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thank you very much

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    It is common sense that setting realistic short-term goals can help you measure your real progress when learning a new language.

    Self-reflection, on the other hand, tell us where we are heading for.

    Excellent tips for monitoring our language progress or rather achievements.

    Thanks a lot for sharing all this with us Emma.

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For example, I am realizing that I have arrived to my level limit of the language and it is disappointing seriously!!I have an intermediate level and I can not improve my level when I try to speak in english. I hope these steps really helps me

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I am in this case
Thank Emma. It is really helpful

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I got 80 out of 100

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    90/100 :))

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I’ve been improving my english thanks to EngVid! I trully appreciate all your videos, thanks so much!

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Thank you Emma for remembering. I’ll do it.

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Thank you so much.
Very helpful and inspiring.
Emma is my teacher.

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Thank you, useful lesson.

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    Well Come
    Sasha J.

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Hy Emma

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I Want Learn Basic About English
Mss. Emma

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I Got 70 Out Of 100
Thanks God

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Now Got 90 Out Of 100

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Thanks for the advice, it’s great !

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I got 80.Your explanation was very easy for me to understand.Thank you.

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Millions of thanks Emma Professor or Ma’am! Language English is very easy, but it is very difficult to say skillfully. I’d like to speak as a native speaker. But, I can not speak fluent English. Actually, I’m so bored to learn English. Still, I’m trying. Therefore, I need much to learn from this website. I appreciate all this on the main website.

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Thanks !!

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Hi Amma!
Thank for your video.
I am extremly frustrated about the way I keep improving my english. The more I learn, the more stupidly I feel. I mean I need to learn more and more ’cause the english is so complicated. It’s easy as what I thought.
Now I am learning Ielts by myself. I have been getting some obtacles of how to learn and remember all the terms I meet in the reading part, especially for using them in the writing part as well. I find it a liitle hard. when I continuely learn English, the improvement is not clear to me. I have dropped in sadness and worry about this.

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thank you so much emma

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Hi Emma! Thanks for your video. I am extremely frustrated about the way . I keep improving my english. The more I learn, the more stupidly i feel. I mean i need to learn more and more cause the english is so complicated. It’s easy as what i thought.

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thanks Emma :)

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thank you emma a lot
you help us many time
i woukd like to focus on IELTS because it is hard to understand it if possible

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Very interesting lesson

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thank you emma very much :)

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Thank you Emma! I am not advanced level, but I am confident that I will be able to be a good English speaker. I am going to learn English step by step.

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    Hello. I´m from Brazil. I´m studying english and japanese. I can help you with english, if you want.
    Send me an e-mail: coura.fabiola@bol.com.br


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      Hello Fabiola.I’m Hamid From Morocco. I would like to practice English with.hamid.abdi90 is my skype id.You can add me. I would appreciate if you could help me.

      Thanks in advance.

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God bless you

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Thanks a lot

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Thanks that is very helpful

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Who wants to speak via Skype please don’t hesitate.

Skype: rabil.bannayev

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Thank you Emma. You are spectacular!! I like you a lot.

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thanks alot emma :)

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thanks a lot :D

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unbelievable Emma ! I think that ur lesson addresses one of most difficult issues that we students suffer from !!
I am much thankful for that Emma !

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Any advice for studying the academic poetry ??

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    Thank you, Emma!
    It’s a really helpful lesson… like always, you gave us interesting tips… I appreciate all your advices… you are a very good teacher…

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Very imformative! thanks Emma :)))

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I can see myself when you are explaining the concerns for English learners. Very thankful for the advises you suggested to overcome frustration.


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thank you ! it was very useful video , it will help me to manage my time and set small goals instead of setting big goals and do nothing of them . once again thank you for the time spentto teach us how to notice that we are improving ….

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Hi Emma!
Thank you for video lesson, I got 90%.

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I see nobody from Colombia. Commenting just to say hello and thanks!

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thanks teacher.easy way of learning

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Thanks a million!!

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Good advice Emma, thank’s!

