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Go Ronnie go

Profile photo of roshavbg roshavbg

Cool! Thanks :)

Profile photo of IrinaFay IrinaFay

That lesson was bichin’!

Profile photo of roshavbg roshavbg

Thank you ☺

Profile photo of Golsom Golsom

Thanks Ronni

Profile photo of achira lakshan achira lakshan

this quiz for miss Ronnie. I want to know about why that people are using s to end of words ex- knows,makes, comes,runs its so confusing me

Profile photo of achira lakshan achira lakshan

Ivanka Hahahahahaha Ronnie your quizes are always hilarious :D

Profile photo of HubertPoland HubertPoland

it is a good one

Profile photo of Ammar El Shikh Ammar El Shikh

Thank you Ronnie. For the first time I liked your lesson. I learned many new things. I’m going to write down all of new slangs that you taught and recite them. Nice teaching and take care.

Profile photo of nkh nkh

    welcome back my freind

    Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

      Thank you SKIKDA. Actually my problems have been solved. That’s why I’m here again.

      Profile photo of nkh nkh

Thanks Ronnie! Great class. It was bichin’. It was a really funny quiz… Lololo

Profile photo of Ilebea Ilebea

i love ronnie thank’s for a that biching lesson

Profile photo of po121mpier po121mpier

    hey dud where exactly u come from ? haha

    Profile photo of Mohamedali380 Mohamedali380

Thank you Ronnie for this so bitchin’ lesson .
By the way are you doing or mocking politics ? If yes , carry on !
Happy Easter everybody .

Profile photo of tsamp tsamp

    yes for sure she mocked trump

    Profile photo of Zahra Zahra

Very thanks!!!

Profile photo of Andre Luiz Vitor Longo Andre Luiz Vitor Longo

Awesome and educational as always. Keep it up, Ronnie!

Profile photo of zhenya25 zhenya25

thanks Ronnie!
i got 90% the quiz.

Profile photo of saha14 saha14

Very nice.thanks

Profile photo of Duyenlun Duyenlun

Thanks Ronnie. I learned new words..it was great..

Profile photo of marcos alexandre marcos alexandre

This lesson hasn’t been such a bitch so I have learned some new words like sublet, slap, lewd and nag. It has been very entertained with Donald J. Trump’s clip and Kristen Stewart’s photo, a fun exposition of a not polite word, and how you can use it in different contexts, with teacher Ronnie we can improve our English but sometimes I have listened to the teacher tells us short sentences a little difficult to understand, maybe the slang use of this term or maybe I almost fall asleep in a nap, I will have to listen again to review this small details that always happen. Thanks a lot, teacher Ronnie, we know now a little more about the English language.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

    After listening to the teacher twice, I have realized that it has been a bitchin’ lesson! Farewelling us with the sentence “Later bitches”, she shows us that she missed us, very funny…

    Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

You are very nice teacher and your lesson was bitchin

Profile photo of Dareghost2017 Dareghost2017

Hi Ronnie. Very interesting! This lesson was very bitchin’. It was also really funny to see Donald Trump. Thanks a lot. Bye for now!

Profile photo of Júlio César L Sousa Júlio César L Sousa

Nice lesson Ronnie!!Thanks!!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

I got 10 correct out of 10. Ronnie, that lesson was bitchin’! Thanks!!!!

Profile photo of Bruna Gamarano Bruna Gamarano

Dear Ronnie, it was so interesting! I’d like to watch more bitchin’ (awesome!) video lessons with you as a teacher! Thank you! Good luck!

Profile photo of KseniyaK KseniyaK

Really nice lesson, thanks Ronnie!

Profile photo of Aleachi Aleachi

Thanks Ronnie, and you’r face is nice.

Profile photo of SAEED AL zmam SAEED AL zmam

ronnie witch one right to i say iy 1-your lesson deserve a like or 2-your lesson worthy a like

Profile photo of soran81 soran81

great lesson like alwways

Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

9/10 thanks Ronnie

Profile photo of Beasboy Beasboy

bitchin lesson

Profile photo of Ahmed.Hakeem Ahmed.Hakeem

Hello Ronnie. It was a revelation. I mean I learned something I didn´t know. Thanks a bunch. you´re my favorite at EngVid. On the other hand,I think you made a mistake. you said that a prostitute is someone who sells her/his body for sex, They sell their body for money instead.Greetings from Venezuela

Profile photo of JorgeYanez JorgeYanez

    Nobody is perfect. Probably Ronnie doesn’t know these details

    Profile photo of proverbial horse proverbial horse

Thank you very much Ronnie. Because; I only knew the word bitch as an insult and now I know that it can be used in different way and it has different meanings.

Profile photo of Joel Paz Joel Paz

I got 10 out of 10 because your lesson was bitchin’!
Well, I’m gonna be your bitch Ronnie lol, in order to improve my English faster.

