dear Teacher Emma,
I had watched that, but I so sad and tired to night, so If I have a time tommorow I’m ganna repeat it by the way your dress of colour is very nice. Yours for Good Evening at me Good Night :)

Nihal TÜRK

Hi Emma,
This lesson is very controversial :)! All advice from 1 to 3 are useful. But what’s wrong with 4 and 5. Passive voice is the way to diversify your language, why this part of grammar is unwanted? And 5: why using verb is better then verb+noun?


Emma please please please just relax! You look so excited its really so annoying. I really cant stand to watch you.You are really cute and good at teaching but after your sentence you look camera and hold you hands why?? Just relax please we wont bite you and thank you for your informative video.

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    Why don`t you take her place to see how is it?
    Do not criticize people who are trying to do something good for you! If you do not like the lessons do not watch them.
    I think that she has done well…

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Your such good English teacher. Continue with what you are doing, you are helping us.

apple jalandoni

Thank you Emma! It was a helpful lesson.

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I agree with Ivan. I am not sure than passive are dor unformal usings. In fact, in my language, catalan, we don’t usually passive voice and when you write a passive, often the level of the discussion is hig. We never us voice passive (never say never) in a formal conversation.


Thank you Emma!

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useful i enjoyed and sure will practise., is there some tips for beginner poetry writer? thank you Emma.




Thank you Emma for this lesson. It help me a lot in writing.


Tank u Emma for everything .this lesson helps me alot .

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Dear teacher, thanks for your lesson.
Please, clarify this to me…
We are supposed to avoid passive voice but not to completely omit it from our academic/formal writing…Am I right?
I have been taught that we use different structures like this one to add variety to our writing, avoid constant repetition, and

Jesse María

make it more interesting …

I’d be very glad to know your opinion
Kind Regards :)

Jesse María

Is too easy learn watching these videos.
thanks a lot!


Thank you so much now i know what to do to make my writing better……THANK YOU SO MUCH

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Hi Emma, thank you so much for this helpful lesson!
I’m wondering if you can help us for writing by correcting our essays.. Is it possible? Thanks a lot!

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    i also want to improve essay writing.. plz any lesson..

    which unvi you are in sydeny? .. i am applying in ECU. how is student jobs ratio? and how is life? is it easy or tough? it will be great if you response..

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    She is right .if possible

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    Hello Alessiac How are you ?
    can we speak and be fiends on skype ahmedrabiemoustafa1 i am looking for many friends to make big group on it
    best regards

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French won the war. What war? )))

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    100 Years War (столетняя война с англичанами)


      French themselves think they won the war with Kutuzov. If you remember, thay captured Moscow. Ха-Ха

      Алексей Окунев



Thank you Miss Emma and secondly I would like to say that I can understand very well the way which you teach us.


it was so helpful and clear.

ahmad reshad

    I cannot agree with you more =)

    chloe chen

Thanks a lot.

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Wow this butiful lesson thank you Emma


Dear teacher Emma, Thank you very much for your interesting and effective class…. may god grant you every success…


Good day Emma thank you very much indeed.
I would like to explaine regarding used to


Clear and nice lesson,thanks.

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Thanks dear Emma of your very nice soppurt
Sher M Akbar from Afghanistan Kabul


sher M Akbar

Thanks for tip about “There is/are”. Once I was told: If you don’t know how to build right sentence – use “there is/are”, it always works :)

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what are the parts of a sentence and what are the lesson in english7 im grade 7 or first year

angeljoy bandiola

now i understand ,thank you so much for the lecture.

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this hair suits her i think.You look cool.I love and enjoy watching your lessons with bright eyed.


It is an excellent lesson even for teachers


thanks a lot for the lesson.

