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Hi Adam,
Really I like your explaining way.
Now just a question, about Assistant, the writing on the board is Asst. but you are pronouncing it Astt.
so which one is correct..?!


    exactly,I also noticed it and even I listen to that part thrice,just to confirm,but dared not ask about it because teacher never makes mistakes,teacher is perfect.


      lol. Now we know ;)


    Good ear AhMaD :)

    And yes, teachers do sometimes make mistakes. It’s asst., not astt.


      Adam why did you put “do” before sometimes
      and sometimes I see it in phrases like ” I do remember”


        Hi Bashir,

        It’s used to emphasize the verb.


          thank you


This lecture is so much helpful and Thank you!


Hi Adam!)
I have a request if you don`t mind.
I`m deeply interested in grammar about verb “to be + infinitive” thus it`s sometimes considered very controversial by some people. I cant seem to remember that anyone has ever given a lesson on that subject,i`ve already wathced every video though.
Would it please be possible to give a lesson on that? I assume many engVid learners would appreciate it and express their gratitude to you.


    Hi Kevin,

    I’m not sure what you mean by to be + infinitive. (i.e., to be to do?, or do you mean the ‘be’ verb can adjust to tense but followed by an infinitive, as in “If I were to ask you your name, what would you say?”) Can you give an example?


      Hi Adam,
      Thanks for your reply.
      As to my request i meant “to be to do” (i.e. “You are to finish your job by tomorrow” or “You are to leave”, or “If you are to do smth” etc.
      P.S. The construction “If i were to tell you that i love you, would you marry me?” (just crossed my mind, lol) wolud also be quite interesting to learn.


        Kevin if you wanna I could help. You just try to translate it as present participle.(to leave – leaving – покидающий). Ты покидаешь.


          Thnx, Katrin. Are you a russian lady there? Do you reside in Canada? Tell me about Canada a bit, i`m planning to go there shortly).


          Not really. I can’t give you a hand in this case. Sorry.



        In this case the to verb is an infinitive complement. It’s usually used with a command (you are required to finish… you are required to leave, etc.) We can use infinitive verbs as subjects and objects (To quit the battlefield would give the enemy the impression we are weak.)

        If I were to… is a (formal)restructuring of the conditional (If I told you)

        Does this help?


it’s useful and wealth of imformation Re this lesson for me and i like it, iam wondering what’s the ETA reply my comment. thank you adam.


    That depends, Skikda… what’s the question? ;)


Hi Adam! Thanks for this lesson, that will be very useful.


Useful and interesting lesson Adam. Thank you so much!!


Hi Roonie. I’m mahyudin from small village at sumatera Indonesia. Please tell to me How I can get your email. I need your help and I want to confirm something to you about your video, Thank you


    Hi Arigayo,

    Try sending a comment under Ronnie’s lesson. She might not see it under mine :)




Great!Thank you Teacher.


Thank you very much, Adam.


Awesome quiz and excellent lesson, adam. I got 07/10. ☺


Thank you very much, Adam,could you please add new business cours.


    I’ll work on some more business English lessons for sure ;)


09/10 :) Great lesson! Thank you!


Hello, Adam! I am new here and I really like your lessons and Quiz. You’re Awesome.


    Thank you, Alvinm. Welcome :)


I need an ETA on the truck because I can not supply AGO/PMS to my customers without a sound Peddler tank truck. People am I correct? Please I want to learn.


    Maybe tell them what AGO/PMS stands for


      Compliment of the Season to you Lecturer,

      PMS: Premium Motor Spirit. (Petrol)
      AGO: Automotive Gas Oil. (Diesel)


        OK :)

        To you as well, though belated.


Hi Adam. I m from Turkey. I really thankful for your lessons. I m studying in english department in high school. İ have difficulty in quantifiers about which take plural or singular noun or verb please help me😊


    I’ll try to make a lesson on this Heroine ;)


I got seven out of ten. I need to study more. thanks teacher


Nice lesson, Adam. Thanks!