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thanks teacher it is useful motivation, ı got 100 :)

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thanks teacher and ingvid, you taught us that is necessary to learn English, we have to speake and listen with other people, so I encourage you to communicate with me

my Skype is mohammad61331

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Thanks Emma
I face a big problem with tourists because they are native speakers English.I can not understand what I hear although I studying in faculty of English literature in cairo university.
Can you help me ?
I wait your replay

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I like to ask you if I can find any exam or exercise
tom Cambridge exam and PET exam. I am student I want to prepare to the test. I am in foundation 3

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Very useful tips, thanks

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Geat !!

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    Hello Chaymae.
    I’m Hamid from Morocco.I’m interested in practicing English as well.
    this is my skype id: hamid.abdi90 you can add me then we could practice daily english.

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    Hello Chaymae.
    I’m Hamid from Morocco.I’m interested in practicing English as well.
    this is my skype id: hamid.abdi90 you can add me then we could practice daily english.

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thank you

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Read, write, listen, speak, as much as you can, but principally do it all the time, day by day. Practicing is the only way to become fluent, buy a novel (a good one), and read it, listen BBC news. Try to speak/listen without translation, results will come. Write essays, but above all don’t be ashamed of make errors. Am I right prof. Emma? Think about that, you will improve. This advices were recollected by myself for the last two years in Engvid.com, and they make sense to me. Thank you Engvid.com.

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Thank you, Emma! Your encourage lesson helped us be more confident in our skills.

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Hi Emma,

Thanks for your supports. We are able to find where we are lacking and will improvise by making more and more practice.

Thank you

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Todas correctas.Olé,olé,olé,viva yo!!Thank you Emma!!Qué buena eres!!

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Tks Emma! I’m facing this and I think your tips are very useful!

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You’ve given me an amazing explanation. I had been feeling exactly as you said before watching that video. Thank you Emma!

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Thanks a lot Emma! Really useful information and I love it :)

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Thanks Emma I enjoy taking the quiz.

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Hi good evening Emma thank you very much for your lesson today, i got 10 out 10

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Thank you, Emma! I learned a lot from the video.

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Thanks :)

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It’s very useful for me….

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Thank you

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Thank you Emma

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Emma can u make an episode about the difference beetwen strange and weird or odd and rare pls. Love your videos. And I think you are great.

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Thank you so much Emma.As a matter of fact you have given me food for thought.I do feel in this way.I hope I can get over this situation with your lovely advice you provided us.

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As usual you have rendered a really good lesson. Thank a lot Emma

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Thank you, Emma.
It’s really useful lesson.

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Hi Emma,

First, I’d like to thank you and all the teachers on EngVid for the fantastic work you have been doing since it started. But I really would love a lesson that explains what’s the difference between “Did you…” and “Have you…”. Thanks in advance!

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Thank Emma madam!!just because of u my English is going on peek.

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Thanks Emma for what you show
May I ask you to prepare a lesson about some confusing words that represet union like unification,alliance, alloy,coalition,merger,union,federation
I’d like to watch that lesson soon

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thanks a lot Emma , your explanation is so easy .

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I’m not so good at speaking English yet, but I think I’m improving rapidly. Principally my comprehension. To be honest, I would like more lessons about gerund. I guess that is my main weakness nowadays…

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Thank you.

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thank you emma

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Guys, add me on Skype (phillcastro01) for some speaking practice…

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great lesson Emma, thank you!
May i ask a lesson?
Could you arrange a lesson on the differences betwenn the verbs can, may and might please?
In advance, thank you
best regars

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Thanks for the video, Emma. It was exactly what I needed to keep going on my studies.
I loved it!!!
Take care.

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Yupyyyyyyy 10/10

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I’m on their shoes too, But I guess the best way to know wheter my english is improving is, of course, going abroad.

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Thanks Emma for the important viedo the majority of student feel this

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very useful!!! Thank you Emma. I got 80 %.

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I am in the same situation that the most of the people here. I think speaking or writing everyday it is a good way to learn english properly. If someone wants to practise with me that is mail address koko.villu@gmail, I am in google+ as well. Thanks and very useful class teacher!!

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Thank you!

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Thank you

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I am not advanced but I am feeling like that. I cant learn anything more.

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god blesse you for this information
I feel like you talk about me7
I wish to see more videos liik this
thank you.

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Thanks Emma ♥

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Thank you!

