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Got 90/100. Thanks Adam. You are great! Best wishes to you.

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    me too ;)

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    same! :D

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I’ve got 9 points. Thank you very much, sir,it was really helpful.

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thanks Adam.i got 100

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Warum werden dies Fragen nicht in Englisch gestellt und in einem unverständlichem schlechten Deutsch?

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    its automated translate from youtube ,its not accurate

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thanks a lot, Adam

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Adam please help me
Peierrie tends to put … dealing with problems, rather than dealing with them immediately

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    When you don’t want to deal with the problem right away, you want to delay solving the problem, then you put off the problem.

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      Thank you

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    Hi Sophio1,

    Rokaly is right, it is put off (delay).

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Thank you Adam!

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thank you so much.i got 100

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Helo Adam! As always your classe was awesome. I learned important terms today. Day after day my English is improving with your support and all the teachers at Engvid.com. Thank you very much.

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Shouldn’t be “email it” instead of “email them” in the first question?

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    Hi Gdcc,

    Minutes, though it is the collection of notes, is referred to as the individual notes rather than the collection itself. This is called an aggregate noun. For example, clothes is really the collection of all the pieces, but we still refer to the plural pieces.

    Does this help?

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      Thanks Adam :)

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Thanks a lot Adam!!Interesting and useful lesson ;)

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Thank You, teacher….!!

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Thank you!!!

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Thanks a lot for this valuable lesson, Adam!

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Very interesting! Thanks a lot, Adam. :)

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You´re the best teacher by far. Thank you so much for your effort

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Thank you got 90.

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thank you Adam i have got 40 from 100, lol

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    Congratulations Francis :)

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It is smartly. I liked so it. Thanks a lot. Best wishes!

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Thank you Adam.

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Thanks. It was a good lesson for me. And I got 90 out of 100. I’ve made mistake in the word “unanimous” even I know its meaning “everybody agree”. :D

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Thank you Adam! This litsen is too short and lspecialized vocabulary is a ittle bit difficult for me too.

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Hi Adam! IZ it right sentence?”I played everyday”Can we use everyday in the past ( sentence).Iz it possibile?

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    1. Last year I was playing a football everyday.
    2. I stopped at my traffic light everyday last winter.

    Play is verb that last for longer period of time. It is better to use past continues tense:
    I,he,she,it + was + verb+ing …

    Stop is verb that is not lasting for period, but happens in a moment, so it better to be used as past simple tense:
    Subject + regular verb+ed
    Subject + irregular verb (2. verb form)

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      I made a mistake.
      Wrong: “at my traffic light”
      Correct: “at traffic light”

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        Hi Rokaly,

        every day vs. everyday. The latter means common ;)

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    Hi Almazradio,

    Yes, every day is simply an adverb of frequency:

    When I was in high school, I used to read every day.

    By the way, I hope you noticed that I used every day, not everyday. Everyday means common.

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Thank you Adam for your very clean pronunciation!

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Thanks Adam . I would like to know the vocabulary for teachers meeting .

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    I’ll see what I can do Samiaessawy :)

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thanx sir

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thanks adam

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This video was full of good content.

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Good job!!

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May I ask for two vocabulary classes on chairing a meeting and multi-cultural meetings? We would appreciate guidance from an expert.

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    I’ll se what I can do Biztech :)

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      Thank you very much!

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Hello Mr adam . I’m an intermideate learner.
I want to get ielts band 8
So please give me an advice

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    Hi Iwalid,

    For an 8 you’ll need lots of high-end vocab, some good and complex sentence structures, and strong arguments in your writing. Read every day, listen to English talks, and practice, practice, practice ;)

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Thank you Adam, i learnt lot in this lesson.

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Business topics are Always useful. Tx

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I have got a wonderful teacher, thank you for lesson :D

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9/10 not bad::thanks teacher

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100% !!!!

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i cannot watching the Vedio ,is anybody have the same problem?

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    Hi Carianyao,

    If you are in China, you will need to try using a VPN as the government there clocks YouTube.Give it a try.

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As always very interesting lesson!
thank you, my dear teacher, Adam…

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I have got 90% because the first task was didn’t clearly for me.

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    Hi Viktoriya,

    Minutes are the notes taken in the meeting so that everyone can remember what was discussed later.

    Does that help?

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Thank. Got 9/10!!

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    Hi sister, I would like to practice English with you…
    Can u please give company please

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Got 90%,thanks Adam

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Hi, Teacher, good morning, great lesson, learned new words, Thanks.

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I got 100! It means you’re a incredible teacher. Thanks!

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Thanx Adam your videos are always very helpful wiish you all the best

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Thaank Adam,this is the best way to improve my English certailly

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Thank you Adam, this is very helpful for me at my working area. Too many meetings I have to deal with. :-)

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Hello Teacher Adam, I just started. I got 6 correct answers :)

Thank you.

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Thanks Adam

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Thanks Mr Adam
It was an informative lesson.

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I got 8/10. Thank you, Adam.

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Oh fuck i got 9/10
And thank you Adam

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I got 90% ☺. Thanks Adam.

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Thank You

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Alex is the best teacher ever! Thank you very much.

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Sorry Adam!!!!!

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    no worries :) Thank you Larysa

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I got 7/10. Thank you, Adam.

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Thank you Adam! You’re great teacher!

