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Got 06. Ah essay! Difficult for me as usual. Thank for your effort. You discussed the topic so well.

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    Do you have any friend? with whom you can speak english?

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Thank you Adam for the lesson! I got 7 of 10!

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Hi Adam! What do you think, do corporations or educational establishments make difference where you had IELTS exam in Russia or EU?
Thanks for the lesson.

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    Hi Muslim Ru,

    No, the score is official and all testing centers are licensed by the British Council.

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Thank you teacher….!!!

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Thanks for the lesson and happy New Year!

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    Happy new year to you as well, Byte :)

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Thank you teacher!
I have a little trouble on question 9. Why not choose A? Is it not a comprasion about pros and cons and then give my own solution?
Another: Are there any problems about what I say? Such as grammer vocabulary. It’s my first time to ask question, thank you again.

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    Hi Jianhua,

    It’s not really a hybrid because you are not asked for an opinion on another solution. You are merely asked to provide possibilities. You don’t need to argue a case for them.

    You writing is fine, just watch the spelling ;)(spelling counts on the IELTS)

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Thanks for this lecture, it is helping me tune into thinking the way it’s needed to score high at IELTS

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Hi Adam! I think I have some trouble with hybrid questions! Any suggestions?

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    Hi Emanuela,

    It’s just a matter of reading the task slowly and carefully and dividing the paragraphs into the two parts. You can see more about these types of essays here: https://youtu.be/1W9iimRFmF0

    Hope this helps :)

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Thank you Adam ! But still out my depth here (7/10). It’s Greek for me.

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    Keep practicing, Tyrion, and it’ll be all English soon enough ;)

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Hi Adam! i apreciate your help whith this topics, i´ll do my best to learn better nex time!

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I got 9 out of 10 , but question no.9 about hybrid is a little bit confusing >any way thank you Adam 4 this interesting lesson .

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    Hi Yasser,

    do the advantages outweigh…? This is asking you to choose and defend your choice, but first you need to discuss both pros and cons. This is what makes it a hybrid.

    Does this help?

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Thanks Adam!!

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Thank you. Greaat lesson.

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thk you … excellent your guide…

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thank you very much sir

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The lesson is OK (as usual; thanks, Adam), but the quizz is full of unclear or ambiguous questions. I usually succeed but in this quizz I’ve got a 6/10 :-(

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    Which questions were unclear Earthling? (I like your handle btw) :)

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Thank you Adam, I think if I read previous tests the idea will be much clearer, there is one point I didn’t get it though, in the test below the video, question 9, the correct answer was the second choice while the first choice was exactly as you described under the Hybrid type.. I even rewatched the video again but I’m still confused.

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    Hi Hanan,

    It’s not really a hybrid because you are not asked for an opinion on another solution. You are merely asked to provide possibilities. You don’t need to argue a case for them.

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Thank you, Adam!

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Thank you Adam, I scored an 8. However, I’m quite confused with the answer marked as right for question 9.

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    Hi Richard,

    do the advantages outweigh…? This is asking you to choose and defend your choice, but first you need to discuss both pros and cons. This is what makes it a hybrid.

    The first choiceIt’s not really a hybrid because you are not asked for an opinion on another solution. You are merely asked to provide possibilities. You don’t need to argue a case for them.

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Thank you Mr Adam

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Hi Mr Adam .
Could you tell me whether there are a difference in meaning between (to love) or (loving).
I know we can use both without any important difference in meaning.
Is that correct?

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    Hi Muhammed,

    Out of context, I’d have to say one is a verb (action), and the other is gerund noun (idea). Is this what you had in mind?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      What I mean is :Is there any difference in meaning between infinite and gerund with (like), (love),(hate),(start),…?
      For example :I love to ear pizza
      I love eating pizza

      Profile photo of Muhammad @ Muhammad @

        well, then my explanation still applies. I love to eat = I love to do this action. I love eating = I love this activity. In terms of your listener, they will get the same idea essentially.

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I like your way of explaining .. thanks

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Thank you so much Adam, I admire with every your lessons, my great professor. Adam

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Hey man, I would appreciate so much if you could make some videos about past perfect and past perfect continuous, or if you know some good video about that it would help me a lot. Thanks!!

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    Hi Rosaneli,

    If you do a search on this site you’ll see there are a few already. You can also try this one:

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Hello Adam. How are you? Next jokes…

1 British scientists proofed that fat women live
longer … than men who mention them about that!

2 – Natasha is so stupid!
– Why?
– She married an idiot!
– Why is he an idiot?
– Do you think it’s a luck to marry a stupid

3 A boy comes to the market and says:
– Mrs yesterday you gave me the wrong change!
She (sell person) says:
– It was yesterday! You should be here yesterday!
It’s too late now!
A boy says:
– Well, give me chocolate to this extra money you
gave me then.

