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Thank you pretty Ronnie. I don’t go to the gym because of these animals 😁 I dance and do yoga but still 10 kg over weight which I don’t care anymore cause when I die it would be more food for underground animals 😁


    oh such a concerete reason.


    That’s good


I prefer to run alone in the countryside, so that I can sweat and smell bad without being annoying for others…
Thanks for this funny lesson; we can see that you have the habit to go to the gym and to see all those kind of strange people! (or maybe people become strange when they go to the gym?:))


Thanks Ronnie, I loved this lesson and your t-shirt of Brazil where I live is beautiful. You have to come in here to visit. All your lesson is easy to andertand..and you explain very well.:)

marcos alexandre

I love the Ronnie’s lesson style. It’s fun, and funny as well.


Interenting and enjoyable video class Ronnie!
I guess this kind of activity it’s very good for health and support to others activitys but really involve social interaction and all of this things happens.. inside normal patterns! “)

Thank you Ronnie!


Interenting and enjoyable video class Ronnie!
I guess this kind of activity it’s very good for health and support to others activitys but really involve social interaction and all of this things happens.. inside normal patterns! “)

Thank you Ronnie!


We need to say “Ele Não”! No to the fascist candidate in Brazil, Bolsonaro.
The world need more people like you, Ronnie!


I loved the lesson Ronnie. I think I’m rat at the gym haha. Ronnie is the best teacher ever, this lesson made me laugh so much. Got 9/10.

PS.: I appreciate your shirt from my country.. Brasil.


You are Great.


¡¡funny !!


My brain worked for a moment. Thank you it was amazing. You told many new words and expressions, with which I have never been familiar, and thefore I’ll speacially sit closed to you in the bus :D :D :D

Mir Murad

By the way, the answer of quiz number ten is wrong, just because “spatial awareness” means
who does not see empty seats, or machines, i.e İ chose the variant “work out close to other people”, but in these quiz right answer is “keep a distance from other people” Maybe I’m wrong, please can somebody explain me?

Mir Murad

    Awareness means that you notice something, think about it and act properly to what you see, know and feel. So if you have spatial awareness you understand that people need space around them. They have there private space and you should not cross the border and come too close to them.


You got 10 correct out of 10.

I did not expect to get 100.

M kartal

    Congratulations, M kartal! Good work.

    Here’s a cat gif:

    engVid Moderator

Great, excelletn and funny english class, congratulations Ronnie. The only problem is, when I go to exercise at a gym, I’m going to remember these situations and I’m gonna laugh.

Marlon Klaudinei dos Santos

hi Ronnie . That was wonderful. i don’t have enough time to go to gym . But I do some made up exercises at home which are actually so helpful and iv’e loosed weight and got some muscles . AND i’m not strutting anywhere . well not anywhere. Thanks so much


hahahahaha what a fun lesson Ronnie!!
Thank you so much ;)


It is difficult not to like.
In fact, English class that teaches good manners with humor in the measure. Perfect for me, thanks.


Thanks Ronnie…I enjoyed well.

husam simawi

Wow, Nice video and your attitude is more funny :D


Beautiful t-shirt Ronnie!!!!


so nice lesson


Funny and realistic description!


Great lesson! I just saw that in the board it’s written moldly and it’s moldy.


You are good teacher Ronnie thanks for you


Hi, Ronnie. Can you help me? What different between “eternity ” and “forever”? “fate” and “destiny”?

Thanh Dam

Thanks, Ronnie. Met many peacocks and lions here in my gym.


thank you teacher for the lesson, today i am learned to much


thank’s a lot


Your video is a really funny explanation about animal-humans everywhere in the world!


Thanks Ronnie for the lesson. I think everyone in some moments perform exercise like animal at the gym. With this lesson I laughed a lot!


Very funny and very useful lesson! Beautiful Brazil shirt!


The best theacher ever!!! Funny as always…


I liked very much Ronnie. Thanks for Brasil shirt. You are excellent teacher. The video with false cognates is ten!congratulation.


I learned many Metholodogies but not your funny style, you remind me of my late father’s habit may God Mercy him, when he was teaching us in funny and happyly way.


thanx Ronnie ..you’re the best


This is great,hahahahaha you are very funny Ronnie, thank yu very much.

Camilo Martinez

great lesson!


I could’t watch the video at the first time… you are so funny and I’ve got to stop and lol …
thanks for the lesson


Great lesson Ronnie! Now I’m imagining what other people think when I’m working out

Leo Lima

Interesting, thanks


I got a 100!
It was very funny.


wow great lesson thanks Ronnie 10 of 10

khalifa hanout

Very funny!


enjoy the time with Ronnie

Blooming Jin

Not only the gym there is leech, in my work there is a leech too!! :(


thank you ronnie, your classes are funny!


Thank you for remind me to go to the gym :) nice shirt <3


thank you ronnie


Thanks Ronnie I loved this lesson


Beautiful shirt!!! :)


That’s very good.

mahmood agha

Hi Ronnie

al willis

I really learned something new.thanks for the good video.


so theank you


that is very good <3

shaimaa othman

Ronnie, you are cool and funny. I love your lessons very much


yess, you have a very special style for teach!


Sorry! but what is it about “set your computer background to nice pictures of space with nebulae, comets, or planets” ? Actually I dont understand.
Can you comment on this , please?

proverbial horse

You are so funny Ronnie, I really enjoyed this class because I am going to the gym 5 times per week. I have been surrendered of those kinda animals, the most common are the Peacock & the birds.

Thank you!


I’ve never been in a gym and now probably never will be.


You’re so funny Ronnie!


mine date 11 Nov 2021 from Kazakhstan
thank a lot, Ronnie
take care and stay out of troubles


9/10!Good! These things which Ronnie introduced in this lesson. I saw these all in the Gym!

Jerry Gu
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