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I got out 80 of 100. Thanks Emma. I’m impressioned about your tip.s Thanks again it

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I got 90 out of 100. But, my selection id random.
Thank you!

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thanks Emma,I like your teaching and your site. I am learning many things from you and from other teachers on this site.I got 8correct out of 10,which is not enough for me but I know I can improve my english.

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Nice. I enjoy this video.

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Thank you!

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oh!!! It’s very good. Thank you so much

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Thanks Emma

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hi evry body

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thank you very much.. i got it.

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Thank you teacher Emmma, God bless you. :-)

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Hi, Emma. Thank you for your useful tips. i got 6 out of 10.

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thnxx Emma fr give me gud lesson

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Thank for this video Emma, you helps us a lot ! got 08 out of 10.

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I got 80% thank’s a lot Engvid.com.

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Thank you, teacher Emma! I’ll try my best

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    Hello, Pink I´m from Mexico and I want to know more english. Maybe could us to be friends :D

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i like your advice

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emma mam..u r best teacher for me…thnnkuuuuuuuuuuuu so much…

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thank you

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The best teacher ever, I’m falling in love!

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Thank you so much

Fatma from dubai

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thanks for these tips.

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hello everyone my what’s app is +923479438132
I want to learn English I search to some one for chatting how’s interest to speak and learn English they should contact me

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Thank you for the video. Very useful tips when you feel stuck in your learning process.

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thanks emma madam

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thanks EMMA
actually ıt depends on who I speak to
If I speak to someone he/she is strict I feel like as if I’m terrible at english however I speak to someone he/she is easy spirited. I think I’m very well again

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thank you emma for the lesson

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thank you emma very much :)

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Once again a very helpful lesson by you Emma.
Thanks a lot for your efforts.
You always try to come up with a lesson on those problems which are generally faced by English learners at all levels.
And one honest compliment for you..that is..You are looking very beautiful and pretty in this video :-)

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thanks emma

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thanks dear emma

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I got 80 out of 100,Thanks

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Thank you, Emma. XD

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Thank you! I got a perfect score.

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Dear Emma,
Thanks for the lesson and the improving way to learn English.

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Thank you for this lesson :)

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thank you for the lesson and thank you for the tips very useful :)

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thank youfor these consels

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Thank you Emma!! You’re great!!

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first 80
second 100
thanks you Emma it is really great

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Thank you Emma. This is very useful.
I’m frustrated with the English right now. So… So I will take into account these tips. (Y)

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Emma, you are nice

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Thank you so much Emma. You are my best teacher, i hope i’ll find a girlfriend like you. thank you again

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hi isabel. I want to have a conversation with you so we can practice speaking in English fluently. here’s my skype: edsheeran0394 and my email is edward_baltazar_0394@yahoo.com.ph thanks :)

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    I don’t believe you are really Ed Sheeran :P

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Thanks Emma.

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thanks its useful

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Thanks for you it is very helpful

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Thank you a lot Emma.
P.S: everytime when you saying “first of all” I understand it like “festival” automatically :)

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thanks a lot madam
you are giving me boost my confidence on english
very very thanks for this guidence

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if someone wants to meet me, and talk to improve my english language, you can find me in facebook or my email tec-jonnycross@hotmail.com

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Well!those are a good tips to improve english language

Profile photo of jonathan2015 jonathan2015

if someone wants to meet me, and talk to improve my english language, you can find me on facebook or my email tec-jonnycross@hotmail.com

Profile photo of jonathan2015 jonathan2015

i got 90/100 guys

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    I Congratulate you)

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Very nice I got 90/100

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It’s very nice i got 90/100

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thank’s mis. you are very cool. please, give me some online grammar checker option.

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thank you, Emma! :)

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Setting small goals really helps when it comes to learning a new languaje. I am a Spanish speaker but making small goals I have got to learn English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese between others. It is true that I am not a good speaker in these languajes but making small goals can get me to learn more about them.

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Thank you Emma.

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What an useful video. I have learnt some ways to improve my English. The best way is that I have to set my goal to learn English clearly.
Thank you very much, Ms. Emma.