Thank you.

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    Hi Katrin,

    Not sure I get number 3. :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      I’ve never heard the word that means money which a sell person gives back to a purchaser in the shop after buying goods. So I wrote “change”.
      PS Sometimes sell persons are able to chit you (in our country). In this case she gave him more money than she should (of course she didn’t know that – she thought she gave him less). I hope you understand now Adam.

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        Now I do ;)

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      Hi my best teacher
      could you please tell me how can l reach 9 in IELTS

      and tell me is it possible to do that?

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        Hi Shahin,

        Yes, 9 is possible, but you don’t need 9. 8 will get you everything you need (school, immigration, etc.).

        Build vocab, read a lot, and practice every day.

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Adam please consider doing a video about the different uses of the word “AS”

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    I’ll see what I can do Viictro

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Thanks! very nice topic
I got 8/10

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Thanks Adam! I got 8/10

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Hello Adam! Thank you very much for your lessons!
Could you please tell are there any differences between Academic and General Writing Task 2 requirements?
For instance, according to the majority of the books(for Academic module) it is said that in agree\disagree types test taker should give opinion in introduction (agree od disagree with the statement) and in body paragraphs give reasons to support it and make a concession. But in General, as far as I know, you should not make concession.

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    Hi Dim,

    It’s not that you shouldn’t give a concession; it’s that you don’t need to because they expect less for the general test. If you can do it well, by all means go for it. The general test is mostly for immigration purposes, so they want to see you can go to the new country and communicate well enough.

    Does this help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Hi Adam!
      Yes, surely! Thanks a lot Adam!) Finally I recieved professional and full answer. One more question, if you don’t mind – do you personally give lessons or any quidance\ feedback for the General module, especially for the Writing Tasks? I need to improve my score in Writing. Thank you in advance!

      Profile photo of dim999 dim999

        Hi Dim,

        I will be starting a writing assessment service soon. You can check my website (writetotop.com) for details. I hope to have it up by next week.

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I loved your posts! You are a great teacher. Thank you a lot for your lesson.

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I got 6 out of 10. Anyways I will gradually improve on myself.

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Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.
You are the best.

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Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.

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thanks teacher for that quiz

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Hi Adam. I am wondering if there’s a difference between the two sentences:

I thought it was him. OR I thought it would be him.

Is one form incorrect?

Profile photo of JimFawn22 JimFawn22

    HI JimFawn,

    Both are correct. the meanings are different. The first is a real situation in the past. The second is a hypothetical future. In both cases you just found out that it wasn’t /isn’t him.

    Does this help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Yes, it does. Thank you!

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I have one doubt about the introduction part of the essay. You said in your video about paragraph , that we have to identify the topic and the question in specific that is asked . but i came across a question wherein i found myself short of information to start of for the introduction . The planning part of the essay was difficult for me . what do u suggest i do to get a better understanding about the topic so that i dont waste my time planning for the introduction in my essay .

Profile photo of Jason1096 Jason1096

    Hi Jason,

    The question will always make it clear what the general topic is and then you have to look for the specific question. As far as planning, you are not planning the intro, you are planning the essay as a whole.

    See if this helps:

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than you adam as you well done.

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Nice one …all the way from Nigeria…

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I got 10

Profile photo of isaacikenna isaacikenna

thanks teacher, I will try again

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Thanks everyone :)

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Many thanks to you, i got 08/10

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Hi Adam, thank you for your great introduction of essay writting, I have a question; If a TOEFL taker writes an essay of say 222 words, which is still complete with introduction two body paragraphs and conclusion, rich of academic vocabulary, how many scores can he get?

Profile photo of Armenuhi Boyakhchyan Armenuhi Boyakhchyan

    Hi Armenuhi,

    If all else is very good, you might still get 17 or 18, but not higher because technically you ddn’t complete the task.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Its very helpful.

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Hi Adam i am watching your vidoes about how to write an essay.If it is possible to you to check my essay’s,and inform me where i should work more,so it will be helpfull to me.If you give me your email i will send it on your email

Profile photo of Farid siddiqui Farid siddiqui

    Hi Farid,

    I will be starting a writing assessment service soon. You can check my website (writetotop.com) for details. I hope to have it up by next week.

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hello, i wanted to ask if there’s an informal writing mistakes that someone can do during the writing test, and if i can use lists (ordered or unordered) and if i can write abbreviations such as (ETC…)
also if i can use keyboard signs such as brackets.

Profile photo of rene89 rene89

    Hi Rene,

    Avoid slang, contractions (it’s should be it is), and abbreviations. Also, no lists, just paragraphs and sentences.

    Hope this helps.

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Hello Teacher, tell me, Is there any website which can we sign in to make a IELTS test and to get score? (for free). hehehehe

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Thank You Adam!

