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Yaay I am the first one to comment.
Good morning James sir. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. But I want to ask you a question. As you have said in the video that “how” is not a “w5” word so does it also mean that “how” is not a “wh” word? Plus we have other words like “whose”, ” which” etc. So they cannot be included in the “w5” words? Only these questions I have in mind.
But otherwise now I am able to improve my vocabulary. Thank you once again.

palakshi nautiyal

    It goes without saying that using W-questions (information questions)makes your talking more colorful and interesting.

    The point here is to keep this piece of advice in mind if you’re really interested in improving your speaking skills in the foreign language.
    Oral exchanges -under this view- last a bit longer, that’s for sure.

    That’s it for me folks! Take care.


    I think that’s a very good question, I’m also interested in their response.


    in w5, only 5 wh words come(who,when,where,why,what). There are other wh words that does not come under 5 wh words but i think we can use other wh and how word also to make our conversation more interesting..This is really a very good question.


    In my opinion – this is not the main point. It doesnt matter how many words are deserved to be in the high legue of W5. This is not that strict stuff like you shouldnt use that word! its not in W5! stop! you’re killing the conversation!)) you can! if it fits to the context. James had given us the idea, not the rule. And then it’s up to us to be more creative and interesting


      I definitely agree with you! Exactly that’s the point, just how to keep a conversation flowing, without limiting ourselves…and James gave us some great advice!


Excellent. As usual.


Very useful lesson ! Good suggestions to improve and optimize the conversation. Thank you.


it’s a good lesson, tks james, before the coversation was always confused me that i could not start a intresting converstation with others, so today, i know how to start an intresting conversation.


thank you yes we need long conversations because we are studying English.
conversations is important
if i speak a lot , i will listen
if i listen , i will be better and better in English

thamer sa

thank you. It’s helpfull for me to have a long and great conversation . Open conversation :D

anan 123

Thanks a lot, James. This lesson is very useful and interesting.


Thanks a lot James!!


Thanks a lot, james. This is very userful and intresting.


Thanks a lot . I really interested in such a conversation with you sir




Thanks James for this lesson, it’s very useful and easy to understand…:)

marcos alexandre

Thanks, James! You’re a great teacher! Congratulations!!!!!


thank you very much


thank you james i have 5/5

amira zed

    Hello I’m so happy to see you here, I wish you the best.
    Take care


Thank you James,my score 100!


    congrats Nushu……..


Great tips to improve our English. Thanks, James!

Júlio César L Sousa

Thanks James, score 100. Great!


This was a good lesson. It’s even useful for starting conversations in my native language. Thanks James. I got 5/5.

Mateo Bonavento

Great lesson from a top-quality teacher. Thanks a lot, James.


Intersting lesson and better to build conversation, thanks Jam.


very good.

Jose R Padua

100, Yay. But teachers, can we have a lesson on Pokemon Go


Good lesson James!!


It’s wonderful the more I log on engvid the more I learn, you guys rock!


Thank you so much


Thank you James for new knowledge and tips. Interesting and creative as always =)


It is really good idea , thank you James .


Nice tips. I’ll put in practice!


I hope you won’t take offense but, speaking about the quiz, I don’t completely agree with the kind of approch you define right.
How can I ask:”Who is your fovourite brother…? I don’t know if he has got any brothers or sisters.
The same is for the question about opportunity. We don’t know what he thinks about opportunities. And so on….

Anyway this lesson made me think ,in English:), about the right way to have a long, profitable conversation and gave me some good tips.
Thanks James.


I got 80..I didn’t understand well the lesson 


Its really nice lesson….This is my 1st video in this site..I enjoyed and learnt…I want to improve a lot in short time..Can you guide me for that!!


very interesting


Hi Mr James, sometimes peoplo say the word “often” with the (T) sound and sometimes they don’t. Why is that?


hello james, i really want to know the best way to start studing english, like a guide of topics.

i’m on my own so i dont want to start study at random.
if you can give some information about it, thanks.

have a nice day.


Thank you!


I like this lesson and I got 100. Bun I want more chance to speak English

chinchih peng

Good suggestions and amazing perspectives, thanks James.


what are other questions?


It is really good lesson , thank you James .


Really nice, now I know how answer some questions.. Thank.


Hi James! Thanks for this lesson! I´m sure it is going to help me improve my conversation skills.


I don’t have video!!


    Hi! It looks like you’re posting from Iran. Your government, ISP (internet service provider) or phone carrier may be blocking YouTube, where all our videos are hosted. Can you see any other YouTube videos?

    engVid Moderator

      yeah we can see youtube videos using applications like HOTSPOT. thank you for your great website!


Good teacher


Thank you.


many thanks


Thank you so much!!!


Thank you so much James.


thank you.. It is very important to have a good conversation.


Hi how are you i want to learn speak english very well how can do that is


What a great lesson… When you got a extensive vocabulary, you might talk for a long time, but when you got a smaller vocabulary, probably you won’t talk too much.

Thanks James.