Júlio César L Sousa

Hello Adam!

That is a cool lesson again. However, as far as I know, there is nothing similar in Brazil, at least in the part of the commercial acronyms.

Anyway, it is quite important to know them, e.g., in case you travel abroad, buy something and have to make a complaint etc.

Thanks for the video!

PS: I also used to think “re:” meant “reply”. Thank you for your explanation!

Eduardo França

I’m very interested in writing. Any suggestions on what topics I should learn
in order to become a better writer?
-What else?


    Hi Junior,

    yes, yes, and everything ;)… actually, good writing needs strong grammar, punctuation, structure, etc. skills, as well as a broad vocab, and a sense of style. You should also read a lot.


Thanks Mr. Adam.




    Thanks Katrin. Happy New Year :)


      Thanks a lot Adam!!!


Thank you so much adam you are the best teacher!!

Ui kyong yoo

Merry Christmas Adam !@@@ Dear I would like to Request you again Please Make a Video Lesson over Using of Couple for time how to express for time , Please I learnt a lot from your video , Your example hit the nail on the head. Please Dear Make as soon as possible, Even mention which is requested by me Please Dear

Gaurav dwivedi

    Hi Gaurav,

    I’m not sure i understood the request. Is it about “using”, or about “couple” or about “time”?


      I meant to say by my prvious msg.that Dear I would like to Request you again that Please Make a Video Lecture over “Using Couple With time/day/ month” how to express , Please I learnt a lot idioms and vocabulary from you as well as another excellent teacher from envid , Your example hit the nail on the head. Please Dear as i have requested you to make lesson please do as soon as possible. moreover i would like to request you if u are going to make lesson then mention my name this lesson is requested by me :D

      Gaurav dwivedi

        Hi Guarav,

        Lesson scheduling isn’t up to me, but I will see what I can do.

        However, I’m still not sure what this means :
        Using Couple With time/day/ month


          I give u some example i think that example would help u out to get my point, You must have heard saying people that,1. i will come a couple of time
          2. A couple of hour ago,3. A couple of days
          In such way people express time so i am so confused ,what does make it sense plz ask ur main person who provide u lesson schedule ,plz make a video over this lesson

          Gaurav dwivedi

          Actually, couple just means two.

          A couple of hours ago means two hours ago.


you always do well Adam (our Mr.)


Hi Adam, thanks for all of your lessons. I want to arise a question. Why people pronounce differently between heard and beard. ( hurd and beerd)?

Anojan Sithamparappillai

    That’s just English, Anojan. It’s a good idea to study phonetics for pronunciation.

    Here is a good poem to show you how crazy this language is:


handsome boy I need to get a cool grammatical explanation to below statement
Help given help received

Does it mean “if you give help others then one day you will received it” another person gave an explanation on it but i’m not able to get it perfectly. here it is
Help (which is) given help (which is) received.


    oh I’m sorry I have to make a correction that statement
    It should be ” Help given is help received”


      Hi Tharanga,

      Yes, if you help others, you are actually helping yourself.
      Help (that is) given is (=) help (that is) received.


        thanks a lot Adam that’s very understandable


oh and it was given with a picture which is a little boy is helping an old person there is no any context I can give you.


Thank you Adam. Sometimes I think that you have an Business School degree. Maybe not. But it’s super good that engvid teachers talk about different things and at the same time teach English.
Nice week!


    Thanks, Ramiro. I don’t have a business degree, but I sometimes look things up, and I read a lot. :)


Merry Christmas !


    To you as well, Soei :)


Hello teacher,please a realy need your help ,because i have an exam ,and i need a lesson about the articals : the,a,an ; and capitolazation .
Pleaze i realy need’t in this two days.


    Hi Samarita,

    I assume I’m too late, but you can type “articles” in the search box at the top of the page and you will see a few lesson here by our teachers on this topic.