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……….. thank you engvid for making this video. this will give more helpful idea to those people like me who felt not improving english language….. i love you…. thank you to all the teachers :)

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thanks for this kind of information. now i’m shortly developed in understanding how I must do to improve my speaking quality

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Hi Emma. Thank you very much,for sharing me your English knowledge. I am strugling studying English to speak and to write.thanks a lot.

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i don’t have specking skills ,please somebody speak with me then only i can improve my English .

my mail id : npkirankumarkoneru@gmail.com

i am available 8AM to 13PM

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Thank you Emma.

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It is very useful to me!

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Thanks Emma!!
I think your class fantastic. you speak very clear in your speech

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very interestiong tips, first of all, I’ll take a recorder to recording my voice when i will be working and between eache lesson

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Thanks Emma~
It is too easy and you explanation accesseble.

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hi sabelll!

If you don’t mind, You and I could pratice together ;)

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thanks i really liked this lesson.

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Thanks a lot Emma! I need to practise and to speak English with somebody, do you know a website in order to speak by Skype ? See you soon.

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Thank You very much

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Yes, I always feel the same way. I am not improving my English even if I got 10/10…..dunno why…….just have no confidence

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    As teacher Emma said , keep track of what you’ve learned every single day and make a ,not big but a short-term , goal.
    I believe , finally , hard word will be paid off!

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Thank you Emma.

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Thanks for putting up that video.

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thanks for teaching

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Profile photo of ethan 10124 ethan 10124

Thank Emma. It’s been helpful to me. I’m feeling better.


I got 10 out of 10. Very useful video. By the way, I use these things)

Profile photo of VKolom VKolom

    I got 10 out of 10 too!

    Profile photo of Zinchenko Lesha Zinchenko Lesha

Thank u very much for ur nice teaching. I got alot of energy;)

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but thank you so much Emma

Profile photo of osman.mostafa22 osman.mostafa22

Hi emma,there was a problem with the quiz beacause all the
anserewes were right so it should be 100% but it was 90%.

Profile photo of Elroy Elroy

    The most important part is to get fully realized what teacher has taught u instead of caring how much grades you’ve got ,right?
    It’s the common mistake we Taiwanese would ,always , have made.
    And so do I.
    No offense period and hope one day both of us will going to be excellent in English!

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HiEmma, I am happy, because i found this site and it helps me to learn english anad also improve. I want to tell thanks all all site teachers )

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thank you emma.

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Thank`s Emma :)

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Emma, I had saw al your lessons are excellents. My congratulations.You are an especial teacher

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thank you for the nice advice

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Wohooo!! You got 10 correct out of 10.

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this is true, we need to set goals to get where we want, and these advises are very good. Thanks Emma for your lesson.

Profile photo of Roberto Alanis Roberto Alanis

Wow! That was the class video. It is exactly as I’m feeling. When I listen a song and I really love to learn English by that, I got frustrated for not undertand lyrics so I started printing this and reading and singing. It opened a new window to my English learnings. Thanks again Emma.

Profile photo of John B John B

I’ve got 90 out of 100.

Profile photo of agha khan agha khan

It’s my feeling now.
I’ll try, thanks for sharing

Profile photo of Grace Nguyen Grace Nguyen

U got a real point here teacher Emma!
The more I try to learn English, the more frustrated I got.
The main reason is the goal I have set too big leading me into a deep hole.
Now I’ll follow what you are suggesting and keep doing it down the stretch!
Hopefully , one day it’ll get me to a higher level.

Profile photo of MustChuck MustChuck

    I don’t know the expression “keep doing it down the stretch”. I understand “keep doing it” means go on doing it but I don’t understand “down on the stretch” I looked for in the websites: wordreference.com and linguee.fr. Unfortunatly, I found nothing. If you can explain me this expression. Thanks in advance.

    Profile photo of mclaude mclaude

      To be honest , I’ve been hearing it from quite a lot of the basketball reporters. This phrase has been in great amount of used in that field.
      As far as I’ve known for it , it would be able to be explained like ” towards the end ” . However , this way i used in the comment might not be that literally precise . Simply all I’d like to express for my post is from this moment I learned by this vid would get me going till the end of becoming a more fluently speaker or the stuff. I don’t know how the explanation will be gonna work or not on you , I just hope the best. Thanks for your asking , wish you have a wonderful day there !