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Good job Emma
go a head


Thanks so much,the lesson has been interesting


Thanx Emma

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I like this lesson, it is importante

Aires Mbanze

Tip #1: Avoid contractions, but use them in direct speech.
Tip #2: Avoid ‘there is/there are’ with ‘that’, “There are billions of galaxies in the universe” is correct.
Tip #3: Avoid ‘generic’ adjectives and ‘false’ intensifiers. Also avoid ‘like’ in comparisons.
Tip #4: Avoid passive voice (with ‘by’) when the focus is more on the doer.
Tip #5: Avoid weak verbs when the focus is more on what is done (object) and not on how is done (verb). Avoid ‘generic’ verbs (do/make, give/take, say/tell and so on).

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Hi Emma,
your voice reached our distant village.
I like to thank you.
You are welcome any time to KSA.

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Hi Emma,
great lesson!:)
I’d like to have one request if I may.
Could you possibly prepare a lesson on Latin abbreviations that are most commonly used?
Maybe sth like e.g. or etc but also some more complicated.
If it’s not too much trouble of course.
Thank you for everything.
Cheers from Poland:)

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thank you for this lesson !!

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I’m sure Vietnamese defeated French in 1945.You know , Emma ?


Emma u r brilliant teacher, keep it up, thanks


Hi Emma! Thanks for the lesson, it is great.



nashat anwar

Thank you Emma….

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Thank you so much.

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i could not see clearly what you have written on the board..

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Thank you Emma .You are my best English teacher at all.

With my best wishes .

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Thank you Emma


Thank u Emma to help me.


i am very glad to see you again. thank for interesting and difficult lesson. my quiz result 10\6
take care

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Thanks so much Emma, awesome tips…

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Useful tips,is there some tips for beginner poetry writer? Thank you Emma.

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Emma please please please just relax! You look so excited its really so annoying. I really cant stand to watch you.You are really cute and good at teaching but after your sentence you look camera and hold you hands why? Just relax please we wont bite you and thank you for your informative video..

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I got 8/10. This tips helped me to understand usage of active and passive voice. I learnt much and wants to say THANKS to Madam Emma. :)


to be honest,it’s really difficult…………….cos I’ve never seen it before,no one explained that………thanx emma……….I HOPE IN FUTURE IT’LL HELP ME…………..

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Thank you so much for your lesson Emma, it was very interesting!!! = )))


Thanks emma

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Thanks Emma for the amazing class, I aced the test!!!!


emma thank u


Thank you Emma….You are friendly!


thank you very much about your writing course.
could you continue such this writing video??

so many people are week in writing


thanks Emma

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Wonderful and informative lesson. Thank you

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I like it :)

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dear emma thanks

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thanks dear Emma!!


simple and clear explanation! Thanks Emma!

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I’d like to have more opportunities to write, does anyone here knows a place (web site) where can we exchange letters or messages?

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    Hey, Emma

    I’m from Brazil and I didnt’t know anything about the tips you gave. But now I could learn. Thanks a lot for improve my english.

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Nice tips, Emma. Thank you.


Tks Emma, another great and usefull lesson!

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I’m from Cambodia. Thank for all of you about all lessons

sam chenlong

Thank you Emma! It was a helpful lesson.


Thank you Emma


Completely new informaion for me!!) Thank You very much Emma!!))

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The quiz is too easy

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    I would like the quiz was so easy for me as it is for you


I did it 100% before I watched the lesson :)
hoooooraaa :D

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you are great


Dear teacher,
Thank you very much for your every english lesons.


It was very usefull. I didn’t know all of that before watching this lesson. Thank You very much.
Could You make more lessons about formal/busines language. I need to use sometimes english in my work and sent sometimes e-mails to other companies, but my language is not enough formal ald polite.

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9 from 10 correct anwser. I’m proud :-)


thank you very much


Thanks so much, You are the best teacher for me. Please if you have time support us by many lectures extra. Thanks for every thing.

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Thank you Emma ,it is useful.


Hi dear Emma,
I don’t know to describe the question of math,
For example: multiplication (*), division (/), subtraction (-) ,addition(+)
Please make video to solve our problem.
Thanks you so for kindly help
Sher M Akbar from Afghanistan Kabul

sher M Akbar

Amazing Lesson


Hi Emma,
could you please explain following sentence, I can nor understand it:( thank U in advance:)
“The CAG had estimated that undue benefits estimated in excess of US$ 34 billion might accrue to private firms on account of allocating 57 coal mines to them without auction.”

