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9 correct out of 10 before watching the video.
Thank you for creating such a good lesson.
Indeed I don’t know some words, but I tried to guess from the other one that I know.
This kind of words is realy new for me.

Profile photo of anuchan1988 anuchan1988

Thank you for this lesson . I really like to learn

Profile photo of Shivani01 Shivani01

100 :) . Thank you James!

Profile photo of Annie Annie

I am the third comment. Thanks James!

Profile photo of zhupeidewudi zhupeidewudi

Today I don the red gown so i pat a lucky and have good mark, i mean i got 9/10. but i must to say the frank thing, i still confusing some question. probaly today i have to billed for my phone and i nicked my finger so i don’t fell comfortable. anyway thank James

Profile photo of nguyen van long nguyen van long

Thank you, teacher….!!

Profile photo of Jakub Alvarez Jakub Alvarez

Well I still have to learn more but this helps a lot

Profile photo of Cinth14 karin4 Cinth14 karin4

Thank you James for such a funny and interesting lesson!!!

Profile photo of Beka Beka

All of a sudden someone patted me on my back with his nicked finger. I thought he was dicking around, but watched me with disdain and said that I will get sued for that. I donned an angry face and instead of paying the bill I hit the john to calm my temper. To be frank with you, it was the weirdest thing I could do. He guy didn’t sue me, because he was just dicking around. Thanks James

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Can we say “as he donned his baseball hat” instead of “as he put on his baseball hat?”

Thank you. :-)

Profile photo of ElviraNazipova ElviraNazipova

    I think, we can say so)

    Profile photo of k...olzhas k...olzhas

      Dear James,

      I have almost the same question – Am I correct with my understanding that she donS make-up in the morning?

      Profile photo of Juliod Juliod

    I think it is right

    Profile photo of wail90 wail90

I got 10 correct out of 10.Superb!!! (another way to say ‘very good’ that I’ve learned from the other video of James )

Profile photo of Bruce Dong Bruce Dong

Thank you, James!

Profile photo of Bruce Dong Bruce Dong

Very well! thank’s

Profile photo of Abbe Abbe

Hi James. Thanks a lot for this new vocabulary, I did not new this slang and as really interesting, funny and also useful.
Greetings from Mexico City!

Profile photo of Monnylu Monnylu

Thanks James. This video is so effective.

Profile photo of ramansingh ramansingh

Thanks a lot, James. Have a beautiful day !

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I’ve got another one….:

Peter (To peter out) = Vanish……

Ta…. James. Great and funny videos, as allways.

Profile photo of JJMc JJMc

    That’s a good one!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Thanks James!!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Thank you for this lesson. :)

Profile photo of aimmima aimmima

thanks for the lesson

Profile photo of tony younger tony younger

I got 10 out of 10. To be frank, i like your teaching style, sir.
Hey, my fellow students before you fill out the quiz, you should go to the john.

Profile photo of Kingsley Kunda Kingsley Kunda

I need a coach, private teacher

Profile photo of Taalib3 Taalib3

Many thanks

Profile photo of cetinj cetinj

10 out of 10
To be frank I’m soo good at this

Profile photo of Hamza alsharu Hamza alsharu

Can we use “don” instead of “put on” (line 1 and 2)?

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Thanks James for this interesting and useful lesson, you’re a great teacher

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Thanks James 😁

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Thank you, James! It was an interesting class!

Profile photo of Laroseoh Laroseoh

Waaho! I got 10 out of 10

Profile photo of Tago gongo Tago gongo

I got 8 correct out of 10, thank you, James.

Profile photo of Yunita Stemicima Iba Yunita Stemicima Iba

Edo is two years younger than me and he likes dicking around when we’re together.

Profile photo of Astri Astri

Hi James,
I make a mistake in this exercise, and I still have to improve.
Thank you

Profile photo of NGO YAP NGO YAP

Thank you James for your good expression :)

Profile photo of alialtuntas alialtuntas

i will sue you if you continue to pat my child

Profile photo of cristiana-alina cristiana-alina

thank you for this lesson

Profile photo of Asmaa1997 Asmaa1997

My sentences:
1. Stay away from me, otherwise i’ll sue you.
2. I like to pat my sweet cat.
3. My cat nicked my face while i was playing with it.
4. If you bill for me, i’ll know how much costed.
5. She was looking horrible because she don make up very much on her face.

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you always NICK my heart with your graet lessons

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What a wonderful.
I have learned so much from your program.
Appreciate that.

Profile photo of Thanh Tri Nguyen Thanh Tri Nguyen

thank you for this lesson
I nicked my finger last sunday

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100 :) . Thank you James!

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Profile photo of lakhdarbaadj lakhdarbaadj

HI James. I hope you can read this comment .I am a beginner I want to know the right way i can follow it in watching videos. I mean which video should I do first to get a good result as soon as possible . thanks a lot

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I have a question: The sentence ¨As he put on¨can be replace it with the word ¨Don¨?

Profile photo of lismaryluc lismaryluc

Thank you for this great tool I just started today and I learned some new words looking forward to improving my vocabulary I got a 9 out of 10 in the short quiz. Thanks James

1)I need to pay my bills.
2)Could you wait for me while I go to John.
3)Stop dicking around my computer.
4) Sometimes I have to pat myself on my shoulder.

Profile photo of Articulate00 Articulate00

thank James

Profile photo of Ko Aung89 Ko Aung89

10/10. Thanks for the helpful lesson to improve my understanding of English.

Profile photo of Insoo Yeo Insoo Yeo

I sued a razor manufacturer after i nick with a razor.
I will go to the john after i pay the bill.

Profile photo of miiger miiger

Yeah umm.. maybe there’s some mistakes in my answers cause some of this words are new to me. Ok, anyway, I’ve tried too answer as much as I can. Ok. So, first-
# He know dick about the poison dart and he patted
on its back.
# She use to don the clothes that billed a lot.(I’m not confident in this one)
# Hey, I have to frank that I nicked your car accidentally with my bike.
# As a friend, I will frank him not to dick around during exam days
Umm…Actually, I have not ideas anymore.. that’s strange when I actually have to write down, the ideas, they didn’t come out. Yeah.. that’s crazy.
Ok, but, let’s just say-
# He pat a cat of a stranger and it nicked him on his right hand (or maybe to his right hand?)
Ok. Thank you, Sir. I have new words.

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