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this video actually will me to improve my level
thank you

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thank you.. I got 80/100. i like this lesson

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i got 50 $ because i didn’t watching the vedio due not opened.

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Now I can go on my English learning. Thanks! :)

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Thank you emma.
I am from Guatemala and I am learning english but I need help in my speaking.

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thank you very much

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Thank you this lesson is helpful

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Thank you!!!!

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Emma, I love your videos, thank you for your help !!!

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Hi!Ms Emma thx again love your lesson very useful and interesting ..! Tonight before i sleep i’d watched some of your lessons and i’d tried this quiz.!am so glad i got 8 out of 10 same averaged like yesterday wish i can maintain this averaged till i get 10 points .Well as long if i could i’ll come here every night before i sleep i’ll take your quiz i’m getting excited to learn more i’ll follow your good suggestions thanks a lots Ms Emma and thanks too to all members of engvid i love your wonderful lessons very helpful .

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thank you Emma so much

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Emma, It is nice advices! I hope that I will not find a justification of don’t write the journal. Thank you

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Thank you so much Emma for your tips (Y)

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I’m seriously love you and this video, i’m in this case
Thank you so much

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Thanks, Emma! You’re so nice woman, and also good English teacher!

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Hello everyone, i really like this video because racently i didn’t have any motivation to learn English that i used to have years ago.I feel like i’m not improving at all,my level is getting low!

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Thanks Emma, you saved me hahaha!

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Thanks you Emma.

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useful! Thanks Emma.

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thank you for this emma,really good

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Thanks Emma, since the result of my test is 10/10 it seems I’ve understood the lesson !!!

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Until next time, take care!

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    You said like Emma!

    Profile photo of Zinchenko Lesha Zinchenko Lesha

Thank you very much teacher AMMA i undestand good the lesson hope learn more with you thank’s twice

Profile photo of Yezza Yezza

this is the same thing that i feel,frustration is avery bad problem.Thanks Emma for your 3 advices, iam sure that they will help me :)

Profile photo of mema  s mema s

Really Good


Thanks. Last tip is so helpful. I am try to follow that one

Profile photo of Priya4075 Priya4075

Emma may you explain one thing about 6 question “Sandra’s” can also be contraction of “Sandra is” and without context it’s impossible to define whether of two variants it have to be.

Profile photo of Vladimir Burakov Vladimir Burakov

owh.. no.. i got 7 correct from ten

Profile photo of M. Arip Gunawan M. Arip Gunawan

Thank you Emma, for helping me in achieving my goal.

Profile photo of sergey64 sergey64

thank you EMMA.please tell me about essay

Profile photo of Elnur2000 Elnur2000

Thank you Emma, for your explanation and guidance.
We have to be persistent, we cannot be discouraged.
Guidance on how to study are very important.
We must to feel that we make progress. It is also very important.

Profile photo of Ronaldo Ronaldo

Thanks Emma, always is very easy to understand you, you always speak very clear, thanks for that.

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Thanks Emma

Profile photo of Syed Farroukh Syed Farroukh

thank you Emma you are wonderful teacher i like the way teach

Profile photo of salman11 salman11

excellent lesson, after watching your video i realised why i always have feeling that my english haven’t improved for a long time but i know why, all i need to do now is making a big plan about what i have learned and what i need to learn more from now, i promise you that i’ll follow what you say.thanks you a lot, Ms.Emma

Profile photo of Hoai Manucians Hoai Manucians

    We believe in you! Good luck!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Thanks emma

Profile photo of Amna zakariyah Amna zakariyah

yes, 70 :D
hi everyone..
i really want to improve my english, i don’t have someone to talk with in english. i don’t take a course, just learn by self. but ya, maybe because am not dicipline that’s why my english not improving (am sorry i hv a problem with structure hehe)
nice to meet u all
can we just sharing each other ?

Profile photo of azizasativa azizasativa

M/S. Emma,
In English learning when it comes to grammar part I found it very stress full. I mean to say from where and which video i should start I`m not getting. In my school days I`ve referred Ren & Martin English grammar book actually it was a part of syllabus,I was able to understand what is noun, pronoun etc, but when it comes to change of tense of a sentence it was difficult for me, and was very difficult for me to recognize adverbs, clause etc. To be very frank i`ve mugged up answers to clear English papers, this is why I`m still very afraid of grammar part which is a back bone of a Language.
Kindly guide me how to overcome it. I want to improve myself grammatically in English.