Dear sir, I have more understood about the using of Abbreviations and Acronyms.


hello sir ,
i am a student .i want to sit for ielts exam within 3 mounth .i want 6.5 what should do ?
thank you .


    Well, Sumon, you should take as many practice tests as possible so that you have a sense of how the test works, and also to find your weak areas and work to improve them. Then practice, practice, practice.


Wow!!! Perfect score!!!

Aluj Cartz

thanks a lot Adam.


Hi, Adam. Thanks for your lessons. I have one question to you. Is it correct using such a frase “Looks like Ross and I are captains”? Should it be according to the rules ‘as if’ instead of ‘like’? The frase is from the third season of the “Friends”(The One with the Football). Thank you in advance.


Thanks everyone :)


I really like your accent, I am trying make my voice harder, there is a video by Julian Treasure in Ted.com to sharpen the vocal and speak like a native speaker. My first language is Tamil, the tone of Tamil is roughest than English, so when I speak in English, It automatically pronounce like Tamil. English is soften language in spoken. Do you think that weather or genetics make changes in the accent ?

Anojan Sithamparappillai

    Hi Anojan,

    I’m not sure, but I think any accent can be learned and perfected. See how actors do it.


Hi Adam, can you include word ‘Tamil’ in your example sentences in your future tutorials :) I have been worried a lot. It will be really honarable if you full fill my hope. Thanks in advance :)

Anojan Sithamparappillai

    I’ll try ;)


thanks tech.


Terrific lesson. Thanks, Adam.


thanks a lot for this lesson


Adam thank you for your lesson. It is very useful for my business

Ivan Gubanov

I was headache of some words write in acronym I known it now. Thanks a lot.

Tom Chen

I really love your smiling face and your way to axplain lessons…………

ana rouka

Nice job Adam, I like it so much! Just one question, I saw Corp and Ltd sometimes and I have no idea about what are they.


hi adam,

it’s difficult to remember :(


Thanks Adam for the class
can u plz use other colour instead of light blue !
it is hard to see it


thank you very much for what you are doing but i think your video is so boring. It is such an interesting topic about acronyms, all those ASAP, FBI, UK, etc but your way to explain it is not very interesting. I reccomend you to put some jokes or change your intonation.

Thank you anyways
Best regards


Thank you sir Adam for this quizzes




nice explanation.


pls,what does HR stand for


hello every,nice to meet you.but i can’t see any videos,could you help me?


    Hi, 158zly! All of our videos are on YouTube. You seem to be posting from China, where YouTube is banned. You’ll have to use a VPN or mirror site to watch the videos.

    engVid Moderator

Great! Thank you


Just leave a message to say Thank you all engVid teachers!


    And thank you for watching and learning with us! ^_^

    engVid Moderator

Happy to be Here.


hiAdam,I don’t understand how to use the word YTD,could u pls send me more examples in daily life?i made one sentence:How much fat have u lost year-to-date?it means how much…have u lost this year.is it right?


Hi Adam I am curios to know if exist plural of Manager? (Managers or Menager), for woman indeed? Bye


What a great lesson. Excellent.
I wonder if you could prepare a lesson on split
I know you are a very busy professor, but I’d love
to have that subject explained by you.It would be
very useful and profitable to all Engvid students.
Thanks in advance.And sorry if I’m asking for too


Thank you, Adam.

Jesan Chuang

Thank you Mr. Adam.


Hello, Adam! Could you tell me if “QR code” should be written like that for it to be correct? For example, could you send me the QR code?

Is “QR Code” an initial, or a acronym? Thank you in advance!


100% , i thank you, Merci, Choukran


Thank you very much, Mr Adam, for this course so well delivered for free!
I am pleased to have been able to achieve 9 out of 10 by completing the proposed exercise.
Thank you again for your kind help to us who want to improve our English!…


Is the sentence ‘the company is committed to provide more facilities to the workers.’ correct sir?

Amar thapa

Dear Adam,
That was excellent. Thx.

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