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Very useful lesson to solve my problem in writing.Now i know.

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thanks so much for your lesson. I got 80%.


Thank you ma’am Emma for your useful lessons.

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Thank you very much and hope you all the success


Thank you Emma . You always make lessons easy to understand , forgot to mention I got 100 .

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Hi Thatcher Emma , thank you for greet lessons , I was wondering if you can make lesson for Present , Past & future : perfect & perfect continuous
because i have got confused between them and also i cant use them in correct time
Thank you so much indeed :)

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nice igot 10 i like your explaining its clear
thank you alot


hi emma ! thanks for the lesson , i want to learn tips of speaking, listening of ielts so could you upload vidoes of this tips please thanks!

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Abundant thanks dear ma’am. it was educative and informative lesson. anyone who wants conversation through Skype add me which my Skype name is Mohammadilyas.hotak will be useful for both of us.

Ilyas hotak

helpful lesson

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Thank you so much for your lessons,you’re such a great teacher.


Thank you ema for your good lession….

Nabin Dhakal

hii emma ! thanks for upload the video of ielts task 1 but could you upload more vidoes of task 2 of writing and also other tasks of speaking and listening because i want to improve my self before going for ielts test please it would be tbankful to you

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I do not care about her hair, she looks beautiful anyway and she teaches better.
thanks for the lesson.




9 correct out of 10 – Thomas from Poland thx

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Thank you Emma.

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Hope become a good english speaker

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Hi Emma!
I have such question. Im 29 old. I have no any education and Im beginner. So is it possible for me to become as russion-english translator?


very nice thank you.

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english best method

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thank you!

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It is really really very very useful lesson to me. Maybe, to everyone. Thanks emma!

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Thank you so much for your lessons,you are such a great teacher

Ali Coca

thank you Emma very much


hi everybody .does someone knows some helpful listening web site thanks teacher emma.


it was a great lesson.

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Emma, I apreciate your dedication.
Outstantind job.


English Sucks, am tired of it. :'(

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Thanks so much your lesson so helpful I loved so much . thank you

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Thank you Emma…. I enjoyed it very much.

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Thanks so much for your lesson Emma, I really enjoyed it and will let
everyone know that if we need to learn good English then we should go to Emma at engwid.



Thank you Emma

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Thanks Emma the lesson was interesting


Hi Emma, thank you your helpful lessons. I hope you to check out my introduction : the following line graph elucidates information about tobacco smoking in five different countries around the world durin 35 years since 1960.The statistics are given in millions of smokers. Overall, it is clear from the graph, Mexico comprised the majority of smokers. : that is may manner to write an introduction: please check it out and comment me.


Thank you Emma,
This lesson was helpful.

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Thank you Ms.Emma for your assistance


Thank you Emma, it was an interesting lesson.


Congratulations! Very good lesson. I like it!:)

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hard to me Emma. I can’t understand the grammar

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Thanks Emma, great job!


thank you very much,Emma ^^~ I got 10/10 :)

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hello…almuwared ask them how about me exam

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These tips are essential for improving writing abilities . Thanks a lot :)

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Emma, good job! Would you mind putting up some more quizzes


thanks Emma Madam. It is good for the students who are planning for overseas studies. Got 10/10:)

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Your lesson is very useful for me,thank you so much.
I have one question to u,is the ielts academic essay questions gets repeated?could u pls verify and say me please?


Thank you!


so ,a very good lecture i really liked a lot.
wrong statement……
the correct statement should be….
i liked the lecture.
thank you Emma maam,got 10/10


I used “a lot of” many times, but now I’m studying this academic writing and noticed it’s a wrong way to write in formal styles.I’ll never make such a mistake.

Thank you Emma !

