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I like more help.

Profile photo of leroydebra@att.net leroydebra@att.net

A 100% … yuhooooooooooooo

Profile photo of Deepali12 Deepali12

Got 09/100. Thank you Benjamin!

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Profile photo of Annie Annie

9/10…Now I’m confident to use this new vocabularies …thank you for this amazing class

Profile photo of eneascarvalho eneascarvalho

Nice lesson, thank you

Profile photo of Crabar Crabar

Yay!Got10/10. I implore everyone to do this quiz.

Profile photo of Anjlika Anjlika

Magnific lesson explanining all this words

Thank you Benjamin

Profile photo of Roberto Roberto

Excellent, Benjamim. As usual. Thank you very much.

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

Thanks a lot

Profile photo of Yuri777 Yuri777

thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Sebastiao Capir Sebastiao Capir

Hi guys. Thanks for the lesson. [90]

Profile photo of rodolfomichael rodolfomichael

not bad for the first one, heh

Profile photo of SOlga SOlga

I got 90%

Profile photo of leroydebra@att.net leroydebra@att.net


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    Profile photo of Abravesh Abravesh

i got 100%

Profile photo of rafeeq@monaco.ae rafeeq@monaco.ae

thanks for the refresh

Profile photo of vipon kas vipon kas

Hahahaha…funny end of the video.
Thanks a lot Benjamin ;)

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

I got 5/10, felt very difficult and confusion some place I dont distinguish between them. anyway thanks teacher

Profile photo of nguyen van long nguyen van long

Oh this startling! I got a perfect score. Thank you Benjamin for urging me to answer this quiz. It’s really worthwhile listening to you.😄

Profile photo of Richelle25 Richelle25

9/10. I urge you to learn English with engVid. Don’t waste your time to find other ways to study English.

Profile photo of keniuj keniuj

Good work.

Profile photo of Ma@ah1 Ma@ah1

Thanks you Benjamin!

Profile photo of maju93 maju93

Thanks you Benjamin! It is really helpful to me. I will recommend this to my friend :)

Profile photo of Lanhle Lanhle

I got 80% and it’s was helpful! Thanks for the class!

Profile photo of Rafael Muniz Rafael Muniz

Thank you so much for the lesson. It’s really helping :)

Profile photo of Nedjy Nedjy

I got 80% thank you

Profile photo of Fongolemi Fongolemi

This quiz was magnificent. Surprisingly I got a 100% that i didn’t expected. i implore you to continue in making these videos because it is delightful to watch on a daily basis also, i guarantee you that all viewers are building there vocabulary. even when i am in urgency i will take 5 minutes to watch your videos as i make it convienent in my daily tasks. thank you.

Profile photo of Kimberly Gardner Kimberly Gardner

Wow! i got 90%

Profile photo of asdan asdan

I got 8 of 10 but it seems very complex the explanation wasn’t obvious 🤷🏻‍♂️

Profile photo of Rebar hissein Rebar hissein

Thank you for the great lesson

Profile photo of dailyachievement dailyachievement

This is very helpful

Profile photo of Diane Uwimana Diane Uwimana

I got 6/10
This is very good i recommend everyone to take it.

Profile photo of Diane Uwimana Diane Uwimana

I’ve got 9/10 , thanks Benjamin

Profile photo of fgaya fgaya

I got 8/10 am improving

Profile photo of El tray El tray

you are the best man)

Profile photo of said.ih19 said.ih19

thank you, i got 80#

Profile photo of wendy wendy

i need anyone to talk to you in english in sometime

Profile photo of Aban0b Aban0b

I’ve got 9/10

Profile photo of hoado hoado

8 out of 10, I urge an improvement

Profile photo of alberto ferrara alberto ferrara

This is great, I got 8 out 10. Thank you teacher God bless.

Profile photo of Abdul@26 Abdul@26

Thank you Mr. Benjamin. It’s very interesting and important vocabulary to learn.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

10/10 what’s next? :))


That’s worthwhile lesson,I recommend to you , it’s definitely effective 😍

Profile photo of chiena chiena

Benjamin you are a great teacher! I am really improving my english thank you

Profile photo of Alejandro Ruben Alejandro Ruben

I really felt you spoke from the heart at the part of the “sensational” speech. Being repetitive in your choice of words will make your conversation tone boring.

Your teaching is remarkable! Thank you.

Profile photo of Tiaan Storm Tiaan Storm

Ben is one of the best teacher….Tks again!

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