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hello Adam, I just start studying for the IELTS and I need someone to chick and correct my essays , could you please do that for me ? , and if it yes where could I send it?

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I cannot see anything on the lesson.. Page cannot be displayed :(

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Thank you Prof. Adam :) This is a great help!

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Thanks a lot Adam, nevertheless i still have difficulties but it’s really an adorable lesson.

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Hi Adam
thanks for your vids, they’re really helping me.

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Hello Adam,
your explaination is explicit, and it is really a great help. Thanks a lot.

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hello adam i need some information qabout ielts..

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Hello Adam, I started my studies for the IELTS test today, and your video was the first that I watched. Thanks for the lesson. Could you give me a topic to write an essay using opinion, non-opinion and hybrid, please. Do you know who can correct or there is a site can correct when I write?
Viviane Medeiros

Profile photo of Viviane Medeiros Viviane Medeiros

Dear Sir,
I need your help.I am new person as a student.I am so week in english. So help me. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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Thanks Adam for a good lesson!

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Thanks Mate! Nice viu eh.

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Profile photo of vinicius beal vinicius beal

Hi Adam! Thank you so much for your lessons, its so helpful for a IELTS preperation! I saw that you are living in Toronto and i am thinking about canadian universities as my foreign education, but have nobody there to ask some questions :(
If it is not a problem for you, can i write to you on e-mail please? It would help a lot!
Thank you!
Best wishes!

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Dear Adam,

Thank you for this lesson.

I got 9 out of 10. However, I do not agree with the answer in Q9:
– Which of the following is a hybrid?
According to the quiz result, the answer is:
– Do the advantages of doing this outweigh the disadvantages?
As you state in your video, at 12:01 – discuss both+opinion, the correct answer should be:
-Discuss the pros and cons of doing this and suggest another solution.

Looking forward to your reply.
All the best,

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Hi teacher!
I want to reach 8.0 IELTS. Could you give me some advices to reach this goal?
Thank you so much.

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thanks adam I got 8/10

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Hi Adam,
Not sure you’ll see this since the original video was posted a few months back. However, I’m wondering why you self-corrected and said we shouldn’t use “I believe” in the concluding paragraph of a hybrid-type question. Since it would be asking for our opinion too, why isn’t this a correct turn of phrase?

Thanks, your vids are very instructive!

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Great lesson as usual! Thank you, Adam!

By the way, is there anyone here interested in practising English on Skype? If so, let me know, please.


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Hi Adam can I send you my essay and provide me with your feedback? but tonight because my exam is after tomorrow

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still got bad score for quiz :( . must practice more. anyway thanks for video teacher, it must be useful on ielts test. :)

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Hi, Edaurdo, I am interested practicing English in skpe. My skype id alim.dewan…….

so please contact with me.

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I have hard time writing, but your video helps me a lot understanding the useful ways.

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Hi Adam
Great work
Got seven, i m trying to come up of the habit of writing too short a sentences, or too long, that i find it difficult to conclude them.
can you please suggest a solution ?

Thanks & Best Regards

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huuhuuu :( 5/10

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Thank you Adam for your efforts to make the lessons more easier for us, you are my favorite teacher on engvid.
Could you please tell me what is the hardest option in IELTS: the Academic or General Training, I am planning for immigration and I didn’t decide yet which category I will take, either the International student or the Skilled immigrants (if I get a job offer).

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Its relly good one and i apprciate the way you xplained.. Many thanks for same. May God Bless you!

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Hi, Adam

it is a bit difficult for me to tell the difference between the two main types. I think they are, to some extend, the same. Because whether you should give your opinion or not, you need to give your reasons. So above this, could I consider that what makes them apart is only you should provide your own idea. Look forward to your answer.

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Dear Adam,
I really do appreciate your effort to teach us the techniques. I really do love your lessons and voraciously listen to them, take notes and participate in your exams. (I got a 6 out of 10 in this exam. LoL)

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Thank you adam.
I am preparing myself for IELTS so I need your complete guidelines from scratch to end for writing module. I am pursuing for GT

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Got 8 out of 10. Thank you for all the lessons that you have shared, it really help a lot. I still need to practice writing an essay, I kept writing but I am not sure if is it correct or not, do you have any idea for how to assess an essay? Or is there any online entity that can do that? Thank you.

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I thank you very much teach I got 6/10 but i think in coming time I will get much marks.

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hello adam i wish to accept my best wishes and have wonderful time of your life my question is about the selection of toefl and ielts which one will be the best one for those who are slow reader and have the spelling problem in writing section. and what is the solution to avoid this problem thank you so much

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That was a wonderful lecture i learnt something new abt essay. I got 70 in the quiz and i know i can do better. Thank you adam

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Can u briefly explain thesis statement ?