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Thank y retail y ar a rare instractor

Esam A

Fine. Thank you.

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Great lesson. I do need this lesson and Emma you came up…thank you


Thank you Emma! I got 10/10.

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i like brogram it is very good.


thank you


Nice lesson, thank you Emma.

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Thanks a lot for your clear and useful lesson



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thank so much Engvid.
with your intervention even the Sky is not the Limit.
thank you all my teacher’s and wish all the best of success in life.


I like your lessons
Thank you


very good

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This lesson was very difficult :(

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thank so much Engvid


Thank you Emma, your lesson was very useful and interesting but I’d like to make a question; could you make a lesson about the difference between “used to” and “would” please? Because it is a topic not so clear for me.


It really help me a lot.I hope I know this website earlier.

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Good Lesson.

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Thank you Emma

Alaa ghz

this is a bit difficult for me to understand.

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thank u

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is the sentence “In today’s video we will study about…” is correct or not confusion -‘s come with living things

Profile photo of akashkaushik94 akashkaushik94

10/10 amazing!!! thankssss! =)


hi emma:this lesson was very difficult for me.

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Yayy!! 10/10! Emma honestly you are a great teacher! :)


Emma, your lessons are always very clear. Thank you.

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Thank you very much, Emma.

Leon from Greece

thank you .

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helpful and easy to understand, I want know more about how to write a academic paper


thank you so much, Emma
This help me in writing



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Really helpful video… really nice teaching!


Nice page!! I like it…


that was perfect Emma, we need more similar lessond in writing.

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Great lesson. Very useful even though I am not a student.

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Thanks Emma : You are very clear. I got 8 out of 10 with two mistakes on the sentences with the preposition ON that one have to remove in the active form. I got it now ! So it’s quiet useful to listen to the video and then to pass the quizz to reenforce what you have learnt just before. Very good concept ! This site is really a great one. Congratulations !

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Thanks Emma: These lessons are very important for the students

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I am learning. Please keep this website.
This a a blessing. Thank you.

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thank u for this useful websit.

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Regret knowing the site too late

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Thank you Emma! It’s a good lesson.

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It is helpful. I may get much.

dararath UK

I love it.

Dararath UK

You did a great job !! thank you Emma

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9 correct out of 10. that is good ! :)

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thanks,these lessons are very helpful


this website is amazing , keep up the good work people.
you are amazing.


Ti’s very good. amma but pick the specific & explane. Thank u lot. BY.


Thank you so much. it does not quite make sense to me, but i will try next time.


Thank you ! it is good lesson , you are great teacher (as you see i used great instead of very good your lesson is useful )


Great! Thank you.

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Thanks a lot…..

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Thanks for your good lesson

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10/10 good for me :)

Thanks Emma :)
this lesson was useful

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Thank’s Emma :$

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Thank’s Emma, you really know how to teach!!!

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Emma: this lesson are very important to me. I will watch this video more times in the futere.

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i will definately help full in writing..thanks emma

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100 out of 100

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thank you Emma , that was a really nice lesson

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this is my first lesson and I got 10 out of 10… good job… thanks Emma..

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Hello Emma,
I would like to say thank you for informative lessons.

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This was a great lesson. I did one error because I was not sure if the word “on” should be used or not. Now I know it is better not to.

Profile photo of should should

Thank you for you help. I need more practice for my GED.

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It was great :) i like it ….. yup. thnx a lot emma

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Thanks Emma,I think I got good tips and use them for my work.

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Thank you Emma .

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good lesson thanks

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thanks Emma

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Thank you so much Emma.

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Emma Your amazing 100/100 ;)

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Hi Emma,

I have a question on the tip number 4. You said that it is better to use active. I watched the another presentation of Adam, he said that it is better to use passive in the essay because it is made the essay less boring. Could you explain this difference to me?

Thanks a lot.



Profile photo of ntntam ntntam

    I have the same question, but Adam said to mix them! Don’t you agree Emma?

    Profile photo of rapha365 rapha365

a great lesson!