Profile photo of juneriver juneriver

nice lesson :)

Profile photo of Auny Auny

Thank you very much!! I really enjoy the way you speak without prejudges!!!

Profile photo of JJulian JJulian

I have seen written messages on the pavement in our city, where “Peach” was used instead of “Bitch”.

Profile photo of Roman06 Roman06

Too thanks! i’ve understood

Profile photo of KUMENYA KUMENYA

wow! bitchin lesson!

Profile photo of soozi soozi

see you B….. :D

Profile photo of sasankau2 sasankau2

Thank you a lot for your discuses


    Bitchin lesson

    Profile photo of EGSTUDENT EGSTUDENT

“son of a bitch” first time I found it in the catcher in the rye.

I didn’t know that “nag” is an old word bcz I heard it a lot, many people use it here.

later bitches :)))))))))))))))))))))

Profile photo of Zahra Zahra

i’m always laughing when I watch your videos Ronnie.
They’re amazing like you are. Thsnk you

Profile photo of Vladlena2 Vladlena2

    me too

    Profile photo of kiranfaiz kiranfaiz

THX! I learn this lession with laughing~

Profile photo of vneverz vneverz

That lesson was bitchin!! Thanks Ronnie <3 I got 9/10 ^^

Profile photo of reginaqnguyen reginaqnguyen

I put well 3 questions and the it was changed…haw it could be?

Profile photo of camoroso camoroso

Thanks for your lesson Ronnie :D You are an amazing teacher

Profile photo of CPaulGS CPaulGS

thanks Ronnie for this bitchin’ lesson :)

Profile photo of osama9988 osama9988

First of all I’d like to thank you for that great effort
Second I need a favor, I have a problem with the past tense forms for ;
Have/has to
Used to
Kindly I need your support

Profile photo of Mahmoudbakri Mahmoudbakri

Thanks for teaching us about this word,…, some times the people use some words in front other just because the has listened them from others folks without understand what is the proper meaning and they become to be very offensive to other without know it,…, This lesson was awesome Ronnie ,…., Douglas Lagos

Profile photo of Douglas Lagos Douglas Lagos

thanks from the beach ;)

Profile photo of JavierC JavierC

Thank you, I really enjoy your lessons :)

Profile photo of VioletaHume VioletaHume

Hey Ronnie,You are the craziest teacher I’ve ever known and I love it on you. Congratulation.

Profile photo of Igor Igor

Now I know how to say “good-bye”)))

Profile photo of achubak79 achubak79

Your lesson was bitchin’

Profile photo of castlevn castlevn

This one was really awesome or bichin’ :) Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of remese remese

Thank you so much Miss Ronnie. That lesson was bitchin! I am learn so much about Slang of Bitch such as how to use as Noun, Adj., V, etc. You are great teacher. May I request matery of Agriculture, please!

Profile photo of Jon west Jon west

Thank you so much Miss Ronnie. I am learn so much about Slang of Bitch such as how to use as Noun, Adj., V, etc. You are great teacher. May I request matery of Agriculture, please!

Profile photo of Jon west Jon west

Very good lesson !!! don’t look this picture, today, i haven’t a resting bitch face

Profile photo of Afap Afap

thanks :)

Profile photo of sodojsa sodojsa

wohoo thanks ronnie now i understand what the beach is and when to use that word.

Profile photo of zahrafarzadila zahrafarzadila

I love your lessons. You’re an incredible teacher andii your lessons bitchin’! Greetings!

Profile photo of Angelique22 Angelique22

thank you
you are a good teacher

Profile photo of Ahmed Heshmat Ahmed Heshmat


Profile photo of luang pii Boon luang pii Boon

It was really Bitch’in Ronnie.Thankyou sooo much

Profile photo of Maryam feili Maryam feili

Good result

Profile photo of PepeMundo PepeMundo

thank you and we apprecited your way but please slow when you speak :)

Profile photo of abojawad abojawad

If someone whats to practice english in videochat, feel free to send me an invitation to skype. My ID: Juan Carlos LCastle regards¡¡¡

Profile photo of Jcarlos.lcastle Jcarlos.lcastle

Roonie, thank you for lesson. I am as always in a good mood after watching your lessons. You are a good laugh:)

Profile photo of Zakhar Lawyer Zakhar Lawyer

Thank u a lot, Ronnie )

Profile photo of Lanamarin Lanamarin

Many thanks it was really bitchin

Profile photo of Ninef Ninef

Good and enjoyable lesson. Thanks Ronnie :)

Profile photo of cherrymm17 cherrymm17

Ronnie you are so funny,later bitches lol. But I have to say that’s a useful lessen,amazing.

Profile photo of Calvin Calvin

Nice. Thank Ronnie.

Profile photo of Uttam Dey Uttam Dey

Always great.

