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Got 100%. I really enjoyed this amazing lesson. You made my day Emma. I love you million and thanks a lot :) <3

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Thanks for good lesson.
Why do we use ‘all for it’ and not ‘all the way’ in the test 6? I think that both answers are correct. Don’t it?

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    I think that too

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      for me, i think she used all for it as both grandmother and grandfather had agreed to let their granddaughter go as a one action , but if she used all the way then she meant both of them had completely agreed to let her do whatever she want even this action .

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I am the first again.

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    I got 100

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Thanks a lot.

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    Anaco…are you a dog or and algorithm?

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I did’t get my eyes!

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Thank you Emma. I would love to visit Toronto.but it’s expensive.

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Loved the lesson, thanks Emma. I got eighty (80) points!

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Where is my answers

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Thank you Emma!!Interesting expressions!

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Once again, another great lesson.
I aware it’s off topic, but previously I had asked one of you a question, really I don’t quite remember who she or he was, about the difference between “toward and towards” or if there is any. I didn’t get any answer, so would you please, briefly explain that. Thanks much.

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    Hello Hassan , hello everybody
    Towards and toward have the exact same meaning . Towards is the British spelling and toward the North American one .
    See the following link : http://grammarist.com/spelling/toward-towards/
    Hope this help .

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      Hi Tsamp
      Thank you very much for your reply, indeed it was quite useful.

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ok thank you emma

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thank you so much Emma

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Thank you, teacher Emma!

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ooooh thank you, Emma, your super awesome.

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All on all, Emma is a famous teacher.
Thank you.

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Great lesson.Got 9/10. Thanks.

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Thanks, I got 100. It was a great lecture.

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thanks Emma!

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Thanks Emma! It’s not easy for me!

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    All our videos are on YouTube, so if you are visiting from China, they will be blocked.

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Thanks Emma, it’s a great lesson. I was waiting for “not at all” is very used.

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Hello, dear sis and brother thank you so much

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Thank u Emma, All in all your videos are amazing.

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Nice bra, sweetheart😉

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very fruitful.
world thanks

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Thank a lot

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Thank you Emma.

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this is the first time i see these expressions with all whay i have learn in my pown english learning process is that we never leave to learn there is always somthing what we have to learn. the expressions i have learn today are going to stay in my head righ away, thank you for teaching us a clear way so far we can use them handfully…

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Thanks a lot

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All in all, it was the great one lesson.
Thank u Emma! :*

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By the way, I thought the correct answer on the second question was “all there”. Is there some mistake?

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I went the quiz all the way! Thank you Emma.

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I got 100. Thank you for this lesson. I have learned a lot

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100% Thanks Teacher Emma

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it’s a great website .I love it :)

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Mrs Emma you have a great method in teaching English . thanks a lot :)

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hi I’m from indonesia I’m so happy to find this website and thankful for miss emma you help me out to know all expression that I never know before

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Hi Emma. A brazilian student here. Thanks for the lesson! Really interesting!

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It is a very rich lesson, I have to repeat it again and again to make sure that I catch it well.
Thank you very much Emma

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Hello Emma, please could you explaine what’s the difference between: at the first time, the first time and for the first time. Thanks a lot.

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Thank you Emma , you are the best.

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Hi, Emma . Thank you for your lessons which give me more understanding.

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I loved this lesson, thanks so much!

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Thank you very much Emma. This kind of lesson helps us to understand nativ speakers.

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thank you,you’re my favorite teacher

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Thank you Emma.i got 90%.

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Thank you for the Lesson Emma. I liked very much.

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Thank you Emma for help.

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Thank you for lesson. You help me to improve my English. I’m very grateful to you.

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I think your doing best for student to improve their English.

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Dear Emma!!! Thank you very much for your lesson. It is wonderful and useful as usual. I noticed in the English language a lot of expressions with the word TROUBLE. Please make a lesson on this topic and explain us such words as ” troble – free, trouble – shooter, trouble maker, do not trouble troubles until troubles trouble you and others. Thank you in advance. Best wishes, Kate from Russia!!!

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thanks. Yours videos are greats

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thank you emma. i got 100😊

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Thank you.I have learnt a lot of useful expression with the word “all”,I will try to use them in my daily life.

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Thank you

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Yeah!!! 100% great Teacher!!

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I’m so lucky to be in,, thanks a lot Ms.Emma

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I got 100%. I really enjoy it!

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i got 50 what shod i do


thanks a lot

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I got 90. I will watch it again.

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I’m all for it, Jasmine!!! Emma is such a good teacher. I really enjoy her classes. Keep going the god job, Emma. Thank you very much and kisses from Brazil.

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It’s a great lesson! Thank you very much Emma. You are super teacher! I’ve got 100!!!Everything is so clear and understandable.

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Thanks Emma

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10 out of 10 :-) Thanks Emma, great lesson!

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Thanks a lot Emma

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Thank you Emma. I like the way you teach us.

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Thank you Emma.

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It was not easy, but i’ve got 100%. Thank you, Emma! You are the best for me! :)

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You are a great teacher Emma…..Thank you for teaching us such a friendly way

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I am learning a lot every day.

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Another pleasant class, thank you Emma. I get a good result too.

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Very interesting. Good job.

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thanks teacher ! very good lesson

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It’s a good lesson but I need concentrate more

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good teacher , emma

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Very usful expressions
Thank you Emma

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Thank you Emma

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it was too complicated to me =(

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what about all ready expression ?

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Thank Emma so much. Your lessons are so useful to me. I hope you have more success in the future!

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6. My grandparents are excited that I’m moving to Canada. They agree with my decision. They are __________.
all for it
all the way
all over
once and for all

I made a mistake in this Quiz. I used “all the way” instead of “all for it” . I ‘d like to express the meaning of “completely agree”. But it’s wrong, “all the way” only can be act as “completely “.

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I got 100! Thanks Emma!

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Thanks, Emma. I liked your classes all along.

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All in all i had an a maazing lessons here.
Thank you teacher.

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thank you

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Thanks for good lesson.

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I loved it, thanks indeed!

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Thanks, Emma. Amazing job!

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Can i Use the expression “All nighter” to describe a person who party all night or it’s just related to work and study?

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I got 100. Great lesson, thanks emma

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thanks emma,I got100!!

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Thanks a lot

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My hair falls and it’s all over the floor. I need to sweep it everyday.

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Thanks Emma

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I got 90

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9/10 not bad. greetings from Mexico City

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Thank you Emma for your hard working for us.
I know that 100% agree and 100% support is two different meaning.

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thank you for your teaching, i learned a lot.

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Thanks Emma I like your lessons.


Thanks a lot. Emma.
This lesson is not easy.
I will watch it again.

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You got 8 correct out of 10.
:) thanks a lot Emma

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A very useful lesson, I was aware of some of them but most of these expressions are new to me, so all in all, it was a great experience.

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Thank you, Emma! It was nice lesson!

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Great, I loved this lesson!!! Thank you Emma,you are a spetacular teacher, beautiful…

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I got 10/10. Thank you so much,Emma. My English is progressing leaps and bounds

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I don’t believe I get a 100!

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Thank you Emma. I don’t believe it. I got a 10 this time. I feel great. Regards, Emma

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I was correct 9 out of 10. A very good lesson with expressions containing ‘all’. I prefer this classroom-style lesson to these days edited video. Sometimes I’m distracted often when I follow too many edited videos. I feel happy because I feel like I’m in the classroom.

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thank you this lessons is very interesting

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Great lesson Emma ! Enjoyed a lot.

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