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thanks Emma, your great

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Thanks a lot. it was clear to reach my mind directly.

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Thank You Miss Emma, God Bless You. I Love EngVid!!!

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Thank You you are super *-*

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Very useful thank you Emma

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Thank you Emma.

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Thanks for your lesson Emma! It really helps for those who are preparing for TOEFL!

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hı ı am from TURKEY I have listened this program for two months. İt is very well

Profile photo of mithat mithat

ıa think that it helps for İELTS

Profile photo of mithat mithat

Thanks EMMA

Profile photo of mithat mithat

emma, can you do more on writing i need to improve my writing for essay… i got a 90

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Dear Emma,

Thanks for all your video lessons. It’s truly helpful. In the same way if you could post tips to improve IELTS general essay writing(Task 2) it will be highly helpful.

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Emma i would like to ask u about when people says on talking !messed up give up bomb up blow up make somelesson linked to deal!

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good tips

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think you

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thank you, its so useful.

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Emma your amazing (: thanks for all your great job.

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It is an interesting lesson, but I reallly don’t know if we have to use passive voice or not. I’ve learned how to paraphrase changing grammar and vocabulary to improve writing and sometimes we have to use it to make it sounds better. Can yoou plis make another video explaining how to make a good introduction, body and conclusion for future essays? It will be helpful! Thanks for doing all of this! you’re incredible!

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Emma! You are a good teacher. Thanks for all your great lession.

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wawww Emma you are great teacher. I got again 100 %. Thanks.

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wow, Thank you Emma:)

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Thank you :)

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Yes I did it. I got 100% for this Q.. :) thank you teacher ..
& can you help me for Critical reading in SAT exam ??
please teacher..

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Thank you ;) Emma

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Hello Emma,
hope to be fine and having the best of the time, I have question if you could kindly reply me.
Translate this sentence.
I had had in hod statement that you hare had the had !

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Hi Emma , Just got 60 of 100

Profile photo of qesmatullahkhosti qesmatullahkhosti

Thank you
Dear Emma :)
it is helpfull

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I use passive voices frequently in my writing and thanks Emma, I found the mistakes that make my sentences weak.

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10/10 :) Thank you Emma!

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Dear Emma,
Please could you help me in some important expressions which are usually used in IELTS task1?
These expressions are such as proportion, percentage, relatively percentage…etc
I need you to explain them with more different expressions related to them to use a wide range of vocabulary in the exam.
I have exam after two weeks and I still confuse about their meaning.
Thank you so much

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Thanks in advance

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thanks, i loved that

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Dear Prfo. Please geve as some more lectures linked to, writing research thesis.
I’m enjoyng so much your lectures.
Thnx. ;)

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Thank you for your useful lesson

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i was not observing these points, but now i do :)as well i got 100 in quiz lolz

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    wow, awesome boy. keep working

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    hey if you want all video please contact me

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Thank you Emma.But my problem I speak English very well.But I can not write and spell. I wish to take this issue seriously. And made videos and lessons to solve this problem

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I got 10 ” thanks emma “

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thankx Emma. it was great.

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In the book “Common mistake at PET” by Liz Driscoll, at page 27 I have read that the word “many” and “much” + nouns are used only in the negative statements and questions; in the same book it’s also written that:”‘a lot of’ isn’t considered correct in written and formal English”, but, in the exercise below in same page of this book, the sentence “I like places with many people” is considered as error, while the sentence “I like places with a lot of people” is considered correct. Why? I’m confused.

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In Video :Writing in English – Comma Splices
you seid that we can use *so*
and now you say we can not!

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Please explain that do we avoid to use there is and there are ot not?By the way i am asking that beceuse i will take ielts exam after two weeks please help me.

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can I ask you please? in my school many students use can not they said “can not use two words”. As we know that don not has contraction “Don’t”.
So, why cannot is different with others? it is the rule?

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being brought up in a region where there is cultural
homogeneity has always inspired me to interact with people from different cultures

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