Profile photo of Mohamed Faroq Mohamed Faroq

thanks teacher

Profile photo of gatodu2714 gatodu2714

It was bitchin’!

Profile photo of Lauramariabn Lauramariabn

thanks Ronnie.

Profile photo of shahram63 shahram63

amazing !! woooooowwww cool

Profile photo of KISNEL noel KISNEL noel

You all an excellent teacher’s , thank you guys . God bless and more power to engVid.

Profile photo of SMCT SMCT

I am amazing! Thanks engvid.

Profile photo of Confident Confident

hello ronnie i am new from engvid i recently join this blog i have a problem with my hearing my hearing is very low so how can i learn or listening english very well please help me i am poor on my listening.

Profile photo of anves sapkota anves sapkota

    That’s a very good question, and I think it deserves its own lesson. I’ve added it to the list of requests and hopefully one of our teachers will do a video on it.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

wow ronnie your lesson is amazing it will give me new knowledge now i can use it simply and control my emotions with this world,great lesson

Profile photo of anves sapkota anves sapkota

o yah…….Mogambo khus hua… I am happy to watch your lesson. thanks a lot.

Profile photo of sunny sunny

Rooine I am bad in spelling also in free writeing how can I improve that

Profile photo of Moath Nsour 1998 Moath Nsour 1998

Ronnie, guess what? You are a bitchin’ awesome teacher!

Profile photo of mescal mescal

your teach way is bitchy

Profile photo of mohamedsamah91 mohamedsamah91

    You mean “bitchin'”…right? :P

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      I thought so :D

      Profile photo of Mai Huynh Hien Vinh Mai Huynh Hien Vinh

        It’s very unfortunate that “bitchy” and “bitchin'” have opposite meanings!

        Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Thanks Ronny, you are a friendly teacher

Profile photo of Marili Marili

Really really helpful, thank you

Profile photo of VitoChen VitoChen


Profile photo of Muhammadomer Muhammadomer

Ronnie ,you are tha best!

Profile photo of larysa6165 larysa6165


Profile photo of larysa6165 larysa6165


Profile photo of hobz hobz

the lesson was bitchin xx

Profile photo of mohamedelbashir mohamedelbashir

Well the word “bitch” is useful huh? Sometimes I am bitching about something unpleasant, and someone around me is just bitching about me. Sometimes I whisper to myself “it is a bitch”.

Profile photo of Jack Quy Jack Quy

it was awesome explanation, you are the best

Profile photo of dicki dicki

Learning English with you Ronnie always means having some fun too! :)

Profile photo of Frances2 Frances2

She is one of the best teacher. Thank you, Ronnie.

Profile photo of kiranfaiz kiranfaiz

bitchy day

Profile photo of emrahbulduk emrahbulduk

Good explanation every time. Thank you

Profile photo of trai trai

So bichin’ lesson.Great!

Profile photo of Streber Streber

bitchin´ lesson thanks!!!!!!!!!

Profile photo of Al-G Al-G

your lesson is very useful

Profile photo of ardhitegar ardhitegar

great class i have fun

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Profile photo of PMZZLO PMZZLO

that wice nice

Profile photo of taylanozden taylanozden

great work!

Profile photo of basif basif

Thanks for this bitchin’ lesson

Profile photo of Luiz Antonio Matias Rodrigues Luiz Antonio Matias Rodrigues

The lesson was great. Thanks.

Profile photo of hossein hossein

i like your teaching mrs Ronny
a good and simple way so thank you a lot

Profile photo of waleediron waleediron

100You got 10 correct out of 10.

Thank u Ronnie

Profile photo of enigma2144 enigma2144

I’m truly grateful for your efforts Ms. Ron! Indeed, it was totally bitchin!

Profile photo of M.Hatulan M.Hatulan

It was bitchin’!

Profile photo of elinepalves elinepalves

Bitchin’ lesson!

Profile photo of Adriaan98 Adriaan98

Ms. Ron!
I had to appreciate your effort. You’re best of the best.

Profile photo of MohammedHamdanS MohammedHamdanS

Your talk’s style is very easy to listen and your lesson is great,too!!

Profile photo of Mai Huynh Hien Vinh Mai Huynh Hien Vinh

Love it!

Profile photo of Wclledja Wclledja

    hey would you like to practice English?

    Profile photo of Mohammad Mohammad

Excelent lesson!!

Profile photo of tackto tackto

Nice lesson! Thanks!

Profile photo of franciellybaliana franciellybaliana

^^ GOOOOoood

Profile photo of HYOJU HYOJU

I scored 9 out of 10. Yay!!!! :)
Thanks Ronnie. That lesson was bitchin’. I learned so much and it was amazing :)

Profile photo of Lyza Roach Lyza Roach

it was a damn bitching lesson Thanks <3

Profile photo of Adoula Adoula

Very cool lol

Profile photo of Gutemberg Gutemberg

I like this lesson and the way how you teach. Ronnie. Thank you very much. Your lesson is very bitchin. Make me more clear and it is so useful.