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wooow great I got 90. Thank you Emma.

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Thank u I have got 90

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I also got 90, but lesson is great. I`ll try to do your advices.

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    I wish you will have ten! (like me)

    Profile photo of Zinchenko Lesha Zinchenko Lesha

Thank’s Emma Forever, It’ true practice a five verbs daily can be improve, not a big goals

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Emma, Thank you very much. I’am in depression and
I find learning English as good cure for it.
Best wishes.

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I got 100 , thanks Ms.Emma :)

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Thanks Emma :)

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thanks a lot EMMA

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Thanks, Emma.I got 90.

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    Yeah. Thanks emma!

    Profile photo of Zinchenko Lesha Zinchenko Lesha

I’ve got 90 out of 100.

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very useful :) <3

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Afeter I watched this video, I understood that self-reflection tolls are very significant to improve your English level.

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Thank you, Emma!

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Thanks, Emma, I’ve got 80, and it is not enough, I understand your mean that’s important.

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Amazing!Thank you so much for your help!

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Sorry. 80%

Profile photo of yaresolga yaresolga

    I had ten! (I want you too :)

    Profile photo of Zinchenko Lesha Zinchenko Lesha

Thank you Teacher
I will learn five English words every day.

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Profile photo of Soenainglinn Soenainglinn

I guess making a foreign friend who speaks English is one of the best ways to check your improvement in English.
Thanks, Emma!

Profile photo of chocopia13 chocopia13

thank you

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You got 9 correct out of 10.

thank you

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I love u . Thnk u too much

Profile photo of 1999marie 1999marie

10% increase

Profile photo of Dipesh parichha Dipesh parichha

Hi Emma, Thanks for bringing such usuful lesson in order to measure our level of improvement. In fact as non native speaker I myself experienced it commonly happen with majority of people but I would suggest to all members friends to keep learning and speak, write and lesson English and the time will come you will automatically know your level of english.it required lot of time, hardworking and courage but it possible to reach to advance level one day

Profile photo of Shkruallah175@gmail.com Shkruallah175@gmail.com

when i tape my speaking and then when listen it for improve my speaking then how can i understand that i’m saying right or wrong ?? …[SORRY..FOR ANY GRAMMER MISTAKE]

Profile photo of Amisha Das Mou Amisha Das Mou

thanks you very much I learn so much about I watch it almostcheck out your channel everyday


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I got 90% correct too

Profile photo of che1707 che1707

Thanks Emma..It was a really good lesson.Most of the time it happens to me and that really annoyed me because I want to learn English as good as Spanish..Thanks for your advice.

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Emma, thank you so much.

Profile photo of dreamk7x dreamk7x

thank you very much

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Thanks Emma.

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I got 10 correct out of 10!

Profile photo of Zinchenko Lesha Zinchenko Lesha

thanks emma i benefit so much from your lessons

Profile photo of nassssssssser nassssssssser

100% thanks EMMA

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Thank you so much, it is exactly how I feel. How did you know that Emma ? :) You are great !

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Olá Emma, você é o máximo, melhorei demais meu inglês após suas aulas. Você brilhou!!! Assim se fala no Brasil..

Good! Tks

Profile photo of edi wilson edi wilson

10/10. Thanks much Emma.

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

I get only 60
This good or bad

Profile photo of Alfadl Alfadl

Thanks Engvid! Because my English skill is improving right now. Unlike before I don’t know how to write simple sentence and I haven’t idea about tenses in English and contraction of verbs. I’m happy now and I’ve got 8 out of 10 in your exercise.

Profile photo of Natheng Natheng

Thank you very much Ms. Emma.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Thank you very much Emma now i am improving my english and i got 100

Profile photo of Nivritte Nivritte

Thank you, Emma, for the question, you can help us to learn English?

Profile photo of Faramosh Faramosh

8/10. Bad marks and bad network condition today. It made me confuse with learning Emma’s English by youtube.

Profile photo of Jerry Gu Jerry Gu

Thanks a lot Emma.

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The lesson is as useful as fire!

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