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thank you Adam the lesson was helpful but could you make an video to explain avoid spelling mistake mean which strategy we are going to use for the rational of such a problems. because most of time i make the same problems. thank you well

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Thank you, Sir Adam

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Thanks Adam, it was informative.

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Sir Thank you for this lesson, Got 10/10.

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It is an essential information, anyway!Thanks!

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i have a little bit confuse in this sentence i mentioned below
students who are forced to wear uniforms dont have to make decision every morning although some people say that making decision is good for a child’s development
exactly what does mean that sir ?
you you replied me it would be great help to me sir

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40/100 my worst score ever , i’ve to work hard .

Profile photo of xtremedranzer xtremedranzer

Hello Adam.
i am pinky from india, i have been following your videos on YouTube. i have a question in writing if I happen to strike off the word or a sentence is it fine or will i be marked down on it. Also i have a doctors handwriting which im working on.
And im trying hard on getting a good score in reading but unable get anything more than 5.5. My test is on the 10th of Nov.
Pleae advise. Thanks

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Hi Adam, I got only 6/10 on this quiz.I am not happy with these questions. I think I need to understand more and practice more in this lesson. I know in IELTS Writing is the most difficult category.Anyway I would like to say to you and all members and teachers in EngVid ‘Thank You so much’.

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Dear Adam,
Thanks for such informative lecture. I attempted the quiz I got 8 out of 10. For quiz no 9, you are saying that option 2 is correct option but in your lecture video you are specifically saying that “Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?” is specifically an opinion question. It’s very confusing conceptually, please provide further guidance.

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Hi everyone
i’m gonna take the ielts exam in the next month who can help me? what should i do?
i take two reading sample and i answered 34 and 32 in each one? is it good? i need to immigrate to Canada and i need ielts

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if it’s possible plz contact me on tweeter @rrobatjazi

Profile photo of rezas2r rezas2r

thanks for the lesson, i got 90

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Hi Adam,
I got 8 out of 10 and as many others I can’t understand why is “Do the advantages of doing this outweigh the disadvantages?” a hybrid type of question, because in your video you say that it is an opinion question?
And my other question is: you said that: “do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages” is an opinion question, but “What are the adv and the disadv” is a non-opinion question. Do the words “do” and “what” decide if we shoud give our opinion?
Thanks in advance.
Engvid is the best videochannel to learn English, and you are one of my favourite teachers.

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Adam the best :)

Profile photo of dewamade dewamade

Shall we use phrasal verbs in ielts writing?

Profile photo of Karthikborn2win Karthikborn2win

Thank you, Adam. I really loved your videos. I watched all your videos. Thanks once again for the great videos.

Profile photo of hamidmirza333 hamidmirza333

Hi Adam!I’m from Philippines. Thanks for your discussion. I just want to clarify. In discuss both views and give opinions. We are taught in the review center that BP1 should be the side1 (disagree) and BP2 side2 (you agree with) then give final opinion in the conclusion. What do you think about this format? Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of VinMich VinMich

Hi Adam! thank’s for halping me. I’ve got 8 corrects out of 10.

Profile photo of Irwan-hisage Irwan-hisage

Thank forthirst tutorial, I got 7/10.

Profile photo of fooresight@gmail.com fooresight@gmail.com

Thank you teacher….ADAM

Profile photo of furat sbb furat sbb

Thank you Mr, Adam, your delivery is very simple and clear.

Profile photo of Terzungwebidi1970 Terzungwebidi1970

Thank you Adam, I really like the way you present your lecture.

Profile photo of sharonkanyiki sharonkanyiki

Hi Adam, your lectures are really useful. Thank you for that. I have been practicing my essay writing but I am not sure how helpful that is unless someone with the proper knowledge assesses my writing. Is there any way of doing that? Or what do u suggest i do. My writing seems pretty decent to me !

Profile photo of Aish123 Aish123

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your amazing video. Is this an opinion or a non-opinion or a hybrid type: “what do you think of the positive and negative in the development of Children?”‘, should I discuss both positive and negative, then give my own opinion? Thank you for your time.

Profile photo of LimChew LimChew

Thanks Adam!

Profile photo of Oluwakemi 1530 Oluwakemi 1530

Hello, Adam :)
I’ve written you under one of your videos already once) But still I’d really like to hear what you think, so maybe here you’ll see some day my question, I hope) Can a student with a pre-intermediate level of English receive 5 score in each section in IELTS exam? We are studying currently with a pre-intermediate level book and doing some preparations for the exam itself. It just makes me worried that we need to study some more advanced materials(but to be honest for this student it’s too early to do it, we’ve just started a pre-intermediate course and he struggles a lot already)

Profile photo of EnglishRimma EnglishRimma

In my personal view, this is the best website to teach and learn related you always make it eassy and

the lesson brought alittle abit smile to my face!

Thank you

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