Profile photo of KittipongR KittipongR

thank you my Teacher

Profile photo of adelsalama adelsalama

Hey Ronnie, I hope you find well! I want to say that I can understand and I learned so much! You know, that lesson was bitching! Thanks a lot.

“my friend said, “come on man STOP BITCHING” ahaha

Profile photo of Willian Tiecher Willian Tiecher

I really enjoy.thanks

Profile photo of Saman1344 Saman1344

I love this lesson so much!

Profile photo of CookieCooc CookieCooc

That’s good to now! Now I can call my friends’ of bitch everytime kkkk and make some jokes with my boyfriend. Thanks, I Love you Ronnie!

Profile photo of PedroGuirra PedroGuirra

Thanks Ronni

Profile photo of dr.cnbrk dr.cnbrk

The lesson was bitchin <3

Profile photo of Aline Matos Aline Matos

Bitchin’ lesson Ronnie good job

Profile photo of Sara horiney Sara horiney

woow ronnie <3

Profile photo of Tasneem Tasneem

Ronnie, this lesson was so bitchin <3

Profile photo of kelly choy kelly choy

10 out of 10, bitches !

Profile photo of Marcos Bevitori Marcos Bevitori

A great lesson

Profile photo of Ingo Moirangcha Ingo Moirangcha

Hi Ronnie, that lesson was bitchin’. I learned so much. It was amazing and really fantastic.
Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Lkinter1 Lkinter1

Amazing 😉

Profile photo of Malashchenkova Olga Malashchenkova Olga

very entertaining – thanks a lot ;-) I’m going to tell all my students to check your site – keep it up Ronnie ;-)

Profile photo of fellendael brigitte fellendael brigitte

Ronnie.your lesson was so bitchin.thanks

Profile photo of Megiqva Megiqva

Mam ,please make video on infinity verb “to be” using in sentences .eg” I have to be removed .etc…..

Profile photo of ashokmedikonda ashokmedikonda

Britney Spears always says :
It’s Britney, Bitch!!
is that rude or not???

Profile photo of dariowerbowy dariowerbowy

Thank you the best teacher, please need more videos
Hi! My name is Hue. I really want to learn to speak English. I am looking forward a friend who wants to practice English with me.
These are
my Gmail: soinganthapky@gmail.com
my Skype: huetran90

Profile photo of lear123 lear123

Thank you, i got it, beach and bitch. hope you can make more great videos,
Hi! My name is Hue. I really want to learn to speak English. I am looking forward a friend who wants to practice English with me.
These are
my Gmail: soinganthapky@gmail.com
my Skype: huetran90

Profile photo of lear123 lear123

That was bitchin’😎

Profile photo of Carin Carin

i love you ronnie….i am a refugee in turkey..i wanna learn english…i am iranian….

Profile photo of Hamedafkh Hamedafkh

I got 10 out of 10 one more time :D This lesson was bitchin’

Profile photo of Elric GB Elric GB

10 Corrects

Profile photo of Fernando Orozco Fernando Orozco

you´re fantastic greetings for Mexico

Profile photo of ISALLU ISALLU

hi bitches

Profile photo of Tony877 Tony877

ronnie the best forever !!! shit negga i love her

Profile photo of Dahani7 Dahani7

thanks a lot. this lesson was bithin’ :))

Profile photo of Horward Roark Horward Roark

your lesson is a bitchin’!!! thanks a lot

Profile photo of bouchrachreba bouchrachreba

ooh my god I got 100, thanks a lot Ronnie :)

Profile photo of Tasneem barqat Tasneem barqat

You got 10 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

It was very interesting!Thank you.

Profile photo of elena222 elena222

Hello Ronnie im happy to be your english student And you are my online teacher ….it was a dawn bitchy lesson as usual dear Ronnie.

Profile photo of marc anthony marc anthony

Damn I meant it was a damn bitchy freaky lesson

Profile photo of marc anthony marc anthony

“Two faced bitch… This means -hi, Vanessa-…!” i died with that part!

Profile photo of Argowall Argowall

Best teacher………..bitchin lesson

Profile photo of Ahmad.b Ahmad.b

thanks a lot💪

Profile photo of Loujain-selem Loujain-selem

The lesson was bitchin!

Profile photo of Krieger Krieger

This lesson was a bitchin

Profile photo of Gaurav varyani154 Gaurav varyani154

I love you too much.

Profile photo of Layla Raad Layla Raad

Misses ronny it was cool the lesson

Profile photo of Titanico35. Titanico35.

I got 10/10 ><
You are interesting teacher. i like watching your teaching, Fun , Smart and Wonderful.

Thank you for sharing this story.

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