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A _____________ is something that you buy for less money than you expected.

_______________ is something out of the ordinary that is unbelievable.

Something is _____________ when it is easy and fits into your day.

If something is worth spending your time doing, then it is ____________.

"I really want you to read my new novel."
What verb could you use instead of "really want" in this sentence?

If something is startling, it is _____________.

I _____________ you to order right now! Don't wait! Quantities are limited.

Nine out of ten dentists _____________ this toothpaste.

"I'm counting on you to do this job."
This means that I ___________ you to do the job.

This cashmere is of ___________ quality.

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I like more help.

Tuesday, March 19th 2019

A 100% … yuhooooooooooooo

Tuesday, March 19th 2019

Got 09/100. Thank you Benjamin!

Tuesday, March 19th 2019


Tuesday, March 19th 2019

9/10…Now I’m confident to use this new vocabularies …thank you for this amazing class

Tuesday, March 19th 2019

Nice lesson, thank you

Tuesday, March 19th 2019

Yay!Got10/10. I implore everyone to do this quiz.

Tuesday, March 19th 2019

Magnific lesson explanining all this words

Thank you Benjamin

Tuesday, March 19th 2019

Excellent, Benjamim. As usual. Thank you very much.

Tuesday, March 19th 2019

Thanks a lot

Tuesday, March 19th 2019

thanks a lot.

Wednesday, March 20th 2019

Hi guys. Thanks for the lesson. [90]

Wednesday, March 20th 2019

not bad for the first one, heh

Wednesday, March 20th 2019

I got 90%

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    Saturday, March 23rd 2019

i got 100%

Friday, March 22nd 2019

thanks for the refresh

Friday, March 22nd 2019

Hahahaha…funny end of the video.
Thanks a lot Benjamin ;)

Friday, March 22nd 2019

I got 5/10, felt very difficult and confusion some place I dont distinguish between them. anyway thanks teacher

Saturday, March 23rd 2019

Oh this startling! I got a perfect score. Thank you Benjamin for urging me to answer this quiz. It’s really worthwhile listening to you.😄

Saturday, March 23rd 2019

9/10. I urge you to learn English with engVid. Don’t waste your time to find other ways to study English.

Monday, March 25th 2019

Good work.

Thursday, March 28th 2019

Thanks you Benjamin!

Thursday, March 28th 2019

Thanks you Benjamin! It is really helpful to me. I will recommend this to my friend :)

Thursday, April 4th 2019

I got 80% and it’s was helpful! Thanks for the class!

Monday, April 8th 2019

Thank you so much for the lesson. It’s really helping :)

Thursday, April 11th 2019

I got 80% thank you

Tuesday, April 16th 2019

This quiz was magnificent. Surprisingly I got a 100% that i didn’t expected. i implore you to continue in making these videos because it is delightful to watch on a daily basis also, i guarantee you that all viewers are building there vocabulary. even when i am in urgency i will take 5 minutes to watch your videos as i make it convienent in my daily tasks. thank you.

Monday, May 6th 2019

Wow! i got 90%

Tuesday, May 21st 2019

I got 8 of 10 but it seems very complex the explanation wasn’t obvious 🤷🏻‍♂️

Wednesday, May 29th 2019

Thank you for the great lesson

Sunday, June 9th 2019

This is very helpful

Friday, June 14th 2019

I got 6/10
This is very good i recommend everyone to take it.

Friday, June 14th 2019

I’ve got 9/10 , thanks Benjamin

Saturday, June 29th 2019

I got 8/10 am improving

Friday, July 26th 2019

you are the best man)

Tuesday, August 6th 2019

thank you, i got 80#

Tuesday, August 6th 2019

i need anyone to talk to you in english in sometime

Tuesday, October 15th 2019

I’ve got 9/10

Tuesday, October 29th 2019

8 out of 10, I urge an improvement

Sunday, December 1st 2019

This is great, I got 8 out 10. Thank you teacher God bless.

Thursday, December 19th 2019

Thank you Mr. Benjamin. It’s very interesting and important vocabulary to learn.

Saturday, January 4th 2020

10/10 what’s next? :))

Tuesday, February 11th 2020

That’s worthwhile lesson,I recommend to you , it’s definitely effective 😍

Saturday, March 14th 2020

Benjamin you are a great teacher! I am really improving my english thank you

Tuesday, May 26th 2020

I really felt you spoke from the heart at the part of the “sensational” speech. Being repetitive in your choice of words will make your conversation tone boring.

Your teaching is remarkable! Thank you.

Saturday, May 30th 2020

Ben is one of the best teacher….Tks again!

Sunday, June 28th 2020

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