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Thanks Adam!

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Thanks everyone :)

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    Thank you. Could you give a lesson about “because of/due to”, please?

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      I’ll see what I can do Tienti ;)

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Hi everyone, I am looking for a partner who need to pracrice his english on scipe.I am also need it, so I’ll be so grateful if someone write me. My accaunt is +996773234407, or on gmail adilet.erkinbaev.1997@gmail.com

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Got 100/100. Thanks. Good job Adam!

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great teacher

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Thanks a lot! It was helpful

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This is the area more interesting for me it is business theme i usually learn different words in trading plus this is a fabulous site to practice English right away, proxy, agenda so on are new words on my vocabulary we thank you teacher for helping us to grow in our vocabulary so English is required a great advanced vocabulary to sound more interested when you speak with a native speaker.

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Hi, I’m just wondering what THINKPUDDING is. Is it just a kind of abstract thinking or something else, I can’t find it anywhere and you used it in the quiz, so … please help. :)

Profile photo of Alice Cz. Alice Cz.

    Good question Alice.

    To be honest, I think it’s a made-up word (not real). I think someone put it in the quiz for fun.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Hahaha, thanks:)

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thanks adam it was interesting session

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Thank you for the lesson!

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Can you please advise similar good sources for other languages learning? Thanks in advance)

Profile photo of @lenamoon @lenamoon

    Hi Lenamoon,

    The best thing to do is do a search on YouTube for the language you want to learn. You’ll be surprised how many lessons are available :)

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I got 90, thank very much Adam you are a great teacher.

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Thank you Adam. You’re an excellent teacher.

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thank you. it was my first experience.

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Thanks Adams I got 70 is my first time

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Thank you adam.

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Great teacher! Many thanks from São Paulo, Brasil! You make a big difference in our lives!

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very good lesson thanks Adam

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Thank you Adam for this efficient and useful lesson.

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Hi! I want to ask, can I say in this way?
“I made a motion at the meeting and all my colleges casted ballots for it?”
OR can I use “ballot” as a verb? For example “I made a motion at the meeting and all my colleges balloted for it?”
Thank you

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I could not believe that all these lessons are for free. The possibilities are endless. Thank you so much for making this site.

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I got 90 / 100

Adam predicted the war between the US and Russia


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You are really good at teaching thanks

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6/10 i try to take next time is 10 Thanks all the Staff

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I got 9 correct out of 10. Thank you Adam.

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I’m new here and I loved this class. Thank you so much.

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Thanks a lot, Adam!

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Love it!! Thank you :)))

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Thanks, Adam!

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Thank you, very good lesson

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I Love it,just amazing & precise.Thanks Adam for your lovely information.

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I got 100 , I’m from Saudi Arabia..thank you so much

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Thank very much.

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thank you so much…

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Thx Adam..i got 90/100..

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I got 100%.
Ni ce

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Thx Adam, I got the full score!

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it was a very clear explanation. I’ve got 90/100. thanks!

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very interseting and helpuf lesson, i liked it. thank you very much for the efforts made by you to help us improving our language.

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Thank you Adam.

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Thanks Adam.

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Very useful lesson , I’ve learned so many vocabularies about meetings

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thanks a lot!

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Thanks adam

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    You saw the video already ?
    What do you think about it , is it useful little bit ?

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7 out of 10 not too bad

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Not bad but I learned some of new expressions useful 😍😍 thank you mr

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It was a pretty good stuff, thanks a lot Adam. I scored 100%.

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Got 70\100. I choose the wrong answers.

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Very Interesting. Wish to share with all my colleagues
and, family members

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Thank you ADAM

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Great. I ve got 90/100

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Thank you

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thanl you

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Hi Adam. I suggest one lesson about this words: somebody, onebody, anybody, something, anythings. Its very difficult do know whem to use one or other.

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Thank you so much!

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Thank you! I’ve got 100!

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Thanks a lot Adam, it was really useful for me.

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Thank you 90 on my pocket :)

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Good lesson, thank you

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Adam, thank you so much for your lessons. I was afraid that without subtitles I won`t understand everything what you will be say because my level is per-intermediate now, but your perfectly pronunciation sounds so clear for me, I understand everything! Thank you so much!

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thank you, Adam, I was in a meeting last week and we were deliberating about one of the projects in the company and we had like a brainstorm and we cast a ballot and in the end, the head manager adjourn the meeting

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Is it correct to say “Now we give a floor to the next speaker Mrs. X “? At an international conference. In Ukrainian we say “to give a word ” but in English – a floor. Thanks, Adam, you are my best teacher :)

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thank you adam

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Thank you Adam. It’s really useful for me in my work!

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Thanks Adam. I got 8 points but this was rush just to end the exam. But you are GREAT

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Woww I got 100 :D

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Thanks Adams , I got 8/10

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got all the answers corrrect!!!!!
eed to celebrate
need to wrap up this lesson!

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Thank you Adam! 90%

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Thanks Adam. I got a perfect score 😊

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got 100. Thanks Adam!

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thank you so much

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Thank you very much, I got 10/10.

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One of the best sessions on this website. Thanks Adam

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I learnt a bazillion

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Thanks Adam
Good explication

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Thank a lot for every lesson in engvid.

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Thx Adam. You’re my best teacher!.

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thanks, Adam ….Great learning

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1 to 10 :(

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