Fernando Moreira

Great job James!!!


good lesson and everyone can learn


it is so very good man.


own that is a great conversation about how to talk to people.


    Are you interested in practicing with me?


Hi James! Thanks for this interesting lesson!

Practicing a little, but with real curiosity:

– When and why did you move to Canada?
– Where do you teach English besides EngVid?
– What are your favourite places to visit in Toronto?

Fabio Cicerre

I see, Mr. James is not very talkative person…


Hey, James, I like your lesson. You are so hummer and intersting!


Hello Parya!

The right sentence is the second one (“I am looking forward to seeing you”), because “to” here is a preposition, and, in English, we have to use the -ING form after prepositions.

I hope it was helpful. Bye!

Eduardo França

Hi James and everyone!

Thank you very much for this excellent lesson. It is really useful. That is important to know how to make the right questions so as to make the conversation more interesting and longer. I have found some pen pals in Engvid, and I try, in my e-mails, to make different questions, so that I can both learn more about my friend’s culture and practice my English.

See you in the next video! Bye for now!

Eduardo França

One more great lesson as usual .. thank you James


Great lesson as always Sir! .Actually, this site is the best one for learning English .I had found it suddenly in the Facebook ,so I’m really lucky:).I’d like the next lesson will be about medical words if is it possible? .

Bushra hg

James you are such a great teacher. keep up this good work. Thank you

The Normal One

Thank you Jamee! It’S a very useful lesson.


I got 100% , thanx a lot teacher.


I got 100% , thanx a lot.


thanx a lot , i got 100.


very useful!


i got 40 -_-

Surya Andika

James, you’re my favourite teacher (after Ronnie, of course, because she is awesome. And ginger :)) I suppose you don’t find my words something… something like a boot-licker’s speech) I learn English four month and adore new words) My regards to Mr. E too.


Thanks teacher James, we have learnt how to ask questions,
what stuffs we might ask, where we can speak with people
to practice English, why we should use deep questions in
meaning to start a good conversation, who we may
interchange information with and so on. Like always you
have had a good idea to explain how we can improve our
English level of acknowledge, using the famous feed-back
to answer all that we have understood. Good performance and
very amusing. Thanks a lot.


Thank you so much, teacher. I’m from Laos. I don’t know how to say much and how to use, how to speak much, but I’m trying to learn.


thank you James
we love you!!


Thanks, James!
You’re a great teacher ..


thanks .


thank u so much ?


Thank you, James it was a great lesson for me

Mohsen Tatoo

Thank you teahcer. I´m goint to practice these new vocabulary becouse i’m not a good speaker


sir what is difference between may might???

idrees momand

    like shall should


thank you so mush james have a wonderful day

aly naeima

i can’t see why!!!!

BO baby

Thanks James I got 100/100 .

Islam Massoud

yes, of course, your top W5 questions lesson is the interesting thing for the nice conversations to interactive with people. so cool one.Thank you !!

polly poohly

it is so efficient


Thanks James,This is my third lesson that i learned follow you,i find my listening get better!!!WOW!it’s amazing.


Thank you very muche

3inouch hafid

Interesting, thank you. )))


Thanks a lot ! very helpful !your are so handsome ??


Thanks for these tips, Mr. James! I’ve got perfect from the given quiz. Hooray!


Very useful lesson! It’s not so difficult to take a long and interesting conversation with these w5 tips! Thanks for sharing!

Edneide Ramalho

thank you James :) , I’m watching your lessons everyday ^^


it is a short quiz but it is a good lesson , thanks James

yasser Daoud

this lesson had a good suggestion for diferent conversation thanks Mr. James


it’s supportive and helpful video as usual that’s completely right once we talk about making a random conversations but haven’t the space to expand it to get a longer speech … i`m totally agreed


This is one of my first lessons on engvid.com.
You are all great guys and thanks a lot for the effort that make that real.

Mickael MG

What a great lesson.Thanks


Thank you James. Excellent lesson. Now I know how improve my English conversation. I got 100%


awesome ~~ thank you James ^^


You got 5 correct out of 5.


M kartal

Thanks James!


Your lesson is interesting!


Your lesson help me have the great conversation with my friend!


Yes I got 5 of 5 too! I’m learning a lot with these examples and conversations.


thanks james


Very nice, James!
Thank u a lot !
Great job!
I got 5 correct out of 5 ;)


thanks for the lesson but I wish I will get a native speaker so that I can know how far am improving with my English

@sign ofcross 01

thank u so much I got 3/5 I believe next time I will do better

@sign ofcross 01

Hi James
The w5 method is so nice and useful.
It give me a true possibility to express questions as best as I can.
It’s a good trick.
Take care


Thanks for the wondereful lesson, Sir James!
I’ve studied the “W5″ questions with the name”WH” questions, and including “how”. Thank you again!
(I’m waiting to meet someone that speaks english to talk with then in english).


Thanks for these tips, Mr. James! See you on moday.


That was helpful informations, thanks a lot


Thank you sooo much Mr. James!

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